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7 Best Pop Up Tents Reviewed in 2024, Plus Best Pop Up Tent Buying Guide

In general, the best pop up tent is specifically built to solve the problem of camping tent setup. Pop up tents live by their name of having an instant pop up effect. By that, you don’t need to spend a long-time installation with it.

Wisely, the best pop up tents are ready to use once you remove them from their carrying bag. High-grade pop up tents can only take a few minutes to set up — a few seconds are the fastest time. For that reason, the rapid setup of the pop up tents is second to none.

Even though camping is a great time to bond, you don’t want to spend your precious time setting up your camping tent, right? If you don’t want to destroy your mood because of uncooperative poles and rainfly, it is time to choose the best pop up tent. Typically, the best pop up tents are crafted with clever and innovative designs. By that, they instantly pop up to their form when you remove them from their bags. 

Since you don’t have to deal with poles and stakes, you can use your time for more fun activities or a quick rest. Basically, the best pop up tents can help you experience trouble-free and stress-free camping. After all, they are the results of great innovation — no hassle with the setup, no problem. Surely, you have nothing to complain about the best pop up tents for the setup process, unlike the traditional camping tents

That being said, it is great to try the high-quality pop up tents if you are already fed up with setting up your camping tent. Don’t search elsewhere because you can find the best options here. So, if you are ready to discover a struggle-free camping experience, let’s get started. 

best pop up tent

7 Best Pop Up Tents

In general, the best pop up tent is specifically built to solve the problem of camping tent setup. Pop up tents live by their name of having an instant pop up effect. By that, you don’t need to spend a long-time installation with it. 

Wisely, the best pop up tents are ready to use once you remove them from their carrying bag. High-grade pop up tents can only take a few minutes to set up —  a few seconds are the fastest time. For that reason, the rapid setup of the pop up tents is second to none. 

Additionally, these specialized tents are convenient. So, they are suited for first-time campers. They are great for portability but not outstanding with durability. However, don’t judge too quickly because most of them still have great features, including waterproof advantage and UV protection. 

While even the best pop tents are still not free of flaws, you must know that there is no perfectly made camping tent. What’s important is that pop up tents can meet your standards and preferences with the setup. Once again, there’s no need to go elsewhere because there is a compiled list here. So, have a look below. 

1. Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent

Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent

The Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent brings you top-notch innovation with your camping tent. Yet, it still follows traditional input by presenting a roomy space for 4 campers. Specifically, it features a footprint of 9’2″ x 6’6″ with a 3’4″ center height. With that being said, it has enough room to accommodate a group of campers and two camp pads. 

Moreover, this pop up tent for camping is equipped with pre-assembled poles. That’s why you don’t have to exert full effort and energy. In fact, you can even get things done in a matter of minutes. So, you can quickly take your best relaxation time. When there’s less effort needed with your outdoor shelter, you can do more to make your camping experience more memorable. 

Don’t feel terrified if the weather is not on your side; even if it rains with strong winds, you won’t get soaked inside the Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent. Greatly, it is equipped with a ventilated multi-position rainfly and taped floor seams. Together, they can keep you dry without any worry about the leaks. Hence, you won’t need to feel bad if Mother Nature wants you to get soaked. 

While this pop up tent from Coleman has adequate room to accommodate up to 4 campers, it is lightweight. In particular, it only weighs about 7.1 lbs. That’s why it can be your ready-to-go pop up tent. As for what’s inside the tent, you can look forward to storage pockets. They are extra features that can hold your valuables to keep everything clean and no mess on the tent floor. 

Overall, the Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent is a simple yet roomy camping tent. Remember that the takedown process can be tricky, so it will be great to practice at home. Nonetheless, it is a free-standing pop up tent, so it is good without stakes. Except it can be vulnerable during extreme weather conditions. 

2. Toogh 3-4 Person Pop Up Camping Tent

Toogh 3-4 Person Pop Up Camping Tent

Featuring a hexagon form and rugged style, the Toogh 3-4 Person Pop Up Camping Tent is another great option you can choose from. While it looks rugged, you don’t have to doubt its durability. It is made tough by the combined 210D high-grade Oxford cloth and fine craftsmanship. That’s why it is great to use for any season of camping. 

Additionally, this pop up camping tent also includes excellent features, such as water resistance and rain fly. Not only that, but it is also furnished with durable six angle designs. That’s why you can ensure that it can remain solid and stable even when encountering intense wind and rain while camping. 

As for the pop up effect, the Toogh 3-4 Person Pop Up Camping Tent presents an innovative automatic installation. For that, you only need to lift up the top of the tent and organize its poles to set it up well and sturdy. What’s even greater is that it also has a quick and convenient takedown process. That being said, you will have no problem with the setup. 

Moreover, this pop up tent for camping also boasts an excellent waterproof capacity of 3000mm. Plus, it is also complemented with a silicone coating. With that being said, you don’t have to be frustrated when you encounter rain and wind during camping. Just rest inside while waiting for the fine weather condition to go back. 

What’s good to buy from the Toogh store is because you can pick from different colors, such as Blue, Army Brown, Brick, Brown, Dark Red, and Dark Green. They are far from being low-quality. After all, countless campers have already tried it out. So far, you can even check out reviews about them. Wisely, they are a mix of good and bad reviews, so you can decide well about getting it. 

Going back to the features, this pop up camping tent is equipped with a durable and large net. So, you can have protection against bugs and mosquitoes. On the other hand, it boasts advanced venting designs through its mesh windows. Hence, you can enjoy an exceptional quality of ventilation. Therefore, you can comfortably stay inside. 

On top of the fantastic features, it is great to choose the Toogh 3-4 Person Pop Up Camping Tent because there is no need to splash a serious amount of money just to get it. Hence, it is a great balance of quality and cost. 

3. Moon Lence 4-Person Pop Up Camping Tent

Moon Lence 4-Person Pop Up Camping Tent

If you are on a budget, the Moon Lence 4-Person Pop Up Camping Tent is worth considering. Yet, don’t need to worry about the quality and features because it doesn’t stand behind the pricey pop up camping tents. As a matter of fact, it even boasts special features, including high water resistance at 2000 millimeters. Plus, it is also built from quality polyurethane material. 

Interestingly, you can also choose a color for this pop up camping tent: Green, Camel, and Blue. You can utilize it for camping and backpacking trips. Meanwhile, it is also spacious to fit up to 4 campers. Plus, you can pack and carry it anywhere with you since it only weighs about 9.9 lbs. It is convenient and easy to use. 

As the name implies, the Moon Lence 4-Person Pop Up Camping Tent boasts a rapid and easy setup. You only need to get the tent out of the package and unstrap the tent. Then, you need to effortlessly throw it into the air. Instantly, it will open in just seconds. When it comes to space, it is spacious enough to accommodate up to four campers in one camping trip. 

Even though this pop up tent is within a budget price range, you can still rely upon its stability to offer comfortable outdoor shelter. It is possible because it is efficiently equipped with the combined guy ropes and lightweight yet durable alloy pegs — these features make it more secure and can withstand high winds. 

Moreover, it is also breathable inside the Moon Lence 4-Person Pop Up Camping Tent since it comes with mesh windows and large doors. Aside from that, there is also an extra mesh window designed on the top. The mesh window produces excellent ventilation, making it relaxing to stay in the tent even for long hours. 

Furthermore, this pop up camping tent comes with a top waterproof cover. By that, no moisture can make you uncomfortable while camping. Ultimately, you can ease your mind that there is no water seepage issue during rainy camping days. All in all, the 4-Person Pop Up Camping Tent from the Moon Lence is a great choice if you are looking for an instant tent with reinforced strength yet lightweight and has an affordable price. It will let you camp with confidence and less worry. 

4. Ayamaya 6-Person Pop Up Tent

Ayamaya 6-Person Pop Up Tent

Searching for a highly versatile pop up tent? Then, look no further because the Ayamaya 6-Person Pop Up Tent is specifically built for multiple purposes, including camping, backpacking, hiking, travel, backyard use, and many more. Besides that, it is also equipped with special features, such as waterproof advantage and excellent ventilation.

Additionally, this pop up tent is made of quality polyester material. As for the form, it presents an incredible vestibule design and a spacious interior of a 12.5 x 8.5 feet floor. It is roomy enough to accommodate five to six campers together with camping gear and accessories. There is also a room divider that allows you to have a separate room. 

Certainly, the Ayamaya 6-Person Pop Up Tent is one of the most incredibly unique instant tents you will come across. In fact, it is equipped with a special double-layer design, featuring an inner and outer layer. With this fine design, you don’t have to stress yourself out with any possible condensation. Meanwhile, the gap between the double layer is where you can see the ground vents. 

The ground vents offer additional ventilation that can produce a cool breeze in the summer evening and warm spring. Meanwhile, the combined mesh windows, doors, and rear hooded vents also help to create a great quality of ventilation. On the other hand, the nylon door with the double-sided zipper ensures total privacy. 

Moreover, this pop up tent from the Ayamaya store is a waterproof tent that is made of the combined 3000MM waterproof PU-Coated polyester fabric roof and 4000MM waterproof PU-Coated oxford groundsheet. With that, you don’t have to fear leaks during nasty weather conditions. Therefore, you can be confident with the comfortability and durability of this tent while camping. It can keep you safe while you are relaxing. 

Of course, this one will not be on the list if it is hard to set up. Greatly, it is already equipped with pre-assembled poles. No need to be stressed with complicated instructions or fumbled with tent poles. With that being said, you can truly enjoy the pitching process. Overall, it is a great pop-up tent made of combined fine craftsmanship and quality materials to afford incredible flexibility. 

5. Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent

Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent

If you like camping solo and want a spacious outdoor shelter, the Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent is the instant tent you need. Specifically, it can accommodate up to three campers. Hence, it will be highly spacious if you use it for your solo camping trip. Simultaneously, you don’t have to worry about finding space for your camping gear and accessories. 

What makes this pop up camping tent more amazing is its fresh and black patented fabric. It creates a great blackout effect even in broad daylight. That said, you can sleep any time of the day and get the quality rest you need. Greatly, the blackout effect eliminates the struggle when the break of dawn. If you are a light sleeper, this is an advantage. 

Thanks to the Easy Guide System, this pop up tent with a blackout effect folds, and the setup process is only in just a few seconds. Plus, it has a free-standing structure, so you can ensure that it will not easily wobble when it gets windy. Truly, it is a highly portable and lightweight instant tent with 7.30 pounds. It is a great ready-to-go pop up camping tent. 

Moreover, the Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent is also built with materials that can provide a heat reduction advantage. In particular, it features a durable fly sheet with two side panels. Not only that it can reduce the heat inside, but it can also let the cool air circulate. Thus, there will always be refreshing, cool air inside while preventing the development of condensation. 

Furthermore, this pop up tent comes with waterproof ability. As a matter of fact, it was tested and could withstand 200 mm of water or the average tropical rain. Regarding durability, it is specifically meant to withstand 50 km/h winds. So, you don’t have to fear it will wobble when it gets windy outside. 

Once again, the Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent is a lightweight and ready-to-go instant tent you can carry anywhere if you are up for a solo camping adventure. 

6. Abco Tech Pop Up Tent

Abco Tech Pop Up Tent

Featuring nylon material and mesh designs, the Abco Tech Pop Up Tent is jam-packed with several special features, including water resistance and UV protection. That’s why it is great to use for camping and hiking. Plus, it is ultralight at 3.7 pounds. For that, it is surely not a burden to pack it as an outdoor shelter. Certainly, you can experience effortless camping.

Greatly, this pop up tent can open in just a blink of an eye. So, it is always ready to use. In fact, it needs more effort for the folding back process. However, you don’t need to panic because it will only take a few seconds or minutes. Practice can help! Therefore, it is ideal for casual camping and backpacking. On top of that, it also has a budget-friendly price. So, trying it will not cost much. 

In terms of designs, the Abco Tech Pop Up Tent includes camper-friendly features. First, it is equipped with double doors, which are located on the left and right side. That’s why you can make an easy entry and exit from any side you are comfortable with. Meanwhile, there is also a combined outer zippered nylon and inner zippered screen layer. By that, you can effortlessly get either complete privacy or a breathable area. 

The mesh windows on the back and front are added to provide a high breathability advantage. They allow the great quality of ventilation to circulate for high comfortability. On the other hand, the solid nylon flaps designed over the windows allow outstanding privacy. Further, you can easily open the mesh windows if you want to observe the outdoors while staying inside the tent. 

Surely, you can guarantee you will not feel ripped off buying the Abco Tech Pop Up Tent since it comes with a durable carrying bag and a small bag for accessories. With the bag, you can have the ideal storage that won’t consume much space and is also easy to transport. Meanwhile, the bag for accessories helps to make everything organized. 

Best of all, it has a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. That’s why you can be confident that you will lose nothing in buying this pop up tent. 

7. Londtren 4-Person Easy Pop Up Tent

Londtren 4-Person Easy Pop Up Tent

Need a four-person tent that can take form in a snap? If so, there’s no need to search elsewhere; the Londtren 4-Person Easy Pop Up Tent can give you exactly what you need. It is an instant tent constructed from nice craftsmanship and quality materials, including nylon and polyester. Thus, it scores high for durability and quality. 

This pop up camping tent comes with already pre-assembled poles. So, all you need to do for the setup is open the carrying bag and let go. It is enjoyable and easy. After all, there is no need to waste time when camping when you can take advantage of the best pop up tent. While it is effortless to set up, don’t worry about its stability because it can remain steady even if it suddenly rains and winds. 

Of course, what’s the use of going outdoors if you can’t enjoy the cool breeze? Luckily, it is not an issue with the Londtren 4-Person Easy Pop Up Tent. It has great features that allow the cool air to circulate inside, including the mesh windows. Meanwhile, the nylon door seals completely, promoting great privacy and protection. It is convenient, especially when it rains outside. 

Moreover, this pop up tent from the Londtren store measures a fairly 9.2 x 6.6 feet floor. It is adequately spacious, considering it can house up to 2-4 campers. However, it only comes with 4.3 feet center height. With that being said, it might be a little uncomfortable for tall campers to manage inside without bumping their head. Regardless, it is still impressive since it only weighs about 12 lbs, considering how roomy it can be. 

Greatly, the Londtren 4-Person Easy Pop Up Tent is equipped with a vestibule. It is a space ideal for storing outer clothing and muddy shoes. That way, it is easier to prevent dirt from entering the tent. As for durability, it boasts a combined 110G PE groundsheet fabric and 190T Polyester Fabric. Hence, it is waterproof and tearproof. 

Overall, this easy pop up tent is well-made and durable that’s great enough to use for outdoor activities like backyard resting, casual camping, recreational activities, and many more. 

Final Thoughts: Best Pop Up Tent Buying Guide

When buying the best pop up tent, you must be strict and know what you need. If you need help, here are the great buying guide factors to consider:

pop up tent


Definitely, you can’t go camping if your pop up tent is insufficient to accommodate everyone. It will be too uncomfortable to camp. Therefore, you must consider your ideal size and how many people you will camp with. One great tip for size is to choose a larger one. For instance, if you will be with five people, it is much greater to choose an 8-person tent. Hence, you won’t worry about the space for camping gear and accessories. 

Ease of Use

Since you are looking for pop up tents, you can already guarantee ease of use. However, some models are easier to use than others. If you want a completely stress-free setup, it is better to choose ones that can take form in a snap, like the Londtren 4-Person Easy Pop Up Tent


Proper ventilation is the key to staying comfortable inside the tent. Luckily, it can take several forms, including ground vents, wall ventilation panels, or mesh doors and windows. They can boost the circulation of the great airflow, so be sure to look for them. Impressively, the best pop up tents above have quality ventilation. Hence, be free to choose from them.


Choosing pop up tents means you want convenience. For that, you must also consider the weight of your chosen tent because it can be a major issue if it will burden you. Fortunately, it will not be a problem anymore because only the lightweight tents are included on the list above. 

Weather Protection

For sure, you don’t want ruined camping just because of rain and wind, right? Given that, it is highly important to check the weather protection. Primarily, you must choose a pop up tent with high water resistance, waterproof, and UV protection, like the Abco Tech Pop Up Tent

Tent Features

One way to ensure that you are about to purchase an excellent pop-up tent is by checking if extra features are included. They can efficiently boost convenience and comfort. Some of the worth having extra features include wall pockets, screen room, vestibule, awning, e-port, mesh-lined windows, and vents. 

Another great feature is the blackout effect. A pop up tent with it can effectively block sunlight and make the temperature inside. If you want a feature like this, the Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent is worth considering. 

Fortunately, the best pop up tents above have their charms and great quality. So, you can more likely choose what is suited for you. Remember to always reflect on what you need to get the utmost satisfaction in using a pop up tent. 

If you need other styles of camping tents, just take a look at the Survival Gear Shack website to see more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still curious about pop up tents for camping, you can learn more about them with some of the most frequently asked questions below. Take a look: 

How do pop up tents work?

In general, pop up tents work the same way as they sound. Particularly, they pop out into their form once they are out of their carrying bag or case. As a matter of fact, pop up tents feature the same structure as origami. With that being said, they can fit even in a small space once they are taken down. Typically, these instant tents can only take a few seconds to a few minutes until they take their form and are ready to use. 

What are the differences between pop up tents and regular tents?

There are many differences between pop up tents and regular tents, including weight, durability, and many more. However, the most distinct difference is the setup time and process. In fact, regular camping tents greatly lose compared to pop-up tents when it comes to the instant setup time. 

Particularly, regular tents are typically equipped with telescopic legs that need expertise in setting up. Managing those telescoping legs can be time-consuming. For that reason, first-time campers can have a hard time using regular tents. The setup process can be more complex if the tents are much bigger, like 16-person tents. 

With all the relevant information stated above, it is safe to say that pop up tents are the best camping tent option for beginners. They have a rapid setup. Basically, they are convenient and fast. There’s no wasted time when campers use pop up tents.

What makes pop up tents excellent?

Primarily, an easy and convenient setup is one of the best attributes of pop up tents. The rapid and instant setup process is the main charm of these special tents. That’s why they are a great option for campers who don’t want to struggle setting up their tent. 

Besides that, you can also say that a pop up tent is excellently built if it is lightweight. How a pop up tent weights also influences the overall experience of using a camping tent. A small difference in weight can already give much impact, especially if you use it in backing and hiking. 

Apart from setup and weight, excellent pop up tents are also equipped with mesh windows and large doors that create high-quality ventilation, making it comfortable to stay inside for long hours. Ultimately, you can say that a pop up tent is excellent if it can meet what you need for an instant tent and your outdoor shelter. 

Are pop up tents good at handling wind during camping?

Even though some pop up tents come with efficient materials that make them stable during windy camping trips, most pop up tents can wobble like crazy. That’s why many campers hurriedly takedown pop up tents when it gets windy. Basically, the wind is one of the greatest enemies of pop up tents. However, high-quality ones have great strength to withstand windy conditions during camping. 

Are pop up tents waterproof?

Truth be told, pop up tents are not perfectly built. As a matter of fact, they are not designed to handle extreme weather conditions. In general, they are typically made out of water-resistant fabric and come with a rain tarp. With that being said, they won’t easily break when the weather becomes nasty. Ultimately, you need to expect that pop up tents can’t protect you from the extremely bad weather even though they are still reliable outdoor shelters when the condition is good. 

What are pop up tents made of?

A majority of pop up tents are made of a lightweight yet durable polyester material. Even though the material is not fully waterproof, it is still great since it comes with excellent water resistance. With that being said, pop up tents are suitable for temperature weather conditions. 

On the other hand, the poles of pop up tents are typically made of lightweight and sturdy fiberglass material. Fiberglass poles feature incredible stability to withstand the wind. Meanwhile, the ground sheets or flooring are usually built from durable polyester, which is a waterproof material. 

How much do pop up tents cost?

Undeniably, there is no single price for pop up tents. The cost varies depending on the model, capacity, features, materials, and other influencing factors. For that reason, you can see pop up tents with budget-friendly, average, and pricey costs. The price can start at less than a hundred dollars. Of course, premium quality pop up tents are more pricey and reliable than others. 

Wisely, you need to check if the price aligns with the features and quality to avoid getting ripped off when buying a pop-up camping tent. 

Where to buy the best pop up tents?

If you are just looking for a pop up tent, you can buy it from anyone or any store that sells it. In particular, you can buy at a local tent store to support your local community. On the other hand, you can also purchase from reputable online stores, such as Amazon, Bass Pro, and Cabela’s, if you want great discounts and deals. Greatly, if you are buying from an online store, it is helpful to check some reviews and have a buying guide to make a better buying decision. 

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