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Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent Detailed Review In 2024

Camping is always an incredible way to be closer to nature. Finding peace and being able to bond with other campers is always priceless. Yet, you can’t do all that without guaranteeing a large camping tent you can trust for comfort and protection. The only way you can ensure a great camping tent is by checking the full details.

That’s exactly what we will do with the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent. Let’s check the detailed review below since the relevant information can help you decide your buying decision. Go over them:

In search of the best 8 person instant tents you can use for group camping adventures? If so, you are on the right site to know one of the best. Today, you can discover the detailed review about the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent here. It is from a well-trusted and reputable brand that offers the best camping tents. Thus, you can never go wrong with deciding to learn more about it.

While Coleman is a top brand that knows what campers need to camp safely and comfortably, the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is still not perfectly made. With that being said, you can still experience evident flaws when you actually use it for camping. Despite a few flaws, this Coleman instant camping tent is worth investing in. 

Let’s not waste any second and just dive into the first impressions with this large camping tent with an instant setup advantage. Scroll down to explore the detailed review. 

coleman 8 person instant tent

First Impressions

Even with just a quick glimpse at the online store, the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent already looks like a reliable camping tent for a large group of campers. Surely, it can be a great family camping tent that can shield everyone from the nasty outdoor elements that ruin the outdoor camping experience. 

Additionally, this 8 person camping tent looks really tall and measures more than 6 feet. That’s why you can ensure that it is a tall tent made ideally to accommodate tall campers. No need to bother worrying about hitting your head on the top or having to bend. With this tall Coleman camping tent, you can enjoy camping and don’t need to feel bad about your height.

Regarding protection, the Coleman 8 Person Tent is equipped with obvious weather protection boosters, such as the integrated rainfly. With that in consideration, you don’t have to be bothered if it is rainy outside since the weather protection features can keep the tent dry and safe. In fact, you can rest inside with everyone while waiting for the weather to get better.

Obvious of its name, this 8 person camping tent comes with a large livable space to fit a large group of campers inside. More likely, the space can be divided to maximize it and create privacy. That’s great if you want your own sleeping area or want to enjoy the alone time during camping. 

So far, the features and functionality to expect with the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent already sound good, right? Well, you can have high expectations from Coleman. It is one of the leading camping tent brands, after all. Hence, you won’t have to doubt discovering more about its 8 person camping tent model. 

Therefore, go over its specifications and features below. 

coleman 8 person cabin tent

Specifications to Keep in Mind

The 8 Person Instant Tent from the Coleman store can perform well in terms of functionality and durability. To check if it can meet your camping needs, go over its specifications to keep in mind. Considering the following details can help you contemplate your buying decision. Take a closer look at them: 

Brand Name: Coleman

Country of Origin: United States

Model Name: Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

Design: Camping Tent

Tent Size: 14 x 10 Feet

Season: 3-Season

Overall Tent Dimensions (L x W x H): 44.5 x 12.8 x 12.5 inches

Installation Type: Instant

Colors: Black / Blue / Brown

Occupancy: 7 or more

Tent Material: Thick Polyguard Fabric

Poles: Steel Poles, Plastic Hinge

Center Height: 6 ft. 7 inches

Package Weight: ‎17.21 Kilograms

Recommended Uses: Camping and Hiking

Manufacturer: ‎The Coleman Company, Inc.

Guarantee: 1 Year Limited Warranty

Price: Starts at $230 on Amazon

Features to Expect with the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

Following are the best features you can expect with this large camping tent from group campers:

  • Spacious Interior 
  • Instant Setup with Poles Pre-Attached to Canopy
  • Single-layer
  • Two rooms structure
  • Equipped with room dividers
  • Several huge windows
  • Can Accommodate 4 Queen Mattresses
  • 6 ft 5 in peak height
  • Freestanding 
  • Two vents
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Durable Double Thick Polyester Fabric
  • Rip Strip on carrying Bag for Easy Re-Packing
  • Stable Steel Framework & Stakes
  • Incorporates Weathertec Waterproofing Features

The Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent’s Full Review

Camping is always an incredible way to be closer to nature. Finding peace and being able to bond with other campers is always priceless. Yet, you can’t do all that without guaranteeing a large camping tent you can trust for comfort and protection. The only way you can ensure a great camping tent is by checking the full details. 

That’s exactly what we will do with the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent. Let’s check the detailed review below since the relevant information can help you decide your buying decision. Go over them:


Even with the pictures alone, it is quite obvious that the Coleman 8 Person Camping Tent is a very tall tent. At the same time, it is also highly evident that it is crafted with a cabin style. It is great since the style alone makes the camping tent high and stable. Interestingly, you can compare it to a giant-like spider because of its tent poles.

While the camping tent features a giant spider structure, the poles do not function just as designs. In fact, it makes the tent really cool, especially when it encounters windy conditions. You can expect it to maintain its solid structure even if the weather is not on your side. However, it might be swayed if it meets typhoon-like weather. Nonetheless, it is an intense scene you won’t probably be bothered by. 

Moreover, it also boasts a single-layer structure. This explains why the camping tent has its rainfly built-in or integrated. The good news is you can add an extra fly to upgrade its waterproof resistance. It can be a wise move if you want to be ready for the unpredictable weather. After all, nothing is wrong with being fully prepared, right?

Another best part of the Coleman 8 Person Camping Tent’s structure is its freestanding advantage. Being freestanding means that you can easily set it up on terrain. Aside from that, you are also free to move or change the direction of the tent according to your liking. Thanks to its structure, it can adjust how you want to set it up. If you don’t like a sensitive tent, this one can be the best option.

Additionally, the cabin-style camping tent included durable stakes and guylines to add excellent stability to the structure. It is best to bear in mind that you can have the best stability and resilience from the weather if you stake out the tent on the ground. Obviously, you need to expect that it will require you more time and effort. But not so much if you think about safety and comfortability.

With a peak height of 6 ft. 7 in, changing clothes and doing indoor activities is much more comfortable with this tall tent. You can rest comfortably inside with the whole gang when the weather is bad. Sounds like a great camping experience. Meanwhile, the two doors ensure easy entry and exit.

Each door compliments the structure of the Coleman 8 Person Camping Tent. One is an inverted T-shaped zippered door, while the other is D-shaped. Both are made with mesh and panels to ensure weather protection. All in all, the structure is on the good side and does not look cheap. 

Tent Material

Regarding material, the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is made from quality waterproof fabric. That’s why you don’t have to worry that it will disappoint you with its quality. The fabric material is high-grade, so you can expect that you can rely on it, particularly in mild weather camping conditions.

Besides that, the camping tent also has durable floor seals in a plastic welding type. Additionally, the tent fabric material is a highly durable double thick rugged Polyguard. With that being said, you can ensure that you can use the tent consistently. Its long lifespan assures you that you can get a highly functional camping tent in return for what you will pay for. 

easy setup coleman 8 person instant tent

Tent Weight and Setup

From its specifications, you can expect the tent to have 47 in x 10 in dimensions. Since it is a camping tent that can accommodate a group of campers, you probably need to save space for your car when packing all your camping gear. Don’t worry; placing the tent on the car’s roof is also a good option when there’s no space.

Obviously, the 8 person camping tent is not lightweight compared to other regular camping tents. As a matter of fact, it will require a car to be able to carry it along with you and reach the camping destination with no trouble. That way, you will not regret bringing a large camping tent instead of bringing several small tents. 

On the other hand, you won’t probably be surprised with the tent setup. Well, the name says it all about the tent setup: instant. The Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent has an instant setup because its frame is already pre-attached to the tent and its main poles are telescopic. 

All you need to do to set up the camping tent is to extend its telescopic poles after you unfold the tent. The ticking sound and button indicate that you did the setup procedure right. Pretty much easy and quick. It is not an overstatement for Coleman to say that the job can be done in just several minutes. That said, it is a great starter tent for first-time campers. 

Nothing is wrong when experienced campers also choose it, especially if they are already fed up with snapping poles. Work smarter and not harder, they say. 

Tent Capacity

spacious inside coleman 8 person instant tent

Frankly, Coleman declared this large camping tent as an 8-person tent. To be fair, it can accommodate up to 8 campers with its massive size. But, we must be mindful of the comfortability. And that’s the reality of it. Aside from that, you also need to spare some space for your camping gear and accessories inside. It is inconvenient to leave most of your things in the car, right?

Moreover, this 8 person camping tent doesn’t come with an external stitch option. At the same time, it also doesn’t have a vestibule either. So, there is no bonus space to expect. Nonetheless, you can still fit up to four queen-size airbeds. Two campers sleeping on each air bed is the ideal scenario with that. 

If you use the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent with your family—including kids—the ideal strategy is to use bunk beds for kids and a queen-size bed. That way, you can guarantee that there will be adequate space left for your camping gear and other stuff. The strategy to make the most of the tent’s space is on your hands.  

Weather Resistance

What makes the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent apart from other camping tents is its incredible WeatherTec Features. That said, you can expect it to provide serious protection from the weather. Thanks to the WeatherTec Features, the camping tent is equipped with inverted seams that add weather resistance.

Additionally, it is also engineered with a strong, more wind-responsive frame with the guy-out triangles and redesigned poles. Meanwhile, the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent also boasts incredible zipper protection. In fact, the zipper cuff is constructed from weather-resistant fabric. Obviously, it also adds weather protection to the door. 

Moreover, the welding-inspired technology reinforces the tent’s floor’s strength while eliminating needle holes at the same time. Besides that, there are also added rain protection panels on all the windows. The good thing is you can incorporate a separate rainfly to improve the overall weather resistance. 

While you can be confident with the weather resistance of this Coleman camping tent, you can enjoy using it more during mild weather conditions. That way, you don’t have to be bothered hurdling with the frustrating wind and rain. 


Greatly, you can trust that the likelihood of the ventilation issues with the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is low, thanks to its style and structure. Of course, it is also jam-packed with ventilation booster features, including several huge windows. Naturally, plenty of airflows will go throughout the tent. The great ventilation is beneficial during summer camping adventures.

Interestingly, the windows are paired with mesh panels. That’s why you can enjoy a bug-free interior. Meanwhile, the two doors can provide you with the chance to improve the overall ventilation inside the tent. In fact, all you must do is to keep them open. Opening them also allows you to have natural light inside. 

Additionally, there are also two vents designed inside. They allow constant airflow to breathe inside properly. No feeling of stuffy or suffocation-like, even if everyone is inside. 

Room Divider

Since the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is highly spacious, it is quite obvious that it comes with a room divider. This will allow you to split the abundance of space to create rooms and adds a higher level of privacy. All you must do is attach the room divider to the side walls through some loops and toggles. 

Also, the room divider comes with a central zipper. When you need the whole floor space for the activity, you can just roll up the room divider and fix it on the ceiling. It is great to have separate rooms and privacy whenever you want, right? Surely, having a room divider is a plus point for a large camping tent. 

Storage Pockets and Other Features

Frankly, the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is quite a spacious large camping tent. That’s why it is disappointing that it only comes with two small mesh pockets. Nothing more than that. With that being said, you need to be smarter about keeping your camping gear and accessories neat and organized. After all, all you can store with the two small mesh pockets are keys, flashlights, and other small things. 

easy to pack coleman 8 person instant tent

On the other hand, the carry bag is a plus point since it can help you carry the camping tent much easier and more manageable. It is a great help, especially if you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to pack it. To ease the transportation, there are also straps included. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some popular questions campers ask about the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent and the relevant topics. Check them out below: 

What can I do if the top bars of the tent don’t extend?

While the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is made ideally with instant pitch advantage, it is possible that there are some issues with it, including the top bars. When you encounter this issue, you can check if the top bars have only gotten upside down. If that’s what really the problem is, you need to make sure that the flat side of the leg bar is facing down toward the tent roof and disconnect the clips to solve the issues. 

If the first solution is ineffective, you can detach the poles and reattach them again. Also, you can check if the pole joints are inverted. When you are already done organizing the poles and the top bars, you can proceed with the setup process. 

Does the Coleman 8 Person Camping Tent leak without the rainfly?

The rainfly is to add more secure weather protection to the camping tent. Without it, the tent can become more vulnerable to the weather. However, if it is about light rain and wind, you can ease your mind because the interior will remain dry. On the flip side, it might leak inside if the weather becomes intense. That’s why it is better to be prepared for the unpredictable weather and always use the rainfly. 

Are there screen roof options for the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent?

The Coleman 8 Person Tent does not come with screen roof options. Frankly, the absence of the screen roof feature does not make the tent inferior to its competitors. In fact, not having it can prevent the issues of rotten parts. That’s why it might be good not to have screen roof options at some point. 

Why is the Brown color of the Coleman 8 Person Camping Tent more expensive than the other colors?

The Coleman tent for 8 people is available in three colors: Black, Blue, and Brown. Out of the three, Brown is slightly more expensive. With that being said, many campers wonder if the Brown one has the best quality. Well, since the price difference is not that high, it is safe to say that the difference is just a result of preference and demand. 

More campers like the Brown than the Black, making it cost a little more. Nonetheless, the quality is just similar. Thus, there’s no need to contemplate long about choosing the color. You can just follow your preference, just like the other campers. 

Do campers need additional stakes with the Coleman 8 Person Camping Tent?

There’s no need for the additional stakes with just typical weather. Unless the outdoors has a very windy condition, the additional stakes are just extra work. With that in consideration, it is wise to check your typical campsite weather, especially if it will be your first time going there. That way, you can determine if adding stakes is useful or not. 

What is the best way to transport the Coleman 8 Person Camping Tent?

Honestly, the 8 person camping tent is quite complicated to transport since it is a large tent. If you really need to transport it, you can add straps on the carry bag to manage it better. You need to use a collapsible wagon when it is too heavy for you to trek with it. Remember that you can always easily transport the large camping tent with the help of other campers. It is great to start your bond and teamwork with transporting it.

Can you purchase a canopy for the tent?

Compared to other large camping tents, the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is not best to be paired with a canopy. To be specific, you can purchase a canopy, but it will not be as useful as you think. The canopy will not bring a significant difference in the functionality of the camping tent. 

Where can I buy the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent?

Without a doubt, there are countless online stores where you can buy the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent. Besides online stores, you can also buy it at a local camping store. If you want effortless buying, you can just explore online to see your choices. However, you must be extra careful so that you won’t get ripped off. Surely, you can buy at Amazon, Walmart, or even the Coleman store. 

Pros and Cons

Still feel undecided? Well then, check the pros and cons below. 


  • Very spacious and comfortable interior.
  • The ceiling is high enough to allow tall campers to walk comfortably around or change clothes.
  • Several windows and two doors guarantee plenty of airflow inside.
  • The camping tent fits in its carry bag excellently. 
  • The fabric/material is strong. 
  • The price is reasonable.
  • Good durable telescopic poles.
  • Plenty of ground space for camping gear.
  • Equipped with WeatherTec Features.
  • Has a freestanding advantage.


  • The camping tent is too heavy for long hiking trips.
  • There can be problems with the tent poles.
  • You can’t buy replacement poles for the camping tent since they are not available.
  • Heat can get trapped in the ceiling. 
  • No vestibule.
  • Few storage pockets.
  • Not extremely waterproof.
  • Vulnerable to intense wind and rain.
coleman 8 person camping tent

The Verdict

When it comes to group camping adventures, the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent performs very well. Even though it is an excellent camping tent, you will surely experience some of its few flaws. After all, it is far from being perfect. Regardless of that fact, when you evaluate it depending on the space, weather resistance, ventilation, height, structure, and fabric material used, it stands out among regular 8 person tents. 

Once again, you must bear in mind that the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent has an incredible instant setup mechanism. The combined telescopic poles and pre-attached frame guarantee it. Thus, you can expect it as stress-free to manage and set up. You can keep the work minimal for more enjoyable camping moments. Best of all, it has a highly reasonable price that won’t break the bank. 

Now that you have already learned the detailed review of the camping tent, including the pros and cons, the choice to buy it is in your hands. The wise thing to do so you can have an unregretful option is to always reflect on what are your needs and standards while checking the features to see if they meet your preferences.  

Meanwhile, if you want to explore different camping tents, you can take a tour of the Survival Gear Shack website

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