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10 Best Gun Cleaning Kit 9mm: The Ultimate Buying Guide for 2021

It is helpful to know all the essential tools needed for cleaning guns. However, it will genuinely cost you more when you buy all of them separately. Hence, the most practical and wisest buying decision is to choose the best gun cleaning kit 9mm that includes all the necessary cleaning supplies to clean in a shooting range quickly. Now that there's no doubt that every gun owner, like you, needs a cleaning kit, here are the best options available in the market. Also, keep in mind that they are different from each other to cover all the cleaning demands for guns.

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The best gun cleaning kit 9mm, is made for quick cleaning to fix your 9mm gun if it malfunctions while shooting. More importantly, it will save gun owners, like you, money since there’s no need to purchase all the necessary cleaning supplies separately.  Aside from that, the gun cleaning kits are indispensable in maintaining the gun top shape condition and performance.

Fortunately, you can discover the best options here without being overwhelmed and confused with the wide range of options. Luckily, there are recommendations and buying guides here to help you make a wise buying decision for your 9mm handguns and other gun models. 

Let’s start by knowing why 9mm is popular.   

best gun cleaning kit 9mm

Why is a 9mm Popular?

The 9mm is among the most versatile handgun calibers, offering outstanding performance. Also, it is included in the most used sidearm caliber of many special forces and police forces of several countries. Aside from that, it is also popular for providing a compact package performance at an affordable price. Best of all, the 9mm caliber is among the topmost user-friendly caliber to shoot for most shooters and hunters.

On the other hand, the 9mm handgun is among the most popular types of pistols because of its design that allows easy and compact use. Besides that, it also provides an outstanding and efficient balance of firing capacity and stopping power. Hence, proving why it is one of the most trustworthy pistols for effortless gun concealment and as a self-defense weapon. More importantly, the 9mm handguns are highly versatile. That’s why it is suitable for different shooting applications, such as recreational, military, and police for use, defensive, and competitive shooting. 

Overall, the 9mm handguns are undoubtedly popular because they offer out-of-the-box reliability, accuracy, and durability. Thus, it is such a loss if your 9mm handguns or other firearms will only malfunction due to fouling and cleaning issues. So, to avoid experiencing failure to fire or gun malfunction that can lead to an accident, it is best to have a gun cleaning kit with the essential tools packed in one package.       

Keep on reading to know why gun owners, like you, need to use the best gun cleaning kit for 9mm handguns. 

Why Use the Best Gun Cleaning Kit 9mm? 

The best 9mm gun cleaning kit and even the universal gun cleaning kit can help you clean your gun with precise, safe, and efficient results. Aside from that, it is best to use the cleaning tools mainly designed for 9mm to ensure an efficient and safe cleaning without damaging the gun. Also, it is the best option mainly because the tools are in the appropriate size to match the area of 9mm guns.

9mm gun cleaning kit

Moreover, the best gun cleaning kits provide compact and to-go carry essential cleaning tools. In addition, they are a tremendous advantage for gun owners since they are convenient to carry at any shooting field or range. With that, gun owners can clean their guns quickly after they use them. Thus, cleaning kits are handy in maintaining firearms at a top shape working conditioned with a prolonged lifespan. Read on to know the essential cleaning tools you need to look for in a gun cleaning kit. 

Essentials Cleaning Tools of a Gun Cleaning Kit

If there is something more satisfying than the actual firing of a gun, then it would be the therapeutic (yes, you read that right) act of cleaning and keeping the gun in its optimal condition.  

But to maintain any 9mm caliber gun and achieve a state of Zen, gun enthusiasts must have in their possession a reliable cleaning kit that contains the most tools for a reasonable price.  

Although some choose to buy their tools separately, it is unwise, especially when individual cleaning components come at high prices.  

And with that said, the first thing you’ll learn in this guide is to buy a 9mm cleaning kit to avoid spending unnecessary money that you can use for your gun’s accessories instead. 

But now that that is settled, you have to focus on finding the most suitable gun cleaning kit for your 9mm caliber gun. This guide covers everything that you will need to consider when you are looking for gun cleaning kits. 

Here are some of the most necessary cleaning supplies you need to look for in a gun cleaning kit:

Cleaning Rods

Choosing a cleaning rod of softer material compared with your gun barrel will help prevent scratches. Find yourself a rod made of carbon fiber because its large handle enables a good grip and leverage, while the rod itself will not damage the bore. 

Also, a reminder that incorrect use of cleaning rods can damage and impact the accuracy of your gun. Remember to treat your 9mm caliber with the care a mother would give a newborn infant – the gentlest of touch. 


Think of cleaning rods and jags as your gun and bullets. They need each other to work the way they are intended to. The other is rendered useless in the absence of the other.  

Evidently, jags are those attachments that go at the tips of cleaning rods. They work together with a cleaning patch to clean the inside of a gun’s barrel.  

Cleaning Solutions

Although your gun may appear in good condition on the outside, it may be a different story internally. Whenever you fire your gun, its insides are exposed to extreme heat, friction, and high speeds from the bullet – in short, it experiences wear and tear. 

Unfortunately, this is not preventable and thus requires you to use the appropriate chemicals to maintain your gun’s internal parts in excellent condition. After all, it is what’s on the inside that matters, right? 

The primary chemicals to use in cleaning and protecting your gun are:

  • Gun Solvent. This chemical aids in removing lead and carbon from the bore. It also helps prevent rust and corrosion, which are the two things that render any gun unusable. In addition, gun solvents lengthen the lifespan of firearms. 
  • Degreaser. Using this fluid is crucial in removing oil and dirt found in the moving parts of your gun.  
  • Protectant. With a protectant, you can ensure that your gun will be rid of water, rust, and corrosion. 
  • Gun Lubricant. This chemical allows for the smooth and reliable function of your gun. A lubricant is especially helpful when cleaning trigger assemblies and magazines. 

Cleaning Brushes 

You might argue that an old toothbrush will do as a substitute for an actual gun utility brush, but it will not have the same capability of reaching every part of your gun. A brush designed explicitly for guns will be durable in cleaning trigger parts and slide grooves. 

Moreover, brushes made of bronze will work effectively for carbon removal, while nylon ones work well for light cleaning.  

Cleaning Patches

These patches are only used once, and you need to change your patch with every cleaning rod pass. Do not reuse cleaning patches to avoid re-depositing dirt back to your barrel. 

Also, make sure to find patches that will fit 9mm guns because specific patches are made depending on a gun’s caliber.  

The inclusion of these components can help in determining whether a gun cleaning kit is worth considering or not. Knowing these will also help you pick the top contenders to choose from because, ideally, it is advisable to have options instead of buying the first one you laid eyes on. 

10 Best Gun Cleaning Kits for 9mm

It is helpful to know all the essential tools needed for cleaning guns. However, it will genuinely cost you more when you buy all of them separately. Hence, the most practical and wisest buying decision is to choose the best gun cleaning kit 9mm that includes all the necessary cleaning supplies to clean in a shooting range quickly. 

Now that there’s no doubt that every gun owner, like you, needs a cleaning kit, here are the best options available in the market. Also, keep in mind that they are different from each other to cover all the cleaning demands for guns

1. Remington Sportsman Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Remington Sportsman Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

The Remington Sportsman Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is highly suitable not just for cleaning your 9mm guns, but it is also helpful to other gun calibers. With that, it is best for all gun owners with several guns in different models and calibers. In addition, it is also highly accessible since it comes at a budget-friendly price. Hence, it saves gun owners money since there’s no need to buy different cleaning materials for every gun model.  

Moreover, the gun cleaning kit is equipped with all the essential tools for thorough and safe cleaning to maintain an ideally top shape condition and performance of firearms. First, it comes with 3-piece threaded aluminum cleaning rods to accommodate #8-32 brushes and accessories. They are built long, slim, and durable so that they can fit into all spaces of barrels. Hence, you and other gun owners can expect that the cleaning rods are dependable for reaching the narrowest gun barrels. 

Aside from that, the Remington Sportsman kit included an integral swivel handle; it is a tool helpful for securing the proper rotation during cleaning. Meanwhile, the brass pistol adapter and aluminum shotgun brush adapter permit cleaning brush accessories interchange since some brushes do not fit in other cleaning rods. On the other hand, the brass and nylon utility cleaning brushes are useful for cleaning cylinders, bolts, action, and semi-auto slides. 

Also, there are plenty of supplies for an assortment of the most widely used brush and mop sizes, proving that this cleaning kit package is genuinely intended for universal use. Besides that, large and small slotted patch pullers and 50 cleaning patches are also part of the package. The patch pullers are designed in the slotted form to allow convenient access for cleaning patches used to clean the narrow gun spaces. More importantly, 50-piece for cleaning patches is an excellent deal for an organized, universal cleaning kit, like the Remington Sportsman. 

All in all, the Remington Sportsman Universal Gun Cleaning Kit has an impressive price point for abundant cleaning supplies and tools in one organized kit that every gun owner dreams of. Best of all, the 27-piece materials are stored in an impressive and sturdy wooden case, so it is convenient to bring along in any shooting range.

2. Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

If you want high-quality gun cleaning materials at an excellent price point for the gun cleaning kit, the Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit can give it to you. Also, it is not just a cleaning kit for your 9mm guns because it is designed to clean all models of pistols, muzzleloaders, rifles, and shotguns. Thus, it is best for gun owners with plenty of gun collections.     

Moreover, the gun cleaning kit comes with an impressively neat and durable plastic carrying case. Plus, it is only lightweight storage, so it is suitable to carry in every shooting session at any range or field. Other than that, there are two spaces available in the case. The spaces are intended for cleaning solvent and oil, so you don’t need to carry them in a separate case and experience inconvenience.    

In addition, the cleaning kit is jam-packed with dependable and durable materials. Some cleaning accessories are consumable, yet most will last you a long time, proving that Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is a valuable investment for cleaning kits to maintain guns’ outstanding condition and performance. 

The gun cleaning kit is equipped with solidly reinforced brass rods. With their design and material, you can expect that they are more durable than regular cleaning rods. However, they might be short of use for the particular extremely long barrels. 

On the other hand, the included slotted patch loops are built for superior quality nylon plastic to offer you an excellent experience in cleaning your barrel without going through a frustrating encounter of a broken jag/tip inside the gun barrel. Aside from that, most cleaning materials are labeled to provide convenience and effortless selecting the cleaning sizes you need and putting them back in the storage case.        

Besides that, the gun cleaning kit is also packed with several other tools and materials, such as three utility brushes, three accessory adapters, 50-piece cleaning patches, four polishing cloths, nine mops, one black powder jag, and many more. All contribute to help you perform deep and safe cleaning in your entire gun collection. 

However, the Gloryfire Universal kit is not perfectly designed and built. Hence it comes with its drawbacks, such as the storage case does not have the best impressive quality, so it feels cheap for some gun owners. Plus, some smaller cleaning tools are not perfectly fit inside their spaces. Thus, there’s a chance that they will move around inside the case with less careful carry. 

Nevertheless, the Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is among the best 9mm gun cleaning kit options that can help you to keep your entire gun collection maintaining its best performance every time you use them. It comes equipped with all the cleaning stuff you need in one portable kit. All of those benefits in a gun cleaning kit won’t cost you and other gun owners an arm and a leg. 

3. Sport Ridge 38/357/9MM Pistol Cleaning Kit

Sport Ridge 38/357/9MM Pistol Cleaning Kit

Cleaning is a wise investment to keep any 9mm gun to prevent it from decreasing performance quality. With that, you need a specifically designed 9mm cleaning kit that can do the job at an affordable price. The Sport Ridge Pistol Cleaning Kit is among the best portable kit options to meet your cleaning demands and needs. 

In addition, the cleaning kit is not only suitable for cleaning 9mm pistols, but it is also helpful for cleaning other various caliber pistols, such as .38 and .357. Aside from that, it is a cleaning set equipped for everything you need for cleaning your pistols, giving you an excellent advantage to keep your pistols clean, safe, and sturdy. 

Moreover, the Sport Ridge cleaning kit comes with two flexible and sturdy brass-made rods for cleaning the pistol’s barrel. It also comes with one brass jag useful for holding the cleaning patch while you are pushing the rods in the bore to clean it thoroughly. Besides that, it is also equipped with 25 cleaning patches that are helpful in the bore. Patches are for only one-time use to avoid the spreading of dirt and other fouling.   

One mop, slot tip, and brush are also set in the package. Additionally, there are also one star, two Phillips, and one hex bit included in the cleaning kit. At the same time, the multi-function handle. It comes with an outstanding design that allows it to convert to a driver and provides a six-bit driver set with two flat blades. 

Other than that, the Sport Ridge Pistol Cleaning Kit offers a portable, small handy case that conveniently fits in any range or a small backpack. More importantly, the case is designed with a heavy-duty hard lock. Hence, cleaning tools inside will not move around and create a mess. It comes ready to bring to any shooting and hunting field to help you clean your pistols and keep them with superior reliability and smooth shooting performance.     

4. Outers 28 Piece Universal Aluminum Gun Care Case

Outers 28 Piece Universal Aluminum Gun Care Case

If you are a gun owner with multiple gun collections and value the gun case similar to the cleaning tools themselves, the Outers Universal Gun Care Case will not disappoint you. It can undoubtedly help you flawlessly clean your 9mm guns, like the other gun models, since it is meant for universal cleaning use. 

Aside from that, the cleaning kit can help you prolong the lifespan of your gun and enhance accuracy only by excellent support in cleaning to remove every shooting residue that messes with performance. Once again, it is suitable for every gun owner with multiple gun collections. 

Moreover, the Outers Universal case has three solid brass rods that can work for various barrel sizes, plus they are sturdy, so they can never break easily. It is also equipped with eight durable bronze brushes to fit in many guns aside from 9mm. At the same time, there are five cleaning mops included for maintaining a clean gun’s chamber. Plus, these mops help for thoroughly applying a gun cleaner solvent or oil for polishing and drying. 

In addition, the five spear-pointing jags and two slotted patch loops are dependable for securely holding and positioning the patches for accurate cleaning while you also push the brass rods to the bore. Besides that, the 50 cleaning patches included are ideal for fit cleaning in the bores and other gun accessories, like the magazine, with no issues.  

You will also get to work with the impressive and durable double-ended nylon brush that covers additional cleaning with whatever dirt the patches missed, including the action areas and gun trigger mechanisms. Meanwhile, the Outers Universal case also comes with a double-ended cleaning pick for removing even the tiny piece of dirt and debris in gun spaces.   

Overall, the Outers Universal Gun Care Case has both high-quality compact storage and reliable and helpful cleaning tools that might be what you are looking for. It is trustworthy to support you in keeping the quality performance of your 9mm gun and your entire gun collection.   

5. Otis Technologies FG-645 Cleaning System Package

Otis Technologies FG-645 Cleaning System Package

The Otis Technologies FG-645 Cleaning System Package offers a different cleaning type for gun owners like you. Instead of placing cleaning rods, it is used for cleaning from the breach to the muzzle. Hence, there is no cleaning impact on the gun’s accuracy performance. 

In addition, the Otis Technologies FG-645 is made as an all-in-one cleaner, lubricant, and protector, making it stand out more in other 9mm cleaning kits. Aside from that, it is equipped with a flexible patch system. You can use it for various calibers, depending on their position in the patch holder.

Moreover, the cleaning kit also features a brass scraper set that helps to achieve precision cleaning. The Otis O85 ultra bore solvent helps remove any gun fouling, such as copper, lead, carbon, and other harmful components caused by firing bullets. It is also dependable for lessening wear and friction to provide a shield from corrosion and rust. 

Other than that, there are included caliber-specific bronze bore brushes; they are durably made and come with labels to help you fastly grab the right brush you need to use. Besides that, the presence of a small obstruction remover is helpful in removing the stuck casing, mud, and snow. At the same time, it also works as a T-handle base for the rod handle. 

Meanwhile, several cleaning components are added, such as pin punch, end brush, and large and small slotted tips; all are helpful with their specific functions. The large all-purpose brush is partnered with the rod handle to successfully scrub the large gun surfaces. At the same time, the handy straight pick is meant for ideal cleaning in the upper gun receiver.   

One downside the cleaning kit has is that it only provides fewer cleaning pads, which are too quick to consume. Hence, you need to purchase them again or stock pads to ensure that you always have pads to use. 

All in all, the Otis Technologies FG-645 Cleaning System Package is one of the best 9mm gun cleaning kits suitable for deep or quick cleaning with no adverse effect on shooting accuracy. Aside from that, the kit is well-designed to store all the cleaning tools to provide a compact and lightweight to-go and one carry gun cleaning kit for all shooters and hunters.    

6. Real Avid Handgun Cleaning Kit

Real Avid Handgun Cleaning Kit

The Real Avid Handgun Cleaning Kit is specifically designed as a portable multi-caliber pistol cleaning kit. Hence, it is not only suitable as a 9mm cleaning kit, but it also works for other calibers, such as .22 pistols, 41 calibers, 352 magnum, .38 special, and many more. 

In addition, it features the essential cleaning tools needed to meet the demands for revolvers, pistols, and modern handguns. Also, it is jam-packed with several cleaning materials, such as a cleaning rod that is set with a T-handle to help you efficiently and handily clean the rifled barrels. 

Meanwhile, the durable and nylon-made slotted tips are available in small and large sizes. You can use it along with the cleaning patches soaked in a gun cleaner solvent. You can effortlessly attach the patch to the slotted tip to the bore and reach until the end for complete loosening of the carbon build-up and fouling. 

Since the Real Avid is a multi-caliber kit, it includes various bore brushes in different sizes and calibers. Plus, the brushes are made with phosphor bronze. Thus, you can expect their balanced flexibility and stiffness that offer efficient and safe cleaning through scrubbing to the bore and removing all the hardened and stubborn residue. 

Aside from that, there are also four different jags made from nylon included. Along with the cleaning patches, they can clean the left-over gun and solvent in different caliber bores. On the other hand, the essential tools are packed in a unique tactical case made from ballistic nylon, and it is weather-resistant to provide high durability. 

With its extensive functionality in a small, compact kit, it is helpful to maintain the outstanding condition of various guns. At the same time, the case has well-organized spaces for each cleaning tool to prevent the frustrating loosening of small parts. It is lightweight and the best to carry in a backpack or range bag to the various shooting environments. 

Indeed, it is undeniable that the Real Avid Handgun is one of the best compact cleaning kits for hunters, avid range shooters, outdoorsmen, and new gun owners. With its portability, gun owners, like you, can clean anytime and anywhere, so there is no need to fear having uncleaned guns.

7. Outers Universal 32 Piece Firearm Cleaning Kit with Case

Outers Universal 32 Piece Firearm Cleaning Kit with Case

The Outers Universal Firearm Cleaning Kit features cleaning tools that are meant for universal use. So, aside from being a 9mm gun cleaning kit, it is also suitable to clean other gun models. One drawback for this cleaning kit is that some users feel that the case is of more standard quality, not superior. However, you can purchase if you are not bothered with that downside and value more about the cleaning supplies. It is available at a budget-friendly price. 

Moreover, the gun cleaning kit is also suitable for hunters who frequently change position when hunting. Since the kit is compact and lightweight, it is convenient to carry it along. Aside from that, the cleaning supplies case is specifically designed with particular slots for each cleaning piece. Hence, it is neat and well-organized. 

On the other hand, the Outers Universal Firearm Cleaning Kit is a minimal cleaning kit that offers essential and high-quality cleaning supplies, such as solid brass rods, mops, cleaning patches, and brushes. All are reliable in efficient and safe cleaning. More importantly, it removes the hassle of gun owners with multiple guns because it does all the job at an affordable price. 

8. Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Cleaning Kit

Hoppe's No. 9 Gun Cleaning Kit

Although there is no perfect cleaning kit, you can always choose the best options that stand out because of the outstanding quality and price offer. With that criteria, Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Cleaning Kit is an excellent choice because Hoppe’s is among the most reputable names, providing leading quality cleaning supplies. 

In addition, it features the essential cleaning tools needed for 9mm pistols and any familiarly similar pistol size, such as .357 and .38. First, it comes with aluminum rods for cleaning the gun bore. Also, it is partnered with a ball bearing swivel handle to manage the cleaning in the gun bore’s rifling. At the same time, the kit has various brushes for the intended calibers. 

Besides that, the included Hoppe’s No. 9 gun bore cleaner solvent is highly useful in multiple jobs. It is best to remove various fouling, like metal, powder, lead, and carbon; it also eliminates rust and corrosion. Other than that, the solvent can penetrate through the gun deeply and rapidly for an ultra-effective result.   

Meanwhile, Hoppe’s high-viscosity lubricating oil is helpful for prolonged gun protection. Also, it is suitable because it does not expire or harden. Aside from that, the round die-cut cleaning patches are highly absorbent so that they can remove all the dirt and debris in the gun. 

On the other hand, the storage box is designed as a small and compact rectangular box for easy storage that doesn’t take plenty of space. It is also lightweight, so it is convenient to carry along in various shooting ranges. 

Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Cleaning Kit is best for gun owners who want an all-in-one kit for cleaning, lubrication, and protection at a budget-friendly price. Thus, there will be no regret buying it since it is worth the money with the service it can provide. 

9. Boosteady Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit

Boosteady Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit

The Boosteady cleaning tools are stored in a zippered compact padded pouch-size case that is genuinely small, and it can even fit in some clothes pockets. In addition, the case provides a neat and organized hold for the cleaning tools. 

Meanwhile, it features high-quality phosphor bronze bristles for precise and safe cleaning in the bore. Also, the jags are made from brass, so you can expect that they are durable and useful for cleaning, drying, and oiling the gun’s bore. Moreover, a nylon brush is intended to clean the action areas and trigger mechanisms. All of them are labeled for effortless find of your needed tools. 

Aside from that, the cleaning kit is equipped with 100 cleaning patches, which is more than the patches included in other gun cleaning kits, having more advantages than the other kits. On the other hand, the brass slotted tips are helpful to attach cleaning patches and reach the narrow gun areas to clean. 

At the same time, the stainless steel pick works best in removing harmful materials, such as dirt and debris, to maintain the gun’s best condition. The cleaning kit also comes with one handle, which provides you leverage and grip while cleaning.        

Overall, the Boosteady Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit is the best and convenient to carry around with you all the time. It contains all the essential cleaning tools you need, plus they all do their particular cleaning jobs effectively. More importantly, it is truly outstanding with its price point.  

10. UTG 9MM Pistol Cleaning Kit

UTG 9MM Pistol Cleaning Kit

Suppose you are a new gun owner and only have a 9mm handgun to clean, looking for the best gun cleaning kit on a budget, yet with decent quality, the UTG 9MM Pistol Cleaning Kit is an excellent to-go kit. 

First, the UTG Cleaning Kit is mainly designed to meet the cleaning demands for 9mm handguns. Hence, you don’t need to fear that it will not fit with your 9mm handgun barrel. In addition, it is equipped with essential quality cleaning supplies despite having a low price. 

The UTG Cleaning Kit features precision cleaning rods made from copper alloy to provide durability. Also, it comes with a tight tolerance threat for a long-lasting lifespan. Besides that, the three cleaning brushes made from nylon, cotton pad, and bronze are useful in the lightest and thorough cleaning operations. 

Meanwhile, the cleaning patches and copper patch loops are suitable for quick yet precise cleaning in the bore. Aside from that, all threads are made at standard 8-32. That’s why they are interchangeable with other components in the aftermarket. 

All the essential cleaning tools are packed neatly and organized in the durable polymer black box for slim and lightweight carry in various shooting fields. More importantly, all the cleaning supplies still feel durable and sturdy. Hence, they are not easily damaged. 

Overall, the best advantage of the UTG 9MM Pistol Cleaning Kit is that it is specifically made for 9mm handgun cleaning and available at an excellently low price yet has durability and decent quality. So, if it fits with your need and preference, you can buy it with no regret. 

Best Gun Cleaning Kits for 9mm Buying Guide

Aside from what tools are included in a gun cleaning kit, you also need to consider other factors before ultimately purchasing one.

These include:

  • Parts of your gun may be harmed when you use solvents and oils. One, in particular, is the buttstock. Some wood stocks can potentially warp if chemicals come into contact with it.  
  • Not only do some of these chemicals affect your gun, but they can also be harmful to your health. Remember to do your gun cleaning in an area with good ventilation to avoid prolonged inhaling these chemicals. 
  • Portability is a significant matter in buying a gun cleaning kit. Hence, it is best to choose the choice to carry around conveniently and offer all the necessary cleaning supplies you need. 
  • In addition, the price is one of the most important considerations when looking for a gun cleaning kit. Finding one that is within your budget but is still capable will undoubtedly influence your decision to choose a suitable cleaning kit. 

Final Thoughts

If you don’t want to experience a gun malfunction caused by insufficient cleaning, you need the best cleaning kit that you can depend on for portability, accessibility, durability, and effectiveness. On top of that, it also must fit your needs, budget, and preferences. 

Hopefully, one of the best gun cleaning kits above matches with you since you can never go wrong in using any of them to ensure your guns’ top shape condition and performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the most frequently asked questions about the best gun cleaning kits for 9mm and other relevant inquiries about them:  

How often should I clean my 9mm gun?

It would be best to regularly clean your 9mm gun at the end of every shooting session to avoid the build-up of any damaging debris and other components. In addition, if your gun is not frequently used, you still need to check it every 3-5 months to ensure that there is no moisture build-up, so it can’t attract dirt. More importantly, it is also wise to thoroughly check and clean your gun yearly. You need to spot and check if there are cracks, corrosion, rust, or if there are damaged parts or not working efficiently. 

Cleaning and maintenance are effective investments to prolong your gun’s lifespan since they are the solutions to prevent it from being quickly damaged from fouling and other debris that negatively affect its condition and performance.     

What does fouling mean on guns?

Every shooting causes fouling on guns because the bullets have a high tendency to leave some residue behind to the gun’s barrel, and the residue is called fouling. In addition, there are various types of fouling, depending on the type of ammo and bullet that the gun shooters use. However, there are the most common fouling: plastic, lead, copper, and carbon. 

Gun owners must prevent fouling build-up since it has a significant adverse effect on the gun’s accuracy, decreasing the quality of the overall shooting performance. Besides that, fouling also causes the gun to deteriorate because of rust and corrosion. With that, there is a great possibility that the gun will malfunction eventually. Therefore, a gun cleaning kit is indispensable to avoid all the negative consequences of fouling.  

Will a 9mm cleaning kit work on a .380?

Yes, the 9mm cleaning kit works on a .380 since they have the same bore diameter. So, there’s no need to hesitate to buy a 9mm gun cleaning kit if you have both gun calibers. 

In general, how long does it usually take to clean a 9mm gun?

It is best to clean the gun after using it, even if you only fire once or twice to prevent build-up and hardening the residue left behind on the barrel. With that regular cleaning schedule, you only need to take 20-30 minutes of the cleaning process. However, it is necessary to check and clean it thoroughly. Giving your gun the attention and maintenance it deserves can maintain its best shape and performance with a prolonged lifespan. 

How long can a gun sit before cleaning?

In general, a gun can typically last for about six months without cleaning if the gun is not regularly used and stored in a safe, cool, and dry place with less chance of building up moisture so the gun will not get dirty for tiny components. On the other hand, if you constantly use your gun, you can make the judgment call by yourself through observing your gun’s condition and performance. Of course, if you notice potential moisture and fouling, you need to clean it before using it again or storing it. 

What size brush do I use for a cleaning 9mm gun?

Any bronze bore brush size for 9mm, or even .357 and .38, is suitable for cleaning the 9mm gun. The vital thing to remember is to carefully and safely push the bore all the way through until you reach the breech end of the barrel. It is necessary to keep a safe and thorough cleaning to maintain the gun’s accuracy.    

Can you clean a gun without fieldstripping/taking it apart?

Whether any type of firearms, such as rifle, shotgun, or revolver —  manufacturers provide fieldstripping instructions to maintain their optimal functioning performance. Hence, they have moving parts to allow you to clean it thoroughly on a regular schedule. 

In addition, if there are parts that don’t move as intended, you can assume that there is an outright failure or malfunction. Thus, not fieldstripping can only lead to gun performance issues. 

Do you truly need a gun cleaning kit? 

Whether you go hunting or shooting, you need to clean it using the essential and most suitable cleaning tools to avoid damaging it while cleaning. You truly need to own and use a gun cleaning kit that carries all the cleaning materials that you need. 

So, what you need is the best cleaning kit, not just a standard cleaning kit that does not have enough tools. Otherwise, you need to buy your cleaning supplies separately. In the long run, it will only cost you more money. Thus, it is best to have one cleaning kit with everything you need to achieve a safe and thorough cleaning. 

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