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7 Best Pistol Range Bags Reviewed in 2024

Don’t have adequate time to do extensive research for the best pistol range bags? If that’s the case, you are in the right place to discover the highest-quality bags for gun range practice. There’s a narrowed-down list of choices that are reviewed in detail below. Let’s not waste any time. So, take a look at each option now.

Aside from your pistol, there are probably other shooting accessories you need to carry to the range, right? Well, it is a little inconvenient if you will transport all of your shooting valuables using your hands. There may be inevitable instances that you drop some because your hands are already full. In reality, you won’t need to experience trouble like that because you can always keep your pistol and other shooting gear inside the best pistol range bag. 

A good, sturdy, and spacious pistol range bag can get the job done in terms of transporting and protecting your precious shooting gear. Being spacious means that you can put plenty of this inside. That’s why you can expect a nice and neat setup while in the range. It sounds like the best benefit that a pistol range bag can offer. Frankly, a bag suited to be carried in the range is designed simple yet fitted in range environments. 

If you are still asking if you really need to use a pistol range bag, there’s nothing to worry about because it will be answered below. That said, don’t go anywhere and dive into the relevant information below. More than that, you can also discover some of the best pistol range bags on the market today. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

pistol range bag

Why Do You Need A Pistol Range Bag?

While you might think an old backpack or laptop bag can be a functional pistol range bag, it is not the best decision. You might save money, but the consequence is worse because you can’t guarantee the protection of your shooting gear by using an old backpack or laptop bag. The safeguarding quality is not guaranteed. That’s why using a pistol range bag is still much more practical and suitable. You will spend some money, yet you will have more in return since the best range bags are more than spacious storage. 

What makes pistol range bags worth investing in is that they are purposely designed to provide the best protection while helping you neatly organize all of your essential shooting items to maximize and enjoy your range time. On top of that, there’s no such vulnerable shooting gear to be stored inside pistol range bags because they are built to accommodate all kinds of shooting valuables. From shooting tools, gear, accessories, and extras, the best pistol range bags won’t disappoint you.

Since a reliable pistol range bag can keep your gear neatly and safely, you won’t have to experience a mess. A neat setup is the best advantage for a successful day of shooting in a range, and you can effortlessly achieve that with the help of the best pistol range bag. This says a lot about why it is a good decision to have one. 

7 Best Pistol Range Bags

Don’t have adequate time to do extensive research for the best pistol range bags? If that’s the case, you are in the right place to discover the highest-quality bags for gun range practice. There’s a narrowed-down list of choices that are reviewed in detail below. Let’s not waste any time. So, take a look at each option now. 

1. SoarOwl Tactical Gun Range Bag

SoarOwl Tactical Gun Range Bag

Like to haul shooting items to the range? If so, the SoarOwl Tactical Gun Range Bag can be your right companion. Designed with plenty of compartments and pockets, you will surely like its large capacity to accommodate many items. Specifically, it features dividers for the main compartment, removable inside pouches, and extra pistol magazine holsters. These prove that you can carry much with this large range bag, including firearms, magazines, ammo, shooting glasses, hearing protection, and anything else you need to bring to the range. 

Interestingly, being big with a large capacity is not all this range bag can boast about. Built from heavy-duty 900D polyester oxford material, it is also impressive as a highly durable bag. Plus, it is treated with a waterproof application that can assure you of an incredible waterproof and weather-resistance advantage. This kind of construction guarantees that this bag definitely suits the shooting range environment and harsh conditions. It can work right according to its purpose. 

One of the noticeable smart features of this large range bag is its high-density slip-proof feet. Thanks to that, this bag sits slightly elevated off the ground, so it is well-protected from getting dirt. Since the feet are slip-proof, this bag won’t move around, sitting in just one place. If you want a range bag that doesn’t get easily dirty, this SoarOwl Tactical Gun Range Bag is the one you are looking for. Hence, no need to experience trouble in searching elsewhere. 

In terms of its carrying style, it can be done in two ways: this duffle-style pistol range bag can be carried over the shoulder or as a cross-body bag. It is possible because it is designed with an adjustable shoulder sling strap. Besides that, you can also use the grab-and-go handles to carry it. No matter the carrying way you choose, the truth remains that this range bag is ready to go anywhere with you. That’s why it can take the environment in a shooting range. 

From being highly spacious, the durability from its heavy-duty material, and versatility, this SoarOwl Tactical Gun Range Bag surely deserves to be part of the best list. What’s more impressive is that it is jam-packed with functional features and still available at a highly affordable price. With that said, you will have no excuse not to have it, since it won’t disappoint you regarding its performance. 

2. G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack

G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack

The G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack is one of the most high-grade pistol range backpacks to pick from. You can trust that it is a premium choice since it can be easily utilized in combat applications. Due to its style, it is best for hands-free and convenient transport to and from the shooting range. If you don’t want your hands full, this is a perfect choice, especially since it is not simply about ease and convenience of transport. 

Additionally, this range backpack is designed with adjustable, padded shoulder straps complemented by a padded waistband. These are great for ensuring high stability and comfort when wearing the backpack. Meanwhile, the rigid honeycomb frame and lockable YKK zippers can guarantee the security of your weapons inside it. Also, the rigid construction makes the backpack super durable, withstanding all types of tear and wear. 

As for capacity, it has no problem accommodating one pistol and four magazines each. Besides that, it can also carry other shooting accessories. The visual ID Storage System comes with clearly marked pockets that can store different gear for shooting, such as ear protection, safety goggles, targets, ear plugs, and more. Really, you no longer have to worry about leaving any shooting essentials. 

Moreover, the waterproof pull-out rain cover is reliable in terms of keeping the contents of the backpack protected and dry in the event that the weather turns to your bad side. So, it is not vulnerable that you need to worry about. Meanwhile, the front pocket of the bag unzips and drops flat. This is an advantageous design that lets you have a working surface while you’re practicing.

If you are curious about durability, knowing what material this backpack is made from can effectively help you. Well, this backpack is constructed from durable 1000 denier polyester. Polyester is a common material used for high-quality range bags. With that said, it also boasts impressive durability and quality. But it is not just that because it is also treated with DuPont Teflon fabric protectant. 

Complete with high-strength material, protectant, and Molle webbing, this G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack is exceptionally durable. That quality is enough to stand up to all types of wear and tear and will last a long time. All in all, with anything that it can offer, you can trust that it is surely a popular premium option. 

3. HAOMUK Tactical Sling Backpack Military Rover Shoulder Sling Backpack EDC Molle Assault Range Bag

HAOMUK Tactical Sling Bag Pack Military Rover Shoulder Sling Backpack

Available in seven colors, the HAOMUK Tactical Sling Backpack Military Rover Shoulder Sling Backpack EDC Molle Assault Range Bag has interesting designs you can choose from. Above its design, it is a popular choice because it is purposely built to be highly useful and multifunctional since it can be used for different purposes—meaning, it is not just suitable to be carried into shooting range. In fact, it fits to be a hunting and survival bag. 

This pistol range bag is available at a budget-friendly price that doesn’t go over $50. Despite that, this sling backpack can still exceed your expectations in many ways. Starting with its construction. Like any other best range bag, it is made from durable material, which is high-density nylon fabric for this one. The material also has a super anti-tear advantage. That’s why you can trust that it is always ready for adventure. 

Since it has a unique sling design, you can just effortlessly access your shooting gear without having to remove the bag from your body. Unlike traditional backpacks with two straps, this one is undoubtedly more accessible for ease of use. Featuring such a stylish design, it is absolutely worthy of being a great companion for outdoor enthusiasts for shooting, hiking, camping, and even fishing adventures. 

With a 13 x 9.5 x 7.1 inch size, it surely has a large capacity that is spacious enough to play most of your essential shooting valuables and add extras. What’s more, this HAOMUK Tactical Sling Backpack Military Rover Shoulder Sling Backpack EDC Molle Assault Range Bag is unique from other options because it is equipped with a vent design and double-thickness mesh sponge on the back. Of course, they are functional, which is something you want to spend your money on. 

To be specific, the vent design is located at the bottom of the range bag. It works exactly as expected: helping the shooting items’ heat dissipate fast in the bag. Meanwhile, the double-thickness mesh sponge on the back, together with the breathable cloth, can decrease sweat while wearing the bag. In short, it promotes the breathable and comfortable wearing experience of this range bag. 

Jam-packed with everything you might need for the best range bag to house your pistol and other valuable shooting gear. What’s more exciting is that it is not that expensive. Actually, it has more to offer, so feel free to check it out in the link below if it piques your interest. 

4. Blackhawk Sportster Pistol Range Bag

Blackhawk Sportster Pistol Range Bag

The name says it all; the Blackhawk Sportster Pistol Range Bag is intentionally designed to be a reliable companion to the shooting range. With that said, it makes a worthy option since it is available for just a little over $50. But before coming up with a buying decision, let’s get to know first why this deserves to be part of the best list and among your top choices.

Regarding its construction, it is made from heavyweight 600-denier polyester that is combined with a thick PVC laminate that boasts high durability and stability. Technically, it doesn’t come less than other best pistol range bags in terms of quality, despite being highly affordable. This means you don’t have to go for an extra expensive pistol range bag when budget-friendly options can already get the job done and work according to what you expect. 

Moreover, this Sporter pistol range bag comes with two flannel-lined rugs that are meant to effectively protect handguns that you store inside its main compartment. While it is tough and thick on the outside, it is soft and protective on the inside. This means it will never fail to help you safeguard your shooting gear. With that said, it will not just serve as ordinary storage. Instead, it is best as a safe bag for your valuables. 

When it comes to capacity, you can put many shooting accessories and extras inside it because it boasts a size of 16″x9″x8″. Hence, it is large and spacious enough to carry more than your pistol. As a matter of fact, it even comes with two external slash pockets that serve as extra storage for holding magazines and other shooting accessories you need to transport to the range. In addition, it is also equipped with dual-density foam that shields your valuables from any impact. 

Thanks to the included wraparound web handle combined with a detachable shoulder strap, you will feel less the weight of carrying heavy loads of your shooting gear. In short, you can expect ease and convenient carry to the point that it won’t feel like a struggle transporting all of your shooting gear at once. Meanwhile, the dual zip closure on the main compartment gives optimal access to your gear and guns. No need to rummage and mess up your things since you can keep them neat in the first place. 

From its large capacity, durable material, and enough features, the Blackhawk Sportster Pistol Range Bag proves that you don’t need to buy the most expensive pistol range bags since it gets the job done. Nothing flashy, but it can work well according to its purpose. Therefore, you can’t go wrong if you will settle with an affordable one like this. 

5. G Outdoors Tactical Quad Pistol Range Bag

G Outdoors Tactical Quad Pistol Range Bag

Effectively constructed to handle tough times in the range, the G Outdoors Tactical Quad Pistol Range Bag is ready for action. This is an ideal go-to range bag that comes with the right amount of padding and impressive space that can accommodate up to 6 handguns. Besides that, it can also store two removable padded pouches. On top of that, there are also plenty of compartments, pouches, and pockets that can carry more of your essential shooting accessories at the range. 

Obviously, this pistol range bag can offer more than just a spacious area. In fact, it is built to withstand harsh conditions in a shooting range, thanks to its 1000D heavy-duty material. Coating with DuPont Teflon also helped enhance the durability and resistance to grime and dirt. The reinforced stitching is the smart solution why it doesn’t get easily ripped. Despite being hard on the outside, it has an adequate softness and protection you can actually feel. 

Moreover, the triple-stitched MOLLE webbing and the large heavy-duty YKK zipper serve their expected purpose, making this tactical pistol range bag a great companion to the shooting field. Meanwhile, the Visual I.D. Storage System areas featuring velour lining add extra security and help you easily protect, identify, and organize your shooting gear. The hook and loop area with a removable GPS Tactical logo patch lets you put your name placard for easy identification. 

Basically, if you need a tough bag with plenty of compartments, the G Outdoors Tactical Quad Pistol Range Bag won’t let you down. Feel free to haul your shooting essentials with it. 

6. SHE Outdoor Crossbody Conceal Carry Pistol Bag

SHE Outdoor Crossbody Conceal Carry Pistol Bag

Women are very much welcome to go to a shooting range. As we all know, most women like to carry a lot of stuff. So, a range bag can help to keep things neat and organized. If you know a woman who likes to go to the shooting range or if you are that woman, the SHE Outdoor Crossbody Conceal Carry Pistol Bag will be a great choice. After all, it is specially built for everyday carry made for women. 

Sporting an innocent, simple design, this conceal carry pistol bag effectively blends into everyday life while letting you bring valuable shooting gear. Hence, you can keep them close to you. Since this is a pistol bag dedicated to women, it makes sense that it boasts durable and rugged construction with a feminine touch. What’s more, it is budget-friendly but still offers plenty of features.

Designed from 600-denier polyester construction complemented by 70-denier polyester in key sections, this pistol bag suited for shooting ranges has more to offer regarding its construction. In fact, its durable design is combined with a soft back panel and a padded, mesh-covered shoulder strap that ensure comfort and ease in carrying it. There’s also a daisy chain included on the shoulder strap. 

As for the capacity, this SHE Outdoor Crossbody Conceal Carry Pistol Bag comes with a large main compartment equipped with multiple interior pockets and magazine pouches. Basically, it is like a small but terrible shooting gear storage that is spacious enough to let you transport many valuables at once. Meanwhile, the discreet sleeve behind the main compartment provides easy access to your handguns. 

Jam-packed with plenty of function features despite being highly affordable proves that it is worth investing for. A way more durable pistol bag for concealed carry that is a must for women who like to go to a shooting range. 

7. RangeMaxx Tactical R2G CCW Pistol Bag

RangeMaxx Tactical R2G CCW Pistol Bag

Searching for a smaller pistol bag that can be worn on the waist? If so, you will like the RangeMaxx Tactical R2G CCW Pistol Bag. It has enough space to transport your pistol and other necessary shooting accessories. What makes it unique to others is that it is an alternative to shooters who are constricted from using concealed-carry holsters. This can help you concealed carry your handgun surely but still have quick access, which is a good advantage. 

Interestingly, this pistol bag is equipped with a reliable concealed-carry handgun pocket with a removable “universal” holster inside its main compartment. The holster is highly functional since it allows you to easily position your handgun precisely where you can achieve a quick, smooth draw. Meanwhile, the added elastic mag holders can keep your firearm neatly separated, leaving more space for other things or vital tactical gear. 

Thanks to the exterior MOLLE webbing, you can enjoy an extra modular platform to attach helpful items, such as flashlights, tactical knives, and MOLLE pouches. As for the carry, the padded shoulder strap is convertible to a waist belt for a chance to have an optimal mode to carry it. Constructed from rugged 1,000D polyester, it is always ready to go since it can match the environment in a shooting range. 

RangeMaxx is one of the most reliable brands that makes an entire line of dependable tactical gear. With that said, you can count on its Tactical R2G CCW Pistol Bag concealed carrying your shooting gear. You can’t go bad with this if you intend to carry only the basic shooting valuables. Hence, you will have a light carry. 

Best Pistol Range Bag Buying Guide

Of the best pistol range bags reviewed above, you might still feel hesitant to choose. Well, that makes sense, especially if you think it is overwhelming to make a quick choice. That’s why this buying guide can help you. 

See, there are crucial factors to consider that you might have overlooked at some point. These include durability, security, budget, max capacity, and aesthetics. For instance, durability mirrors quality, so it is an important characteristic to check. Look for a range bag that is made from nylon or polyester since they are among the most durable materials. 

As for security, it is vital to check the zipper and locks. What’s to inspect to see the maximum capacity is the pockets and compartments. Regarding aesthetics, it is up to your personal preference what design you want. Bear in mind that having vital factors to consider can significantly ease your experience in buying the best pistol range bag that suits you. 

range bag

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions frequently asked about pistol range bags and other related topics. Learn them below. 

Do I really need a pistol range bag?

A pistol range bag is the best solution if you don’t like having messy shooting gear in the range and having your hands full with your valuables. Of course, when you have the best pistol range bag you can rely on, you will have no problem fitting all your needed shooting gear. That’s why you can go to the range, trusting that everything you need is with you.

Additionally, this specialized range bag can help you develop a nice and neat organization system. With that said, you can have better preparation for getting all the essential shooting gear and leaving nothing necessary. Hence, you can also easily locate what you need. Since you can track your gear well, the days of running back to your car to grab other things or returning to your house will just be a fond memory you will laugh about.

Ultimately, a pistol range bag is a practical investment to transport all your needed shooting gear. More than that, it also has great durability and resistance to protect your equipment. 

What is the ideal size to choose for a range bag?

When it comes to the size of range bags, it varies widely. You will come across those that have enough size to accommodate your firearm and other essentials. On the other hand, others have a large capacity to house more extras. That said, choosing the ideal size range bag effectively depends on what you plan to use it for. 

For instance, you need a large range bag if you are a range enthusiast who likes to haul multiple shooting accessories. An extensive range bag is a go-to choice when you need a bag that can handle loads of gear. Meanwhile, you can opt for a smaller one if you just plan on hitting the range once a month. Thus, you need to be clear about what you want to store in a range bag.  

What to keep in a pistol range bag?

In general, most pistol range bags are designed nicely to be a safe space. That’s why you can definitely pack pretty much everything you need to transport to the range inside the bag. Obviously, this includes your firearms, ammunition, magazines, protective equipment, and other additional shooting accessories.

What’s more, you don’t have to be bothered about the safety of your gear inside because the fabric is commonly soft and protective. Therefore, your gear won’t have damage or scratches while being inside the bag. They will always be well-protected.  

Which is a better choice, a duffle bag or a backpack-style bag?

Surely, each design allows a comfortable and easy carry. As for the duffel bag, it is great because of its amazing space and great balance in design that will let you easily access your things without removing the bag from your body. What you need to be careful of in this type is that it can cause an issue with the distribution of weight. 

The backpack-style bag is great because it allows hands-free and stress-free transport. Yet, you can’t easily access what’s inside unless you remove the straps from your body. Thus, choosing really depends on your specific needs and how comfortable you carry it. 

What is the difference between a pistol range bag and a handgun range bag?

Interestingly, both range bags are technically the same thing. With that said, the only difference is their name. So, there’s no need to be confused about the two since both are meant to be reliable storage for all your shooting essentials to transport them all at once in the shooting range. Therefore, you will have nothing to be bothered about and just enjoy your time in the range.  

Can pistol range bags be used when hunting?

Absolutely, you will also need essential gear when hunting, and it is completely inconvenient if you carry them with just your hands. So, it is more practical to use a range bag. After all, it is designed with high strength and resistance to withstand the hunting environment. On top of that, some range bags come with camouflage exteriors, allowing them to blend effortlessly into the hunting surroundings. 

Are range bags waterproof?

In reality, not all standard-size range bags are built to be fully waterproof. So they don’t have a completely waterproof seal. Well, that’s not a flaw because range bags are not meant to be submerged in water, after all. Instead, what they have is a fair bit of water resistance that is provided by their nylon or polyester exteriors. In short, the fabric material is the primary source of high resistance to water and other damaging elements.

How much pistol range bags cost?

Pistol range bags widely vary in cost. In fact, you will come across some that are available for less than $50. As for quality, they can still get the job done right, proving that you can always settle for affordable choices. On the other hand, some options cost more than $50 and can go over $100 more. This is why it is crucial to check what your preferred choice can offer to see if its price matches it. Thus, you can know it is worth buying. 

Where to get the best pistol range bag online?

Certainly, it is great to buy online because of the high chance of grabbing some high discounts. Of course, there are some risks of getting ripped off, so you should be careful. With that said, you must only look at trustworthy online stores to be able to buy the best pistol range bag that suits you. Amazon and Cabela’s are reliable stores you can trust, to name a few. They feature solid products from top brands. 

Final Thoughts 

Indeed, choosing the best pistol range bag from overwhelming options surely is no easy feat. You can save yourself from trouble because this guide is a great starter. Hopefully, you can choose from the list above because they are quality options with great value. If your budget is holding you back, there is no need to feel bothered about that because they are highly affordable options. 

While the options above look highly identical in terms of quality to functionality, they still differ in one point. For instance, the G Outdoors Tactical Quad Pistol Range Bag is a go-to option that is always ready for action in tough shooting ranges. Meanwhile, the Tactical Sling Backpack Military Rover Shoulder Sling Backpack EDC Molle Assault Range Bag has an edge in terms of design and carrying mode. 

Moreover, the SHE Outdoor Crossbody Conceal Carry Pistol Bag is a dedicated bag that suits women’s needs. Surely, you can find what’s ideal for your needs and preferences. So, it will be worthwhile to check the list above. Now, if you are looking for other range bags or gun cases, all you need to do is to explore the Survival Gear Shack website

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