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11 Best Gun Cases Reviewed in 2024

If you are searching for the best gun cases online, expect that you will come across a wide array of options. From heavy-duty gun cases to soft gun cases, there are definitely so many styles to choose from. No worries; the best gun cases below are reviewed in detail to help you make your choice. You can have an idea of what to choose, you can take your time checking the top picks below.

In reality, going out with an exposed gun can be a little intimidating for people. While you don’t have any bad intentions in using your firearm, explaining it to people you encounter is impossible and inconvenient. Good thing there’s a way to have your gun without attracting much attention. Of course, that’s the best gun case you can use to safely and securely bring your firearm anywhere. It is ideal gun storage that can keep your gun protected and hidden so you won’t worry when going out with it. 

Frankly, there is nothing much to say when highlighting the importance of a gun case. As a gun owner, you must already realize the high value of using a gun safe to protect and secure your firearm. With that said, let’s not tackle unnecessary topics and explore the best gun cases listed below. So, let’s get started and discover amazing gun cases that made it to the best list and know why they deserve to be one of the best gun cases you can pick. 

best gun cases

11 Best Gun Cases

If you are searching for the best gun cases online, expect that you will come across a wide array of options. From heavy-duty gun cases to soft gun cases, there are definitely so many styles to choose from. No worries; the best gun cases below are reviewed in detail to help you make your choice. You can have an idea of what to choose, you can take your time checking the top picks below. 

1. SKB Double Handgun Gun Case

SKB Double Handgun Gun Case

Starting the list is the SKB Double Handgun Gun Case. From its looks, it is a typical gun case that you can see. While it seems to have nothing special in its design, this gun case makes up in terms of its durability and quality. It is certainly not vulnerable storage for your gun. This gun case can withstand accidental bumps and drops on hard surfaces. You won’t ever need to worry about using it in tough situations because it can protect your firearm from harsh conditions.  

While this gun storage is built tough and durable on the outside by a hard plastic shell, it is also designed to be nicely soft to protect the guns inside it. Featuring a foam Bunk Bed Storage System, this gun case won’t disappoint you with its care for your gun. You won’t experience trouble with small bumps and drops. There might be some scratches on the outside but never on the inside. So, if you are consistent in maintaining your gun’s looks, this one makes an ideal choice. 

Moreover, this SKB Double Handgun Gun Case is equipped with weather-resistant O-ring seals. They are definitely additional smart features because they can effectively keep all moisture out, so you won’t have any issues with rust. More importantly, it can hold both of your handguns with ease. Yet, it made it to this list because it is lockable to keep your gun inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. 

Basically, this gun case has a quality that is hard to beat. With a fair price, you can have this one that can perform well in terms of storing your gun because it comes with everything you need and nothing you don’t. It is great for on-the-go use and makes a great companion when going to a shooting range. There’s nothing complicated with this one, so you can enjoy using this. 

2. RangeMaxx Tactical Gun Case Combo

RangeMaxx Tactical Gun Case Combo

You can’t go wrong with RangeMaxx Tactical Gun Case Combo if you are looking for gun storage that can accommodate a firearm collection. In fact, you can use it to store and transport two tactical rifles, while the interior pistol case can house up to two handguns. Built from a rugged and protective soft nylon material, this is a soft case that’s incredibly lightweight to carry anywhere. 

Equipped with adjustable security straps in the main compartment, you don’t have to worry about your movements because they can keep your rifles in place during transport. There won’t be any damage or scratches to worry about because the rifles are separated with the right amount of space in between. Meanwhile, this removable double pistol case features three accessory pouches. You can store many things here. 

When it comes to its exterior features, there is an added ample MOLLE webbing that can effectively attach mag pouches and other MOLLE gear. You no longer have to carry another case because many things can fit inside this case combo. Just store everything here, and you are ready to go where you want to be. There’s no inconvenience with using this case because it is designed to be great. 

What’s more, this RangeMaxx Tactical Gun Case Combo comes with impressive nylon web handles together with an adjustable, padded shoulder strap. Those handles make it easy and simple to carry. You know where to carry it, so you can easily bring it. The padded shoulder strap, on the other hand, ensures another way to carry this case. Yet, it comes off, so it doesn’t get in your way if you opt to hand-carry it. 

Even though this gun safe combo is not made from thick materials, you can still trust that it can protect any firearm it holds inside. That’s all thanks to its layer of protective foam padding combined with its 600-denier 100% polyester material. Surely, it is amazing how its protection advantage comes from its thick foam padding. All in all, it makes a great travel bag that won’t cost you that much. You will get what you pay for. 

3. Plano Pro-Max Pillar Lock Scoped Rifle Case

Plano Pro-Max Pillar Lock Scoped Rifle Case

Going on a hunting trip or in a shooting range with your rifle? If that’s the case, you would like to know about the Plano Pro-Max Pillar Lock Scoped Rifle Case. From its solidly thick construction and reasonable price, you have enough reason to consider this in your choice because it suits storing your high-performance rifle, ensuring superior protection and care. While a few say it can be flimsy, you must have expectations according to its price. 

Regarding its capacity, it is designed to house a rifle with standard or large objective scopes. If you have that specific rifle, you can consider this rifle case because this is meant to do that job. Meanwhile, it’s added Plano’s crushproof Pillar Lock system can keep your firearm secure in a way that the case won’t open even if you are in a hurry. Pretty simple, right? That’s why it is a good choice if you don’t want to spend much for a rifle case. 

Despite having a budget-friendly range price, the Plano Pro-Max Pillar Lock Scoped Rifle Case has the characteristics that prove it is worth buying. Specifically, it boasts of being airline-approved, thanks to its padlock tabs and heavy-duty latches that ensure solid protection of your firearm while you are traveling. Plus, it is intentionally designed with a molded-in handle for easy and convenient carrying. Not only can it keep your firearm safe, but it can also make it more manageable for you to travel with it. 

What makes this rifle case unique from others is its specially designed Pillar Lock system that effectively locks and secures the case. Once it is locked, the pillars provide the case with the tremendous strength needed, making it virtually impossible to crush. This is a great deal if you want a rifle case that won’t let you down with durability. 

4. Cabela’s Armor Xtreme Lite Double Long-Gun Case

Cabela's Armor Xtreme Lite Double Long-Gun Case

Engineered from injection-molded, high-impact, custom-formulated resin, you can expect that the Cabela’s Armor Xtreme Lite Double Long-Gun Case is practically impenetrable to extreme handling encountered during travel and extreme weather. As a matter of fact, it is built with the intention to exceed law-enforcement and military standards for a long gun case. 

While it is solidly tough on the outside, it is the opposite inside. Thanks to its egg-crate foam lines in the interior, there’s an assurance of maximum cushioning and gun protection. Even if the case has to experience drastic drops and bumps, the firearm inside will remain protected and secured. Being built with water-resistant, dustproof, and O-ring sealed, it won’t be inferior to others in terms of durability. 

Moreover, this long gun case is also equipped with a pressure-release valve. It is another smart feature that is actually advantageous. Specifically, the valve can equalize pressure inside and outside the case during air travel. Because of that, you can feel at ease about the status of your gun inside while traveling. Ultimately, those features helped to effectively meet airline requirements. 

Furthermore, the Cabela’s Armor Xtreme Lite Double Long-Gun Case comes with four powder-coated steel draw latches that work well in snapping the case securely for convenient travel. Meanwhile, it also has a padlock and a collapsible comfort grip handle, promoting seamless carry and transport advantage. Surely, you can feel its weight, but it is not too much to feel its burden. 

Overall, this long gun case can accommodate shotguns and two-scoped rifles for safe and easy carry and travel. If you have those kinds of firearms, you can have this on top of your list. 

5. Smith & Wesson M&P Pro Tac Handgun Case

Smith & Wesson M&P Pro Tac Handgun Case

Suppose that you want a gun case that doesn’t look like one. In that case, you will like the Smith & Wesson M&P Pro Tac Handgun Case because it looks like just an ordinary travel bag. With that said, you can achieve great discretion because many people won’t suspect you are carrying a gun with you. Plus, it has several pockets that allow you to use it as a bag for other things you need to carry.

As for its interior, it is designed with an internal padded pistol pocket. Specifically, it is prepared to effectively accommodate one handgun that has a barrel length of up to 7″. Frankly, it best fits a firearm that measures 14″L x 7″W. On the other hand, the full-length, oversized double zipper added to the main compartment permits easy and quick access. You can effortlessly get your gun out of the bag. 

Once again, there are many pockets designed in this handgun case. Technically speaking, they are created to carry up to six additional handgun magazines combined with three exterior double-magazine pouches. Besides that, it is also jam-packed with hook and loop fasteners. These features are highly functional to protect and secure the things inside. No need to add more padding because what’s inside is already enough to do the job.  

In terms of its construction, it is made from a durable ballistic fabric and wrap-around interior padding. Because of that, it is ultimately gentle when holding your firearm, with no scratches and damage. At the same time, you can expect it to effectively withstand the toughest conditions. Anything stored will remain unscratched and undamaged. No doubt, it is a good-to-go gun case with quality construction at a great price. 

6. Kryptek Rifle Case

Kryptek Rifle Case

The Kryptek Rifle Case is an ideal lightweight, soft gun case to try if you want to switch to a lighter one. Even though it is a soft gun case, it can still boast a protective advantage, enough to impress you. In point of fact, it is meant to carry one scoped long gun well protected and secured if you want to go outdoors or bring your long gun when traveling. Since it is lightweight, you only need to manage the weight of your firearm. 

On its interior, there’s an added durable, water-resistant, 600-denier, PVC-backed polyester exterior shell and thick padding. Of course, the padding works by definition, effectively protecting the firearm inside from any impact that can negatively affect its sights. Simultaneously, the brushed poly lining is added to safeguard the firearm finish from nicks, dings, and wear from abrasion.  

Meanwhile, the Kryptek Rifle Case is created with a large exterior pocket that allows quick access to your other shooting accessories stored in the said pocket. Meanwhile, the wrap-around web handles combined with a  padded hook-and-loop closure provide a comfortable carry advantage. Lastly, its heavy-duty lockable YKK zipper with molded zipper pulls is high quality, so you can trust that it will work well and won’t get stuck.

All in all, there’s not much more to say about the Kryptek Rifle Case because it is already said above. Simply put, it has everything to be a great companion rifle case that won’t disappoint you. One thing is for sure, its protective advantage is something that is worth paying for. 

7. Plano All Weather Two-Pistol Handgun Case

Plano All Weather Two-Pistol Handgun Case

Remarkably, Plano is one of the most trusted brands offering the best gun cases with high quality. It’s All Weather Two-Pistol Handgun Case is not an exception. That’s why this one also makes it to the best list. What makes it worthy is that it can effectively protect your pistol from any damaging element during transport. This explains why it is named All Weather. You don’t have to exert effort to take care of it as it is the one that will take care of your firearm. 

Moreover, this handgun case is spacious enough to house up to two pistols. While it is tough on the outside, it is impressively gently held by the dense, preformed foam padding. The chance of having any of your pistols getting damaged and scratched is surely low. As said, it is tough on the outside. Well, that is because it is constructed from high-quality, durable plastics boasting a proprietary Dri-Loc seal. 

Due to its great construction, you can surely observe that it can work as it is expected to, providing superior protection against dust, rain, mildew, and other potentially damaging factors. That said, there would be no problem with your pistols and gear functionality. By being kept inside—your firearms and other shooting accessories maintain perfect working conditions as they are safe and secure throughout your trip outdoors. 

Like the other gun cases on this list, the Plano All Weather Two-Pistol Handgun Case is TSA-approved and airline friendly. Well, the case owes that to its integrated padlock hole, coupled with durable plastic snap brackets. In short, it sports superior security that is worth paying for. You can expect that your pistols won’t be dropped when you carry the case, even for a long time. Additionally, the added pressure release valve protects the case’s contents against temperature changes and varying pressure that can happen. 

From superior looks, security, and quality, Plano really nailed creating its All Weather Two-Pistol Handgun Case. Therefore, there’s no question that it has the best value for your money. 

8. Boyt Heart-Shaped Handgun Case

Boyt Heart-Shaped Handgun Case

Sporting a simple look and design, the Boyt Heart-Shaped Handgun Case can help you secure your gun for storage or travel. It is worth buying because it doesn’t attract much attention but can still do its job of safeguarding your firearm. Plus, it is lightweight, so that you can keep this with you all the time. It won’t be a burden since it is light enough that you can even carry it with your gun cleaning kit

When it comes to its gun capacity, this gun case can only accommodate one. Because of that, it is like a personal gun case. If you have your favorite firearm to use, it is much better to conceal it using this gun storage rather than hiding it using a gun belt, especially if you don’t want to adjust your clothing just to suppress your gun. Plus, it has two accessory pockets so that you can fit more items inside. 

Although this soft gun case looks like it is just made from ordinary fabric materials, that is far from the truth. In fact, it is created with a heavy 22-oz. canvas with a leather spine combined with soft flannel lining. Besides that, it is also added 40 oz. cotton padding in the interior. With the thick padding, you can make sure that your gun won’t get scraped or damaged. After all, that’s exactly the use of this gun case, so there’s no question about that.

If you don’t want anyone getting a hold of your gun, you can just use a padlock since it is a padlock-ready gun case. Since this one is well-built, you won’t be disappointed with its quality, even if you find it a little more pricey than other soft gun cases you can see. What you should know is that quality has its price. 

9. RangeMaxx Tactical Pistol Case

RangeMaxx Tactical Pistol Case

Designed to be a reliable, rugged, and protective soft nylon case to transport firearms securely and safely, the RangeMaxx Tactical Pistol Case can really be trustworthy to handle your pistol. Also, it is solidly constructed from long-lasting 600D polyester, so it will obviously last long as the material invested in it is a quality one. It is complemented by PVC backing and a soft, padded interior. Surely, it is really similar to other best soft gun cases, right? No wonder because all of them are designed to perform best in terms of safeguarding firearms. 

Apart from padding, this soft gun case also features exterior carry pockets where you can fit extra ammunition or your other shooting accessories. Plus, there are also 7 exterior magazine pouches added that let your single or double-stack mags readily accessible. With that said, you don’t have to carry a separate bag with you. All you ever need can be stored in just one gun case, so it will be more convenient to travel with them. Definitely, it can hold much more than you expect from it. 

From two pistols, ammunition, and mags, you can all fit them in this RangeMaxx Tactical Pistol Case with no worry since it can keep them tight, compact, and protected. Once you feel its texture in person, you will already be impressed with its lightweight yet durable and heavy-duty construction. If you have a lot of stuff to carry at once, this makes an ideal choice. Best of all, it has a reasonable price that gives you another good reason to prove it is worth buying.  

10. Cedar Mill Hard Rifle Case

Cedar Mill Hard Rifle Case

Interestingly, the Cedar Mill Hard Rifle Case exists, so you won’t have to settle with other flimsy rifle cases that are poorly engineered. You can trust that it is different in a good way because it is intentionally built to boast outstanding strength and durability. That said, it will never be described as flimsy. Instead, you will be impressed with its solidity that won’t easily break, especially since it is also corrosion-resistant. 

Compared to other low-quality rifle cases, this one is true to its claim of being highly spacious, and it does not exaggerate. In fact, it has a solid measure of 48” long, 9” wide, and 4” deep—this ensures that it can actually hold larger firearms, including rifles, shotguns, and even scoped guns. What’s more, it comes with two layers of plush 1-inch pick-and-pluck foam. It is customizable, so you can feel at ease that it suits hundreds of gun configurations.

Another highlight of this hard rifle case is its unbeatable protection seal. Thanks to that, you don’t have to experience trouble with water, rain, dirt, dust, sand, debris, and other damaging elements. At the same time, it also boasts a high waterproof rating advantage. Therefore, you can always recover your valuables in case the unthinkable happens. Being stored inside guarantees their protection. This is an ideal choice if you want a rifle case that has lifelong strength. 

While it is pointed out that the Cedar Mill Hard Rifle Case is undeniably sturdy, it is still lightweight enough that it is easy to manage and carry. As for its security, it is equipped with two locking points to secure your firearm efficiently and effectively. You will know that it sets the bar for top-notch rifle cases. Best of all, you don’t have to be intimidated by its solid construction and jam-packed features because it still has an affordable price. 

11. Pursuit Soft Pistol Case

Pursuit Soft Pistol Case

Undoubtedly, the Pursuit Soft Pistol Case is the cheapest option. As a matter of fact, you can even buy more than one and won’t have to complain about the price. Even if it is the cheapest, you don’t have to worry about its quality. In truth, it is purposely designed to let you enjoy durable, lightweight protection for any size handgun. Despite its price, it can work fine for transport anywhere. 

If you are curious about its construction, it is made from a durable nylon shell featuring a padded protective liner that is added to protect and preserve your gun’s finish. Meanwhile, the full-length zipper offers easy access and locks for security. At the same time, it also permits that case to open flatly. With that said, it can serve as a shooting pad or gun mat. Lastly, the integrated D-ring allows you to attach it with a harness or belt.

Certainly, the Pursuit Soft Pistol Case is worth buying because of its price tag. Still, the quality will not dissatisfy you, especially if you don’t have unrealistic expectations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQs section will bring you more information relevant to gun cases. If you have more things you are curious about, explore the following to have your answers. 

What are the types of gun cases? 

In general, there are four common types of gun cases you can choose from. Specifically, they are hard shell cases, soft shell cases, discreet gun cases, and multi-gun cases. Surely, you won’t be confused about each type because they work exactly as they sound. Hard shell cases are prominent for being bulkier, as they are constructed from either metal or a durable polymer shell and with interior foam padding. 

Moreover, soft shell cases are known for their quick access and flexibility. They are commonly made from nylon, polyester, and leather with some padding. On the other hand, multi-gun cases are the ones large enough to accommodate multiple firearms. Finally, discreet gun cases are those that are designed not to look like gun cases. They can look like tennis bags, violin cases, guitar cases, or backpacks. 

Who makes the best gun cases?

There are a lot of brand names that stand out when it comes to discussing the ones who make the best gun cases. RangeMaxx, Plano, and SKB, to name a few. They have a wide variety of gun cases to choose from, so you know that they have expertise in producing reliable cases for guns. 

Do guns come with a case?

Most guns come with specific cases that can keep them secure and protected. Yet, those cases are not considered the best, as many gun owners still prefer to purchase separate gun cases which suit their needs and preferences. Meanwhile, most shotguns and rifles don’t come with cases. All that depends on the manufacturer. 

What types of gun cases are TSA-approved?

TSA approval is a requirement in regard to traveling with your firearm. TSA requires the firearm to be locked and secured in a lockable hard-sided case when traveling. At the same time, the firearms must be separated from the ammunition. Ultimately, TSA-approved gun cases are those with high durability and security. They are hard-sided and lockable. 

Can you fly with two guns in a case? 

You can fly with two guns in just one case if your case has adequate space to accommodate multiple firearms. With that said, you should always check the capacity when choosing your best gun case. If you want to ensure that you can carry multiple firearms in one case, you must check the basic details. 

Which are better, soft or hard gun cases?

Undeniably, hard gun cases are better in terms of the level of protection and durability, so they are ideal for long-term storage or long-distance transport since they also come with padding. Nonetheless, soft gun cases still have the charm that makes them popular as well. They are lightweight and provide easy access. Hence, which type is better depends on what gun owners need, as they have distinct advantages.

Where to get the best gun cases?

Online, you can get the best gun cases from reliable sites, such as Amazon and Cabela’s. Instead of freely searching online, it is much better and time-saving to prioritize checking those sites because they offer a wide variety of gun cases from top brands with solid reputations. Thus, you can expect that buying from them will be worth it. 

How much do cases for guns cost?

The prices of gun cases vary widely. The quality of basic soft-sided cases costs below $10. Also, there are ones you can buy for up to a hundred dollars. Higher-end hard-sided cases, on the other hand, can cost you from $100 and more. Ultimately, the price depends on the overall quality and level of protection.

gun cases

Final Thoughts 

By definition, the primary purpose of gun cases is to protect and secure firearms. They can save your guns from experiencing any possible damage during transportation because an unsecured firearm is subject to damaging elements, scratches, and dings, which can lead to malfunction. What’s more, there are instances of gun cases that can serve as long-term storage at home. Thus, they are worth investing in. 

When choosing your best gun case, you must pick the one that suits the job. For instance, the RangeMaxx Tactical Gun Case Combo is ideal if you are looking for a soft gun case that can accommodate both handguns and rifles. The SKB Double Handgun Gun Case is great because it is water-resistant and durable, packed with outstanding features. Meanwhile, you can’t go wrong with the Plano All Weather Two-Pistol Handgun Case if you want a case that can house multiple firearms. 

More amazing gun cases are listed above. Hopefully, you can choose from them as they are all great companions in safeguarding your firearms. Meanwhile, if you want to discover gun safes, such as biometric and hidden, explore the Survival Gear Shack website more. 

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