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10 Best Rifle Cases Reviewed in 2024, Plus Buyer’s Guide

Without a doubt, there are a number of great options depending on your intended use and budget. There are no worries if you are still hesitant to choose between soft and hard cases because the narrowed down list below covers both types of rifle cases. What’s more, most of these bags are pretty universal and allow plenty of flexibility. Whether you are searching for a lightweight rifle case for local travel or a reliable one to accompany you on longer travel, you can have an option below.

Here you go, so take a closer look at the well-reviewed rifle cases listed down.

When your rifle is out of action, it is not the best to carry it bare. Chances are, carrying your rifle uncovered can lead to problems, especially if you accidentally drop or bump your firearm. Because of that, the best rifle cases have been a must-have gear for safeguarding firearms. The primary reason these cases have high demand is that they can assist rifle owners—like you—to safely carry their rifles from location to location. After all, rifle cases are meant to effectively protect what is stored inside them. 

Interestingly, picking the best rifle case that suits your needs and preferences is not as easy as you think. Yet, choosing the right one for you is highly possible. What you need to keep in mind is that buying will depend on how you will use your rifle case. As a matter of fact, the best rifle case that fits to be carried in a shooting range is quite different from the case that is needed when traveling with your firearm. One thing is for sure; you should know what you need to pick the right one.  

Now, if you think you can still last without a reliable rifle case, let’s dive deeper into the reasons why you really need to have the best rifle case. Let’s get started. 

Why Do You Need A Rifle Case? 

Technically speaking, rifle cases are purposely designed to offer a safe method to effectively transport your rifle or shotgun safely. Only rifle cases can do that because they are created with functional features. At the same time, they can keep your firearms locked so no authorized individuals can access them. Simply put, cases for rifles can keep your weapon under control even if they are actually just stored. Security is observable and is highly an advantage.  

Rifle transport is often subjected to high risks, including scratches, bangs, and bumps. In fact, it is especially true for rifles equipped with optics. Because of that, rifle cases have become recognized as must-have gear since they can effectively decrease the abuse the rifle takes when transported. Therefore, prolonging the life of the firearm by protecting it. If you intend to safeguard your rifle whenever you are transporting it, then you surely appreciate using a rifle case.  

Now, let’s proceed to discover the types of rifle cases you can choose from and see if it does matter if you take the time to know each type. 

best rifle case

Soft Cases vs. Hard Cases

In general, you will have to choose between soft and hard cases. And your decision will remarkably depend on your intended use of the rifle case. For instance, soft cases are primarily great for basic transport and can allow a more flexible advantage for storage. They can accommodate both tactical and hunting rifles. 

Additionally, soft cases are best if you are going somewhere near, like a shooting range, and don’t necessarily need to travel far. What makes them more impressive is that they cost a little bit less than most hard cases. It is also a plus that they provide more space to store ammunition, magazines, and other vital shooting accessories. 

Conversely, hard cases for rifles are an absolute must-have if you travel with your firearm frequently. There is no doubt that there are higher risks of dings and scrapes when traveling far. For that reason, heavy-duty travelers are better off settling for hard cases with locks. If you need assistance in entirely securing your rifle all the time, you can’t go wrong with choosing a quality hard case. 

10 Best Rifle Cases

Without a doubt, there are a number of great options depending on your intended use and budget. There are no worries if you are still hesitant to choose between soft and hard cases because the narrowed down list below covers both types of rifle cases. What’s more, most of these bags are pretty universal and allow plenty of flexibility. Whether you are searching for a lightweight rifle case for local travel or a reliable one to accompany you on longer travel, you can have an option below. 

Here you go, so take a closer look at the well-reviewed rifle cases listed down. 

1. VooDoo Tactical Men’s Padded Weapons Case

VooDoo Tactical Men's Padded Weapons Case

Sporting a rugged ballistic pack cloth construction, the VooDoo Tactical Men’s Padded Weapons Case is surely not flimsy. That alone is a great reason it is among the most popular options since it can carry two long guns at once. Much more interesting is that it is a modern case that offers different ways to carry it and your rifles. It measures long, so there is no doubt that you can make it a reliable companion when going to the shooting range. 

As the name implies, this tactical weapons case is padded to serve as gentle storage for your weapons. In fact, it is equipped with thick padding located on all six sides to secure and separate your rifles. This padding divider also serves as an effective protector of your firearms against bumping and scratching each other, preserving the finish and quality of the firearms. 

Moreover, this soft rifle case comes with tie-downs inside that can effectively keep your rifles from moving while being carried. So, you can have a comfortable and easy carry. As for carrying ways, this case allows a standard suitcase carry and dynamic backpack carry. Both of the carrying ways work exactly as they sound. The two shoulder straps combined with an optional chest strap promote a more comfortable long-term carry. 

Additionally, this VooDoo Tactical Men’s Padded Weapons Case is outfitted to accommodate up to 8 pistol and 6 rifle magazines, as well as a few boxes of extra shotgun ammo. Meanwhile, the outside of the bag is designed with MOLLE straps that allow impressive expansion of the bag to store extra ammunition and a cleaning kit. Available in different colors, you can have the most suited case. 

Overall, this can be your favorite soft rifle case if you like your case entirely padded. What makes it greater is it has high ratings on online stores, giving you another reason why it is worth investing in. 

2. Cabela’s Xtreme Long-Range Rifle Case

Cabela's Xtreme Long-Range Rifle Case

Searching for a soft rifle case that can solidly secure and safeguard your scoped rifle? If so, the Cabela’s Xtreme Long-Range Rifle Case makes a suitable choice for you. It comes with everything that can make rifle transport much easier. With its 53″ x 3.5″ x 13.5″ size, it is meant to effectively fit rifles up to 50″ long. Aside from the spacious capacity, there’s more to like about it. 

Worried about your rifle exterior finish? Worry not because the plush, quilted brushed-tricot lining cushions got your back because it is meant to absorb any shock during transport. Because of that, the exterior finish will be less of a concern. Meanwhile, the fitted contour design features the combined scope-up carry handles and a detachable shoulder strap, allowing secure and comfortable firearm carry. No trouble to experience, regardless of whether you choose hand or shoulder carry. 

What’s highly notable about this long-range rifle case is its design. As a matter of fact, it boasts a remarkable zippered accessory pouch that is obviously separated. It is fitted to keep other shooting accessories organized and protected. Since it comes with a padded divider, there will be no issues regarding bumps and drops. Meanwhile, the two zip-close side pockets that come with high-visibility linings guarantee that you can quickly locate small stowed items at the shooting range. 

Created from the ultra-tough 600-denier nylon shell material, this Cabela’s Xtreme Long-Range Rifle Case is made to solidly withstand the rigors of transport. As for the heavy-duty YKK zippers, they ensure the security of your rifles inside the case. Certainly, it is no wonder it can get the job done right out of the box. With a little over $70, this can prove why you can settle for an affordable soft gun case, especially if you don’t travel a long distance. 

3. Smith & Wesson M&P Pro Tac Gun Case

Smith & Wesson M&P Pro Tac Gun Case

The Smith & Wesson M&P Pro Tac Gun Case is a great on-the-go rifle case that features several exterior pockets to hold your vital shooting essentials. In terms of capacity, it is designed to accommodate just one rifle. So, it is really like a personal rifle case that you can choose. Nothing fancy about it, but what’s important is that it can get the job right—protecting your rifle from any risk in transport. 

Like the other soft rifle cases, this one can also be hard or shoulder-carried since it is lightweight enough. In fact, you can effortlessly sling its 2″-wide adjustable padded strap over your shoulder to comfortably transport your rifle to the shooting range or anywhere you want to go. If you want your hands free, you can just wear it on your shoulder. The choice is yours, always. 

Thanks to being equipped with two rows of MOLLE strapping plus 4 hook-and-loop straps inside, your rifle will remain secure in just one place even if you are not that careful during the transport. On the other hand, the stiff, padded interior is reliable in safeguarding your favorite rifle against bumps and scratches. Great quality protection that gives high value for your money. 

From the sturdy material to the quality straps and padding, this Smith & Wesson M&P Pro Tac Gun Case got the basics that make it a good soft rifle case. While it has no flashy features, it can still serve as a great gear companion. That’s why it won’t disappoint you for its quality and price. 

4. Kryptek Rifle Case

Kryptek Rifle Case

Traveling outdoors is somewhat daunting if you are with your valuable rifle. That’s why you will appreciate the help of the Kryptek Rifle Case. Designed from a highly durable, water-resistant, 600-denier, PVC-backed polyester exterior shell, this soft rifle case is tough enough to help you safely transport your scoped rifle from location to location. Additionally, the added thick padding can effectively protect both your firearm and sights from any impact. 

What’s more, the brushed poly lining can also safeguard your rifle finish against wear, nicks, and dings from abrasion. Even though it is a soft rifle case, it comes with an adequate tough material quality to work well in keeping your firearm safe for transport. Meanwhile, an additional large exterior pocket delivers easy access storage to your shooting accessories that work well with your rifle. 

On the other hand, the rifle case wrap-around handles are equipped with a padded hook-and-loop closure, promoting an easy and comfortable carry. Meanwhile, the heavy-duty lockable YKK zipper with molded zipper pulls ensures that this soft rifle case can be secured and accessible when needed. Far from being a luxurious rifle case, this Kryptek Rifle Case is functional. 

If your budget doesn’t let you purchase an expensive rifle case, you don’t have to feel bad because this one still makes a good companion since it doesn’t significantly differ from other best soft rifle cases. 

5. RangeMaxx Tactical Gun Case Combo

RangeMaxx Tactical Gun Case Combo

Rugged and protective. Two words best describe the RangeMaxx Tactical Gun Case Combo. If you are looking for a soft rifle case that comes with a large capacity, you can’t go wrong with this one because it is set to accommodate a combo of up to two handguns and two tactical rifles. It means that it features an impressive interior pistol case. That sounds like a great firearm case, right? Well, there’s more to like about it. 

Interestingly, this tactical gun case combo is equipped with adjustable security straps on its main compartment. These straps are reliable enough to keep all the rifles stored in one secure place during transport. Meanwhile, the removable double pistol case is equipped with three accessory pouches that also provide space for other shooting essentials. 

Like other best soft cases, it also boasts ample MOLLE webbing to its exterior. This webbing will let you attach mag pouches together with other MOLLE gear that suits your shooting needs. Additionally, there are included nylon web handles and an adjustable, padded shoulder strap that comes off to stay out of the way so they won’t inconvenience you throughout the trip. Instead, you will have easy and comfortable transport. 

What’s great about this gun case combo is that both the rifle and removable pistol case are equipped with a thick layer of protective foam padding that secures all your valuables and protects them against bumps and scratches. Constructed from 600-denier 100% polyester material, it is tough enough with water resistance, a case you can definitely trust to store your firearms. 

If you like hauling firearms and shooting accessories to the shooting range or transporting them all, this RangeMaxx Tactical Gun Case Combo is surely where you want your money to go. It is like two bags in one with an unbeatable price you will surely like. 

6. Pelican Vault V770 Single Rifle Case

Pelican Vault V770 Single Rifle Case

Searching for a hard rifle case with solid construction and quality? If that’s the case, the Pelican Vault V770 Single Rifle Case. As said above, a hard type of case for rifles is surely a little more expensive. Nonetheless, you can definitely get your money’s worth with this since it also boasts a crush-proof and dustproof advantage besides having supreme weather resistance. You can expect that it is not easily destructible, providing the ultimate protection. 

Apart from tough construction, this hard rifle case has more to offer. But, you must know that its strongest advantage is really about it being solidly hard. In fact, it boasts a high-impact polymer exterior. No wonder you can depend on it for long travel. Not only that your rifle can be concealed from people’s eyes, but it can also surely protect it against the risks of transport. One thing to remember is that it has a weight you can actually observe, unlike soft cases. 

Moreover, this rifle case is designed with an exterior that closes using four push-button latches, promoting a secure closure. Yet, it also allows easy-open access. Interestingly, it complies with strict standards, thanks to its four solidly built padlock hasps that add an extra measure of security throughout the transport. It can effectively handle, and transport one scoped rifle comfortably. 

Although it is strongly highlighted that the Pelican Vault V770 Single Rifle Case is solid and heavy-duty, you will be impressed that it has something soft in it. In fact, its interior features four layers of protective foam that guarantee complete protection from content shifting and high impact during transport. Greatly, your valuable scoped rifle will be safe and protected to maintain high quality. 

All in all, this single rifle case makes a good choice for long travel since it is especially constructed for hard use. For less than $200, this is surely worth it. A little heavy, but a stellar option to go. 

7. Plano All Weather Gun Case

Plano All Weather Gun Case

Specifically built to withstand extreme conditions, being protective is the nature of the Plano All Weather Gun Case. The name says it all, it is never vulnerable. Literally, it is constructed with a unique Dri-Loc seal, providing a watertight and dustproof shield that resists any harsh weather. Because of that, it is ideal to be a companion for long travel. 

As for security, this hard rifle case is designed to close securely using heavy-duty, dual-stage lockable latches. What makes it somewhat unique to others is its built-in pressure release valve. It is the feature that lets you effectively close the case effortlessly and equalizes pressure caused by temperature changes or altitude. That’s why you can trust its quality. 

While this all weather gun case is made from rugged, industrial-strength exterior construction, it has an impressively soft interior. To be specific, it boasts pre-perforated pluck foam. This protects your rifle from the chances of getting dents and scratches. In terms of carrying, it only allows hand carrying because it only comes with one handle in the center. 

When it comes to price, it is available at varying prices that depend on its dimensions and capacity. So, if you are interested in trying this all weather gun case that can last for a long time, check this out on the link below. 

8. Cabela’s Armor Xtreme Lite Double Long-Gun Case

Cabela's Armor Xtreme Lite Double Long-Gun Case

There’s no doubt that law enforcement and military standards are high, right? What’s amazing is that it is not a problem with Cabela’s Armor Xtreme Lite Double Long-Gun Case since it is purposely engineered to exceed those standards. Truly, you can’t go wrong in trusting Cabela’s for both soft and hard rifle cases. So what makes this long-gun case great? Well, you’ll know all the good reasons below.  

For starters, this long-gun case is impressively built from injection-molded, high-impact, custom-formulated resin. Practically, the material makes the case highly impervious to harsh handling encountered during travel and extreme weather conditions. It sounds really tough, right? Well, it has a softness on its interior too. To be specific, it is equipped with egg-crate foam lines, providing great cushioning for ultimate firearm protection you can trust. 

With high water resistance, dustproof, and O-ring sealed advantage, it seems not enough for this hard rifle case since it is equipped with a pressure-release valve. This feature can effectively equalize pressure on the outside and inside of the gun case during air travel. Meanwhile, the four powder-coated steel draw latches snap the case shut safely and securely. Plus, it is padlock compatible, making it fit for airline requirements. 

When it comes to capacity, this Armor Xtreme Lite Double Long-Gun Case is big enough to accommodate up to two shotguns or two scoped rifles. Meanwhile, the collapsible comfort grip handle allows convenient carry and seamless transport. Once you get to try this out, you’ll easily know why it is among the most popular options in the market. A little more investment that you can allow can surely go a long way to your advantage. 

9. Plano SE Series Tactical Single Rifle Case

Plano SE Series Tactical Single Rifle Case

Looking for a durable yet lightweight hard rifle case? Definitely, the Plano SE Series Tactical Single Rifle Case can fit your standards well. It is also a plus that it has excellent value since it is even more budget-friendly than other soft rifle cases. So, if your budget is the one holding you back from going for a hard rifle case, you can go for it with this highly affordable option. 

Despite the price, this single rifle case does not look and function according to its cost. Surely, you can still be impressed with this one since it features a strong, rigid ribbed exterior. Because of its solid construction, it can effectively resist and withstand the scuffs and scrapes of long travel. No need to be doubtful of its durability and quality.

Like other pricey hard rifle cases, this one is also equipped with a high-density interlocking foam interior. It is adequately soft and you can trust it as temporary storage for your rifle for travel. The protective padding adds security during travel. Lastly, it is finished with padlock tabs that can be latched, making the case locked for added security and safety.

In reality, this Plano SE Series Tactical Single Rifle Case has only the basics to offer, but the most important ones you’ll need for a reliable hard rifle case are among its best characteristics. That’s probably why it is not that expensive. So, you can’t go wrong with this one when it comes to value. 

10. Browning Mirage Double Gun Hard Gun Case

Browning Mirage Double Gun Hard Gun Case

Ensure that your rifle won’t ever get damaged with the Browning Mirage Double Gun Hard Gun Case. It is made from tough CoPolymer exterior construction that boasts a rugged and reliable look that is surely impressive. The selling point about it is that it is airline approved, so you can always use it whether you are headed down the road or across the country. 

As the name implies, this hard gun case has an incredible capacity that is meant to accommodate two shotguns or two assembled, scoped rifles. Since it can store more than one firearm, it makes sense that you think it can be quite heavy and troublesome to carry. What’s amazing is that this hard rifle case is not that heavy at 12 lbs. Well, it might be because it is designed to be stunningly slim.

If you know that you get easily tired from heavyweight rifle cases, this Browning Mirage Double Gun Hard Gun Case is a go-to option. Surely, you won’t think it is an inferior choice because it comes complete with locking points and piano hinges for security and protection. It will be fine if you will transport your rifle in this case for a long trip. 

Need to go through rough and tumble terrain? No need to feel troubled because this hard rifle case is equipped with high-density convoluted foam interior padding. Because of that, your firearms can remain secure even if you have dropped the case in adventure. Basically, you can achieve damage-free transport with this case. 

Buyer’s Guide

It makes sense that you are careful about your options when choosing the best rifle case that suits you. Of course, when you decide to invest your hard-earned money in a rifle case, you want to ensure that your money is worth it, right? For that reason, you need to buy considering your specific needs. At the same time, you must also think about what matters most for a rifle case. 

Basically, you must start with size and capacity. You take into account how much space you actually need to accommodate your rifle. Next is to check the protection capacity, such as going for a case with sufficient padding. Also, you must not overlook durability since it also mirrors quality. Check how strong and resistant your perspective rifle case is. That way, you can go to the last factor, which is the value. Is your choice good to buy—vital things like that. 

Know what you want and need so you can prevent feeling overwhelmed. If you still don’t know exactly what can be the best choice for you, the list above can be a great starter. 

rifle case

Frequently Asked Questions 

Want to know more about rifle cases and other relevant topics? If that’s the case, this FAQs section can help you. So, dive in below. 

Are Pelican rifle cases TSA-approved?

One thing that makes Pelican rifle cases highly popular is that they are purposely built to meet TSA standards, which are about having hard and lockable. Amazingly, rifle cases for Pelican are intentionally designed to be extremely rugged on the outside and impressively soft on the inside for ultimate protection. For that reason, you can get a Pelican case like the Vault V770 Single Rifle Case without worrying about TSA approval. 

Do rifle cases lock?

In general, most rifle cases come with a design that they can’t be locked on their own. Yet, they also usually include specific places where locks are meant to be put. This particular design applies to hard rifle cases since soft ones are almost impossible to lock. No need to feel bothered because locking firearms is not always necessary if you don’t travel far. 

Which are better, hard or soft rifle cases?

In reality, hard and soft rifle cases have their fair share of pros and cons. Yet, it is hard to determine which type is better since each has its specific purpose. As for hard rifle cases, they are great for their durability and superior protection. Meanwhile, soft rifle cases are impressive because of their lightweight design and extra storage space. Therefore, the ultimate decision is up to you. Reflect on what you need to choose best.

Should firearms be stored in gun cases?

The proper way of storing firearms is inside a storage area that is clean, cool, and dry. Also, it is important that the storage area is in a locked location, away from ammunition. Because of that standards, gun cases are not the ideal choice because being closed for a long time can cause an accumulation of moisture. Instead, gun safes are much better storage at home. 

Should ammo be stored in a gun case?

Ammo is best stored in an ammo can or a sealed container. It is important to properly store ammo to protect it from the natural elements that can affect the lead on the bullet. Simply put, the worst consequence of improper ammo storage is a malfunction that can result in an accident. It is better to separate it from the firearm. 

Can you store firearms in a soft case?

If temporary storage when transporting firearms outside, you can definitely use a soft case. Yet, it is different for long-term storage at home because the ideal way to store it is in a cool, dry area. For additional protection, it won’t hurt you if you will throw some desiccant in with your case.

What makes a rifle case TSA approved?

Interestingly, TSA requirements are actually not that strict. As a matter of fact, a case can already be TSA approved if it is built hard with security, such as a key or combination lock. Also, the case must be locked at all times. Greatly, most cases listed above are TSA and airline-approved.

How much do rifle cases cost?

There is no single, fixed price for rifle cases, especially since the cost is greatly influenced by the type, material, size, and many more crucial factors. As for high-quality soft rifle case prices, they can start below $50 and go above $100 and more. On the other hand, high-quality hard rifle cases can cost below $30 and over $200. Ultimately, you can find options that fit your budget. 

Where to get the best rifle cases?

If you want to look online, Amazon and Cabela’s are among the top, reliable online stores that can offer you a wide array of the best rifle cases, from soft to hard ones. What makes these two sites great is that they offer great discounts that will help you save money and still get the quality you want for your best rifle case. 

Final Thoughts 

Choosing your best rifle case is the easy solution to make everything hassle-free, damage-free, and convenient to transport and travel far with your firearm. In fact, the right case can make a significant difference and guarantee that your rifle can arrive in good order. That’s why the rifle case is a must-have gear for traveling. Interestingly, the best cases have similarities, so you need to know how to choose.

For instance, the Smith & Wesson M&P Pro Tac Gun Case is a great on-the-go soft case with padding, straps, and quality material. The RangeMaxx Tactical Gun Case Combo is a sturdy soft rifle case that you can choose if you like hauling shooting accessories to the range. On the other hand, the Pelican Vault V770 Single Rifle Case is the ideal hard rifle case with solid durability and quality. 

Meanwhile, the Plano SE Series Tactical Single Rifle Case is a go-to option if you are looking for a hard rifle case that won’t make you spend too much. It is highly affordable to the point that you will think it is a must-have steal. More impressive rifle cases are listed above, so you will love to consider them all. Great starters if you don’t want to waste time in different online stores. 

There’s more to see on the Survival Gear Shack website, such as other gun cases and safes. So, don’t hesitate to explore it for more.

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