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9 Best Concealed Carry Guns Reviewed in 2024

The best concealed carry guns are not only those designed smaller than usual. Even though the size is an essential factor, you can still find some that are slightly bigger. That’s not entirely a bad thing because there is a way to handle that, such as adjusting your clothes to accommodate the gun and keeping it secretly hidden.

As a matter of fact, concealed carry larger guns are worth trying because of their better control and power. This is also the best chance to point out that bigger handguns can shoot better and hold more bullets. Hence, you only need to choose if you want a smaller gun that is comfortable for concealed carry or a larger gun that has more power.

Before you decide, check out the best concealed carry guns reviewed here in detail. Here you go, so take a look at the wide selection of options.

Nowadays, being outside is just like an adventure for some. That’s why knowing how to protect oneself is a must. Luckily, there are abundant options for the best concealed carry guns. What’s great about having countless options is that you can have a concealed carry weapon that works for your needs and standards. After all, each gun has unique features and specifications that make it stand out. 

As for new shooters, it is vital to know which best guns to carry so they can have the solid protection they need. If you share the same goal, this guide and the best concealed carry guns list below can help you. Since countless guns are best for concealed carry purposes, exploring the list can save you time and effort. To top it all, the guns included in the list come from notable and reliable companies with solid track records. 

While it can be daunting to only choose one concealed carry gun, you can do it by knowing the best concealed carry guns in great detail. But before jumping into the list, let’s first get into the basics and discover more about concealment as a concept. Let’s get started. 

best concealed carry guns

Concealment As A Concept 

Concealed works precisely as it sounds. As a concept for guns, they will be kept secretly hidden when concealed. Thanks to a tough gun belt, it is possible to place a concealed gun. The concept will be as if you are not carrying a firearm. Besides gun belts, your clothing and holsters can upgrade your ability to conceal your weapon. Yet, the weapon size remains the most significant influential factor. 

No doubt, guns that are not for concealed carry purposes will only trouble you if you try to conceal them. That being said, the most obvious options are handguns and pocket pistols. They are the ones that are easier to conceal without any trouble. While smaller guns sound really fascinating in terms of concealment, some smaller handguns can be too tricky and tougher to shoot. Well, this has to do with control and accuracy. 

Clearly, if you intend to conceal carry your gun, choose one that you can easily fit in your pocket. At the same time, you also must be mindful of the performance. Basically, what you need to have is a gun that you can carry with no one suspecting you of carrying a weapon while still having adequate power to efficiently protect you when needed. That sounds like a strict requirement, right? Well, that should be. 

Now, dive deeper to know more about what makes a good concealed carry gun. 

best concealed carry gun

What Makes A Good Concealed Carry Gun 

Ultimately, there are a lot of contributing factors that make a concealed carry gun good and suitable. These factors include quality, design, specifications, control, and many more. As for average shooters, such vital characteristics might not mean that much. Realistically speaking, it is quite challenging to check everything in one simple inspection. 

In an actual scenario for choosing a good concealed carry gun, the best thing to do is to check the forward-facing design. This is where it is most reasonable to take into account the size, caliber, capacity, and operating design of the gun you like to have. After all, those aspects are the most accessible to inspect with specifications and details. With just a look, you can already have a great idea of what to choose. 

Moreover, it is also helpful to consider the company’s track record to assess professional competency since it is up to the company how a gun is designed. Essentially, many more aspects can make a concealed carry gun good. However, it is much better to see the review of each gun on the list below so you can straightforwardly jump straight to figuring out what is the best concealed carry gun that suits you. 

concealed carry gun

9 Best Concealed Carry Guns

The best concealed carry guns are not only those designed smaller than usual. Even though the size is an essential factor, you can still find some that are slightly bigger. That’s not entirely a bad thing because there is a way to handle that, such as adjusting your clothes to accommodate the gun and keeping it secretly hidden. 

As a matter of fact, concealed carry larger guns are worth trying because of their better control and power. This is also the best chance to point out that bigger handguns can shoot better and hold more bullets. Hence, you only need to choose if you want a smaller gun that is comfortable for concealed carry or a larger gun that has more power. 

Before you decide, check out the best concealed carry guns reviewed here in detail. Here you go, so take a look at the wide selection of options. 

1. Sig Sauer P365 Nitron Micro-Compact Semi-Auto Pistol

Sig Sauer P365 Nitron Micro-Compact Semi-Auto Pistol

There is no perfectly designed concealed carry gun. Yet, the Sig Sauer P365 Nitron Micro-Compact Semi-Auto Pistol seemed to be created close to perfection. In fact, it is impressively lightweight and small enough to conceal and keep hidden from everyone effectively. What’s impressive is that it is also big enough to deliver major firepower that can stop an attacker. 

With the excellent overall design, it makes sense why the Sig Sauer P365 defines what the best concealed carry gun is. That’s why it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular go-to 9mm handguns for many shooters. After all, it is jam-packed with incredible features, including ergonomic and grip design. Those qualities upgrade the pistol in a whole new way of awesomeness. 

Even if this micro-compact semi-auto pistol seems like it is made complicated, that is actually far from what it really is. To be specific, it operates with three simple and familiar controls: the magazine release, takedown lever, and slide lock/release. One flaw is that it does not have an external manual safety. The good thing is it makes up with other incredible features. 

Thanks to the smooth, consistent trigger pull, you can achieve precision shot placement together with rapid, controlled fire with Sig Sauer P365. As for the grip, it is designed ergonomically textured. This advantage is undoubtedly an edge if you have sweaty hands to help you achieve a great non-slip hold when shooting and a high grip-to-bore axis for fire control. 

Another highlight feature of this semi-auto pistol is its integral slim-line rail in its frame. What’s good about the rail is it is not just a mere design; it is more than that. In fact, the rail feature makes it effortlessly compatible with Sig Sauer light or laser accessories. Besides that, the frame is also created with a serialized, stainless steel fire control unit for overall quality.

Moreover, the pistol’s corrosion-resistant, Nitron coated stainless steel slide features designed in front, and rear serrations upgrade the shooter’s ability when it comes to pulling the slide back for loading and clearing the action. That doesn’t end the advantage of the slide because it can also enhance the concealment ability. Thus, you don’t have to feel bothered about having an issue with concealing it. 

Quality-wise, the Sig Sauer P365 Nitron Micro-Compact Semi-Auto Pistol scores high in terms of ergonomics, accuracy, shooting ability, reliability, and value. That said, if you are searching for an incredibly sized and lightweight gun for concealed carry, you can never go wrong selecting this one. 

2. Smith & Wesson PC M&P 9 Shield EZ 9mm Pistol 

Smith & Wesson PC M&P 9 Shield EZ 9mm Pistol

In reality, you will never know in advance when you will need to protect yourself. That’s why you need a concealed carry gun that can be with you anywhere you go. By that, you need the Smith & Wesson PC M&P 9 Shield EZ 9mm Pistol. It is a wisely designed slim, lightweight weapon with incredible power and features. On top of that, it is highly stylish. 

What’s another impressive thing about this pistol is that it is made easy for anyone with small hands or poor hand strength. Definitely, it is an easy-to-conceal weapon equipped with professional-grade features. Despite its top-notch characteristics, it still has simple operation, offering reliable performance. So, you can rely on it in terms of personal protection. 

From the trigger to grip safety, all aspects of the Smith & Wesson PC M&P 9 Shield EZ 9mm Pistol are designed to contribute to making the weapon efficient in different applications related to concealed carry and personal protection. You can shoot accurately and confidently with this because of the functional features that can help you achieve your goal. 

Surely, you don’t have to choose a complicated concealed carry gun when you can actually have one that is much easier to handle and operate. Your weapon for personal protection should not trouble you in any way so that you can rely upon it. Well, that seemed to be the primary reason why the Smith & Wesson PC M&P 9 Shield EZ 9mm Pistol is made easy to use. 

If you happen to have reduced hand strength, this one is a must-try, so you won’t have to experiment with other concealed carry handgun options. It fits the typical size of the hands. That’s why you can use this with ease. 

3. GLOCK 20 Gen 4 Semi-Auto Pistol

GLOCK 20 Gen 4 Semi-Auto Pistol

The GLOCK 20 Gen 4 Semi-Auto Pistol makes a good choice not only for concealed carry but also for hunting adventures. If you need a weapon for both applications, you can save money because this pistol can do both. In fact, it is designed to suit even big hunting games. Impressive, right? So, know more about it in detail below. 

For starters, this semi-auto pistol is built with a high-quality polymer frame. That’s not a mere design because the feature can drastically reduce the amount of recoil that improves the shooting experience. Meanwhile, the rough texturing added to the polymer frame is brilliant because it can help secure the grip when your hand is sweaty or wet. 

Additionally, the modular back strap system improves a custom grip ability. This delivers an added control advantage that can help you achieve the best results when hunting. Since there are efforts to enhance how you manage it, you can trust that the GLOCK 20 Gen 4 Semi-Auto Pistol will rarely cause an issue with grip and operation. Simply put, you can hunt and shoot it with ease. 

This semi-auto pistol comes with an interesting ambidextrous, reversible magazine latch. Thus, there’s no question that it is an ideal concealed carry gun for both right- and left-handed shooters. In this one, it doesn’t matter which one is your dominant hand because you can operate it with ease, regardless of the hand you will use. What a convenience, right? 

Moreover, the GLOCK 20 Gen 4 Semi-Auto Pistol operates with a dual recoil spring assembly. Thanks to that feature, you can expect a much longer service life of the pistol compared to others. Apart from that, it also adds to the recoil mitigation to effectively reduce the muzzle flip. As a result, you can expect it to operate with faster follow-up shots. If you are hunting, this is an advantage to ensure the takedown of your prey. 

Technically, not all best concealed carry guns are compatible with add-on accessories. That’s why the integral accessory rail in front of the trigger guard is really one of the edges of this pistol. With the rail, you can attach any tactical flashlights or laser sights to it to level up your hunting and shooting performance. Meanwhile, sight acquisition is quick in any light. 

As for the magazine capacity, the Glock 20 pistol comes with either three 10-round magazines or three standard 15-round magazines. Definitely, it complies with various city or state restrictions when it comes to magazine capacity, so you won’t need to feel bothered by the possibility of breaking the law. Like any other concealed carry gun, it is worth trying. 

Featuring incredible features, the GLOCK 20 Gen 4 Semi-Auto Pistol is undeniably an ultra-reliable handgun. So, if you will try it, you can clearly know the reason why it is one of the favorites among new and seasoned shooters. After all, you will already notice how easy it is to operate and maintain within just a few uses. Indeed, that’s the reason why it belongs to this list. 

4. GLOCK G19 Pistol 

GLOCK G19 Pistol

What makes the GLOCK G19 Pistol impressive is that it boasts incredible reliability and simplicity. Because of that, it is famous for taking versatile roles in different applications, such as sidearms in law enforcement. Being a mid-size pistol that suits a 9x19mm pistol cartridge, you will not worry about its ammo because it is easy to find anywhere. 

Like the best concealed carry handguns, it is ideal for personal protection and self-defense. It is another reliable concealed carry weapon with which you can trust your safety. Despite being a mid-size pistol, it has exceptional power to help you be more prepared and feel protected anywhere. Ultimately, no one will suspect you have a weapon, making concealed carry successful. 

Moreover, this mid-sized pistol is built as a short-recoil-operated, striker-fire weapon. With that being said, it can only produce a lower amount of recoil compared to ordinary concealed carry handguns. That adds great experience when shooting, and it is an incredible advantage. Meanwhile, the Safe-Action trigger system of the gun guarantees that even stressed shooting situations are foolproof. In short, the best shooting results are still achievable. 

Wisely, the GLOCK G19 Pistol is not made cheap. Because of that, you can trust it in terms of value. In fact, it comes with the main frame built from a high-strength polymer with excellent resistance against shock, extreme temperatures, and acidic liquids. The milled steel slide and the robust barrel are also constructed with a black Tenifer finish, promoting protection from extreme resistance to wear and corrosion. You can feel at ease concealing it even for an extended period. 

Similar to the GLOCK 20 Gen 4 Semi-Auto Pistol, this concealed carry weapon is also equipped with an incredible integral accessory rail in front of the trigger guard. Of course, the rail also allows the attachment of aftermarket tactical flashlights or laser sights. Therefore, you have the freedom to upgrade it and enhance your shooting performance as you can see your target better. 

Frankly, this option barely differs from the GLOCK 20 Gen 4 Semi-Auto Pistol in a good way because they both genuinely deserve to be part of this list. From the rear sight edge to magazine capacity, it proves that it is an ultra-reliable handgun. If ever you need to strip it, you can do it without any necessary tools. 

5. CZ-USA CZ P-10 C 9mm Pistol

CZ-USA CZ P-10 C 9mm Pistol

Strikingly beautiful in black frame finish, the CZ-USA CZ P-10 C 9mm Pistol is a slightly larger gun you can choose for concealed carry applications. To describe it better, it is a compact firearm, but one of the best on the market. You can still keep it secretly hidden with the right combination of holster and gun belt. Thus, it is still included in the best concealed carry guns. 

Interesting fact, CZ-USA focused on making the ergonomics of this pistol great. Because of that, you can expect that the first time you get a hold of it, the grip and feel are just suitable for your hand. You will certainly feel comfortable that it feels right. Hence, there will be less chance of a brick-in-the-hand feeling so that you can point it naturally, as if it is in your nature to shoot it. 

When it comes to the fit in your hands, CZ-USA also got your worries covered. It specifically adds different features—mild palm swell, deep beavertail, and three interchangeable backstraps—to make this concealed carry handgun suitable for a variety of hands. Thus, it will come as no surprise if this even lands on the list of best concealed carry gun for women. No worries about the fitting. 

Moreover, CZ-USA also focused on the trigger. The company knows that most striker-fired pistols fall short when it comes to the pull of the trigger. So, the P-10’s trigger is particularly built to have reduced creep and stacking.  Simultaneously, it can also rebound with a short, positive reset. With that unique design, you can expect your single shots to be meticulously placed while the follow-up shots can be effortless. 

Of course, the company also paid special attention to other aspects of the P-10 9mm Pistol, such as the frame and overall strength. In fact, it can effectively withstand the rigors of use, thanks to the reinforced polymer frame and hardy nitride finish. Meanwhile, the added set of metal tactical 3-dot sights on the gun permits one-handed manipulation. Thus, making it easy to use and operate. You will be pleased to practice it. 

The top highlight of the CZ-USA CZ P-10 C 9mm Pistol is its swappable magazine release. Because of that, you can expect no stiffness experience when the magazine release breaks in. It will remain smooth, just like how you want it. The new reversible release helps to make the swapping process just a few minutes. With that advantage, this P-10 is undeniably lefty-friendly. 

Overall, as the CZ-USA focused on different aspects of the pistols, you can trust that it is worth having. From engineered ergonomics and reliability to a bevy of features, you can be amazed how the P-10 C 9mm Pistol is already a complete package for concealed carry applications. 

6. Ruger LCR Double-Action Revolver

Ruger LCR Double-Action Revolver

Unbeknown to many, revolvers are still among the best options for concealed carry applications. Well, if it is the Ruger LCR Double-Action Revolver that you will have, you will really consider to conceal carry revolvers. While old automatic pistols are great, revolvers still have their unbeatable charm. If you want one, better consider this revolver from Ruger. 

Like the other best concealed carry guns, you will like a lot of things about the Ruger LCR Double-Action Revolver. It deserves to land on this list since it is an impressively lightweight weapon. If you are looking for a fast-handling carry gun that can help you be quick on your target, this one fits what you need. Regardless of shooting experience, this is the ideal and reliable firearm for concealed carry and home defense. 

Featuring an innovatively designed monolithic frame of aerospace grade, this revolver is clearly a classic. With the other fantastic features, such as stainless steel barrel insert, streamlined fluted stainless steel cylinder, and 7000 series aluminum, you can’t have anything to complain about because it screams top-notch designs and style. 

Additionally, the revolver’s frame is finished with a stunning non-reflective matte black. Since it is non-reflective, it is undoubtedly an optimum self-defense weapon. Now, since weight can make or break a concealed carry weapon, this revolver is built with a polymer grip frame to keep the overall weight to a minimum standard. Plus, it already houses the needed fire control elements. 

Thanks to the concealed hammer, this double-action revolver won’t give you any issues regarding snagging when concealing it. Whether you use a holster and gun belt or place it in your pocket, you quickly draw it. Amazingly, you can purposely be fired from inside a pocket or purse when an emergency calls for it since the revolver is built to be ready to function in any situation. 

On the other hand, the Ruger LCR Double-Action Revolver’s double-action trigger pull is purposely designed to be smooth as silk. The Ruger’s refined trigger geometry and spring rates take the credit for that. Definitely, this revolver is just like the other top-notch firearms from Ruger. The significant difference is that this one is meant for concealed carry applications and self-defense. 

Apart from the refined trigger, this revolver is also equipped with a non-stacking trigger. This is an advantage since it will allow you to maintain a constant sight picture while cycling the cylinder and firing the revolver at the same time. Meanwhile, there is a pinned front-sight blade to the frame initially. Yet, you are free to replace it with any aftermarket sight. The fixed rear sight is also added to improve shooting performance. 

Indeed, revolvers are still in-demand and make a reliable firearm even for those shooters who don’t have the best skills and experience since it is easy to operate. What you will be excited about is an absolute dream stock revolver trigger of this concealed carry weapon.  

7. Ruger LCP Max   

Ruger LCP Max

Remarkably, the Ruger LCP Max gives justice to its name as being a lightweight, compact pistol. You won’t have an issue with its weight since it only weighs about 0.68 lbs with a barrel length of 2.8 inches. Thanks to that compact size, this one is considered an excellent pocket gun or backup weapon for protection. No one will suspect you carry a weapon that can protect you, just how you like it. 

Astonishingly, this concealed carry gun comes with a 10+1 magazine capacity—this is considered an obvious edge since the typical magazine capacity of the majority of pistols is 6+1. It is a great weapon to carry when you don’t want to wear a gun belt or adjust the way you dress. No need to exert much effort in concealing it because it is purposely designed to be unnoticeable. 

Despite the small and lightweight size, the Ruger LCP Max can still impress you with its firepower. It can pack a punch and effectively take down your target. As for the trigger, it comes with an impressive design that improves the shooting experience. You can expect that it won’t give you a problem as it is far from being tough to pull. 

If you are searching for a weapon you can easily squeeze with ease into your pocket, the Ruger LCP Max is a choice you won’t regret because of its comfortable concealment option, even in board shorts and tuxedos. Simply put, it has a promising design. Therefore, you can get away with carrying a weapon anywhere you go. 

8. Springfield Armory Hellcat 9mm Pistol

Springfield Armory Hellcat 9mm Pistol

Realistically speaking, it is better to be prepared than to be sorry regarding personal protection. That’s why you need the Springfield Armory Hellcat 9mm Pistol since it is equipped with features suitable for everyday carry. What makes it apart from others is it is optics-ready with high visibility sights. This is an advantage that permits you to achieve a more accurate performance.

Since the red dot optics is one of the highlight features of the pistol, you must take advantage of it in every situation to secure accurate shooting that translates to better results. If you have an attacker to take down, you can do without any doubt. Meanwhile, the milled slide compliments the low profile sight mounting and immediate target acquisition. Of course, that can also help enhance performance. 

Apart from the added optics, the Springfield Armory Hellcat 9mm Pistol is also equipped with patented U-Dot optics. These special optics can help you effectively locate the front sight to achieve fast and accurate shot placement. On the other hand, the U-Dot sight picture delivers advantage for easy target acquisition in stressful, low-light conditions. 

If the GLOCK 20 Gen 4 Semi-Auto Pistol is suitable for shooters with sweaty hands, the Springfield Armory Hellcat 9mm Pistol is wisely designed to upgrade your accuracy in performance with incredible optics. Of course, it is also a complete package as it boasts excellent grip texture, a flat face trigger, and a lower amount of recoil. 

9. Walther PPK/S Semi-Auto Pistol

Walther PPK/S Semi-Auto Pistol

In search of a classic concealed carry gun? If so, the Walther PPK/S Semi-Auto Pistol can satisfy you with sleek concealability and the power to function flawlessly under various shooting conditions. Because of that, it is another ultra-reliable pistol on the list. Despite the simple design and blowback action, it can still guarantee performance with a bang.

Simplicity is what really completes this pistol. From simple blowback action and exposed hammer to manual safety, it is genuinely impressive how great it is for concealed carry. As it is simple, the slide, frame, and the majority of the parts share the same material: stainless steel. It is a fine weapon with its own charm that attracts. 

Moreover, the pistol’s slide top is designed with wave cuts, which effectively reduce glare. On the other hand, the ergonomic grip frame comes with checkered composite grip panels and an extended beavertail. These features add advantages to offer you a high hold without worrying about hammer bite. They eliminate issues that can ruin the shooting performance. 

Although you need to beware of low-profile fixed sights that can interfere when drawing the weapon, the internal slide stop makes up for that by preventing any chance of external snag issues. Therefore, you will look cool and comfortable even when placing it in your shirt, tuxedo, or slacks. One more special feature you can look forward to is the remarkable single-action trigger that helps with accuracy. 

best concealed carry gun for women

Final Thoughts

Definitely, you will see more best concealed carry guns that are not included in the list above. Yet, you can trust that the ones included here can perform off the charts. Just a little recap—each concealed carry gun is best in its own way. For instance, the Smith & Wesson PC M&P 9 Shield EZ 9mm Pistol suits even beginners or shooters with reduced hand strength. 

Of course, there are others, like the Sig Sauer P365 Nitron Micro-Compact Semi-Auto Pistol, which is almost perfect in overall aspects. Surely, you will be the judge. The priority thing you need to remember is to know what exactly you need to narrow down your choices further. Also, even if the concealed carry guns are already reviewed in detail above, there is still some information you will know if you check the product in the store. 

Those little details will also matter as they can influence the overall performance. Hopefully, you can make a choice that you won’t regret. One thing is for sure; if you choose from the list, you can expect great results. Meanwhile, if you want to see more guides and reviews about shooting, just go here to start exploring for more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If there are still things you are interested in, the frequently asked questions below might help to quench your curiosity. So, take a look and explore them. 

What size of the gun is best to carry?

When deciding the gun size, you must remember that the most popular rule of thumb for concealed carry applications is to choose the smallest gun with the largest caliber that suits it. Thus, you can have a weapon that shoots well for effective personal protection. Some of the fine sizes are 9mm subcompact and mid-size .45 ACP. 

What is the best caliber for self-defense?

In reality, it is hard only to name one as the best caliber for self-defense because many options were genuinely standout. It is only easier because each has the edge on different factors. If capacity is your concern, the 9mm caliber makes an excellent choice because of the fact that it has a much greater magazine capacity than other pistol calibers for personal defense. 

As for wounding capabilities, the 9mm caliber has a similar capacity to other cartridges—nearly identical at some point. Of course, the greater magazine capacity is an advantage since it opens a better opportunity to stop an attacker. Therefore, better effectiveness in defense. 

What are the popular sizes of firearms suitable for concealed carry applications?

There are a lot of options regarding the sizes of firearms for concealed carry applications. That’s great because you won’t have any reasonable excuse not to carry a weapon for self-defense. Some of these firearms include pocket pistols, micro-compact guns, single stack compact, small revolvers, double-stack pistols, and compact pistols.

While each size of firearm differs in terms of performance and firepower, they share similarities. Of course, the similarities are related to size, including short barrel length and thin frame. Therefore, proving that they are indeed suited for concealed carry applications. 

What is the best barrel length for concealed carry guns?

Even though the smaller, the better for easy concealment, getting the gun with the shortest barrel length is still not recommended. That said, you must know how to choose. To help you decide, the best barrel length can be from 1.87 inches to 4.02 inches. Choosing from that range is an easier way to ensure effective concealment. 

What exactly is the meaning of concealed carry?

Concealed carry is when you carry a hidden weapon for protection. Yet, it is deeper than that. In fact, you can regard it as both a right and a responsibility. You need to be a responsible gun owner because your safety is still up to your competency in protecting yourself. Besides having a top-notch gun, you also need to improve your skills. To be safe, you need to be trained. 

What are other must-haves for concealed carry?

Aside from securing the best concealed carry gun, nothing is wrong with being equipped with other must-haves. The other things included in the concealed carry starter pack are a gun cleaning kit, hearing protection, a gun safe, and shooting glasses. Each item included works exactly as they sound, like the gun cleaning kit, which is obviously for cleaning the gun. With that being said, there’s no question why each item is included in the starter pack. 

Where to buy the best concealed carry guns?

Whether online or in local stores, you can have a lot of options where you can buy the best concealed carry guns. If you prefer convenience in shopping, looking online is a better choice. Cabela’s, Brownells, and Palmetto State Armory are reliable go-to sites where you won’t feel like getting ripped off. As a matter of fact, they feature guns from trustable companies with solid track records.

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