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Walther PDP Review in 2024: Discovering The Versatile and Reliable Pistol 

There’s no doubt that the Walther Performance Duty Pistol is a strong competitor if you are looking for a highly versatile and reliable handgun. Check out more of this Walther PDP review to help you decide whether it is the right firearm worth buying. Let’s start with exploring this amazing pistol below.

The Walther PDP, also popularly known as Walther Performance Duty Pistol, is an elite handgun model representing a new level of innovation in firearms, building on the company’s legacy of excellence and outstanding performance. Whether you’re at work or spending time with loved ones, it’s important to be prepared for any situation that might arise. The Walther PDP pistol handgun offers groundbreaking advancements, such as innovative ergonomics, SuperTerrain Slide Serrations, and a brand-new Performance Duty Trigger, making it the most advanced pistol in its class. That’s why Walther PDP review is amazing to explore because of how Walther delivers only the best firearms.  

In fact—unlike any other ordinary handgun—the Walther PDP is specifically designed to bring you all the tools you need to stay ready, no matter the situation. Thanks to Walther’s long history of ingenuity, you can trust this pistol to perform time and time flawlessly and unfailingly. Its unique design offers versatile advantages, providing outstanding performance in any condition, making it the ideal pick for shooters who demand the best. Ultimately, you will have no problem choosing a Walther PDP pistol as a concealed carry handgun, defense weapon, and shooting range companion. 

There’s no doubt that the Walther Performance Duty Pistol is a strong competitor if you are looking for a highly versatile and reliable handgun. Check out more of this Walther PDP review to help you decide whether it is the right firearm worth buying. Let’s start with exploring this amazing pistol below.

walther pdp handgun

Discovering The Walther PDP Pistol 

An interesting fact you must know about the Walther PDP pistol is that it is actually an update to an already impressive Walther PPQ series. What’s fantastic about the PPQ series is that it has been around for a while, being the evolution of the Walther P99. After they were introduced, the Walther PPQ series immediately became a great competitor of Glocks and Smith and Wesson M&Ps. They shared popularity in terms of the most in-demand excellent striker-fired triggers in the market. Ultimately, the Walther PDP or Performance Duty Pistol is a refreshed model of the PPQ series. 

Additionally, the Walther PDP is purposely designed to be a reliable striker-fired polymer pistol chambered in 9mm. It is made available in a few variations with two basic frame sizes: full and compact. While you can choose between the two, there’s no need to feel confused because the two don’t have significant differences because they are made with the same outstanding reliability, improved ergonomics, reliable stopping power, and enhanced control. 

Moreover, both pistols feature stepped chambers and polygonal rifling, which are known to enhance accuracy. Although the Walther PDP full size has a longer grip frame that accommodates 17-round magazines, and the compact PDP has a shorter one for 15-rounders, the grip’s contours and texture are identical. Walther has included interchangeable backstraps to adjust how the frame fits your hand and positions your index finger relative to the trigger.

Furthermore, the Walther PDP pistol’s frame eliminates the finger grooves present in the PPQ but retains subtle finger humps on the sides. The bottom of the grip is flared to support the high undercut at the back of the trigger guard, which raises your hand position on the frame. It is intuitive to fill the gap up and under the protective beavertail.

Now that you have discovered the history of the Walther PDP or Performance Duty Pistol handgun and what it can offer, let’s move on to exploring the most important specifications below. 

walther pdp

Walther PDP Specifications 

Here are some important specifications about the Walther PDP pistol. Familiarizing yourself with these details can provide valuable information about this firearm. Frankly, you can observe that there’s not much difference between the Walther PDP Full-Size Optic-Ready Semi-Auto Pistol and Walther PDP Compact Optic-Ready Semi-Auto Pistol. That’s why you must be clear if you want a compact size or a full one. 

A full-size version with a 4.5-inch or 4-inch barrel’s specifications:

  • Cartridge or Gauge: 9mm
  • Color: Black
  • Finish: Black Tenifer
  • Action: Semi-Automatic
  • Barrel Length: 4.5 inches
  • Hand: Ambidextrous
  • Round Capacity:  18+1
  • Gun Weight: 22.3 oz.

A compact model with a 4-inch barrel’s specifications:

  • Cartridge or Gauge: 9mm
  • Color: Black
  • Finish: Black Tenifer
  • Action: Semi-Automatic
  • Barrel Length: 4 inches
  • Hand: Ambidextrous
  • Round Capacity: 18+1
  • Gun Weight: 21.8 oz.
Walther PDP Compact Optic-Ready Semi-Auto Pistol

What’s New with the Walther PDP: Exploring the Best Features

Discover the impressive features of the Walther PDP handgun that make it a must-have firearm for different shooting applications below. Unlike other handguns that may have only one standout feature, this handgun boasts several notable features that make it an outstanding choice. 

Even though the PDP model is just a refreshed Walther PPQ series, it remains an incredible performance-enhanced duty pistol. Contrary to what some might think regarding refreshed models, the great history of the Walther PPQ series is enough to prove that it is worth a shot. After all, there are undeniably impressive features it can offer:

  • Performance-enhanced duty advantage
  • RDS-optimized ergonomics
  • Factory-milled, optics-ready slide
  • Superterrain slide serrations
  • Dovetailed, adjustable sights
  • Stepped chamber
  • Stainless steel barrel
  • +P rated
  • Performance duty grip texture
  • Performance duty trigger
  • Modular frame design
  • Customizable setup
  • Includes 2 magazines

What Makes the Walther PDP Different?

Compared to other handguns, the Walther PDP handgun is different because it comes with a number of impressive features that make it stand out in the firearms market. One of the best highlights of this handgun is its exceptional grip. In fact, once you get your hands on it, you will feel like it is specifically molded for your hands. Hence, that implies amazing comfort and control when shooting it. 

Moreover, the Performance Duty Pistol handgun features an overall grip texture that ensures a secure and solid feel. It is worth noting that the texture is aggressive. That design is enough to ease your worries regarding having sweaty hands or wearing shooting gloves. Regardless of your concern with your hands, you can still have a secure, non-slip grip. You can be well-impressed by its phenomenal grip. 

Generally, the Walther PDP handgun comes with a really well-designed grip angle and texture lock. You can shoot it with high ease and comfort, expecting pretty flat shooting results. With this handgun being one-of-a-kind, popular, and versatile, it is totally worth it to explore the ultimate Walther PDP review. 

Covered below are the full review and aspects of this handgun. Thus, if you are interested in discovering it, continue reading below. You won’t waste your time and effort because it is the best in its class as a duty and self-defense pistol, proving the fact that it does not disappoint. 

Ultimate Walther PDP Review 

Aside from the well-designed grip angle and texture lock, the key characteristics that set the Walther PDP apart from other polymer-framed pistols available in the market today are its feature set. That’s why—from the get-go—it has exceptional, really nice features, considering that it doesn’t break the bank for its price point. Generally, it comes feature-packed without a price tag of thousand dollars. That sounds like a fine deal for a versatile and reliable pistol. 

With this ultimate Walther PDP review, you will know what this pistol can offer and if it is worth getting. So, let’s go ahead and start with the aesthetics. 

walther performance duty pistol


Appearance-wise, the Walther PDP is a kind of pistol you won’t feel ashamed to shoot. While its compact size is great for concealed carry applications, it doesn’t mean it has unpleasant aesthetics. In fact, it boasts a clean look with some nice touches that make it more aesthetically pleasing, getting a fantastic look that many shooters will surely like. 

At one glance, it is easy to see that this Performance Duty Pistol is designed to be comfortable in the hands. The texturing standout, but it doesn’t mean a bad result for the look of this pistol. Also, some other markings and serial numbers are strategically placed so that they won’t bother you. 

The serrations are great, but they are quite large. Nonetheless, Walther did a very good job of tucking them in on the left-hand side. The frame itself is pretty cool, while the front of the pistol—where the barrel and front of the guide rod are designed incredibly flat—will give you an unobstructed view for shooting. 

All in all, Walther did a pretty good job in terms of designing the look and feel of this PDP. There is a high chance that this pistol will still have a trendy look even if years pass. 

Grip and Ergonomics

walther pdp grip and ergonomics

Remarkably, the grip is one of the best highlights of this Performance Duty Pistol. Not only is it exceptional in terms of texture point of view, but it is also outstanding in the actual grip point of view. As the name implies, it is quite obvious that the design and texturing are prepared to fit performance-duty applications. The texturing, in fact, is even named performance duty texture. The texturing on this grip is particularly aggressive. Hence, it is extremely grippy without the chance of slipping out of your hand. 

Additional note-worthy detail about this striker-fired polymer pistol is that it is loaded with finger grip grooves on its sides, which are particularly built into the grip itself. Realistically speaking, some shooters might like the design, and some will not. The opinion might vary, but the chance of you liking it is high. After all, the finger grip grooves bring a lot of contour advantages regarding how to grip and control this pistol. It is a plus point that the grip grooves add a bit of a nice aesthetic. 

Moreover, this Walther PDP pistol comes with removable back straps that add a good-quality grip and control, pretty much giving you the feeling of comfort when holding it. As much as the ergonomics and grip are a concern, you can say that Walther absolutely nails the job. If you have bigger hands, you can go for the full-size. On the flip side, you can opt for the compact one if you have smaller hands. Lastly, the RDS-optimized frame also adds improvement in ergonomics. 

Basically, this Walther PDP comes with exceptional grip and ergonomics that suggest a comfortable and solid shooting experience. There’s no issue to feel bothered about, even if you have sweaty hands or love to wear shooting gloves.  


The Walther Performance Duty Pistol is equipped with two steel magazines. As per Walther’s reputation, you can trust that the magazines can impress in terms of construction and quality. If you are still deciding between compact and full-size models, the round capacity of the magazines can be a determiner factor. The PDP Full-Size comes with 18 + 1 round capacity magazines, while the PDP Compact has 15 + 1  round capacity magazines. 

Besides being made from steel, the magazines’ base plate is built from a polymer material. The magazines sound like they are high-quality, right? Well, they really are because there is nothing to complain about them. When you place the magazine on the pistol, it sits flush and works well. Since you will have no complaints about them, you can expect that they don’t have snag points to feel worried about. 

As the round capacity of both compact and full-size models are great, you won’t have to cut short your shooting adventures. 

Magazine Release 

walther pdp magazine release

Like any other pistol, the Walther PDP has a magazine release that is placed where the trigger guard meets the grip frame. You can be impressed by how awesome the magazine release of this pistol is. Frankly, the magazine release is pretty easy to manage if you are right-handed since your thumb will literally just fall into the right place without exerting much effort. As a matter of fact, you can effortlessly depress it, and it particularly sticks out far enough to easily hit and release your magazine.

Surely, the magazines of this reliable striker-fired polymer pistol are meant to drop free immediately. Expect no snag or jar with the magazine release. With that said, you can say that Walther made a fantastic job regarding the magazine release since it has a fantastic execution. Moreover, the slight ledge underneath the magazines eliminates the risks of accidentally sliding the magazine off or missing it. 

Since the magazine release features a push-button-style release function, you don’t have to break with your grip to release it. Plus, the magazine release itself is designed with some nice texturing. Again, good job for Walther. 

Slide Stop

Since the Walther PDP is a refreshed model of the Walther PPQ series, it is not surprising that it follows the same slide stop design of the series. Well, there’s nothing bad about that fact because the slide stop is built to be low-profile and ambidextrous, perfectly matching the pistol. Due to its design, you will have no issue managing the slide stop. You can find the slide stop easy to use, whether right-handed or left-handed, with almost any sized hands. Expect a secure sport where your thumb can easily pull and push on the slide stop whenever needed. 

Designed ambidextrous is a plus point for the slide because you can easily push up and pull down on both sides. Additionally, it is very fluid, with very little resistance function, whenever you pull the slide down or push it up to lock it into place or release it. Thanks to the massive slide release combined with the amazing magazine release, the controls of this Walther PDP will never disappoint. 

Even though the overall controls of this Walther Performance Duty Pistol are made pretty standard based on the PPQ series, you can still find them pretty fantastic. After all, there’s nothing bad with proven designs, right? 


walther performance duty trigger

Jumping into the trigger, you can be amazing with the kind of trigger that the Walther PDP has. The trigger is among the best highlights of this pistol. It even has a name, the PDT, which stands for performance duty trigger. That alone proves it is something that Walther is really proud of. The trigger of this pistol is quite similar to the trigger of the PPQ series it has, even though it just feels a little different. It won’t be too much to say that the trigger is considered far a huge improvement that Walther has made. 

While the trigger is worth praising for being good, it doesn’t mean it is perfect. It comes with a fair share of flaws because it has some fairly heavy take-up. But once you get through the trigger, you can eventually find it clean and smooth. The thing is that the take-up is really interesting because you can take you all the way back to the wall. It feels a little heavier compared to the Walther PPQ trigger, but expect no resistance once you start the take-up to the wall. That said, you can go straight to the wall, featuring a crisp, clean break. 

Moreover, the reset is just to the wall, performing with a little take-up back to it, without any resistance. It is a positive performance, making the trigger pretty nice. Walther PDP trigger is better than what the PPQ series has, but it doesn’t mean it is 100% the best trigger you can ever see in the market today. Nonetheless, the PDP’s trigger is still pretty nice that you need to actually get to experience it to fully appreciate it. 

All in all, if you are a fan of short resetting striker fire triggers and want to try it, Walther PDP is giving you a chance to try one. You can expect great with the Walther Performance Duty Trigger.


While there are many features to brag about Walther PDP, sights are not part of the list. There is nothing to boast about the sights since they are pretty simple, so they can’t impress that much. That alone proves that this performance-duty pistol is not made perfect. The sights are built from basic plastic material. But the rear sight is designed to be adjustable with a small tool included to adjust it. 

Despite the dovetailed and adjustable sights claimed to offer intuitive target acquisition, they are still not impressive for many shooters. After all, they are not night sights, so they become irrelevant once you have mounted red dot sights on the pistol. As far as sights are concerned, many shooters will really agree that Walther can do a better job, and it is a disappointment with the kind of track record it has. 

Aftermarket Sights Compatibility

One of the notable features of Walther’s new pistol is that every PDP model is styled to accommodate optics. If you prefer the factory look, keep the cover plate installed. However, suppose you have visual impairments, manual dexterity issues, or need to manipulate the slide with one hand. In that case, you may appreciate how effortless it is to install an optic on the PDP. Even without an optic, you can still operate the slide using the factory ledge rear sight, although it’s even more straightforward if you have a red dot mounted.   

Although you might find the original sights of the Walther PDP a disappointment, its compatibility with almost limitless aftermarket sights might be a great makeup for that flaw. While you might think buying aftermarket sights at first sounds pricey, you will realize that it is worth your money because of the upgrade in your shooting performance. Since you can pick, you will always choose the best aftermarket sights, right? 

The chance to upgrade intuitive target acquisition for unmatched reliability in shooting with high compatibility in aftermarket sights is something that you can appreciate with Walther PDP. 

walther pdp build


Every firearm requires maintenance and cleaning to consistently work on accordingly. Negligence to those tasks can lead to a shorter lifespan, and striker-fired polymer pistols, like the Walther PDP, are not exempted. The good thing with the PDP, it is designed to give way for manageable and time-saving maintenance and cleaning. Like any other, it comes with two little take-down tabs. Therefore, it is easy to take down this performance-duty pistol. 

To fieldstrip this pistol, you need to start by releasing the magazine. Then, pull the slide back to make sure that the chamber is unloaded and there is already no ammo in the pistol. Once you are done checking, you can let the slide ride forward and pull the trigger on the empty chamber, releasing the striker. Then, pull the slide back around an eighth of an inch. Don’t be quick with the process to ensure safety and efficiency.

After pulling back the slide, you can use your other hand to release the two pull-down tabs. You will know you have done a great job if the slide comes right off the pistol. Then, you can take out the recall spring assembly and the barrel for cleaning and maintenance. Remember to only use the right cleaning kit for proper maintenance. 

Once you are done with cleaning and maintenance, you can put the pistol back together, following the reverse order. 


Interestingly, the Walther PDP shoots almost identically to the PPQ series. For starters, you can expect that the slide is slightly heavier, bringing a decent bit of muzzle flip that depends on how you grip the pistol. Nothing to feel bothered about because as long as you are well aware of the fundamentals of the pistol, everything will go smoothly. With ensuring a  solid grip, double and triple taps can be extremely easy. 

What makes the Walther PDP quite popular is that it can shoot very well. Not perfect, but the shooting brings no real downsides. PDP full-size can be great and comfortable for shooters with large hands, while the compact model is best for shooters with smaller hands. Both of the PDP models are great once you get to shoot them. Like others, you will likely enjoy shooting this reliable striker-fired polymer pistol. 

Overall Value 

Generally, the Walther PDP pistol comes with a price tag of close to $650. You can find a price of more or less than that, but it surely doesn’t cost you more than a thousand dollars. With that said, you can say that this pistol is priced fairly, given how it is built and what it can offer. 

The price is just fair for this Performance Duty Pistol, but it is not a spectacular deal because it comes with plastic sights. Most likely, you would want to replace the sights and install an optic for better target acquisition and shooting accuracy. Needless to say, there are more excellent features that you can be impressed with in this pistol. 

From improved ergonomics, reliability, and excellent stopping power to improved control and customizable setup due to loaded features, this Walther PDP is surely worth trying. It won’t fall to your high expectations if you want an ideal versatile pistol. 

Common Issues

Frankly, you can’t call this an ultimate Walther PDP pistol review without knowing some common issues you can expect from it. Nothing is perfect, as is this striker-fired polymer pistol. But having issues doesn’t mean that this pistol is a waste of money. Instead, they are good to know, so you won’t be clueless if you have encountered common issues with this gun

For instance, some shooters reportedly encountered shooting this pistol really dry. But that is easy to solve because cleaning and lubing it can do the trick. Meanwhile, there are some who experienced repeated failure in locking the slide. There is no fault with this pistol, but you will inevitably meet some common issues over time. Ultimately, you will just need to provide consistent maintenance because Walther did a pretty good job with this pistol. 

walther pdp pistol

Walther PDP Review By the Numbers

If you want a quick Walther PDP review, this review by the numbers is the want you need:  

AccuracyDesigned to shoot accurately, the Walther PDP won’t disappoint in terms of accuracy, especially if you have the skills. No worries if you don’t have the best shooting skills because this pistol is a great companion to develop your skills.4/5
ReliabilityThe PDP handgun is not perfect, so it can have a chance to malfunction. Despite that, it remains reliable for shooting.4/5
CustomizationThe PDP handgun is built to accommodate several shooting accessories, including triggers, flashlights, holsters, optics,  mag releases, threaded barrels, and more.4.5/5
LooksThis pistol is specifically built to offer comfort and a solid grip in shooting. Yet, it doesn’t fail to impress with its looks and designs.4/5
PriceThe Walther PDP is priced fairly based on what it can offer. With some flaws that come with it, the deal is not spectacular, but definitely worth it. 4/5
OverallFor overall value, the Walther PDP scores high in terms of reliability, accuracy, and ergonomics. It is also versatile and really fun to shoot. You can easily appreciate its value once you get your hands on it.4/5

Frequently Asked Questions 

Covered below are some of the questions frequently asked about the Walther PDP and other relevant topics about it. Learn more about the versatile and reliable pistol below. 

What are the differences between Walther PDP and Walther PPQ?

Since Walther PDP is designed from the PPQ series, it is intriguing to find if there are significant differences between the two. Well, there is actually a distinction between the two. Based on the design, the Walther PDP has the edge over PPQ because it is made optics-ready as the PPQ is not. According to reviews, the PDP has a better trigger compared to PPQ. All in all, it is safe to say that PDP lives up to its reputation of being an upgrade to PPQ. 

Is the Walther PDP a good concealed-carry gun?

Walther PDP makes a good choice for a concealed-carry gun, especially the Walther PDP compact size model. Due to its amazing size, you will have no problem carrying it using a holster or gun belt. From great ergonomics to amazing reliability to dependable stopping power and enhanced accuracy, there is no question that it makes an ideal concealed carry gun to get for ultimate defense.

What shooting accessories are ideal for the Walther PDP?

There are a number of shooting accessories that are ideal for the Walther PDP handgun. The list includes holsters, optics, and flashlights. That’s great news because the compatibility it has with a number of shooting accessories can allow you to significantly upgrade the pistol for a better shooting experience. 

Can the Walther PDP shoot accurately?

Engineered as a reliable striker-fired polymer pistol with incredible ergonomics, the Walther PDP can shoot accurately with no problem if you do your part nicely. Besides the accuracy, it is great for having outstanding versatility. 

Does the Walther PDP make a great competition gun?

Technically speaking, the Walther PDP is not made to be a competition gun. Rather, it is purposely built to be a reliable duty and self-defense pistol. That means you can appreciate more of its functionality and overall value once you use it in the right shooting applications. 

Are there safety features in Walther PDP?

Unfortunately, even if the PDP is loaded with fine features as a standard in Walther, it is built with a lack of safety features. To be specific, it comes with no external manual safety.

Is the Walther PDP safe to carry?

The Walter PDP, especially its compact size model, is safe to carry. Due to its impressive compact and lightweight frame, there is no problem with concealed carrying it using a holster or gun belt. There’s no uncomfortable feeling to be bothered about. 

Which is better, Walther or Glock pistols?

Remarkably, both pistols from Walther and Glock are recognized in the firearms market as quality ones. Therefore, this explains why they are both in demand and closely compared to one another. Well, it is actually pretty challenging to find which is better because they have distinct approaches regarding the design. 

For instance, Glock pistols highlight simplicity and reliability in design. Glock is the master of fine, simple features that work well. On the other hand, the Walther pistols boast more elaborate designs. In the end, both pistols, Walther and Glock, make fine choices to choose from. 

Final Verdict

With everything said about this ultimate Walther PDP review, it is concluded that the striker-fired polymer pistol is impeccably crafted, catering to concealed carriers, home defenders, and police officers on patrol. Its grip is exceptional, offering superior control and impressive accuracy. 

Overall, it is easy to say that this handgun is extremely dependable. From the well-considered placement of controls, an exceptional trigger, and improved ergonomics to a non-slip grip for improved control, reliable stopping power, enhanced accuracy, and customizable setup. 

Ultimately, the Walther PDP—both the full-size and compact model—makes an ideal firearm for those seeking unmatched versatility, dependability, and effectiveness in concealed carry and conventional service situations. If that impresses you, the Walther PDP is exactly what you need.

Hopefully, you have discovered enough helpful information about the Walther PDP review here. If you want to find more outstanding handguns on the market today or just want to know more about shooting, the Survival Gear Shack is the place to go. Visit the site today. 

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