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8 Best Universal Gun Cleaning Kits Reviewed in 2022

On this day, there are a lot of brands competing with each other to prove who has the best products. Fortunately, there is a feature where you can read reviews to choose your desired brand because there is nothing more educational than the people who have already experienced buying it. Plus, to help you avoid stress and trouble, here are the most recommended universal gun cleaning kits. They feature fantastic benefits that can reach beyond far expectations and value most than their cost that will not leave you full of regret buying them:

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Unquestionably, owning a gun is a huge responsibility. Buying guns is significantly different, unlike buying a gadget or an appliance where everyone can own anything they want to buy. When buying guns, you will have to go through a thorough checking process to see if you are eligible to own one. You’ll indeed invest effort and time since you have to ensure a permit and get the guns registered. 

With the process you have gone through to own guns, it is frustrating to see your guns malfunction because you have failed to maintain their best working condition by required cleaning, or you did, but you did not use the proper cleaning tools. That’s why handing and taking care of your guns takes a certain amount of effort to buy the best universal gun cleaning kits to maintain your gun’s effectiveness. It is a must because there will be a residual build-up of carbon from the gunpowder, lead, and copper whenever you use a gun on a firing range. Gun maintenance affects gun accuracy, so it will not be safe to use if it is not cleaned.

Thankfully, there are a lot of universal gun cleaning kits that you can buy on the market today. It is best to choose them because universal gun cleaning kits contain almost all the necessary tools to clean your guns, so you don’t have to buy separate tools and spend more money than you should. But now, you have to think about what to buy. There are a lot of universal gun cleaning kits in the market that differ in price, materials, and especially quality. So choosing one of them can be challenging for you. 

But there’s no need for trouble and worry since you can discover here every helpful and relevant information about the best universal gun cleaning kits. Let’s get started.   

best universal gun cleaning kits

Choosing the Best Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

When choosing the best universal gun cleaning kits, you need to always check the versatility of the kit, especially if you own multiple guns. See if the tools inside the kit are all useful to your guns. Next is the price. 

Although you should disregard how expensive a kit is because it is essential, gun owners have different life situations. If you don’t have enough budget, you must be very keen on choosing a kit that will provide its best purpose. If you want to buy the cheapest option due to some circumstances, think of how you can make the most of that kit.

If you’re buying a universal gun kit for a specific event, you might as well look at the appearance of the kit. See if it’s too big or if you can carry it easily. Like if you’re going to use it in a forest for hunting, look for the kit that will fit into your survival backpack. Find the best packaging that will not cause you a hard time. Keep in mind that small but complete kits are also the best!

universal gun cleaning kit

Anatomy of Universal Gun Cleaning Kits

One thing is for sure about the best universal gun cleaning kits. It is that they have a significant number of tools in their package. Most cleaning rods, brushes, and other cleaning items are available in various calibers to attain their primary purpose of accommodating the cleaning of several types of guns. More importantly, knowing the function of each cleaning tool is a practical and wise thing to do since you can harm your guns if you use the tools in the wrong way. Thus, it will be useless even to use the correct cleaning tools as cleaners misuse them. 

Therefore, here is mostly the list of cleaning tools that most universal gun cleaning kits have: 


The best brushes that a cleaning kit can have can reach all the edges and small holes of a gun. Two of the market’s highest quality and durability brushes are bronze bore brushes and nylon bore brushes. These bore brushes have a nice texture that removes the residue, the carbon, and the lead. Make sure to pick the ones that don’t cause scratches to your gun.

There are different sizes of bore brushes; selecting a kit with multiple sizes of bore brushes is wise to clean different calibers. Also, some brushes are specifically made for scratch-sensitive guns like polymer and wooden frame guns. 

Cleaning Mops

A cleaning mop is another important tool in a universal cleaning kit that you can utilize to clean the remaining residue that the brushes can’t reach. Cleaning comes in various sizes also. 

Choose the best that can fit into your guns’ barrel. Also, remember to take care of mops by washing them after use to keep their best purpose for cleaning.

Cleaning Rods

Cleaning rods are another essential and valuable tool inside a universal cleaning kit. Choose a kit with varieties to this tool since it should also come in different sizes to accommodate the cleaning of various guns. Also, using the correct size of cleaning rod to a specific type of gun will avoid any damages since they might be too large cleaning rods for smaller guns. So, not only that the cleaning rods won’t fit, but they can also create scratches. 

Some mistakes of gun owners are using a small cleaning rod to multiple sizes of gun barrels. Even though it fits and can reach the inside of a barrel, it doesn’t mean you should use it because it may cause more problems.

Cleaning Swabs

A complete kit contains cleaning swabs. In addition, this tool may come with the kit, or you can buy these from stores. Cleaning swabs are used to achieve flawless cleaning because swabs can wipe areas hard to reach by other cleaning materials. You can also use swabs to wipe excess oils that may cause damage to a gun.

Cleaning Jags

Cleaning jags are used to clean excess solvent, residue, and dirt. Also, they help to eliminate the factors that may damage the corrosion. There are several types of cleaning jags, such as plastic, brass, and nickel.

Jags are like thin rods used together with cleaning patches. You should wrap patches around the tip of the jag for effective cleaning. Remember to always change the patches during cleaning to see if there is more to clean inside the barrel.

Cleaning Patches

You can’t use a cleaning jag without cleaning patches. In addition, cleaning patches are square or circular shapes to wrap around the tip of cleaning jags. With this combo, you can make your gun shiny.

Choose a cleaning patch that will perfectly match your cleaning rod. There are different shapes and textures of these tools available in the market. Consider buying the best quality available for your gun’s health. Buy multiple packs of cleaning patches since you will use a lot of these to secure the gun’s cleanliness inside.

Double-Ended Brush

The double-ended brush looked precisely like a toothbrush but with bristles on both ends. A double-ended brush is effective in cleaning the outside surface of a gun. Like the other tools, this comes in different types, such as nylon, brass, and nickel.

Choose the type that has soft but firm bristles that will not harm and cause any damage to your gun. Consider buying a double-ended brush with comfortable handles to help you clean more efficiently.

Cleaning Solvents

Choosing cleaning solvents depends on the ammo of your gun. Solvents help remove copper and powder-fouling. Some gun owners prefer strong ammonia-based solvent because it prevents copper build-up.

Choose the best solvents available in the market since there are universal kits that don’t include this tool.

Gun Oil

Gun oil, also known as a lubricant, is used in the final step of your cleaning. After removing all the residue, copper, and dirt in your gun, it is advisable to use oil to coat and protect it from residue buildup. This way you can prolong the cleanliness of your firearm.

Don’t be confused about choosing oils for gun cleaning since there are types of oil for cleaning other things.  Always ask the manufacturer if that oil is good for gun protection.

These are the must-haves to a universal gun cleaning kit. If the kit is insufficient with most of the essential cleaning tools, do not buy them. 

Optional Gun Cleaning Tools

Here are some tools that are also helpful for gun cleaning that you can buy separately. These are: 

Bore Snake

A bore snake is a gun cleaning tool made up of a nylon cord. In addition, a bore snake can be compared to a cleaning rod. However, it is not an alternative. 

Moreover, the bore snake specializes in fast and handy cleaning. Since this is just a substitute for quick cleaning, just in case, you need to buy on a trusted brand to ensure its best quality.


CLP or “Clean, Lubricate and Protect,” from the name itself, is a solution to lubricate and protect your guns. CLP is used for rush cleaning because there are brands with an all-in-one set of solutions.

Just remember, CLP is good for the rush but effective cleaning, but this is just an alternative for solvents.


Screwdrivers are helpful to bring along on a kit. Screwdrivers are used to disassembling some of the gun parts safely. Use the proper size of screwdrivers to avoid damage to the screws, especially to people who own many guns. 

Pin Punches

Pin punches are used to help you assemble and disassemble your gun. By gently pressing it against the pins to remove them, you can have an in-depth cleaning of your gun. But remember that you need to be careful using this because you can deform or bend some of your gun parts if used aggressively.

There are various types of pin punches depending on the type of gun you have. Make sure to find the best size for your convenience.

8 Best Universal Gun Cleaning Kits

Now that you know the essential tools that a universal kit has, your question might be, what is the best brand to buy. On this day, there are a lot of brands competing with each other to prove who has the best products. Fortunately, there is a feature where you can read reviews to choose your desired brand because there is nothing more educational than the people who have already experienced buying it.

Plus, to help you avoid stress and trouble, here are the most recommended universal gun cleaning kits. They feature fantastic benefits that can reach beyond far expectations and value most than their cost that will not leave you full of regret buying them: 

1. GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

You’ll surely find the GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit like countless gun owners, and it is not only because of its popularity but for its outstanding quality and performance. Admittedly, the cleaning kit is indeed famous because of several good reasons. 

First, the cleaning kit offers excellent cleaning tools for universal use. So, you can surely find it impressively useful if you have different types of firearms, such as shotguns, pistols, and rifles in common calibers. Thus, if you have extensive gun collections, you can save a lot of costs for choosing a universal gun cleaning kit. 

Meanwhile, all the cleaning items are neatly organized in a portable and durable carrying case. It is a practical case to keep the tools in place to avoid getting damaged when you carry them outdoors. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include cleaning solvents and oil, so you need to buy them separately but ensure that you buy from trustworthy manufacturers. Nonetheless, there are two spare spaces and empty bottles for solvent and cleaning oil, and you can repack them, so you’ll only carry one handy case.  

Moreover, the material used for the cleaning tools is high-quality nylon plastic. That’s why you can guarantee that you can use this universal kit for a long time. Aside from that, there are three cleaning rods made from brass, so expect their durability and firmness. These cleaning rods are available in .17-.270 caliber rifles. In addition, there are also solid brass cleaning rods meant for muzzleloaders, pistols, shotguns, and .30 caliber rifles, proving that they are suitable to clean different gun size barrels. 

Besides that, the gun cleaning kit also has 14 cleaning brushes made from brass, 9 soft and durable cotton mops, 12 spear-pointed jags, one black powder jag, four slotted patch loops, three utility brushes, three muzzle guards, three additional adapters, 50 3×3 inches cleaning patches, and four polishing cloths. All are ensured with quality materials to work well according to their specific purposes.

Suppose you might find it confusing and organize several cleaning tools; you are lucky because the case of this cleaning kit is labeled, same as the cleaning items. They are designed to conveniently select the specific tools you need and put them back. 

Overall, you won’t realize how much you need and save money choosing the universal gun cleaning kits, like the GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit, until you’ve got to experience the superior advantages and benefits of owning one.   

2. Allen Company Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Allen Company Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Admittedly, the Allen Company Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is not an extremely lightweight cleaning tool that you can pack in a small backpack because it is equipped with a toolbox as storage. Yet, there’s no need to frown because the toolbox provides a durable and handy carrying handle for manageable outdoor transport. 

In addition, the 65-pieces cleaning tools set included undoubtedly sufficient for cleaning several types of firearms, including .410 bore shotguns, standard pistol, rifle, and handgun calibers. Aside from that, they are also useful for 20 gauge and 12 gauge. All the coverage of this gun cleaning kit shows that it is indeed for universal cleaning purposes. 

Moreover, the Allen Company gun cleaning kit is equipped with multiple removable trays, so the toolbox has different levels for tools for smart and organized order of the cleaning tools inside. For instance, the durable, three-piece cleaning rods, two sturdy cleaning brushes, gun wipes, durable cotton swabs, picking tools, and cotton patches are secured together in one removable tray. 

Meanwhile, the 14 bronze bore brushes for shotguns, handguns, and rifles are organized together with 13 firm brass jags, 4 brass slotted tips, two muzzle guards, three brass adapters, and 6 bore swaps in another removable tray. If you notice, more cleaning tools and accessories are made from brass, and the reason is that brass is among the reliable materials with a long lifespan. With that being said, you can expect that this universal gun cleaning kit values more than it actually costs. Thus, it is unregretful to buy it. 

Aside from that, there is extra or more of plenty of storage space for the other cleaning tools you’ll need to buy separately, such as cleaning solvents and oil. All in all, if you want an ultimate universal gun cleaning kit with several compartments to store all your gun cleaning tools and accessories. Yet, you also want it to have an affordable price with pretty much everything you need; the Allen Company Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is suitable. 

Since the gun cleaning kit is sure it won’t break your bank for its cost, you need to remember to manage your expectations because the case is constructed only for quality plastics. So, don’t have unrealistic standards. Nevertheless, if this gun cleaning kit can work efficiently with your needs, it is considered an excellent deal, right? Figure it out by checking it out.    

3. CORQUE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

CORQUE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

If you are looking for almost everything that you need to thoroughly and precisely clean guns, you’re in luck because the CORQUE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit has an outstanding cleaning tools package you need. It unquestionably outnumbered the other basic universal gun cleaning kit, especially it is equipped with cleaning gloves and a thick, durable gun cleaning mat. More importantly, it is available at a budget-friendly price.

Moreover, this cleaning kit is best for cleaning all standard caliber guns of pistols, rifles, shotguns, air guns, and black powder guns. Hence, it is suitable and ideal for every gun enthusiast, shooter, law enforcement officers, and hunter because all gun owners deserve quality and reliable cleaning kit. 

Although the cleaning kit is composed of an incredibly significant number of cleaning tools, it only has the essential cleaning tools and accessories you need and don’t have what you don’t need. Meanwhile, the tool case can perfectly secure all the cleaning tools not to move and not create any mess during transport. The spaces inside are well-molded to secure the safety of every tool, making it one of the best packaging of gun cleaning kits in the market right now.

This kit has all gun cleaning essentials, including 14 bronze brushes, 12 spear-pointed gun jags, 6 solid brass gun rods that you can use for several types of gauges and calibers, 9 mops, and three muzzle guards. Aside from that, there are also 3 utility brushes, four slotted patch loops, three accessory adapters, four polishing cloths, one hundred cotton cleaning patches, two empty oil bottles, one black powder jag, a gun cleaning mat, and rubber gloves. All are in excellent and dependable quality and condition to provide you exceptional help in cleaning. 

Also, cleaning tools are mostly made up of brass, nylon, stainless steel, and phosphor. Some specific tools are also made because the brand is aware that some guns are extra sensitive. Remember just to be careful using the brushes and other tools as they may be damaged if you use them heavily. Always be gentle even though the products are solid.

4. Otis Technologies FG-1000 Elite Cleaning System

Otis Technologies FG-1000 Elite Cleaning System

The Otis Technologies FG-1000 Elite Cleaning System offers more innovative gun care and maintenance of various firearms, such as muzzleloaders, rifles, shotguns, and pistols. In addition, it provides cleaning tools and accessories to attain a proper Breech-to-Muzzle cleaning.    

Moreover, there are excellent cleaning tools available. In fact, one of the edges of this gun cleaning kit is that it even included other secondary cleaning items, such as lens brushes, cloths, tissue, and cleansers for optics care and maintenance. Admittedly, the gun cleaning kits for universal use are not highly lightweight. Nonetheless, they are manageable and handy to bring to any shooting field, especially the Otis Technologies FG-1000 Elite, since it is equipped with a nylon bag with a carry handle.   

The gun cleaning kit comes with Memory-Flex Cables in various sizes to be able to clean different guns. Also, the chamber brushes in 16 different calibers, including .25 cal, .410GA, .17 cal, and you can check for the complete list of the sizes in the product line below. Meanwhile, there are also several components packed together. Some of them are a scraper, obstruction removers, pin punch, nylon end brush, compact receiver brush, and many more. 

Aside from that, the cotton patches included in the kit are of superior quality and unique. They offer outstanding 360-degree coverage cleaning to guarantee precise and thorough cleaning results. 

Overall, this gun cleaning kit also has the best tools if you’re looking for quantity. A lot of equipment included in this cleaning kit is not included in other brands including cleaning tools for optics. Also, it is the cleaning kit recommended to you if you have multiple guns that use crosshairs.

However, you need to evaluate if you can organize this cleaning kit since there are no case labels because the storage is a nylon bag.   

5. FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit Universal Supplies

FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit Universal Supplies

One thing is for sure about the cleaning tools in the FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit Universal is that they are designed to last since nothing is made from cheap plastics. Not only is that ideal, but you will like that this cleaning kit is available for different budget-friendly prices, making it one of the best sellers. 

The only thing you won’t probably like from its popularity and being a best seller is that it can quickly become unavailable due to the high demand, proving that it stands out among competitors. In addition, the cleaning kit is highly suitable to clean various types of firearms, such as rifles, shotguns, and pistols. The cleaning tools are tough, firm, and durable to tolerate regular use, thanks to the high-quality materials. 

Moreover, the gun accessories are composed of six solid  CNC precision-machined brass rods in different sizes, one black powder jag, 14 differently sized cleaning brushes, nine bore cleaning mops, three muzzle guards, and three accessory adapters. All are ensured with outstanding quality to do their specific purposes efficiently. 

Aside from that, there are also slotted patch loops and pointed spear jags included in the kit, and they are constructed from superior quality plastics. So, you can expect their firmness and durability to last further than your expectations. In addition, the cleaning brushes are not only available in different sizes but also from various materials, such as copper, brush, and nylon.

Meanwhile, there are four polishing cloths, 50-piece soft and durable cleaning patches, and extra empty bottles for 30ml cleaning solvent and 50 ml oil. These cleaning items are consumable, so expect that you need to rebuy them separately. Just make sure to buy them from your most trustworthy manufacturers to get your money’s worth. 

What more you will love about the FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit Universal is the convenience you can gain from it. Well, it comes with a durable carrying case design with a handy carrying handle. It is effortless to store and organize the cleaning tools inside the case since it comes with labels to avoid confusion and attain neat arrangements. All of the cleaning items have their spot and area specifically made for them. Hence, they are secured in their place, and you can also quickly know if some parts went missing if there are empty spots.     

Indeed, the FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit Universal benefits are reaching far beyond its costs, and you’ll understand more what we are talking about if you get to experience using it.  

6. Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

If you already have bought a gun cleaning kit before, then it is time to upgrade that with a universal gun cleaning kit that can offer more help to you with cleaning more gun types. In addition, you won’t regret upgrading your flimsy, haphazard kit to the Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Universal because it is constructed with heavy-duty and high-quality materials, too tough to last beyond expectations. 

Moreover, the cleaning kit features all the essential tools needed for the precise cleaning of guns. First, the 3-piece cleaning rods are made from high-quality brass that fits the gun bore with .22 to a 12 gauge. Meanwhile, the cleaning kit comprises 8-32 threads for quick and effortless interchangeability. In addition, the Real Avid Gun Boss Pro also features a multifunction handle, several cleaning jags for various calibers, two slotted tips in big and small size, three brass rod sections, cleaning brushes, mops, and 50 pieces cleaning patches. 

Aside from that, what makes you more convinced to choose the Real Avid Gun Boss Pro is its virtually indestructible case. Also, the case is a patent-pending kickstand, and it can surely stand upright and not vulnerable to knockdowns. At the same time, it can provide you with a visible view of the cleaning tools to keep everything organized and in proper order without any mess. Hence, the case sets everything ready if you want to use your gun.

Besides that, the case features an exclusive and ergonomic handle with an offset design, providing you with better and more comfortable control. More importantly, the constructed handle provides two rod attachment points: one fixed for detailing and one is swivel designed for barrel cleaning tasks. But it is not only that; there is also a coated tap hammer for punching out pins. 

Suppose you want to settle in a compact and handy universal gun cleaning kit that you can effortlessly carry everywhere. In that case, you can definitely take the Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Universal for convenience with significant functionality.  

7. Falko Tactical Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Falko Tactical Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

The Falko Tactical Universal Gun Cleaning Kit proves that an excellent universal gun cleaning kit is not bulky, heavy, and overpriced. Instead, it has a lightweight and handy size, making it comfortable to carry every time. Most importantly, it features an ideal budget-friendly cost with outstanding value. 

Moreover, the cleaning kit is equipped with cleaning tools appropriately and safe to use for handguns, shotguns, airguns, and rifles. In addition, it is a must-have ready-to-go cleaning kit consisting of all essential cleaning accessories from 8-32 threads to cleaning brushes and cleaning patches that won’t even leave any scratch in your gun barrel. 

Aside from that, several cleaning accessories are made from durable and quality brass. They are slotted tips, cleaning jags, cleaning rods, and connectors. With that, you know that these accessories are meant for longtime use. On the other hand, the compact tackle box accommodates all the cleaning items for neat organization. 

Best of all, the case is labeled with caliber sizes to help you quickly find the right tools you need. It is a practical design since you must ensure that you utilize a suitable cleaning item to prevent any damage to your guns.   

Lastly, suppose you significantly value customer reviews. In that case, you’ll be intrigued and excited to know that this cleaning kit has a high positive outlook for thousands of buyers because of the benefits and advantages that it can provide.

8. IUNIO Universal Gun Cleaning Kit 

IUNIO Universal Gun Cleaning Kit 

If you want an impressive affordable universal gun cleaning kit with a bonus gun cleaning mat, choose the IUNIO Universal Gun Cleaning Kit because it is precisely the kit you are looking for. Also, it is designed to clean any handgun, rifle, pistol, and shotgun, giving more what’s your money value. Best of all, it is equipped with complete instruction to guide you in safely, fast and accurate cleaning of several types of firearms. 

Moreover, the cleaning kit features a complete set of tools, including 12 spear-pointed gun jags, 14 bronze brushes, 4 slotted patch loops, 3 accessory adapters, 9 mops, 6 solid brass gun rods, 100 cleaning patches, 2 empty bottles. Each item has several kinds because they are sized differently to suit cleaning various firearms or constructed with different materials, such as the three utility brushes made from the phosphor, nylon, and stainless steel. 

On the other hand, the portable storage case is wisely designed to fit all 63-piece cleaning tools and accessories. In addition, all of them have their specific compartments, keeping everything neat. Although there are a significant number of cleaning items, the kit remains lightweight and handy to carry along in your shooting adventures to keep your guns clean in excellent working conditions. 

Suppose you want more convincing facts about the IUNIO Universal Gun Cleaning Kit. In that case, you can check it in the store, where you can see countless positive reviews that make you willingly purchase it with nothing to regret. 

Final Thoughts

Indeed, the best universal gun cleaning kits are suitable for gun owners with extensive gun collections or gun owners who don’t have a particular purpose. Aside from that, they are a convenient option since they are all in one set that helps you save money from buying all the essential cleaning tools separately. More importantly, they can provide you with significant functionality in cleaning to help your gun maintain a top shape, accuracy, and long lifespan.   

Hoping that this article helped you choose the best gun cleaning kit out there. You are free to do further research if you need to deeply understand some parts of a specific gun cleaning tool. Remember to be keen and observant to be successful in buying a gun cleaning kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the questions frequently asked about universal gun cleaning kits and gun cleaning to help you know more about guns: 

What should be included in a universal gun cleaning kit? 

Since a universal gun cleaning kit is designed to clean various types of firearms, such as shotguns, rifles, and pistols. To be able to do that purpose, numerous cleaning tools and accessories are included. The essential cleaning materials incorporated and not limited to in most universal gun cleaning kits are cleaning rods, cleaning and utility brushes, cleaning patches, cleaning jags, slotted tip patch holders, and gun cleaning solvents. 

More importantly, it is essential to remember that most cleaning tools must be available in multiple calibers to achieve their purpose and advantage efficiently. In addition, you must know that you might need to spend more with a universal gun cleaning kit than the specific gun cleaning kits. Fortunately, if you have an extensive gun collection, you can indeed save with a universal gun cleaning kit, but you need to ensure all the calibers you need are available.

What can damage a gun when not cleaned?

There are several unwanted components in a gun when cleaned. See, when you fire your gun, it is inevitable for the gunpowder to leave behind various remnants, such as copper, lead, and carbon, depending on the bullet you used. If you leave them for a long time, they can deteriorate your gun’s condition and eventually lead to fire failure. When that happens, it is already hard to bring back the best shape of your guns. That’s it is wise to prevent that from happening by using suitable cleaning tools for guns.  

What is a universal gun cleaning kit?

A universal gun cleaning kit is a set of gun cleaning tools that provide numerous essential items, such as brushes, cleaning rods, cleaning jags, and others. In addition, they are designed to clean as any type of firearm in standard calibers. 

The ultimate purpose and advantage of universal gun cleaning kits are to help gun owners like you save money, time, and effort from buying all the essential cleaning tools needed separately. Just imagine the time you need to browse the best quality cleaning tools separately; a whole day might not even be sufficient. So, for your convenience, you can just choose a universal gun cleaning kit if you have many gun collections.

What will happen if I do not clean my gun?

There are a lot of adverse effects if gun owners are not able to clean their guns regularly. Your gun may result in fouling or the build-up of carbon, lead, copper, and plastic. These build-ups can make your gun not function properly. Or worse, it may become dangerous to use. 

In addition, uncleaned guns weaken their parts over time. If you’re a new gun owner, you need to be extra responsible because there are sensitive guns since buying gun parts isn’t cheap at all. 

How to use the different tools in a universal gun cleaning kit?

If you’re a first-time buyer of a universal cleaning kit, consider buying cleaning kits that include complete gun labels and clear cleaning instructions. But those may cost more than a usual universal kit. One of the best things you can do is watch video tutorials, and it might be an advantage too because it is more convenient to learn by seeing the actual cleaning process on video than to read guides. 

Ensure to listen carefully because one wrong move of cleaning can cause damage to your gun parts. You can search for tutorial videos on YouTube since many gun enthusiasts are helpful enough to share helpful guide videos on that online platform. 

Are universal gun cleaning kits complete?

Technically, no. Most universal gun cleaning kits should be complete with tools but do not include consumable items like solvents, cleaning oil, lubricants, etc. But you can buy them separately, and they won’t cost you an expensive amount of money.

There are many gun types, and there are also a lot of varieties of cleaning kits. It differs from the brush sizes, rod sizes, materials used, etc. So, to be able to buy the best universal kits for you. Search for a type of cleaning kit that matches the gun type you own.

Where can I buy a universal gun cleaning kit?

You can buy cleaning kits for your guns in local gun stores. But for convenience and the best discounts, it is best to order online. There are a lot of choices on Amazon, Cabela’s, Palmetto State Armory, and other trustworthy online stores that you can check out. But make sure to read buyer reviews and product details before making the final decision, and they will help you choose the best kits that exist today. 

What would happen if I used a lot of oil on my gun?

Oiling your gun is essential after cleaning because it can offer protection cover to your gun yet, over-oiling a gun is not advisable. You can convert the oil to be a means of damage rather than an advantage if you attempt to over oil your gun. It is possible because the texture of the oil can attract and catch more contaminants to a gun. Thus, make sure to put the right amount of oil for the best results; if you can’t avoid putting too much, you can wipe the excess oil before storing or using the gun. 

Where to store my guns after cleaning them?

You regularly clean your guns because you want to be free from any unwanted gunpowder remnants. That’s why it is also equally important to know where the best place to store guns is. First, the storage space must be dry to avoid any moisture build-up that can damage the gun. In addition, it also must be safe and cool to maintain excellent conditions for guns.  

If you have ensured a safe, cool, and dry storage space, you can get away not cleaning your guns for about six months if you are not using them regularly because there’s no chance of unwanted components building up in your guns if they are appropriately stored.   

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