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8 Best Gun Case Locks Reviewed In 2024, Plus Buying Guide

Gun case locks are a crucial component for the overall security of your gun, and your gun case, especially when traveling with your gun, is critical. The level of security that your gun can possess is up to you. While that sounds like a big responsibility on your part as a gun owner, you don’t need to stress out since this guide is purposely made to help you find the best gun case lock that you can rely on to secure your gun when going outside.

Let’s have a nice look at some of the best gun case locks worth buying in the market today. Each gun case lock is thoroughly reviewed, so it will be worth your time to see them.

Most gun cases feature a design that accepts gun case locks. The best gun case locks come in various types, so choosing the right one is important since locks determine the level of safety and security of your gun when traveling with it. Certainly, gun locks play a vital role in safeguarding your gun case and gun. They help to keep your gun from landing in the wrong hands. This means you can avoid the accident of your gun being a weapon for harm.  

When it comes to the best gun case locks, you can typically choose between a keyed lock and a combination lock. First, there is the keyed lock. Generally, this type of lock requires a key to open it. As one of the best options for security, keyed locks are usually very strong and difficult to pick. Losing your key, however, may make getting into your case difficult. This can conflict with your peace of mind since you need to think about safeguarding the key. 

With the flaw of keyed lock, the combination lock type shines. Losing a key with combination locks is impossible since you can set your code. As well as being easier to pick, keyed locks may be less secure at times. Choosing between the two types of gun case locks is sure about your needs and preferences since it is about suitability. You can even say that one is better and the other is not if you just reflect on what you need for your reliable gun case lock. 

One thing is for sure, you should always choose a lock that is strong and difficult to pick, regardless of the type. The ease of losing your keys or forgetting your code should also be considered when choosing a lock. Ultimately, the overall security of your gun and gun case is on you. So, you better know how to pick the right one. 

Today, we would like to share with you the best locks for gun cases – how to pick them out, what to look for, and even some suggestions! So you’ll be prepared the next time you’re on the road with your gun. Let’s start with knowing why choosing the best gun case lock is necessary. 

gun case lock

Why Choosing The Best Gun Case Lock Necessary?

While you might think that any lock is usable in gun cases, you can’t actually get away with that since you might be subjecting your gun and gun case to danger. That’s why you must know that investing in a reliable gun case lock will be worth your money. After all, you might be transporting your gun or traveling with it more often than you initially imagined since there can be a lot of reasons to go out with your gun. So, it is better to be safe and smart by having the best gun case lock. 

Choosing the right gun lock is one of the most important factors when buying a gun case if you wish to travel with it. Locks come in many forms, but they are not all equal. Different locks offer different levels of security and features. Keep your gun safe by choosing a gun case lock that suits your needs and is suitable for protecting your gun. 

Any gun owner should have a gun case as one of their most important equipment to rely on when transporting a valuable gun. As well as protecting your precious gun from theft and damage, it also keeps them out of the wrong hands. This means you should never settle for just ordinary locks. Definitely, you should always go for the best gun case locks that will never put your gun in danger. Locks like this have high security, which is worth every penny. 

Good thing you don’t have to get yourself in trouble by searching for the best gun case locks online since this guide compiles some of the best and high-quality ones worth buying. So, dive deep to see them below. 

8 Best Gun Case Locks

Gun case locks are a crucial component for the overall security of your gun, and your gun case, especially when traveling with your gun, is critical. The level of security that your gun can possess is up to you. While that sounds like a big responsibility on your part as a gun owner, you don’t need to stress out since this guide is purposely made to help you find the best gun case lock that you can rely on to secure your gun when going outside. 

Let’s have a nice look at some of the best gun case locks worth buying in the market today. Each gun case lock is thoroughly reviewed, so it will be worth your time to see them. 

1. Master Lock TSA Heavy-Duty Black Shackle Lock

Master Lock TSA Heavy-Duty Black Shackle Lock

The Master Lock TSA Heavy-Duty Black Shackle Lock is the ideal gun case lock to pick if you want to fly with your gun. This lock will let you have a trouble-free inspection with TSA screeners. What makes this a good lock companion is that it has a TSA-approved lock cylinder that allows security personnel to open your luggage for inspection without damaging it. 

When it comes to lock style, this shackle lock for gun cases features combination security. In fact, you can come up with 10,000 possible combinations by setting up your own. That’s why it will surely be hard to open your gun case by just anyone in just a few minutes. No need to worry that your gun will end up in an unauthorized person, while it is easy for TSA screeners to check and inspect your gun case and its content at the same time. 

Additionally, this heavy-duty lock is designed to withstand the rigors of travel and is designed to withstand the rigors of travel. As it can be set up and reset easily, the four-digit combination can be used on various cases, including gun cases, transport cases, and musical instrument cases. A lifetime guarantee backs this lock that your belongings are safe and secure.

Featuring a 1.31″W metal body with a 0.25″ shackle and a 1.88″L length, it is designed for luggage, equipment cases, gun cases, or bow cases. Steel construction resists cutting and sawing, and a unique side window makes viewing combinations easy. With how durable and secure this shackle lock is, this is a go-to choice for a gun case if you wish to fly with your gun. Easy to inspect, so expect no trouble using it. 

2. Master Lock No. 312DLH Padlock

Master Lock No. 312DLH Padlock

With another Master Lock on the list, it is quite obvious that the brand is surely home to outstanding gun case locks. And this No. 312DLH Padlock is also designed to be the best and most reliable, despite being a keyed lock. Hence, there is no need to doubt its capacity to protect and secure your gun together with other shooting valuables inside the gun case. 

In terms of durability, this Master Lock No. 312DLH Padlock features a durable steel body lined with a high-tech thermoplastic shell designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and a hardened steel shackle with molded cover. With its laminated body that can effectively withstand years of hard use and abuse, it is great to trust for reliable security, especially since it comes with a cut-resistant advantage. 

Another highlight of this padlock is its 2″ clearance design that guarantees superior locking versatility. Because of that, you can always use this, even if not for the gun case, proving that this is worth your money. After all, its quality costs, and you can even find it a little pricey compared to other ordinary locks. Ultimately, the added 4-pin cylinder design ensures further enhanced security that puts a tough challenge for potential thieves to open your case. 

Moreover, this gun case lock has a matching-colored key head and exciting, colorful outdoor protection for added convenience. With the Master Lock No. 312DLH Padlock, you can secure firearms and valuables without the hassle of protection and security. This basically stands out for having good protection from weather combined with its excellent versatility—valid reasons why this is great to try. 

3. SnapSafe TSA Padlock 2 Pack

SnapSafe TSA Padlock 2 Pack

If your gun accepts two padlocks for better security, then the SnapSafe TSA Padlock 2 Pack brings a good deal. Since these padlocks are designed for a 4-digit code, you don’t have to be troubled with safeguarding a key. Of course, you need to remember your code, but that won’t be too much of a hassle since it is not too hard to keep in mind an important code. More than that, they can be easily inspected without getting damaged. Therefore, you can use them for a long time. 

Regarding the construction, these padlocks are made to be all durable metal, proving how tough and secure they are when used to protect your gun case from unauthorized persons. In fact, their 4-digit code security is proven to be much harder to crack than 3-digit locks. Since there are 10,000 possible code combinations, there’s no way that thieves can unlock them in just a small amount of time. This challenge dramatically decreases the attempt to unlock your gun case. 

Moreover, a vinyl-covered cable shackle makes these SnapSafe TSA Padlock 2 Pack resistant to abuse from baggage handling equipment, and they are made of all metal for durability. In terms of suitability, these padlocks are meant to secure metal cases, camera equipment, or personal luggage for storage or air travel. That’s why you can find them useful and versatile in safeguarding valuables. This is a great reason why it is worth investing to buy high-quality gun case locks. 

All in all, there’s no reason to doubt that SnapSafe TSA Padlocks 2 Pack is also an excellent way to maintain your belongings safely. As well as providing convenient access to your luggage, they allow TSA screeners to examine the locks without damaging them. The tough metal construction that can withstand hard use will surely impress you. 

4. American Lock A5300D Steel Padlock

American Lock A5300D Steel Padlock

By appearance, the American Lock A5300D Steel Padlock looks fancy and still can get the job done in terms of securing a gun case. With the combined alloy steel material and chrome-plated finish, this high-quality gun case lock can surely deter a potential thief. The bad person will only be frustrated when they see that you are using this padlock to protect your valuable gun case. 

With a weight of half a pound and steel construction, the A5300D is definitely a big padlock with dimensions of 6.56 x 3.7 x 1.02 inches. Additionally, this steel gun case padlock features a shackle guard on this shackle, so you can’t get close to it. Shackle guards prevent manual tools from getting into the shackle to cut it. You’ll have to use a grinder to get through it, which will take a while (and a lot of noise). 

Moreover, the American Lock A5300D Steel Padlock is resistant to prying attacks, smashing attempts, and general hooligan attacks. An anti-hooliganism mechanism uses dual ball bearings. Picking is difficult due to the serrated pins, so you’ll have to be an expert lock picker. Overall, this keyed lock provides great security while still fitting gun cases. Since this is quite a big padlock, it is more suitable for big gun cases. 

With how impressive this steel padlock is constructed, it is no wonder it scores high in terms of sturdiness, lock feature, weatherproof advantage, and value for money. So, if you know you’ll need a big padlock, this one can fit your needs. 

5. Master Lock 3KALF Outdoor Padlock with Key

Master Lock 3KALF Outdoor Padlock with Key

Searching for a budget-friendly gun case lock? If so, the Master Lock 3KALF Outdoor Padlock is certainly what you are searching for, especially since it is always available at a discount. That’s why it will never cost your arms and legs to have this sturdy padlock that is not easy to open without breaking it. Of course, that’s not a choice for a thief, so you can surely keep your gun case not a target for thieves. 

Like other highly-durable gun case padlocks, this one is made from a tough alloy steel material that even fits different purposes aside from safeguarding gun cases. In fact, it is remarkably used for residential gates, garages, toolboxes, and many more. What’s more exciting is that Master Lock did not stop just constructing the padlock in tough material. Interestingly, it features an impressive laminated steel body and a hardened steel shackle.   

With how the 3KALF Outdoor Padlock is constructed, you can expect that it can stand out with next-level strength and security. Also, it is made as a commercial-grade padlock that is meant to impress with superior protection from drilling and prying. Even with some tools, it will be hard for thieves to break the padlock, preventing picking issues. That’s an advantage you can expect from a durable padlock with excellent cut and scratch resistance.

Despite being available at a budget-friendly price, this Master Lock 3KALF Outdoor Padlock is undeniably trustworthy with high security. No doubt that the purpose of protection and security is never compromised. Thus, you don’t have to fear having a little budget as you can always pick this one with no worries. 

6. SURE LOCK TSA Compatible Travel Luggage Locks

SURE LOCK TSA Compatible Travel Luggage Locks

Featuring a strong and stylish design, the SURE LOCK TSA Compatible Travel Luggage Locks truly deserve to be used for guarding and locking gun cases. Their versatility is supported by a push button feature for the locking mechanism. They are made to be highly dependable and easy to use since they feature large, easy-to-see numbers. In fact, they come with a design that features a white numeral on a black background for the combination dials. At the same time, the numbers are designed in high contrast, making them straightforward to read. 

When it comes to their construction, they are made from ultra-tough alloy material that surely is durable enough to endure the harshest handling and weather. Thanks to their hardened stainless-steel internal lock mechanisms, these gun case locks won’t ever rust or freeze up even after years of use. The more exciting part? You can get these gun case locks for a good deal. They won’t cost you much, actually. So, it is really interesting that they can offer the same perks as high-quality gun case locks. 

One of the best highlights of these SURE LOCK TSA Compatible Travel Luggage Locks is that they provide the best peace of mind when it comes to inspection. If the TSA inspector has opened your gun case, a button will pop out of the top of the cable lock. You can have a nice double-check with your gun case to make sure that nothing is missing from your valuables. These combination locks surely serve their purpose right, providing you with the best value for your money. 

These locks initially have a factory default combination of 000. So, all you need to do is to set your own unique combination. The process is so easy that you have nothing to complain about. Just a 3-digit combination, so it is easy to remember. Plus, there are thousands of possible codes that prove these locks are not easy to open. More than that, there are red indicator pop-up alerts that will give a clear sign if it is inspected and opened. Hence, you can quickly check your gun case and valuables. 

Overall, the SURE LOCK TSA Compatible Travel Luggage Locks proves that you don’t have to invest much just to have reliable combination locks for your gun case. And that’s the best selling point. 

7. Nanuk TSA Approved Case Lock

Nanuk TSA Approved Case Lock

Experience time-save and smooth security inspection with the Nanuk TSA Approved Case Lock. What makes it best is that it is designed to effortlessly meet high standards for security. In fact, it can easily be identified by screening agents and opened during the inspection, so there’s no possibility of trouble. It even features an interesting sentry red diamond logo that indicates it is easy to inspect. No wonder it is a gun case lock that won’t cause issues regarding security. 

Moreover, this gun case lock boasts a new and improved TSA-accepted customizable three-dial combination case lock. It is a kind of security that is easily checked for inspection but is hard to crack for thieves. Certainly, it is the kind of high-quality digit-code lock that you will want to have for your gun case. After all, it is easy to use and fit in most gun cases. You can say that it is a small but terrible gun case lock. 

Combining silicone tether and hardened steel shackle, this Nanuk TSA Approved Case Lock is tough and durable for long use. You will not go wrong with this one if you want a smooth flying experience with your gun, as there won’t be a hassle with TSA and airline requirements. 

8. Master Lock 1175LHSS ProSeries

Master Lock 1175LHSS ProSeries

Sporting a highly durable design in a brass body, the Master Lock 1175LHSS ProSeries looks like a tough combination lock that boasts extreme corrosion resistance. Also, it combines a stainless steel shackle with a seal and a dial dust cover that effectively protects internal components. More than that, it also features an impressive deadlocking mechanism that delivers strong protection against prying, shimming, and rap attacks. 

Moreover, this gun case combination lock is designed to be easy to use. With resettable 4-dial combination security, it guarantees keyless convenience. You can always reset it, allowing you to have your unique 4-digit code from 10,000 personalized combination codes possible. No tools and professional skills are required to use it. What’s more amazing is that it features operation even with wearing gloves, in low light places or complete darkness. 

All in all, if you are looking for a gun case combination lock that won’t disappoint in terms of strength and weather ability, this Master Lock 1175LHSS ProSeries is a go-to choice for a durable lock that can Master Lock 1175LHSS ProSeries. Protect your gun and gun case with this tough lock. 

Best Gun Case Lock Buying Guide

When picking the best gun case lock, you must have a buying guide to keep you on the right path. This buying guide includes the shackle, padlock body, and lock styles. 

gun case locks

The shackle is an important component of gun case locks since it also contributes to the security of the locks. Locks with thicker shackles are better since they are tougher to cut, delivering deep and more secure locking points. Remarkably, thickness is not just the only important component. It is not everything, actually. The shape also matters, especially with keyed locks. 

Moreover, the padlock body is another critical pressure point to contemplate on. With this, you must consider the material used. You will never be disappointed when going for gun case locks made from brass, hardened steel, stainless steel, and titanium. Luckily, the gun case locks that made it to the best list above are constructed from high-quality material, so you can ensure that choosing from them will be worth it. 

Ultimately, you will have to choose between key or combination locks. It is like picking between a simple lock with no code to memorize but a key to key or a lock that can’t be picked but requires you to always keep the code in mind. Always go with what you prefer to avoid feeling bad about what you choose. As long as you pick a gun case lock that fits security standards, you’ll be all good. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Want to know more about the best gun case locks and other related topics about them? Some of the questions frequently asked are as follows. Explore to learn more. 

Should I use a TSA lock on a gun case?

Technically speaking, you can use any brand or type of lock that is meant for gun cases. You don’t necessarily need to go for a TSA-approved lock. Yet, this doesn’t mean that your effort of going for a TSA-recognized lock won’t give you an advantage. As a matter of fact, it is an undeniable fact that using a TSA-approved gun case lock will let you have a better and hassle-free security checkpoint. 

You no longer need to feel bothered about the security checkpoint damaging your gun case lock if you use the TSA-approved lock in the first place. That said, it will be worth your effort to use a TSA lock on your gun case.  

How many locks do you need on a gun case?

In some cases, one gun case lock is enough to secure small gun cases. While that is the case for small gun cases, you might need more than one padlock for securing a long gun case as you need to lock all sides. Even though you might think of multiple locks as an additional hassle, they are actually great security components that effectively prevent unwanted parties from prying the long gun case open. 

To know whether you need just one gun case lock or more, you need to check your gun case. If there are designs for multiple padlocks, it is much better to fill all the spaces with padlocks.  

What locking device for guns is the safest?

When it comes to locking devices for guns to safeguard them, there are a lot of options to go for. These include lock boxes, safes, or gun vaults that come with a push button, combination, or digital keypad lock. Of course, each locking device is different from the others, so it is quite challenging to know which locking device is the safest. 

The bottom line is no matter what security locking device you prefer, you must make sure that it meets the safety standards for gun security. 

Which is better: keyed locks or number locks?

Generally, you will have to choose between keyed locks and number locks. And they are entirely different from one another despite having the same purpose. For instance, number locks depend on digit codes for their security level. Since there are thousands of possible combinations, it is hard to crack them in just a few minutes. Thieves will surely have a hard time and will double-think about taking their chances. 

Conversely, keyed locks work exactly how they sound. They depend on a key for access. What makes them different from number locks is that they are more durable and tough because of their all-metal construction. Hence, they are hard to damage and open. With that said, knowing which is better is quite challenging since it all boils down to personal preferences and needs. 

Will the TSA cut my lock?

Regarding security checkpoints, you are required to have a lock for your gun case. If TSA officers check your gun case and cannot open it through other means, your lock will be cut. For that reason, you need to be careful when choosing the best gun case locks. You should never settle with just ordinary locks since they will be useless if they fail to meet security standards. Ultimately, you should go for gun case locks that are easy to open when needed for checkpoints but impossible to crack open.

Can a locksmith pick TSA locks?

If you ever lost your key for your TSA keyed lock or failed to remember your digit code in the TSA number lock, you can always ask for help from a professional locksmith that has the necessary skill to open your high-quality TSA locks. You must look for a skilled locksmith that can open your locks without damaging your gun case. Basically, it is always much better to leave the job to the professionals than to mess up. 

How much are gun case locks?

Gun case locks typically have prices that start from $10 and go over $20 and more. Obviously, they are a little pricey compared to ordinary locks that you can find in hardware stores. Quality costs, that explains why. High-quality gun case locks provide unbeatable security, proving they are worth purchasing. Despite costing you more than ordinary locks, they guarantee better functionality and next-level security.

Where to get the best gun case locks?

While you are at it, you can enjoy the perks of looking for the best gun case locks online. Online stores have a wide array of gun case lock options that you can choose from. As long as you avoid suspicious sites, you will be good. In fact, you can always find your best gun case lock online. Amazon and Cabela’s are some of the trustworthy online stores you can check out to avoid getting ripped off online or experiencing bad with your shopping. 

Final Thoughts

A good lock is worth the investment. You shouldn’t use a lock to secure your gun if you can smash it off with a hammer. It’s not a good lock if it’s from the dollar store. A good gun case lock can be purchased at a reasonable price since it can deliver high security. Buying a hundred dollars worth of locks is pretty inexpensive. Having learned about the best locks, select a gun case lock that will keep your firearm safe and worth the price.

Friends, good gun case locks make all the difference. Hence, explains why it is highly important to choose the right one. Hopefully, this helpful guide will serve its purpose and help you find the best gun case locks that will actually assist you in terms of safeguarding your valuable guns while going outside with them. Survival Gear Shack has more guides and reviews like this, so if you have time, you can explore our site.

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