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7 Best 12 Person Tents Reviewed In 2024, Plus Best 12 Person Tent Buying Guide

The best 12 person tent is a great investment if you love spending time outdoors and group camping trips. However, getting a bad one can be a waste of money. Greatly, you can avoid that by being wise in buying one in the first place. No need to search elsewhere on your own; scroll down to see the best 12 person tents you can purchase without feeling ripped off.

While solo camping adventures have their own perks and solitude advantages, there is no doubt that group camping trips are almost equally enjoyable. After all, camping is a great way to find quality time and make memories with your loved ones. However, things can go wrong when camping if you don’t have a suitable camping tent that can accommodate everyone. 

Undeniably, your tent can make or break your group camping experience. If you are the one who planned the camping trip, you might be in an awkward situation. At the same time, it might be the reason to discourage your loved ones from joining group camping trips anymore. Prevent that from happening with the best 12 person tent—it is the best camping tent type that suits group camping trips.

With 12 person tents, they are not created equally. That’s why you must be wise in choosing what you need to achieve happy group camping trip memories. Meanwhile, selecting a bad one can leave you disappointed in your expectations. Does that fear you from seeing overwhelming options? Lucky you, there is a compiled list below of narrowed-down high-quality 12 person tent options. 

Let’s take a closer look at the best 12 person tents you can have to ensure priceless group camping trips. 

12 person tent

7 Best 12 Person Tents

The best 12 person tent is a great investment if you love spending time outdoors and group camping trips. However, getting a bad one can be a waste of money. Greatly, you can avoid that by being wise in buying one in the first place. No need to search elsewhere on your own; scroll down to see the best 12 person tents you can purchase without feeling ripped off. 

1. Coleman Skylodge 12 Person Cabin Tent with Screened Porch

Coleman Skylodge 12 Person Cabin Tent with Screened Porch

Who says a huge 12 person camping tent needs to be complicated to manage? Certainly, Coleman is not the one, and they also don’t agree with that. As a matter of fact, the Coleman Skylodge 12 Person Cabin Tent with Screened Porch is designed with an easy setup advantage. That’s why you can expect to install it with minimal effort. 

Constructed with easy to use design and layout, this 12 person cabin tent features a pre-attached fiberglass pole frame and color-coded poles. That said, you don’t have to worry if you are a first-time camper because you can surely set this up. In just several minutes, you can already have the outdoor shelter that gives enough space that your group needs. 

While the Coleman Skylodge 12 Person Cabin Tent is a huge camping tent for group camping, it also has limits and can only fit up to 12 people at maximum. With dimensions of 19’L x 10’W x 89″H, you can expect that it can fit up to 3 queen-size airbeds at once. By that, you can ensure a comfortable sleeping space for everyone. As long as you don’t bring too many people, you don’t need to bring a secondary camping tent.  

Moreover, the combined rainfly featuring a 600mm coating and 68-denier polyester walls will keep you dry inside even if it is already pouring hard rain outside. Besides that, the amazing WeatherTec System design provides reliable corner welds and inverted seams. Together, they provide optimal waterproof protection and can withstand high winds up to 35 mph. In short, you won’t need to feel bothered encountering nasty weather conditions. 

Meanwhile, the durable polyethylene sheet floor has a 130g/sqm coating. By that, it can efficiently provide a tough wall between the ground moisture and everyone sleeping. Hence, there will not be anything that can cause discomfort for anyone sleeping inside the tent. You can feel it as a reliable home away from your home, promoting a great stay in the outdoors. 

Thanks to the near-vertical wall design, the Coleman Skylodge 12 Person Cabin Tent exhibits more headroom space. Simultaneously, it also lets you make the most of the interior. That way, no one will feel uncomfortable staying inside. On the other hand, the included screened porch serves as a protected storage area for your camping gear and accessories. 

Also, the screened porch offers a ventilated space to observe the outdoors without being bothered by annoying mosquitoes and other pests. While the tent sounds too protected, it still has plenty of airflows. Well, excellent ventilation is possible, all thanks to the multiple windows. Lastly, the interior pockets can help you organize and store your camping gear. 

Overall, the Coleman Skylodge 12 Person Cabin Tent with Screened Porch can improve your group camping experience and won’t give you a problem in the setup and takedown process. As for the craftsmanship, the features prove that it is no ordinary 12 person tent. 

2. KTT Extra Large 12 Person Tent

KTT Extra Large 12 Person Tent

Looking for a 12 person tent built with practical designs and quality materials? If so, the KTT Extra Large 12 Person Tent is meant for you. However, you need a good hands-on ability to set it up since it doesn’t come with an automatic pop-up design. Obviously, you need to exert a little effort with this tent. Nonetheless, if you enjoy building your tent, not having the instant setup advantage is not a drawback.  

Additionally, the built-by-hand requirement also comes with its perks. In particular, this 12 person tent from the KTT store is more stable and long-lasting than other camping tents with an instant setup design. As long as you ensure a good fix of the stakes and wind ropes, it can efficiently resist bad weather. Worry not; it comes with detailed instructions to do the job well. 

Moreover, this family cabin tent also boasts special features, including waterproof and windproof. That’s why you can use it for different seasons. Regarding its structure, you can look forward to its practical and functional features, such as three doors with mesh, three windows with mesh, and two rooms divided by separation curtains. These features promote ideal ventilation and privacy. 

Interestingly, the KTT Extra Large 12 Person Tent exhibits unique designs that make it stand out from its competitors. In particular, it comes with a large interior space and a straight wall design that makes the tent look larger than it actually is. That said, you can enjoy optimal comfort in the priceless outdoor experience. 

Meanwhile, all you need are two poles to lift the door curtain to create a sunshade canopy. Since the top of the tent is made with high-density mesh, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sky. There’s no need to go outside; you can do that while lying inside the tent and enjoy the plenty of airflows. In short, it doubles as an awning tent. 

Another worth knowing information about this family cabin tent is it weighs about 34 pounds. Certainly, it is not heavyweight since it is a large tent suited for group camping trips. However, it is undeniable that bringing a car is better when you want to use it as your outdoor shelter. Basically, backpacking will never be an option.

Ultimately, the KTT Extra Large 12 Person Tent suits you if you want an outdoor shelter that not only comes great in quality but is also excellent in practicality. More likely, you will never go wrong purchasing it. 

3. CORE 12 Person Extra Large Straight Wall Cabin Tent

CORE 12 Person Extra Large Straight Wall Cabin Tent

Featuring a rectangular shape and 16 feet x 11 feet area, the CORE 12 Person Extra Large Straight Wall Cabin Tent is specifically built to accommodate group camping adventures. As obvious in its name, it can cater to 12 campers at its maximum. It can even fit four queen-size air mattresses, to be precise. 

With an 86-inch center height, this spacious cabin-style outdoor shelter is considered a tall camping tent. By that, it is safe to say that it is indeed tall camper friendly. There’s no need for bending or crawling inside — you can surely stand straight and feel the comfort of being inside. You can certainly perform your camping activities inside; it is practical when the weather suddenly worsens. 

Meanwhile, having a straight wall definitely has its advantages. Thanks to the straight wall design, the cabin tent looks like it has an overwhelming interior space to enjoy. That size alone proves that it is indeed a great tent for group camping trips. With the massive floor space, you can have multiple options on how to make the most area. In particular, you can create multiple rooms or have a huge living area for activities. 

On the other hand, the CORE 12 Person Cabin Tent is designed with a two-door entry. So, it is really shareable with multiple campers. There won’t be any inconvenience when getting in and out of the tent. Specifically, the front full panel door features an awning for additional protection from the outdoor elements. The back-side D-door is exclusive for ultimate easy access.

Worried about bad weather? Well, this large camping tent from the CORE store can withstand it. It is equipped with highly water-repellent fabrics. Together with its active bead technology, the water can quickly run off and will not leave moisture at the same time. Definitely, you can ensure it remains dry inside since the windows, doors, and rainfly are sealed with protected seams. 

When you want to enjoy stargazing, you can just remove the water-repellent rainfly to expose the mesh ceiling. Hence, you can take advantage of the priceless panoramic views. In regards to ventilation, it boasts an advanced system for operating the vent. Greatly, it can effortlessly draw cool air from the ground while the mesh ceiling allows the escape of hot air. 

If you plan group camping trips, make sure you can offer the best. With the CORE 12 Person Extra Large Straight Wall Cabin Tent, you can have it easy to stay outdoors and enjoy the moment of being closer to nature.

4. CAMPROS CP 12 Person Camping Tent

CAMPROS CP 12 Person Camping Tent

The CAMPROS CP 12 Person Camping Tent is another easy-setup outdoor shelter on the list. With just three people, the tent can go through its complete structure in just several minutes. Even first-timers won’t struggle with the setup. That’s how effortless it is to manage this large camping tent. 

To be precise, this family tent presents 168 x 144 x 84 inches in dimensions. With that size, it can fit either 12 sleeping bags or 4 queen-size queen air mattresses. Now, when you are not with many people but have too much camping gear, you can have sufficient space to store them inside.  

When it comes to construction, this 12 person camping tent is made with 185T polyester. Also, it combines 1000mm polyurethane hydrostatic rated coating high-tech. On top of that, the CAMPROS CP 12 Person Camping Tent also guarantees a PU1000mm water-resistant advantage. You can trust that it will still be completely dry even after a light to moderate rain.

On the inside, you can expect practical designs, such as mesh doors, mesh windows, and a mesh tent top. These features make the camping tent highly breathable, allowing the cool breeze to come inside and still keep the pests out. Additionally, there is an included separation curtain that divides the space for privacy. 

While this large camping tent from the CAMPROS CP Store sounds heavyweight at approximately 39.5 lbs, you can still easily store it in your camping car with no problem. It is packed in a durable carry bag. So it is easy to manage. 

You will never go wrong with this 12 person tent if you want an outdoor shelter that makes wind and rain don’t stand a chance of ruining your camping moments. With its overwhelming waterproofing, it is a worth considering option. 

5. Eureka Copper Canyon LX 3-Season Camping Tent

Eureka Copper Canyon LX 3-Season Camping Tent

Jam-packed with smart features, it is no surprise that the Eureka Copper Canyon LX 3-Season Camping Tent is one of the most popular options for large camping tents that accommodate many campers. A top highlight about it is the easy setup advantage. What makes it more impressive is it can still boast excellent stability despite quick installation.

This 12 person tent is a go-to option since there is minimal work with the setup. It is highly comparable to an instant process. Curious about it? Well, this tent has its frame combined with pole sleeves, corner hubs, and quick clips that make easy and time-saving assembly possible. In short, they eliminate the guesswork in the setup to make everything easier. If you are already fed up managing snapping poles, this is ideal for you.

Regarding the design, this camping tent has steep walls that produce plenty of standing room. It creates the illusion that the interior is massive. Surely, it is an important factor in comfortability. You won’t like staying in a camping tent when you already feel crowded, even in your imagination, right? That’s why design matters in camping tents too!

Like any other huge camping tent, the Eureka Copper Canyon LX 3-Season Camping Tent also features massive doors. With this tent, they are in the front and rear. The big doors make it easy for everyone to get in and out without taking turns. Meanwhile, the large mesh windows with waterproof curtains provide scenic, priceless views and plenty of ventilation. 

Over the door, there is an added extended fly coverage that provides additional protection from the weather. By that, it can keep the entryway dry and not slippery. Aside from that, the bathtub floor covers the sides of the tent, keeping the interior dry. Thanks to the overhead gear hammock and mesh pockets, you can store your most personal camping accessories within your reach.

The Eureka Copper Canyon LX 3-Season Camping Tent weighs about 36 pounds and 13 ounces, with 14 feet by 12 feet floor area and 7 feet tall height. No wonder it is suited even for the tallest campers. With its combined smart features and incredible quality, it is ideal for different camping adventures, such as car camping, recreational camping, family camping, beach camping, and many more. 

Surely, it is flexible enough to be useful in most group camping adventures you like. 

6. NTK Super Arizona GT 12 Person Tent 

NTK Super Arizona GT 12 Person Tent

Searching for a 12 person tent that provides an incredible combination of durability, spaciousness, and weather protection? If so, the search is over because the NTK Super Arizona GT 12 Person Tent can meet your standards. Best of all, it is a huge camping tent that doesn’t break the bank. It can even be considered budget-friendly, considering the innovation and comfort it can provide you. 

When it comes to setup, the process is simple, that’s why it only requires a little time and effort. In fact, the poles are color-coded. So, you just need to match them without going through complicated instructions. For that, you will have more time to dedicate to other things. Also, even if it has an easy assembly process, you can rely on the durability of the frame and poles. 

In particular, the frame is made with combined 100% virgin NANO-FLEX shock-corded fiberglass rods and double gold plated ferrules. The included aluminum pin and ring system make setup easy and quick. On the other hand, the heavy-duty seamless polyethylene with an inner silver coated layer design can keep the interior dry. Plus, the bathtub-style construction enhances the element barrier of the tent.

As for the rainfly, it features impressive quality waterproofing and materials. Specifically, it has a double layer 190T polyester, which is laminated with polyurethane 2500 mm water column. At the same time, the rainfly also includes partially aluminum, heat-welded PU seam-sealed, and has a UV protection advantage. Sounds like rain and wind don’t stand a chance of damaging it, right? Well, it can protect from light to moderate, but it is not enough for intense weather conditions. 

Moreover, the inner tent boasts large D-style doors that are great for ventilation and views of the outdoors. You can trust that plenty of air will go inside the tent since the large covered mesh vents add extra ventilation. Meanwhile, the inner tent is breathable with generous ultra-thin polyester NO-SEE-UM style mesh. It can serve as great protection while promoting some privacy at the same time. 

Part of the design is the gear loft for gear storage and roomy utility pockets that can help you organize some of your camping gear and accessories. Not only the features and designs are smart, but they are practical and usable. While the NTK Super Arizona GT 12 Person Tent is far from perfection, it is designed to be perfect. That’s why you can surely notice that its quality is close to that. 

Best of all, it can provide maximum comfort with a 6.9 ft height and spacious floor area. If you want a premium 12 person tent that ranks high in safety and dependability, this one might be for you. 

7. Tahoe Gear Prescott 12 Person 3-Season Instant Family Camping Cabin Tent

Tahoe Gear Prescott 12 Person 3-Season Instant Family Camping Cabin Tent

Camping is about thrill and enjoyment. However, it doesn’t mean you must also struggle with your outdoor shelter. In fact, you need a reliable camping tent to enjoy being outdoors more. The Tahoe Gear Prescott 12 Person 3-Season Instant Family Camping Cabin Tent is a great option for group camping adventures. 

As the name hints, this family camping cabin tent has an instant advantage in the setup. The easy-to-assemble shock-corded fiberglass poles eliminate your worry about setting up your tent. It doesn’t really matter if you are a first-time camper. After all, the setup process does not require professional skills. 

When it comes to quality, the tent and rainfly are constructed with high-quality and durable 190T polyester and 1200mm coating. For that, it has an excellent waterproof rate. Besides that, the water-resistant taped fly seams add protection against nasty outdoor elements. 

Built to be a large camping tent, the Tahoe Gear Prescott 12 Person 3-Season Instant Family Camping Cabin Tent presents a generous 6-foot, 6-inch center height. That means it will not disappoint you regarding comfort and headroom space. As a matter of fact, even your tallest companion will feel relaxed and comfortable with this tent. 

Want to escape your problems and enjoy the outdoors? Well then, be sure to get this camping tent if you want to be with the whole gang. It can provide an outdoor shelter that feels like home. 

Best 12 Person Tent Buying Guide

Choosing the best 12 person camping tent might be challenging and overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what you want. Plus, the pressure of seeing several options can intimidate you. Even if you just want the best choice as much as possible, you might feel lost. For that reason, having factors to consider as a buying guide is undoubtedly helpful.

best 12 person tent

Check some relevant factors to consider when buying a 12 person tent below: 


With a 12 person tent, you need to be careful about the size. You don’t want a tent that just technically accommodates up to 12 campers. Instead, choose one that can fit 12 people inside and they feel comfortable. 

If you have options to choose from, it is helpful and wise to compare their sizes. When you think you will always camp in large groups, get the one with more space. After all, having more space in the tent can improve comfort.

Certainly, it is a good mindset to always go larger. That way, you can prevent having issues with the space. 


Weight makes a significant difference for a huge camping tent, like a 12-person tent. Of course, a massive tent will not be too lightweight. However, some 12-person camping tents are lighter than others. If you don’t want trouble managing your camping tent, get the lighter one — just make sure you don’t compromise the durability and quality. It means you also need to pay attention to the materials.

Nonetheless, extra pounds can make a difference. So just get the tent you can manage well. Thus, you won’t struggle. 


Back then, large camping tents were notorious for being tricky to set up. The good thing nowadays is that the majority of 12 person tents are made with instant advantage. With that being said, you don’t have to worry about not having time to spare for the setup. 

On the other hand, you will still see some tents that require manual setup and more time. However, it is not necessarily bad when the setup needs more effort. Even if it is not completely convenient, you will have better stability with these tents. 

Basically, gaining one means losing one since there is no perfectly made 12 person tent. Nonetheless, whether you choose an instant or manual setup tent might not be bad given that you will ensure excellent quality. 


The waterproofing relies on the materials of the tent. A good way to judge based on this factor is to check the waterproof rating. Also, you will know that a 12-person tent has great waterproofing if it comes with a rainfly that adds protection. 

Bear in mind that rain during camping is always possible. In fact, no matter what the season is, bad weather can happen. Well, the weather is unpredictable anyways. That’s why all you can do is be ready for that. 


Surely, the great determinants of durability for tents are the fabric and pole materials. When you pay attention to the indicators, you will have a higher chance of getting a durable 12-person tent. 

When it comes to poles, common materials are aluminum and fiberglass. Of the two, aluminum is better in terms of toughness. Luckily, the compiled tents above are when it comes to durability. If you don’t have time, feel free to choose from them. 


Certainly, ventilation is a factor you must not overlook when purchasing a 12 person tent. It is important since it helps maintain great comfort, even if the weather brings stuffiness and high heat. 

The features that promote excellent quality of ventilation include large doors, air vents, and mesh panels in the walls. Without a doubt, the more you have channels of ventilation, the higher your chance you will have fresh air inside. 

Other Features

Each 12 person tent has varying features. Some have more while others have less. Obviously, you can make the most of your money by choosing a tent with great functional features. Great features include room dividers for privacy, a gear loft for storage, and E-port for your electronic devices.

Always check the specifications and details before making your final buying decision. There’s nothing wrong with making an effort to make sure that you will get your money’s worth. 

12 person camping tent

Final Thoughts

If you have decided to do the hard work and search for the best 12 person tents in online stores, you will surely see most of the ones included on the list above. After all, they have high-grade quality, making them popular. So, why don’t we have just a recap on the highlights? 

For a huge camping tent that is easy to set up and manage, the Coleman Skylodge 12 Person Cabin Tent with Screened Porch is a worth considering option. There is a bonus screened porch where you can stay to view the outdoors without getting frustrated with pests and bugs. 

If you prioritize flexibility, the Eureka Copper Canyon LX 3-Season Camping Tent is ideal for different camping adventures. No need to buy another tent for other purposes. Meanwhile, the NTK Super Arizona GT 12 Person Tent is a solid option that combines smart, practical features and quality. 

Other tents on the list are great in their own particular designs. Make sure you will also see them so you can increase your chance of getting what meets your standards and needs.  

Need other types of camping tents? Then, browse the Survival Gear Shack website for more. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

The most frequently asked questions about 12 person tents and other relevant topics are as follows. Discovering about them can be handy when choosing the best 12 person tent that suits you. 

Are 12 person camping tents easy to set up?

Being a large outdoor shelter, it is undeniably that 12 person camping tents are quite intimidating, especially for first-time campers. The good news is the majority of 12 person camping tent models nowadays are made with an easy setup advantage. 

What makes them seem instant to assemble is that they already come with pre-attached poles. That’s why the campers are left with only a few things to do, including unfolding the tent and snapping the poles into place. Basically, they are evidence of innovation and convenience. 

On the flip side, there is no issue with choosing tents that need manual setup and more effort. Well, the poles are usually color-coded, and clear instructions are included. For that reason, you won’t consume your precious time figuring out how to set it up. 

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. Just remember that easy setup tents are great for convenience, while manual setup tents have better stability. 

How big is a 12 person tent?

As obvious in its name, a 12 person tent is incredibly roomy. Well, it is just common since it is intended to accommodate a large group of campers, after all. When it comes to floor area, there is no exact measurement since each camping tent is uniquely designed. 

Generally, a 12 person tent can be 150 to 200 square feet (14 – 18.6 square meters). That’s already a great measurement in order to efficiently accommodate up to 12 campers together with the camping gear and accessories.

As for the height, the majority of 12 person tents are taller than regular camping tents. The peak height can be between 6 feet and 5 inches to 7 feet. With that being said, tall campers can move freely around the tent and feel at home. 

What size of tent do I need for 12 campers?

As obvious, 12 person tents are dedicated for 12 people camping. In fact, they can fit either queen-size mattresses or 12 sleeping bags. Most of them have room dividers, so it is easy to have privacy. One thing to keep in mind is to limit the camping gear and accessories inside the tent to maintain comfort. 

How heavy is a 12 person tent?

There is no standard weight for a 12 person tent. The reason for that is the varying materials of each one. With that being said, you will see some tents that are lighter than 35 lbs. while others are heavier. 

Can you cook inside your camping tent?

Cooking involving fire is a sure ticket to danger if you do that inside the tent. The whole tent can ignite, and you will just put your life in danger. With that being said, keep off cooking outside the tent. For other activities, they are allowed inside as long as they are safe to do. But, it is best to take advantage of the outdoors as much as possible.

Why do some 12 person tents get wet inside? 

Some 12 person tents get wet inside, primarily because they fail to withstand intense weather conditions. The others blame it on improperly taped and sealed seams. Surely, the best thing to dry wet tents is to open the doors and vents to let the air come inside.

Are tents with instant setup worth it?

Greatly, instant tents are worth it if you don’t want to spare more time and effort to set up your tent. Also, they are highly favorable when you don’t want to be tied up in managing your tent or worry about the assembly process. The convenience they provide is a priceless value. 

Where to buy a 12 person tent?

You can buy a 12 person tent in your local tent store or online. Now, if you want to grab some great deals and discounts to pay less, online is the right choice. Just one thing you need to remember is to be careful when buying. Amazon and Cabela’s are some of the most reliable stores you can trust. 

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