smith wesson mp m20 review

Ultimate Smith Wesson MP M20 Review in 2024

If you are interested in knowing about the S&W MP 2.0 pistol, you already have the best reason to dive deep into this ultimate Smith Wesson MP M20 review. Let’s get started with the pros and cons of this full-size pistol. Hopefully, at the end of this review, you will discover the answer to what’s so great about the S&W MP 2.0 pistol yourself.

There are an overwhelming number of handguns made for countless law enforcement agencies and civilians alike. That is an undeniable fact in the firearms market. Because of the number of options, it is quite challenging to find the right handgun you can trust to be your personal-defense firearm. Luckily, there are some that became popular options, including the Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0—or the S&W MP 2.0 for short—and different Glock models. This time, let’s give the spotlight to S&W MP 2.0 and check out this ultimate Smith Wesson MP M20 review. 

Of course, the Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Full-Size Pistol is popular for a number of good reasons. As it is a successor to the M&P striker-fired polymer pistol platform, you can’t go wrong with trying this personal-defense handgun as your reliable companion. It has what it takes to help you defend yourself without any chance of failing. From its impressive polymer frame and fancy looks to its great versatility, it can amaze you in different ways. While it is far from perfection, you can expect high value for your money from it. 

If you are interested in knowing about the S&W MP 2.0 pistol, you already have the best reason to dive deep into this ultimate Smith Wesson MP M20 review. Let’s get started with the pros and cons of this full-size pistol. Hopefully, at the end of this review, you will discover the answer to what’s so great about the S&W MP 2.0 pistol yourself. 

smith wesson mp m20 pistol

Pros & Cons of the S&W MP 2.0

Here’s a quick peek at the pros and cons of the S&W MP 2.0. This review can give you a little summary of what to expect with this full-size pistol, including its value for money. 


  • Accurate 
  • Good ergonomics 
  • Superior comfort and control 
  • Reliable 
  • Non-slip and non-sticky grip
  • Great trigger quality 
  • Maximum versatility 
  • Easy fieldstripping 
  • Changeable grip
  • Easy to handle 
  • Surprisingly lightweight and easy to manage
  • No complicated cleaning required
  • Fun to shoot 
  • Easy to find holsters for it
  • Sturdy construction 
  • Tight barrel lockup
  • Good recoil management 


  • Slide release can be stiff
  • Releasing the slide can be difficult for left-handed shooters
  • No front slide serrations

Quick Verdict

Since the Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Full-Size Pistol is not a perfectly constructed handgun, it is easy to notice that it comes with its own flaw, which is not surprising. Needless to say, you can still get a high value for your money from it—which is among the top reasons why it is among the best options for law enforcement agencies and civilians for a personal-defense weapon. The high demand for this S&W MP 2.0 is a good reason why it is worth trying. 

Boasting a full-size, striker-fired steel and polymer construction, it will never look and feel flimsy. Smith & Wesson did a fine job with the pistol’s thorough details and design. With how it is constructed, you can expect that it can shoot extremely accurately and reliably once you get your hands on it and test it. The ergonomics are very well done, featuring a nice aggressive texture pattern and good control placement. 

Ultimately the good features and ergonomics of the S&W MP 2.0 work altogether, making it a great shooter pistol. It is quite impressive to be a companion in the range or just a self-defense handgun. 

There you go, you just learned about the quick verdict for the S&W MP 2.0. Well, that’s already helpful pieces of information that can help you decide whether to get the pistol or not. But if you have more time to spare, it is also good to check out other details about this firearm. After all, you will never get wrong knowing more. 

Let’s get into it. 

s&w mp 2.0

Specifications and Features

Here are the specifications and features you must know about the S&W MP 2.0. One thing that you should remember is that you get to choose over some specifications. See below to understand more about that. 


  • Caliber:  .40 Smith & Wesson / 9mm
  • Finish: Black / Black Armornite
  • Stock Color: Black / Black Polymer
  • Action: Semi-Automatic
  • Barrel Length: 4.25″
  • Hand: Ambidextrous
  • Gun Weight: 24.7 oz.
  • Gun Width: 1.3″
  • Gun Length: 7.4″
  • Gun Height: 5.5″
  • Round Capacity: 15 + 1 / 17+1 
  • Price: $619.99 at Cabela’s (might be cheaper or more expensive on other sites) 


  • Low bore axis
  • Non-reflective, corrosion-resistant Armornite finish
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Polymer frame
  • The optimal 18-degree grip angle
  • Stainless steel chassis 
  • Interchangeable grip inserts
  • Aggressive texture pattern
  • Tactile and audible reset
  • Grip-to-barrel bore axis
  • Light and crisp trigger
  • Sear deactivation lever
  • Picatinny rail

One thing is certain about the S&W MP 2.0. It is a pistol loaded with outstanding features and specifications. Even if it is not that budget-friendly compared to other personal-defense sidearms, you can ensure that your money will not go to waste if you choose it. That sounds like a great guarantee, right? 

A Little Background

What’s interesting about the S&W MP 2.0 is its background. In fact, it is purposely constructed to carry on the name and reputation of Smith & Wesson. As the name implies, it is part of the M&P striker-fired, polymer pistol platform. It proudly represents the M&P line up to this date. Therefore, you can trust that it is never made poorly, hinting at its high value. 

Even though the S&W MP 2.0 lives up to the tradition of Smith & Wesson, the 2.0 line features several changes that are implemented. Those changes are intentionally good to effectively achieve increased accuracy and overall ergonomics. Good thing that such changes are implemented because the MP 2.0 provides better firearm advantages, giving a better reputation to Smith & Wesson.

Worth noting that the S&W MP 2.0 has an edge compared to other pistols because it has a great history. That means it is thoroughly constructed with the intention of having outstanding characteristics that can help shooters like you enjoy owning and trying out pistols. 

smith wesson mp m20

Who Is It For?

As stated above, the Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Full-Size Pistol has been an in-demand handgun for countless law enforcement agencies. There’s actually an explanation for that. Well, M&P initially started out as Military & Police back then. That explains why it is a pistol suitable to be used by law enforcement professionals. Because of that history, many think it is a pistol exclusive to law enforcement agencies. Luckily, that’s not the case since it is also a popular choice for civilian shooters. 

Since the S&W MP 2.0 was created to perform with increased accuracy and overall ergonomics, it is no wonder it has been a popular choice for a wider audience. With that said, the S&W MP 2.0 is ultimately suitable for any shooter who wants a full-sized semi-automatic pistol. Therefore, you are free to get this if you need a semi-automatic pistol that you can count on to be your personal defense weapon, and a handgun can be used for other shooting applications. 

Now that it is clear that the S&W MP 2.0 is ideal for anyone to use, let’s move on to the full Smith Wesson MP M20 review. 

Full Smith Wesson MP M20 Review

To make the full Smith Wesson MP M20 review, it is important to get into details of the different aspects it can offer. Let’s start with its fit and feel.

Fit & Feel

Sporting a stainless steel slide and barrel that is finished from a non-reflective, corrosion-resistant Armornite finish, the Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Full-Size Pistol can be great to hold and feel. Since it is lightweight, it is comfortable to shoot and fully familiarize yourself with its fit and feel. With the help of some adjustable backstrap pieces, you can easily make sure of a secure grip that adds more comfort to your shooting experience.

Additionally, this full-size pistol features a polymer frame that comes with an extended, frame-embedded stainless steel chassis. That construction guarantees less flex and torque when firing for superior comfort and control. Further improving that superior comfort and control are the several interchangeable grip inserts that allow a custom palm swell fit and trigger-to-backstrap length. If you choose wisely, you can have an S&W MP 2.0 model that can be used with either hand. 

Thanks to the aggressive texture pattern of this full-size pistol, you can expect an impressively reliable, non-slip grip from it. You can definitely find the grip marvelous, helping you to get a steady and solid hold on it for unfailing shooting. The steady hold also helps with managing the recoil. On the other hand, the high grip-to-barrel bore axis drastically decreases the muzzle flip to give way to better accuracy during rapid fire. Meanwhile, the magazines were solid and could operate well every time. 

All in all, this Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Full-Size Pistol is designed to have a comfortable fit and feel when shooting. 

Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0

How Does The S&W MP 2.0 Shoot?

The S&W MP 2.0 is highly capable of impressing you when you get to try shooting it. In terms of performance, you can expect reliable shooting accuracy. It is really capable of helping you defend yourself in times of need, taking down your attacker with no failure. This can actually be your initial impression of this full-size pistol. Basically, you can find that this handgun is impressive to shoot. 

Moreover, the recoil that this full-size pistol creates is very manageable. That is possible because of the help of the grip texture and the overall mass. The bore axis was very low, which helped assist with the recoil management. Also, it assures a quicker sight picture for a consistent shooting quality with the follow-up shots. 

Trigger Quality 

When it comes to the trigger quality, the S&W MP 2.0 has one that has a light, crisp pull. Its trigger also features a tactile and audible reset that happens after a couple of millimeters of release. Although some shooters have experienced minimal struggle appreciating the trigger, they still become comfortable with it over time. The shooting accuracy you can experience with this full-size pistol stands out more because of the trigger quality. 


The Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Full-Size Pistol also highlights versatility advantage. It is possible because its frame comes with a mounted Picatinny rail, which provides ample space to accommodate aftermarket, rail-mounted accessories. Since you can add some accessories to this pistol, you can customize it to suit more of your liking and needs. Thanks to having maximum versatility, there’s no problem upgrading this pistol for a level-up shooting performance and results. 


Like any other pistol and firearm, the S&W MP 2.0 pistol model also requires cleaning and maintenance to keep working well for a long time. This is where some pistols come to a disadvantage. Some of them can be quite complicated to clean and maintain. The good thing about this S&W MP 2.0 pistol is that it comes with a sear deactivation lever that allows it to disassemble easily without needing to pull the trigger first. Because of that, you can regularly maintain it for a long lifespan. 

Review By The Numbers 

Apart from the full review, it will be helpful to take a look at the review by the numbers. The scoring method might help you see better the S&W MP 2.0 pistol. Here you go; take a look. 


The S&W MP 2.0 pistol boasts outstanding ergonomics, featuring a really good grip angle and backstraps. With its ergonomics, you can ensure comfortable shooting with this handgun, together with excellent control. You can make sure that it fits your palm nicely. If you are having issues with comfort and control, you can solve that by adjusting the backstraps. 

With all that said, it will not be too much to say that it scores high in ergonomics. 4.5 /5, to say in numbers.


Generally, a lot of pistols impress shooters with initial shooting experience. But after that, they can already have some malfunctions. Thankfully, that’s not the case for the S&W MP 2.0 pistol. Even if you regularly test it, it is rare to experience malfunctions from it. Therefore, earning a 5/5 score. 


As the accuracy of the S&W MP 2.0 is already highlighted in this review, you can already know that it is one of the best advantages that it can offer. With a few shooting tests, you can already witness the exceptional accuracy it has. That’s why it will be easy for you to give a 4.5/5 to it in terms of accuracy.  


It is already stated above that the S&W MP 2.0 can amaze you with its maximum versatility. As a matter of fact, it has robust aftermarket support. You can see that there can be tons of accessories you can use to upgrade the pistol, and the list includes recoil springs, back plates, extended magazines, sights, and more. There’s no way that you can’t level up its performance and overall quality. 

With all that said, the customization score of this full-size pistol is good as 5/5. 

Overall Value 

More often, the value of firearms is ultimately determined by their price tags. Even if they are loaded with amazing features, some shooters are hesitant to get the pricey ones because of fear of not getting the right value for their money. Well—to be fair—the S&W MP 2.0 is competitively priced. It is not in the budget-friendly price range, but it does not cost too much to break your wallet. Plus, it is priced differently on different sites, so you just have to check where it is best to buy it.   

All in all, since the S&W MP 2.0 scores high in terms of ergonomics, accuracy, reliability, and customization, it is easy to give it a score of 4.5/5.  It will certainly not fall short of your expectations, especially if you use it on personal defense, shooting competitions, and more applications. 

What Sets The S&W MP 2.0 Apart From Others? 

There’s no doubt that there are abundant options you can choose from if you are just looking for a reliable full-size pistol. That’s why you might wonder if the S&W MP 2.0 somehow stands out in the crowd. Well, there are some things that set it apart from others, and primarily is its overall build that allows it to have wider users. At the same time, it can be one of the exceptional options because of its trigger. You can even find it one of the best striker-fired triggers you can ever use. 

Absolutely, there’s no need to say much about the outstanding shooting accuracy that the S&W MP 2.0 can offer. Despite the need to be used on how it shoots, everything will be good once you already get used to it. You can find it an excellent companion for personal defense and other shooting applications. Surely, you can have more than just one good reason to try this full-size pistol. 

S&W MP 2.0 Variations 

Aside from the Full-Size Pistol model, the S&W MP 2.0 line comes with more variations that you will like to get. Here are some of the top variations with the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 line: 

Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Semi-Auto Pistol

Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Semi-Auto Pistol

Interestingly, there’s not much difference that the Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Semi-Auto Pistol has when compared to the full-size model. In fact, it is also great for law enforcement agencies and civilians alike because it is designed as a striker-fired, modular polymer platform. From the Armornite corrosion-resistant finish, extended stainless steel chassis, interchangeable grip inserts, and M2.0 trigger to optimal 18-degree grip angle, aggressive texturing, and integrated Picatinny rail, this semi-auto pistol model has its all. 

Similarly, this semi-auto pistol model is also highly comfortable to shoot with a non-slip grip. The exceptional standard accuracy and maximum versatility are still there. Perhaps, the only distinct differences between the two are the caliber, barrel length, stock color, gun weight, and round capacity. Ultimately, this pistol is also great for any shooter who wants to get a reliable handgun for self-defense and other shooting applications. 

Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Compact Semi-Auto Pistol

Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Compact Semi-Auto Pistol

Compared to the full-size and semi-auto pistol models, this Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Compact Semi-Auto Pistol is a little different because it is specifically designed to meet needs in concealed carry applications. That’s why it is quite obvious that the best selling point of this M2.0 pistol model is its compact and lightweight form. Expect that you won’t have any issues if you carry this pistol for everyday use as a self-defense weapon. 

Of course, as this semi-auto pistol is part of the Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 line, it also has huge similarities to other models in terms of designs and features. For starters, it is similarly constructed from a high-quality polymer frame that comes with a rigid, extended stainless steel chassis. So you can be impressed with how it can offer an increased level of comfort and control. Further enhancing the comfort are the interchangeable grip inserts. The aggressive texturing ensures a non-slip grip. 

What’s more, this Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Compact Semi-Auto Pistol is also loaded with the standard Smith & Wesson features. These amazing and functional features include the original M&P 18° grip angle points, an M2.0 trigger, a tactile and audible reset, and a sear deactivation lever for enhanced safety and convenience for cleaning and maintenance. Greatly, it is also equipped with a high bore axis that decreases muzzle flip while sustaining accurate shot placement during rapid fire. 

It is no longer surprising that the Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Compact Semi-Auto Pistol is constructed with a stainless steel slide and barrel. Obviously, they are also finished from a non-reflective, corrosion-resistant Armornite coating that gives it a lasting performance and corrosion resistance. Ultimately, if you think the full-size model is bigger than you need, this compact semi-auto pistol model might be the one you need. It is easier to put in a holster or gun belt, after all. 

Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Shield EZ Semi-Auto Pistol with Thumb Safety and Crimson Trace Red Laserguard

Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Shield EZ Semi-Auto Pistol with Thumb Safety and Crimson Trace Red Laserguard

Featuring a thumb safety and crimson trace red laser guard, the Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Shield EZ Semi-Auto Pistol is purposely built for fast action. Because of the two distinct features, this M2.0 model has more to offer than the standard full-size pistol model. For starters, the crimson trace red laser guard is combined with the Instinctive Activation feature that allows this pistol to be held naturally and comfortably in the firing position. 

Meanwhile, the included laser sight has a master on/off switch and adjustable functions for both windage and elevation. That way, it can effectively enhance the ability to see and focus on the shooting target. Additionally, the windage-adjustable white dot rear sight also helps with sighting the target for better shooting results. The trigger, on the other hand, features a light, crisp pull performance with a tactile and audible reset. 

At this point, it is pretty obvious that this M&P M2.0 Shield EZ Semi-Auto Pistol model is also made with the standard Smith & Wesson construction. Along with other S&W MP 2.0 variations, this model is created from a rugged polymer frame paired with a stainless steel barrel and slide. Overall, it is finished with corrosion-resistant Armornite coating for high corrosion resistance and protection. Therefore, there is no doubt that you can take it anywhere, even with the harshest conditions. 

Other Smith & Wesson standard features it comes with include the 18° grip angle for a natural point of aim, a Picatinny rail, and a patented take-down lever for easy disassembly. Impressively, it comes with a Tactile Loaded Chamber Indicator part that will let you know when there’s a round ready to go. Finally, manual thumb safety drastically decreases the chances of accidents and safety risks. 

Basically, if you are looking for an S&W MP 2.0 pistol model that you can hold in the natural firing position comfortably, this one fits your needs and liking. This one will never disappoint with what it can offer, so check it out. 

Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 10mm Optics-Ready Semi-Auto Pistol with Thumb Safety

Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 10mm Optics-Ready Semi-Auto Pistol with Thumb Safety

Want to try shooting in 10mm caliber? No worries. There is a choice you can pick, and that is the Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 10mm Optics-Ready Semi-Auto Pistol. It simply delivers exceptional shooting performance. Loaded with functional features, it is an incredible 10mm pistol that is made ready out of the box to rock and roll for different shooting applications. That sounds fantastic, right? Well, there’s more it can offer. 

You can expect accuracy shooting with this 10mm S&W MP 2.0 pistol as it is equipped with slide features front and rear cocking serrations, an optics cut, and suppressor-height sights. More than that, you can even upgrade your sights by attaching any optic of your choice. If it is about boosting the quality and functionality of this pistol, you will have no problem, as it is open for trouble-free customization. 

Moreover, this 10mm S&W MP 2.0 pistol also comes with the M2.0 upgraded trigger that performs a crisp break and reset. On the other hand, the ambidextrous, 1911-style manual thumb safety works well in managing the risks of accidents. Finally, the 2.0 grip ensures a non-slip hold for comfortable and solid shooting control. 

Ultimately, this is the go-to pick if you like to try an S&W MP 2.0 pistol with a more powerful caliber than 9mm

Frequently Asked Questions About S&W MP 2.0

Want to know more about Smith Wesson MP M20? No worries because this FAQs section covers that together with other related topics. Check them out below to learn more. 

Is the S&W MP 2.0 pistol a good gun?

The S&W MP 2.0 pistol is not just a good gun because it can be more amazing when you try it in different shooting applications. It is one of the best full-size, striker-fired, steel and polymer pistols you can be impressed with in terms of high reliability and extreme accuracy. More than that, the ergonomics are also made exceptional. 

Is M&P 2.0 as reliable as Glock?

Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 pistols and Glocks are often closely compared because they are among the top options in the firearms market today. Well, there are actually no huge differences between the two in terms of reliability and quality. Yet, the M&P 2.0 pistols have become more reliable in the range than Glocks because they have more aggressive texturing for a non-slip grip. 

What is the round capacity of the S&W MP 2.0?

The answer to this question varies because there are different pistol models in the S&W MP 2.0 line. For instance, you can find one that has a 10 + 1 round capacity, 15 + 1 round capacity, and 17 + 1 round capacity. With that, all you need is to pick. 

What ammo does a Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 take?

The good thing about the Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 is that it is not a picky handgun because it can accept different ammo, including 9mm, 40 S&W, 10mm, and some other cartridges.

What makes the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield M 2.0 Compact Semi-Auto Pistol worth buying?

This S&W MP 2.0 model is very impressive with its slim, lightweight, and snag-free profile. It is worth buying if you need a reliable handgun designed for concealed carry. With its polymer frame and a black Armornite-finish stainless steel slide, it boasts exceptional ergonomics. 

What shooting accessories are great to add to the S&W MP 2.0 pistol?

The S&W MP 2.0 pistol is open for a wide range of upgrades. That includes sights, weapon lights, holsters, and many more shooting accessories that can effectively improve the quality and functionality of the handgun. Adding upgrades might be pricey, but it is worth it in the long run. 

Where to buy the S&W MP 2.0 pistol?

You can buy the S&W MP 2.0 pistol at Cabela’s. Aside from the full-size pistol model, you can also find other S&W MP 2.0 variations at Cabela’s. What makes it worth buying at Cabela’s is that the quality of the pistols is great, but they are not priced expensively. With their reasonable prices, you can ensure you won’t ever experience getting ripped off. 

Final Verdict on the S&W MP 2.0

Remarkably, the final verdict on the S&W MP 2.0 is not far from the quick verdict made above. With the other pistols included in the MP 2.0 line, you can trust that getting a reliable handgun from Smith & Wesson is the right choice because it never produces flimsy pistols. Choosing any S&W MP 2.0 pistol model is worth it because it unquestionably has exceptional accuracy and reliability in the range. 

The S&W MP 2.0 pistol scores really high in terms of ergonomics, reliability, accuracy, customization, and overall value, as it is loaded with outstanding features. That makes it very impressive, and you can make sure that it can serve well in different shooting applications. If you are still doubtful about getting the S&W MP 2.0 pistol, it is already an absolute winner in the firearms market, so it will never disappoint you. 

Ultimately, the only way to prove the value of the S&W MP 2.0 pistol is to get your hands on it. Hence, don’t miss out on this chance to try it today. Hopefully, this ultimate Smith Wesson MP M20 review has helped you appreciate it better. Explore the Survival Gear Shack site today for more review guides like this. 

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