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10 Best Shotgun Choke Tubes Reviewed in 2024

The best shotgun choke tubes are highly fantastic accessories that can effectively enhance modern hunting and target shooting performances. You will appreciate getting the best shotgun choke tube if your goal is to shoot longer range more effectively with your shotgun. Now, the question leads to which choke tube you must use. You can’t just carelessly pick one and expect it to work according to what you want. Compatibility is a crucial factor, after all.

Ever wonder why you are still aiming for better results when shooting shotguns? 

Well, you might already know the answer in the back of your head. That’s why you are here—to discover the best shotgun choke tubes that can help you upgrade your shooting performance. Technically speaking, shotguns are already impressive multi-purpose firearms without any accessories added. Needless to say, it doesn’t mean it will be bad to pair shotguns with choke tubes because behind every successful shooter is a smart decision in firearms. 

Shotgun choke tubes are designed to effectively upgrade the performance of shotguns by constricting the shot pattern. Some choke tube models work by constricting the barrel while tightening the spread of the shot. Others can help you shoot with better precision or faster and farther to take down your targets. Since shotgun choke tubes are engineered from precise machinery, it is unsurprising why manufacturers were able to bring all sorts of choke tube designs to life.

If you don’t want to settle with the current performance of your shotgun, you have the best reason to explore below the potential high-quality shotgun choke tubes that can help you. Let’s get started.

best shotgun choke tube

Benefits of Using Shotgun Choke Tubes

Shotgun choke tubes are worth having shooting gear that works similarly to sprinklers. This means they restrict shots, promoting a wider coverage area at the expense of distance. Then, the shot starts to spread out. Simply put, these shotgun accessories serve as the final interior diameter of the end of the shotgun barrel. With smart design, they can gradually constrict the shot for more effective performance. 

Generally, the primary purpose of shotgun choke tubes is to assist shooters— like you—to shoot at a farther distance with greater accuracy and precision. Since there are different designs of choke tubes, the exact distance of how much farther you can shoot primarily depends on the design you use. The design concept is that the tighter the choke tube constriction, the farther the shoot will be. 

What’s more, the best highlight of using the best shotgun choke tubes is that they allow incredible fine-tuning of shotguns, adjusting their performance to suit your needs and liking. Besides that, they are considered a clever way of increasing pellet concentration at a distance, eliminating some struggles in hunting. Ultimately, it is amazing how advancements in shotgun technology make everything better. 

Different Types of Shotgun Choke Tubes

As mentioned above, there are different designs for shotgun choke tubes. Each one can give a specific level of upgrade in shotgun performance. You need to be aware of each type of choke tube for shotguns since no one size fits all. Let’s get through each type below: 

Super-Full/Extra-Full Chokes

In terms of constriction in shotgun performance, super full choke tubes can offer a considerable level. They typically come with a 0.04-inch tight constriction that is advantageous in maintaining adequate pellet density. That said, they usually can shoot over 40 yards, and they are more suitable in specific situations. 

Full Chokes

Full chokes work similarly to super full choke tubes, meaning they also have a high level of constriction but less than the latter. They can help you upgrade about 70% of your shot to reach farther distances, especially when using long-range buckshot or shooting flying targets. 

shotgun choke tube

Modified Chokes

Typically, modified chokes are built with about 0.02 inches of constriction. That’s actually less than what full chokes can offer. Despite that fact, these chokes are still highly popular, especially for sportsmen shooting applications in which the targets are moving and need to be shot at a standard distance.

Skeet Chokes

Skeet chokes are designed to distribute 50% of a shell’s pellets in a 30-inch diameter circle at about 25 yards. Interestingly, it is quite obvious that these chokes are highly suitable for improving skeet shooting applications under 25 yards, promoting an ideal pattern that needs high improvement in the said shooting applications. 

Open/Cylinder Chokes

Open/Cylinder Chokes are quite different compared to other types of chokes. In fact, they are best used if there is no need for constrictions. Simply put, they have zero restrictions, which means that they won’t add gun barrel stress. They are great if you want to keep targets close with open chokes. 

Improved Cylinder

These improved cylinder chokes are constructed to distribute about 50% of a shell’s pellets in a 30-inch diameter circle at 40 yards. This amount of constriction is less than what modified chokes offer. As a result, they can spread out a bit quicker, providing a 40-inch spread at 30 yards. When used for hunting, you can expect these chokes to involve close-quarters shots. 

Specialty Choke Tubes

No doubt altering a projectile while in flight is definitely a delicate process that comes with unimaginable results when something goes wrong. That’s why some shooters opt to utilize specialty choke tubes, especially for special shooting cases requiring a specific design specification. Ultimately, these choke tubes for shotguns have a competitive edge since they boast a thorough design. 

10 Best Shotgun Choke Tubes

Indeed, the best shotgun choke tubes are highly fantastic accessories that can effectively enhance modern hunting and target shooting performances. You will appreciate getting the best shotgun choke tube if your goal is to shoot longer range more effectively with your shotgun. Now, the question leads to which choke tube you must use. You can’t just carelessly pick one and expect it to work according to what you want. Compatibility is a crucial factor, after all. 

Luckily, there’s no need to search elsewhere because you are already in the right place to see some of the best shotgun choke tubes you can potentially choose from and include on top of your list. Save yourself from trouble and hassle; just take a closer look at the well-reviewed options below. 

1. Carlson’s Long Beard XR Turkey Choke Tube

Carlson's Long Beard XR Turkey Choke Tube

Obvious of its name, the Carlson’s Long Beard XR Turkey Choke Tube is particularly designed to be the best shotgun choke for turkey hunting. In fact, it features smart Shot-Lok technology, making the shots nearly perfectly round for super tight, long-range shooting patterns. When it comes to performance, this choke tube can add lethality beyond 50 yards and have additional penetration. 

Besides keeping the shots ultra-tight, this choke tube for turkey hunting is also impressive because it is engineered with a ported design that tames the intensity of recoil to deliver remarkable pattern densities. Well, that’s no longer a surprise since Carlson is among the well-known choke-crafting genius brands you can trust well. More than that, it offers varying calibers, firearm compatibility, and sizes to give you what you specifically need. 

One thing is for sure; Carlson’s Long Beard XR Turkey Choke Tube will never disappoint you in the fact that it can smash heads well beyond 50 yards—something that will really upgrade your turkey hunting adventure.

2. Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike Choke Tubes

Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike Choke Tubes

Sporting a unique design that comes with 30 parallel ports, the Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike Choke Tubes can impress you with how they can reduce recoil and stop wad rotation. As a matter of fact, they are proven and well reputable performances of dramatically enhancing pattern density by more than 40% and can roll a gobbler at 60 yards. Several models are available to fit a wide array of shotguns. 

Moreover, these choke tubes work great with lead and hybrid metal loads and can also solidly handle shot sizes from #2 to #10. Meanwhile, they feature an extended design, which makes it possible to complete a breeze to swap out. Even if no tools are required, you can still guarantee a tight and right fit using only your hands. On top of that, they have proven outstanding durability. Tough as nails, they won’t let you down season after season, no-fail of use. 

Basically, if you want a highly durable shotgun tube for turkey hunting that is easy to use, get one of these Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike Choke Tubes. 

3. TRUGLO Gobble-Stopper Xtreme Sight and Choke Tube Combos

TRUGLO Gobble-Stopper Xtreme Sight and Choke Tube Combos

Searching for combined sight and choke tube combo? If that’s the case, you will like the TRUGLO Gobble-Stopper Xtreme Sight and Choke Tube Combos. The most exciting part? You can buy the combo even if you are on a budget. More than that, the in-line three-dot sight is well-designed so that it amazingly mounts on the rib and fits most shotgun models. 

As for the choke tube, it is engineered from high-grade steel construction that boasts impressive durability and quality. Besides that, it is also ported to decrease the amount of recoil. That’s why you can trust that the choke tube accepts all turkey loads, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility. Hence, you can use it to tighten your shooting pattern nicely. 

Even though it is rare, it doesn’t mean that the best value always equals costing the highest price. There are some exceptions to the concept that quality costs money, and this one is probably a good example of it. Hence, you can’t go wrong with trying this combo to bring your hunting and shooting performance to the next level. 

4. Kick’s Buck Kicker Choke Tubes

Kick's Buck Kicker Choke Tubes

Consistency and control—that’s two fantastic upgrades you can get from the Kick’s Buck Kicker Choke Tubes. By that, you can enjoy more of your buckshot loads even better before you have used a choke tube. The greater thing is that it doesn’t end with just that because there are more superb things about the choke tubes from Kick’s, including the construction quality. 

To be specific, these choke tubes are made from tough 17-4PH stainless steel material, which is trusted to deliver top-notch durability. From how it is made, you can actually look forward to the fact that it can keep up to its promise of consistently delivering patterns inside a 20″ circle at 40 yards. As long as you ensure the right match and fit with the proper gun and buckshot load, there won’t be any trouble to experience.

What makes these Buck Kicker Choke Tubes from other high-quality choke tubes is that they are designed with great versatility. For that reason, they also serve as full choke, which is amazing help for upland game hunting. One essential thing you must remember is that they are not suitable for use with steel shot. Available in different models, you can definitely hunt with more confidence. 

Ultimately, you can get one without costing you an arm and a leg. So, no need to hesitate to try one. 

5. PatternMaster Code Black Goose Choke Tube

PatternMaster Code Black Goose Choke Tube

Up for goose hunting adventures? If so, you need to buy a specific one that suits that outdoor application. You can trust the PatternMaster Code Black Goose Choke Tube to do the job right. What makes it amazingly best is that it can help you take down more than geese you can imagine by delivering a tight shot pattern with a short shot string. Hence, you can hunt geese even at long ranges. After all, the short shot string can help to take down flying targets more than before you use a choke tube. 

Moreover, this goose choke tube can get more pellets hitting at once, enhancing the initial foot-pounds of energy for better hunting results. That’s all thanks to its capacity for upgrades with shotgun shells for producing long, drawn-out shot strings. Plus, they are highly compatible to work well with both steel and lead shots. Because of that, you can surely put it on top of your list without hesitation. 

When it comes to construction, this PatternMaster Code Black Goose Choke Tube can surely impress you with no issues. To be specific, it is engineered from heat-treated stainless steel construction complemented by a finish with a non-reflective bronze titanium coating. Because of that, you can trust that it will last for a long time and make your money worth it. Just remember that it is not practical to use it with shotgun shells containing flight control wads or shotgun slugs. 

From quality construction and design, this choke tube for goose hunting can make an impression on how greatly it can reduce muzzle jump while aiding faster follow-up shots. You can’t be happier with this one. 

6. Carlson’s Cremator Ported Choke Tubes

Carlson's Cremator Ported Choke Tubes

Available in different types; long-range choke, mid-range choke, and a free wrench, the Carlson’s Cremator Ported Choke Tubes can give exactly what you need to take your shooting or hunting adventures to the next level. You are set up for a variety of applications. Also, these choke tubes feature an incredible TST technology that adds a stair-step-like transition in terms of the final constriction of the performance. 

Besides upgrading with the final constriction, these choke tubes can also help decrease pellet deformation and ensure a consistent shooting pattern for better results. Meanwhile, they are constructed with a ported design that can effectively decrease muzzle jump, which will let you keep on your target if you miss it in your first shot. You can take down your target with the follow-up shots, so you will never get frustrated about any escaping target. 

The mid-range choke type is generally best for shots between 20 to 40 yards. On the flip side, the long-range choke is better than the mid-range type because it can excellently deliver consistent shots beyond 40 yards. Regarding compatibility, these Carlson’s Cremator Ported Choke Tubes are great to be partnered with lead, steel, and Hevi-Shot loads. The price is quite reasonable since you can get two in one package. 

7. Cabela’s Turkey Choke Tube

Cabela's Turkey Choke Tube

Looking classic and fancy, the Cabela’s Turkey Choke Tube appears to be intimidating to the point that many think it is pricey. The reality is that it will not break the bank even if it is solidly constructed to provide consistently uniform, tighter patterns. That’s all thanks to today’s advanced shot technologies. Certainly, that’s something where you want your hard-earned money to go so that you can elevate your shooting performances. 

Regardless if you are utilizing copper-plated lead, TSS, lead, or even HEVI-shot, you can make use of this choke tube since it can help decrease recoil and increase pattern density. Hence, there is no doubt that your performance can be better before you have used a choke tube. The great compatibility is definitely one of the greatest points of this turkey choke tube. 

Moreover, this turkey hunting gear is built of 17-4 heat-treated stainless steel materials. Besides the tough material, it is also complemented by a corrosion-resistant black oxide finish that adds durability and a nice appearance. The extended, knurled surface, on the other hand, allows you to have a good grip on the choke tube—this promotes wrench-free installation. Hence, you don’t have to feel troubled about any issues when installing it in your shotgun. 

All in all, you can expect that this Cabela’s Turkey Choke Tube will impress you with how you could easily kill one at 50 yards with consistent patterns that will give the best turkey hunting results. 

8. Browning Midas Choke Tube

Browning Midas Choke Tube

Whether you want a go-to choke tube that you can quickly use in the hunting field or a reliable choke tube for clay shooting practice, the Browning Midas Choke Tube suits your needs and liking. Now, you might wonder what makes it the best, right? Well, there are certainly good reasons why you will benefit from picking this one for your shotgun. 

First, this choke tube is designed to extend effectively beyond the barrel, promoting easy no-wrench removal and installation. In terms of appearance, it looks fancy and functional, thanks to its stainless steel material coated with a nice and durable black oxide finish. If you value the appearance of your shotgun choke tube, this one won’t disappoint you in any way. 

On the other hand, the inside of this choke tube is also well-built, with minimum gap geometry that is complemented by a high-resolution RMS finish. This construction quality is solid enough to decrease any potential wad-plastic buildup. Interestingly, it also features highly visible labels for fast choke reference. As for compatibility, it will work well with 12-gauge shotgun barrels that are threaded to accept Browning Invector-Plus choke tubes.

If the Browning Midas Choke Tube can get the job done, you can trust it is a very good investment since it is not as pricey as others. 

9. Beretta Victory Mobilchoke Extended Choke Tube

Beretta Victory Mobilchoke Extended Choke Tube

Purposely designed to be compatible with all shotgun barrels that accept Mobilchoke tubes, the Beretta Victory Mobilchoke Extended Choke Tube is known to be a reliable competition choke tube. What makes it stand out in the market is its high-quality construction for tough durability advantage. In fact, it is built from high-quality, heat-treated steel materials, which promotes tremendous stress resistance. Plus, it is completed by a special coating that delivers high corrosion resistance. 

Obvious of its name, this Victory Mobilchoke choke tube can impressively extend from the muzzle by 0.98″ (25mm). Also, it is easy to use since there are no specific tools required, so you can attach it with your hands. In short, the installation will never be part of your potential issues with this Beretta Victory Mobilchoke Extended Choke Tube. Convenient use is part of its charm. 

As for the level of constriction, this extended choke tube comes with a colored alloy stripe on the end that determines how constricted it can make the shots. If you think this can serve you with what you need, better check it out. 

10. Browning Diana Grade Extended Choke Tube

Browning Diana Grade Extended Choke Tube

Completing this list is the Browning Diana Grade Extended Choke Tube, which has a great reputation in terms of producing tighter patterns. What’s impressive about it is that it is made simply and comes with everything you need and not you don’t. For a hunting accessory that costs not much, it appears to be looking fancy and great. 

Thanks to the stainless steel bar stock material with Titanium nitride surface 72 HRC hardness, this extended choke tube does not look astonishing but also appears to be durable. In fact, the durable quality is proven to be reliable since it is tough enough to resist wear and possible plastic buildup. 

Like other best shotgun choke tubes, this one is also designed to be easy to install and remove. Ultimately, it is good to pick this one because of its durability and tight patterns. 

Essential Things to Consider When Buying A Shotgun Choke Tube

While it may come daunting to buy a shotgun choke tube you can surely trust to improve your shooting performance, you still should not buy one carelessly. With a wide range of available choke tubes, you can’t expect that picking one hastily is not a good strategy—a mistake that will cost you money. For that reason, you need to consider at least the top essential factors to consider, like desired range and shot compatibility.

No doubt, your desired range is one of the top things you need to think about when picking your best shotgun choke tube. At the same time, you must consider the number of pellets. That’s important because too much choke can be more challenging since it will spread too small at your target distance. Hence, it will be more of a problem to use a choke tube if it is wrong. 

Additionally, it is also a practical strategy to pay special attention to the constriction level of your potential choice. Don’t forget to check what kind of shot it can handle because improper loading of the wrong choke tube can inevitably result in catastrophic consequences. This means that you need to thoroughly check all the available information to ensure that you will never go wrong in picking your best shotgun choke tube. 

Don’t go for the least expensive, even if you are on a budget. Instead, always go for what you need and your liking to make sure you can actually use what you buy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more information about shotgun choke tubes and other relevant topics in this FAQs section. Surely, the information will come in handy to you, so take a look at each of the questions below: 

Are turkey chokes and full chokes the same?

Interestingly, these two chokes are not the same thing, even if they have a few similarities. The primary distinction is that turkey chokes typically have more constriction compared to full chokes. With that said, you should really know which type of shotgun choke tube to pick so you can have your money’s worth. 

What is the ideal distance when shooting a turkey?

At some point, turkey as a target is quite hard to hit because the head and neck regions are small and critical to hit. While these regions are hard to shoot, these two are the most critical points that ensure your turkey target won’t escape. Hence, you must hit the target quickly and accurately, which makes distance a determiner factor. 

You might find it a stroke of luck to hit your turkey target standing a fair distance away. Greatly, the closer you are to your target, the better your chances of hitting it easier. The general opinion of experienced hunters agrees that a distance of 20 to 30 feet is the ideal distance when shooting a turkey. Ultimately, the result still depends on your skills and hunting gear. 

Which shotgun choke is the tightest?

Of all the types of shotgun choke tubes available, the full choke is the tightest choke that delivers the tightest shooting pattern. Generally, full chokes are designed to keep the pellets together over a greater distance, and they are best used for shooting longer shots beyond 40 yards. 

What do notches mean on shotgun choke tubes?

Notches on shotgun choke tubes mean the constriction level of these hunting accessories. Open choke tubes come with a higher notch count, while tighter choke tubes have a lower notch count. Of course, it is important to check the notch count because it also determines how your potential shotgun choke tube will help your shooting or hunting performance. 

Is a slug or buckshot a more lethal shotgun round?

Slug and buckshot are two great shots, but they are quite different. For instance, a slug will typically penetrate deeper into a target more than buckshot can do damage. The reason for its deeper penetration advantage is that the slug shot focuses all the energy on a smaller area. What’s more interesting is that its penetration can be a good or bad thing since shotgun slugs have a flaw in over-penetration. 

The flaw of the slug shot makes the buckshot better and a more lethal round. In terms of performance, buckshot generally penetrates deep and hits hard with a multitude of projectiles per trigger pull. Because of that, buckshot is a better choice in close-range shots, while slugs are better at longer-distance shots.  

Can slugs be fired through full choke?

Safe-to-shoot shotguns can safely fire slugs through full chokes. Yet, there is the exception of an uncommon choke, also known as extra full choke tubes.

How much are shotgun choke tubes?

When it comes to the price of shotgun choke tubes, the good news is you can buy one regardless of whether you are buying on a budget or not. For instance, you can expect to spend around $20 to $40 if you just want a cheap yet reliable shotgun choke tube that can get the job done. With this price range, you need to have realistic expectations that most options have no extension or porting. 

The choke tubes for shotguns which cost between $40 to $60 offer nicer quality compared to budget-friendly options. Typically, they are made from better quality materials while also offering porting, barrel constriction and extension fairly to their price. On the other hand, those shotgun choke tubes which cost higher than $60 are fancy and have unbeatable performance. 

Where to get the best shotgun choke tubes?

You can get the best shotgun choke tubes online if you are looking for great deals and discounts. Only reliable sites, such as Cabela’s and Palmetto State Armory, are go-to online sites where you can buy without fear that you will get ripped off. More than that, they have top-notch options that can impress you with how good their quality is. 

Final Thoughts 

The key to enjoy your shooting or hunting adventures is to pick the right gear that can actually help you with your goal in terms of performance enhancement. Behind those exceptional shooting results is the great access to a highly specialized weapon perfectly suitable to get the job done right. Despite knowing that fact, you don’t have to be intimidated because that feeling can get in your way to the point you will end up spending lots of money. 

What’s great about the shotgun choke tube options is that they are pretty detailed in terms of their quality and materials. Hopefully, you can find the list above pretty helpful, as it is really meant to provide help. Plus, the choke tubes that made it to the best list are among the finest options you can see on the market. Basically, they are unique in their own purpose. Hence, they are worth checking. 

Always consider what you need and what you like so you won’t be misdirected to the wrong shotgun choke tube. For more guides and reviews like this, explore the Survival Gear Shack website. You will get to enjoy knowing helpful information about the shooting, hunting, outdoors, and gear for the adventures. 

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