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9 Best Range Bags Reviewed in 2024, Plus Buyer’s Guide

The best range bags are created simply with the intention of helping shooters have all their shooter gear prepared easier. With that said, you can expect to have fewer issues with your things. So, it won’t be too much to say that you can easily locate your shooting essentials. What’s exciting about this list is that they are all from the most reputable and established brands. Hence, there’s no reason not to see them.

Let’s go to the exciting part—exploring some of the most high-value range bags that can be your favorite companion when going to the range. Don’t let your range-day setup be messy when you can have the best range bag that can keep everything organized. Have your pick below.

Going to the range needs preparation. Unless you want to return while on your way because you forget some essential shooting accessories, you must prepare your range bag. The best range bags are intentionally designed to help shooters—like you—ready everything to avoid inconvenience while going to the range. They are great for keeping shooting gear tucked away for storage and transportation. Hence, you’ll be able to save yourself from unnecessary trouble if you utilize a reliable range bag. You won’t have to deal with finding lost gear, so you can focus your time on enjoying your adventure in the shooting range. 

What’s more, the best range bag you can rely on can keep everything you need in an organized manner. There’s no need to rummage through the whole content because the best range bag features several pockets for a more organized placement of gear. Because of that, you must know how to choose right from the overwhelming options of range bags. By that, you can ensure that you can make the most of the money you paid for having one. After all, a range bag does not only work as a temporary storage, but it is tough enough to protect your gear.  

Certainly, you are in the right place if you want to discover the best range bags without wasting too much time searching online. These bags are not equally designed, so you must understand that some shine brighter in terms of specific requirements. For that reason, don’t hesitate to check out all options listed below, as they are all reviewed in detail. So, let’s get started. 

best range bag

9 Best Range Bags

The best range bags are created simply with the intention of helping shooters have all their shooter gear prepared easier. With that said, you can expect to have fewer issues with your things. So, it won’t be too much to say that you can easily locate your shooting essentials. What’s exciting about this list is that they are all from the most reputable and established brands. Hence, there’s no reason not to see them. 

Let’s go to the exciting part—exploring some of the most high-value range bags that can be your favorite companion when going to the range. Don’t let your range-day setup be messy when you can have the best range bag that can keep everything organized. Have your pick below. 

1. Browning Santa Fe Shooter’s Bag

Browning Santa Fe Shooter's Bag

Sporting a flashy design, it is undeniable that one of the most noticeable things about Browning Santa Fe Shooter’s Bag is its fashionable and efficient design. As a matter of fact, it is even deserving enough to be used at the highest-class sporting clays clubs, not just in a shooting range. Of course, don’t be mistaken that this shooter’s bag is just about the looks. There are good reasons it is part of the best list. 

So, what makes this range bag great? Well, many things make it an awesome companion in any shooting range, starting with its impressive durability. Crafted from a durable 10 oz. waxed cotton canvas complemented with Crazy Horse leather trim, you can quickly know that it is not a flimsy range bag. Instead, it has all the means to safeguard its content. The foam-padded sides help prove this advantage since they can effectively maintain the bag’s shape and protect everything stored inside it.  

If you want to keep your shooting gear neat, the Browning Santa Fe Shooter’s Bag has a large compartmentalized interior that can effectively hold 16 boxes of shells. This kind of interior design guarantees that you can achieve a neat separation of your shooting loads. Because of that, you can easily find what you need without having to rummage through everything on the inside. It is a total convenience when keeping your valuables while you are enjoying your shooting adventure.  

The exterior pockets, on the other hand, can safeguard the shooting accessories you want to easily access, such as choke tube wrenches, hearing and eye protection, and more. Meanwhile, this shooter’s bag is also created with quality zippers—sturdy YKK zippers, to be specific. You can expect that your shooting gear won’t be locked out inside the bag. While zippers sound like just a minor thing, they can be everything with your things management. Thus, this Browning shooter’s bag is certainly great for practical use. 

Additionally, this shooter’s bag for the range is equipped with other outstanding and functional features, such as attractive brass hardware and a comfortable padded leather shoulder strap and handles. These all add to make the Browning Santa Fe Shooter’s Bag a highly functional and practical storage to take into different shooting ranges. Ultimately, it is just a bonus that it is a good-looking shooting accessory. The quality and durability exist to impress you. 

2. Bulldog Tactical Range Bag

Bulldog Tactical Range Bag

The Bulldog Tactical Range Bag is made simple yet complete with everything you might need for an ideal go-to bag to carry on any trip to the shooting range. Remarkably, it is far from fancy looking. It is just ordinary that you can even mistake it for just a simple range bag with nothing much to offer. But that’s not right. In reality, it has no extraordinary design, but it can get the job done excellently, and that’s a much more important advantage. 

Being simple might also be one of the most influential factors why this tactical range bag is a little cheaper and won’t cost you more than $100. If you just want to settle for a functional and reliable range bag without any fancy design, this one makes a suitable choice since it is also in a budget-friendly price range. What’s amazing is that you won’t feel like this is less than other best range bags in terms of durability and quality. 

Thanks to durable, heavy-duty nylon construction, this Bulldog Tactical Range Bag can do great when it comes to accompanying you to the shooting range. Combined with its water-resistant outer shell, you can trust that it can remain strong even encountering harsh weather conditions. The chances of getting your shooting gear damaged are surely low. After all, there is added deluxe padding that ensures extra comfort for the security of your shooting essentials. 

As said, this tactical range bag is nothing less than others if it is just about quality. In fact, it is also equipped with many features that other more expensive range bags have. It is jam-packed with a large main compartment interior with a removable divider, outer pockets for additional storage options, and an adjustable shoulder strap to conveniently carry the bag to the range. 

Basically, even without fancy designs, the Bulldog Tactical Range Bag can serve its purpose of helping you organize and protect your shooting gear in the range. More than that, if you are searching for a budget-friendly option that you can trust the quality and performance on the field, this one won’t disappoint you. 

3. G Outdoors T1612BPB Tactical Range Backpack

G Outdoors T1612BPB Tactical Range Backpack

Searching for a practical range bag that can keep your hands free? Well then, you might want to settle with the traditional design with the G Outdoors T1612BPB Tactical Range Backpack. What makes this type of bag for the range great is that it mostly comes with easy-access compartments that make it easy to get all the things you need right away. Let’s get into deeper details about why this one is reliable for tough times in the range. 

With this backpack, you can effectively carry all of your essential shooting equipment that fits inside it, promoting one easy carry of your organized gear for practice sessions at the range or shooting adventures out in the wild. There’s nothing to be bothered about in terms of its durability because it is specifically built to handle tough situations and harsh weather conditions. That claim is backed up by its impressive 1000D heavy-duty material. It is built to last. 

In addition, the backpack’s heavy-duty material is greatly complemented by DuPont Teflon coating, promoting high strength and protection that can resist grime and other harsh elements. Apart from that, it is also created with sewn rot- and mildew-resistant nylon, featuring a Box and Bar tack reinforced stitching. That says a lot that you can rely on its awesome durability to safeguard your shooting gear. 

On the inside, this G Outdoors T1612BPB Tactical Range Backpack is equipped with three removable padded pistol storage cases that come with magazine storage. You can store a lot of shooting accessories there. Of course, you don’t want them to get damaged, no matter the circumstances, right? Because of that, a pull-out rain cover is added to efficiently safeguard your valuables from weather-related situations. It won’t quickly get wet or ruined. 

Moreover, this range bag is also designed with a padded waist strap and an internal honeycomb frame that guarantees extra stability when you load it up. In the hook ‘n’ loop area, you’ll initially see the removable GPS Tactical logo patch. Yet, you can customize it to put your own club or name placard so you can know that it is yours, especially if other shooters in the shooting range have this same range bag. Thus, it also won’t get lost. 

Thanks to the bag’s Visual I.D. Storage System that works well with the velour lining can secure a perfect, protected space for eye protection and earpieces. Hence, you can easily find them without having to mess up all the other shooting gear inside the bag. Meanwhile, the external zippered pockets can safeguard ammo and other shooting necessities. The lockable, self-tracking YKK zippers do the job for extra security. 

Since this range bag is styled as a backpack, you can definitely have free hands when transporting all your shooting gear. More than that, it is built amazingly for a bag that you can actually trust with all your valuables. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with this tactical range backpack for an easy-to-carry advantage. 

4. RangeMaxx Tactical R2G CCW Tactical Range Pack

RangeMaxx Tactical R2G CCW Tactical Range Pack

If you need a practical range bag to load magazines and other vital shooting gear, the RangeMaxx Tactical R2G CCW Tactical Range Pack makes a good choice. With a great number of pouches and interior pockets, this bag for the range can help you transport many shooting pieces. To be specific, it can accommodate 6 standard-size AR-15 magazines together with 3 pistol magazines and have them easily accessible. 

Additionally, this range backpack sports a large main compartment that is spacious enough to carry your valuable electronics, ammunition, and gun cleaning kit. Besides that, it can also act as general storage. The added dual zipper provides rear access to a concealed handgun pocket featuring a removable holster to effectively position your handgun exactly where you need it. This is a great advantage that offers a rapid, smooth draw. 

Moreover, the exterior MOLLE webbing permits you to freely attach additional MOLLE gear or pouches. Definitely, you can utilize it as a ready-to-go pack to have your tactical gear ready and organized whenever you want to have a trip to a shooting range. This sturdy and practical tactical gear made from the rugged 1,000D polyester proves its awesome durability that you will actually like. 

Overall, if you know that you will carry a lot of valuables, this RangeMaxx Tactical R2G CCW Tactical Range Pack is one of the top options that should be on your list. 

5. Savior Equipment American Classic Tactical Double Long Rifle Pistol Gun Bag

Savior Equipment American Classic Tactical Double Long Rifle Pistol Gun Bag

Interestingly, finding a reliable range bag that is big enough to carry long guns is quite challenging. Yet, the Savior Equipment American Classic Tactical Double Long Rifle Pistol Gun Bag is not just an option you will pick for that reason. After all, it has great features that make it a dependable long-size range bag worth investing in if you want a combined range bag and a rifle case. 

As for carrying rifles to the shooting range, there is usually a separate case and a range bag. That’s kind of an inconvenience, right? If you don’t want that, you have a reasonable motivation why it will be great to utilize this American Classic Tactical bag. It is spacious enough that it can offer room for two rifles or shotguns with a padded divider. You can store two pistol pouches and other things in its main compartment. 

Apart from the main compartment, it also sports three large pockets where you can store other bulking shooting accessories, like rifle magazines, glasses, and ear protection. What’s more, the two large MOLLE sections let you add extra attachments. More than that, this long rifle bag can be carried like a duffel bag or be worn just like a backpack because of its straps. 

A little reminder, you can experience some restrictions in terms of the range of motion, given that it is quite long in measure. Well, that’s not a total disadvantage since you just need to be smart in managing this one so you can have a comfortable and convenient carry. Also, another highlight about it is that you get to pick from different colors and styles, such as Flat Dark Earth Tan, Edge, M81 Woodland Camo, Obsidian Black, Olive Drab Green, SW Gray, and Timber

Balanced with flaws and advantages, this Savior Equipment American Classic Tactical Double Long Rifle Pistol Gun Bag is far from it being perfect. Still, it can certainly do the job right—more than what you can expect from it, actually. Ultimately, it will never be a bad pick since it is ultra-reliable from being constructed with heavy-duty industrial 600D PVC nylon material. So, if you need a trustworthy and durable long bag suited to carry in range, this is a go-to option. 

6. Browning Black & Gold Range Bag

Browning Black & Gold Range Bag

The Browning Black & Gold Range Bag has an enchanting design you would like to have for your bag. With its 18″W x 12.5″H x 11″D size, it has adequate space to help you transport ammo, handguns, and shooting accessories at once. There is no need to bring another bag because it has enough room to keep your gear well-organized and prepared with not much effort since it is part of the design to make everything easy in having your gear on the range. 

Even though this range bag is not waterproof, it has great protection from moisture and harsh weather. That’s all thanks to its water-resistant, 600-Denier ripstop polyester material. You can appreciate that durable material since you won’t have to hurry to cover it when the weather gets bad. As for its carry options, you can comfortably manage this bag since it is designed with sewn web handles and a detachable, padded shoulder strap. 

Moreover, the main compartment uses a large gate mouth together with a zip closure that can be locked since it is padlock compatible. You can buy one to increase the security and protection of your valuables inside the bag. Meanwhile, the five zip-close exterior pockets guarantee quick access to vital well-used gear, such as ear muffs, shooting gloves, and shooting glasses. 

Design-wise, quality, and price, it won’t be a surprise if you will find that the Browning Black & Gold Range Bag is an excellent choice. A well-built range bag that you will probably have nothing to complain about. See for yourself how it can impress you. It won’t cost you that much since it is still in the budget-friendly range, after all. 

7. Bulldog BD920 Tactical Deluxe Range Bag

Bulldog BD920 Tactical Deluxe Range Bag

If you are searching for a heavy-duty range bag that can offer great protection, the Bulldog BD920 Tactical Deluxe Range Bag won’t disappoint you. Besides being built from heavy-duty, durable nylon construction, it is also made with an impressive water-resistant outer shell. So you won’t experience issues in terms of its durability and quality. 

Featuring a large storage space, it is obvious that it is surely ideal for carrying plenty of firearms and shooting accessories. Also, it is quite impressive how it is divided for neat organization of your gear. The designed extra pockets ensure additional storage. Meanwhile, the adjustable, padded shoulder strap allows you to comfortably adjust how you carry it. 

Thanks to the rigid sides, this Deluxe Range Bag sports an additional layer of protection and heavy-duty lockable hardware. What makes it a suitable companion is that you can enjoy those days shooting on the range or out in the wild because it can ensure the long-lasting durability you desire for a bag. More than that, it can actually provide you with all the storage options if you like to haul shooting accessories to the range.

With a price of a little over $100, this Bulldog bag might be the tough option you are looking for. 

8. G Outdoors 1711BP Handgunner Backpack

G Outdoors 1711BP Handgunner Backpack

One easy-to-carry range bag. These are the most precise words describing the G Outdoors 1711BP Handgunner Backpack. With the size of 16″ x 10″ x 19″, you can actually expect that it fits the job of carrying all of your essential shooting equipment in one organized storage pack. Equipped with two side pockets, there’s more space for six additional mags each. 

Surely, this range backpack is reliable in terms of protecting your valuables because it comes with a pull-out rain cover. This adds to the high resistance against damaging elements and harsh weather conditions. Meanwhile, the unique high-density foam cradle is smartly added to hold and protect 4 small- to medium-sized handguns in a vertical format. The cradle lets you transport multiple firearms safely at once—this is a primary selling point. 

Moreover, the Visual I.D. Storage System delivers a perfect, protected space for all your shooting accessories and effectively organizes your valuables at the same time. Without wasting time, you can easily find what you are looking for. The lockable, heavy-duty zippers, on the other hand, provide seamless management of the backpack and offer extra protection. You can also use a padlock for extra security. 

Basically, this G Outdoors 1711BP Handgunner Backpack is about stress-free and hands-free transport of your shooting gear. Since it is already mentioned what it can offer, all you need to do is to see if it fits your needs. If so, check it out from the product link below. 

9. SMITH & WESSON S&W and M&P Tactical Range Bag

SMITH & WESSON S&W and M&P Tactical Range Bag

Durable, versatile, and padded, the SMITH & WESSON S&W and M&P Tactical Range Bag is one of the most popular options for a bag suited to be carried in a range. What makes it highly impressive is that it can accommodate firearms, ammunition, and vital shooting gear. That’s why it is a go-to bag for avid shooters who always want to go to the range. 

Built from weather-resistant, durable, ballistic fabric, there is no doubt why it is well-known. Certainly, it can prove that it is intentionally constructed to withstand all harsh conditions in the field. As for its nylon zipper pulls, they provide ease of use. A dual-zippered top opening complements the padded shoulder strap with heavy-duty spring clip buckles. These two features create quick and easy access. 

When it comes to its versatility, it is proven by its high capacity. Even if it is already transporting individual rifles, it still has adequate room to hold multiple magazines and other shooting valuables, such as ammo, targets, and protection. Be well-prepared before going to the range with this one. 

Buyer’s Guide

Feeling overwhelmed? No worries, this buyer’s guide can help you focus your attention on choosing the best range bag that suits what you want and what you need. 


Durability mirrors the quality. That’s why you must check the durability of your preferred option to see if you get what you pay for. Generally, durable bags are those built from heavy-duty materials like nylon and polyester. Besides high strength and durability, they also provide a fair bit of water resistance and protection from tear and abrasion. Look for a range bag constructed from either material to get a durable, sturdy bag. 

Luckily, you’ll see some of the most highly durable range bags on the list above, so feel free to choose from them. 

Max Capacity and Organization

No doubt, maximum capacity is one of the most paramount concerns in picking what you want. Though it is a personal preference, it is more practical to think about what you intend to store. Hauling shooting gear will surely require you to go for a bigger bag. Also, check for pockets, dividers, and compartments to ensure the advantage of organizing your valuables neatly. 

Style of Carry

Style of carry is mostly a personal preference. Of course, you must know what you want. Duffel bags are great if you want a bag to carry in just one shoulder. You just need to be extra careful with the distribution of weight to avoid feeling uncomfortable. On the other hand, backpacks are the go-to choice if you want hands-free carry. It is up to you what to pick. 


Range bags are all about getting your things organized in the range and transporting all of them at once. As for the features, there are some that are jam-packed with padding, weather-resistant materials, and many more. Some have more, and some have less, so only go for what you want to use. After all, each feature costs money. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly, there’s more to know about the best range bags. If there are things you are curious about, this FAQ section can probably help you discover more relevant things about range bags. Explore them below. 

What makes a range bag the best?

There are a lot of influential factors that can make a range bag the best. Well, the top most important ones are durability and size. After all, there’s no use having a range bag if it is too vulnerable and small. In short, it will be useless. That said, it is ideal if you pick one that is constructed from durable materials, including nylon and polyester. At the same time, you will also know that an option is great if it has plenty of space to accommodate cleaning supplies, multiple firearms, ammunition, and other shooting gear. 

You can never go wrong sticking to the basics because, most of the time, it is not too complicated to find what option suits your needs and preferences. You will only feel daunted and overwhelmed if you dig into unnecessary details. Focus on what’s important to you because most of the best range bags are almost identical but have distinct features, which is their primary selling point. 

What are the different types of range bags?

In general, there are three popular types of range bags you can choose from—soft cases, backpacks, and duffel bags. Soft cases are essentially dedicated to storing different shooting accessories. Plus, they are the most accessible range bag type. Backpacks are the type that features a traditional design. They are great for keeping hands-free and the ideal choice if you want to separate cases for your firearms. 

On the other hand, duffel bags are popularly known as the one-stop-shops of range bags. You can throw many shooting accessories inside and even have some room for disassembled long guns. With their style, you will surely have to carry a duffel bag on just one shoulder. For that reason, you must be smart about properly distributing weight on your body. Thus, it will be good to use a duffel bag. 

What can a range bag accommodate?

Every shooter has their preferred loadout for their range bag. Yet, many would probably agree that a reliable range bag can accommodate different shooting gear, such as magazines, ammunition, eye protection, and ear protection. Also, more spacious range bags can store a gun cleaning kit for a complete range setup. Definitely, you can leave your valuables inside the bag, and they will remain protected. 

Can a range bag hold multiple firearms at once?

Commonly, even the smallest pistol range bags are designed to hold multiple firearms at once. In fact, these bags are spacious enough to typically carry around two full-sized pistols or handguns. Some that are even bigger can often accommodate three or more firearms together with other shooting gear, such as ammunition, magazine, hearing protection, and many more related accessories. Therefore, there’s no need to carry another bag. 

Can range bags be used while hunting?

The name says it all for range bags—they are suitable to carry to the range. Yet, they can also be used for hunting purposes. Surely, some bags are more suitable than others, especially for those that come with a camouflage exterior that is ideal for the hunting environment. If that’s the specific requirement, the Savior Equipment American Classic Tactical Double Long Rifle Pistol Gun Bag definitely makes a great companion. It is a plus if you will use a hunting rifle because the bag can effortlessly accommodate long firearms. 

What is the ideal size to choose for a range bag?

There is no doubt that you need to consider your needs and preferences when choosing the best range bag. Of course, the same principle applies to picking the size, especially since it specifically depends on what you plan to use it for. For instance, if you plan on hitting the range at least once a month and you can settle with just the basic shooting gear, you can opt for a smaller bag. 

Conversely, if you are a range enthusiast who always wants to haul more shooting accessories, you can go for a bigger range bag that can effectively accommodate and handle loads of gear. Ultimately, it might be more practical if you will go for the bigger one, especially if your budget allows you to do so. 

Are range bags waterproof?

While most range bags are made with incredible durability from long-lasting and high-strength materials, only a few are created with completely waterproof seals. Instead, most can only offer a fair bit of water resistance. That’s all thanks to their nylon or polyester exteriors. In the first place, these bags are not meant to be submerged in water. That’s why having water resistance is enough advantage to make a range bag great for the job. 

How do you clean range bags?

Cleaning range bags after bringing them to a shooting range is not complicated. In fact, you can start by keeping as much grime and dirt out of the bag in the interior and exterior. You don’t have to be bothered about cleaning because every bag has its own specific cleaning instructions that can guide you to achieve thorough cleaning results. 

If you have no time to check the instructions, cleaning with gentle soap and water can typically do the trick in getting rid of the grime and dirt. As for the stubborn dirt, it can make everything easier if you will use a stiff-bristled brush. Simply put, you can find cleaning a range bag is just like cleaning an ordinary bag. 

How much do range bags cost?

The cost of range bags greatly varies depending on materials, size, and quality. Mostly, you can come across a budget-friendly price range that doesn’t cost above $100. They are commonly soft cases that are totally adequate for bringing your basic shooting gear into the range. Certainly, they have quality construction and well-designed storage, making them worth investing in. 

On the other hand, you can also see options that are worth between $150 and $200. They generally feature ample padding, adjustable dividers, durable components, and MOLLE. Lastly, there are those options that cost more than $200, typically featuring massive main compartments for large items. Because of that, they can be perfect for you if you like to haul shooting accessories. 

Where to get the best range bags?

Online, Cabela’s, and Amazon are a few of the most reliable go-to sites to get the best range bags. What’s great about shopping on these online sites is that you can even come across huge discounts, saving money while getting the same quality. 

Final Thoughts 

At one point, you will think that you are just buying a range bag, so you might think that feeling overwhelmed is unnecessary. Well, there are countless options out there. Nonetheless, the key is to access your personal needs while checking what’s unique for your preferred choice. For instance, the Browning Santa Fe Shooter’s Bag makes a good choice if you want a bag with a fashionable and efficient design.

The Bulldog Tactical Range Bag is one of the ideal go-to simple bags complete with everything you need. Meanwhile, the Savior Equipment American Classic Tactical Double Long Rifle Pistol Gun Bag is the best choice if you want a reliable bag for your rifles. Definitely, exploring through the list is great for starters. 
Know what you like and need. That’s the ultimate key to getting more than what you pay for. Now, if you want to see more gun cases and safes, don’t hesitate to explore the Survival Gear Shack site for more.

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