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7 Best Bluetooth Hearing Protection Reviewed in 2024, Plus Buyer’s Guide

Naturally, not all hearing protection with Bluetooth connectivity is the same. Despite having a similar purpose of preventing hearing damage, they have distinctive noise attenuation levels, connectivity, features, and stability. There are overwhelming options that can be the best Bluetooth hearing protection. Hence, it makes sense that you feel daunted to find the right one. Well, that’s important because a mistake can cost you money.

Time in the shooting range is fully exposed to loud, painful gunshot noises. For some with sensitive hearing, it is torture because there is a high risk of hearing loss. Lucky for you, you don’t have to put yourself in that situation. Save yourself with the best Bluetooth hearing protection for shooting. It is a must-have shooting accessory that you should pack in your range bag to ensure you are completely safe when shooting. After all, shooting is much more enjoyable if you know you are safe, right?

What’s great about Bluetooth hearing protection devices is they are not just meant to prevent hearing damage. The Bluetooth connectivity feature impressively provides entertainment and connects calls—it lets you hear what you want to hear. That’s an advantage that is simultaneous to working together with filtering out harmful outside noise functionality. Definitely, you can find comfort in the shooting range with the help of wearing Bluetooth hearing protection.  

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Different Types of Bluetooth Hearing Protection

When it comes to Bluetooth hearing protection, there are different types since everyone has their own personal preferences. Although that sounds like a good consideration given by brands, that can also be an issue since choosing from several models can be a little overwhelming. To avoid that hassle, you can explore the different types of Bluetooth hearing protection below: 


Earmuffs are styled just like standard headphones that you commonly see. They sport cushioned ear cups and a headband. The ear cups are meant to adequately cover the entire ears for complete protection against damaging gunshot noise. Definitely, the amount of sound that can get through the ears is drastically reduced. They are great for having a one-size-fits-all concept that ensures an impressive level of comfort. 

Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds look as they sound. They don’t have those inconvenient cords, and they are adequately small to fit inside the ears, so they can effectively seal the ear canal for great protection. Also, they often have similar features to earplugs, like foam ear tips that can be molded for a custom fit. What’s important about wireless earbuds is that they should have a good noise reduction rating to be reliable for hearing protection. 


Like wireless earbuds, earplugs also feature a small design. With that said, they can effortlessly fit inside the ear, providing a solid seal that blocks painful gunshot noises. Besides having various configurations and sizes, they feature different types of material. The most common materials are hypoallergenic rubber and moldable polymers. Ultimately, they are good mostly in handling low-frequency shooting noise. 

Corded Earbuds

The most obvious difference between corded earbuds and wireless earbuds is the cord that each earbud has. As for the fit, they fit just like wireless earbuds and follow the same concept and rules for hearing protection. By having cords, the fear of losing an earbud is not a concern anymore. They can always remain secure on the neckband. 

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7 Best Bluetooth Hearing Protection

Naturally, not all hearing protection with Bluetooth connectivity is the same. Despite having a similar purpose of preventing hearing damage, they have distinctive noise attenuation levels, connectivity, features, and stability. There are overwhelming options that can be the best Bluetooth hearing protection. Hence, it makes sense that you feel daunted to find the right one. Well, that’s important because a mistake can cost you money. 

You can’t just pick one and expect it to perform as you imagine. Without getting thorough in your choices, you can’t ensure that you will have the best Bluetooth hearing protection that suits your liking and needs. Thankfully, you are in the right place to help you get the best value for your money. In this guide, you can discover some of the best Bluetooth hearing protection gear you won’t regret buying. See your potential options below. 

1. 3M WorkTunes Connect + AM/FM Hearing Protector with Bluetooth Technology

3M WorkTunes Connect + AM/FM Hearing Protector with Bluetooth Technology

Starting off the list strong is the 3M WorkTunes Connect + AM/FM Hearing Protector with Bluetooth Technology. What makes it the best is that it is impressively versatile and can be used for different purposes. If you are regularly exposed to a noisy environment, this one makes a reliable companion. With a good noise reduction rating of 24dB, you can ensure that it can make the loud shooting range silent in your ears. There are included controls, so it is convenient to operate the protector the way you want. 

Without a doubt, the main highlight of this hearing protector is its Bluetooth wireless technology, which lets you seamlessly stream music and podcasts you like. The added integrated microphone allows you to freely make and take phone calls. You can do that activity without the need to remove the protector from your ears so you won’t get exposed to painful sounds. Also, you can enjoy the nice AM/FM radio performance, providing clear sound for great entertainment. 

If you are a shooter who wants to get distracted from the loud, painful gunshot noises, this hearing protector with Bluetooth technology brings you the kind of entertainment you want while you are in the field. Besides protection against hearing damage, this ear protection gear can keep you well entertained. That’s why it is a go-to option, especially if you like to shoot while wearing a hat or shooting glasses

Interestingly, the 3M WorkTunes Connect + AM/FM Hearing Protector with Bluetooth Technology also boasts a flexible headband featuring ventilation that improves comfort. Jam-packed with functional designs, you can’t go wrong with choosing this one since it is truly among the best Bluetooth earmuffs you can pick at a reasonable price. 

2. Honeywell Retail Sync Wireless Earmuff with Bluetooth

Honeywell Retail Sync Wireless Earmuff with Bluetooth

If there are some instances when you need to take calls, even if you are in the shooting range, you need the Honeywell Retail Sync Wireless Earmuff with Bluetooth. In fact, it will let you talk wirelessly without compromising your hearing protection. You can experience premium safety with this one, proving why it is included in the list of the best Bluetooth earmuffs for shooting. The most exciting thing about it? Well, it is always available at a discounted price. 

Besides calls, this wireless earmuff for shooting can let you stream your favorite music—effectively eliminating cumbersome and potentially dangerous noises. The patented airflow control technology, on the other hand, delivers an ideal noise reduction rating of 25, limiting the audio device output to a safe 82 dB. With that functionality, it can work very well in terms of hearing protection. 

Moreover, this Honeywell Retail Sync Wireless Earmuff with Bluetooth is equipped with well-cushioned ear cups and a padded steel headband that promotes all-day-long comfort. In fact, it won’t have any issue if you wear this earmuff throughout your time in the shooting range. Also, the premium headband is constructed from a tough steel material that boasts solid durability and a long lifespan. 

When it comes to performance, this wireless earmuff can last more than 16 hours when used at the highest usage. The rechargeable battery can often last up to 20 hours during the first 1-2 years. All in all, from hands-free, clear communication to all-day comfort and high performance, the Honeywell Retail Sync Wireless Earmuff with Bluetooth is worth trying. 

3. Walker’s Razor Slim Quad Electronic Bluetooth Earmuffs

Walker's Razor Slim Quad Electronic Bluetooth Earmuffs

With Walker’s Razor Slim Quad Electronic Bluetooth Earmuffs, you can effectively protect your hearing at the shooting range without sacrificing communication. Their Bluetooth connectivity can sync with any of your mobile devices, letting you keep in touch with the people outside the shooting range. No need to remove the earmuffs because they can let you do activities regarding communication. This explains why it is worth switching to electronic earmuffs from traditional ones. 

Additionally, these Bluetooth earmuffs are equipped with independent, recessed volume control. This control will let you set levels for the Bluetooth signal and external microphones. More than that, the control also effectively separates mobile calls and alerts from ambient sound. The added HD speakers provide high-definition sound quality, so there won’t be issues with taking calls or enjoying entertainment. 

Features nice low-profile ear cups that boast optimal comfort, these hearing protection earmuffs are highly comfortable since they won’t interfere with cheek weld or stock. Meanwhile, the four high-gain omnidirectional microphones guarantee an optimal awareness of your surroundings since they are frequency tuned to deliver a natural sound clarity. Thus, the sounds that will reach your ear are surely safe. 

What’s impressive is that it doesn’t end with that. These Razor Slim Quad Electronic Bluetooth Earmuffs from Walker’s also feature a sound-dampening composite housing with a noise reduction rating of 23dB. At the same time, they also come with a 0.02-second sound-activated compression, ensuring safeguarding your hearing. It performs on two AAA batteries. 

As for the design, these Bluetooth earmuffs for shooting are built with a compact folding design paired with a nice, comfortable headband. That’s complemented by the metal wire frame that delivers prolonged wear and a reliable performance advantage. Surely, they sound complete with every functional feature you can wish for your Bluetooth earmuff. If you want that, you better get one of these. 

4. Caldwell E-Max Shadows Bluetooth Rechargeable Electronic Ear Plugs

Caldwell E-Max Shadows Bluetooth Rechargeable Electronic Ear Plugs

If you prefer wearing earplugs more than earmuffs, the Caldwell E-Max Shadows Bluetooth Rechargeable Electronic Ear Plugs are the go-to hearing protection to pack in your range bag when heading to the shooting range. Their noise reduction rating of 23 dB is a fine level of protection that can save you from the troubles of loud, painful gunshot noises. 

Like Bluetooth earmuffs for shooting, these earplugs can also allow you to wirelessly stream music or podcasts for your best entertainment. As for compatibility, they can be connected to your smartphone. Therefore, you can be entertained while shooting. One crucial thing you must bear in mind is that these earplugs have a 5-hour battery life, which is rechargeable. If that’s enough time for you, there’s no need to think twice about getting these hearing protection accessories. 

These Caldwell E-Max Shadows Bluetooth Rechargeable Electronic Ear Plugs look fancy, right? Well, they are more than that since they are geared up with highly functional designs. For instance, these earplugs have dual microphones and stereo sound, delivering optimal clarity of sounds for situational awareness. The touch volume controls, on the flip side, guarantee user-friendly operation.  

Basically, if you want Bluetooth earplugs, you will absolutely love this awesome hearing protection that won’t cost you much. 

5. DISON Bluetooth Earmuff

DISON Bluetooth Earmuff

Searching for budget-friendly Bluetooth earmuffs? In that case, the DISON Bluetooth Earmuff is a great potential choice that doesn’t look and perform cheaply. As a matter of fact, it is engineered with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, delivering the best and faster stable connection. Together with its HI-FI sound quality advantage, this earmuff can deliver the smooth music experience you can ever want. 

Moreover, this Bluetooth earmuff can reach a high noise reduction rating of up to 29 dB. This proves that this is a premium hearing protector you can buy without hesitation since it can provide professional noise-dampening and sealed construction for canceling harmful noise. With that said, this hearing protection can be widely used for a wide array of purposes besides shooting, such as racing, study, and other daily work. 

This DISON Bluetooth hearing protection is built more than just an earmuff because it also works as a multifunctional headphone that can let you take calls wirelessly. No need to remove it from your ears, so you won’t be exposed to harmful noises. It runs on rechargeable batteries, which can perform a long service time of 30 hours. Its charging cable has a fast charging speed—you only need to charge this Bluetooth earmuff for four hours. 

Interestingly, this Bluetooth earmuff really contrasts its price since it is constructed with an incredibly long-lasting, comfortable design. To be specific, it is styled with a retractable ergonomic headband that is adjustable to any head’s size. Simply put, it follows a one-size-fits-all concept. The headband is complemented by smooth leather filled with soft foam for comfortable wear. On top of that, the spacious ear cup can effectively embrace and protect your ears. 

Overall, if you are on a tight budget, this DISON Bluetooth Earmuff won’t disappoint you, even if you can’t want to spend much on your hearing protection. 

6. Walker’s Silencer 2.0 Bluetooth Earbuds

Walker's Silencer 2.0 Bluetooth Ear Buds

Sporting a small design, the Walker’s Silencer 2.0 Bluetooth Earbuds can be your most reliable in-the-ear-canal hearing protection device that suppresses harmful sounds for solid protection. Also, these earbuds can amplify low-level sounds. Because of that functionality, you can still communicate and hear range commands. The bottom line is that you can only hear those that are safe.

As the name implies, these buds obviously allow Bluetooth streaming. It is consistently mentioned that this feature can permit you to listen to your favorite music and podcast. Simultaneously, these Bluetooth earbuds provide a noise reduction rating of 24 dB protection. Hence, you can be saved against gun blasts as that harmful sounds can be effectively suppressed to get quieter. 

Generally, the primary complaint about most earbuds is their fit, right? Since they should seal the ear canal, they must be fit. But everyone naturally has various ear sizes. Lucky for these buds, that’s not an issue because they are engineered with secure-lock sizing fins that guarantee a solid fit, not loosened or too tight. With just sound suppression, it can last for up to 14 hours and 4 hours when Bluetooth is also streaming. 

Another best highlight of these Walker’s Silencer 2.0 Bluetooth Earbuds is their prompt voice performance that enables an impressive hands-free operation. Meanwhile, the touch-button controls allow enhanced, frustration-free, in-ear operation. Thus, you can seamlessly shoot without worrying about your hearing safety since the control allows battery monitoring, volume adjustment, and changing auto shut-off time. 

One thing is certain with these Bluetooth earbuds—they don’t perform less than other Bluetooth hearing protection devices. They might be quite pricey, but they can get the job done better than you imagine. 

7. GARDTECH Radio Earmuff with Bluetooth 

GARDTECH Radio Earmuff with Bluetooth

Sporting a nice Black and Orange style, this GARDTECH Radio Earmuff with Bluetooth is an upgraded version of traditional earmuffs. It comes with a certified noise reduction rating of 29 dB. Because of that, it can get the job done right in terms of effectively reducing stressing noises, especially the most powerful ones in your gun practice. No doubt, it can save you from possible hearing loss caused by hazardous sound levels. Thus, you can find peace, even if you are in the noisy shooting range. 

Of course—like the other best Bluetooth hearing protection devices—this earmuff has more functional designs that can impress you. For instance, it is equipped with a built-in radio with a channel memory function that lets you stream your favorite stations. As for the sound, you can simply adjust the volume through the control knob. What’s more impressive is that you can save your favorite digital audio files since it has a built-in SD card. 

Furthermore, this GARDTECH Radio Earmuff with Bluetooth can also allow you to make a hands-free call anytime you want. You can continue what you are doing because you will be assisted by the multifunctional button. No need to remove the headset. This proves that it has an advanced construction than other budget-friendly Bluetooth hearing protection devices. Hence, it is also highly versatile for other purposes besides shooting. 

Regarding performance, this Bluetooth hearing protection accessory runs with a rechargeable lithium battery, which supports long hours of use. While the battery is rechargeable, you won’t be required to charge it very often. That’s all thanks to its USB charge interface that delivers fast and easy charging. Therefore, your time in the shooting range will not suddenly be cut short. It is pretty comfortable on the ears, which makes it a great companion when shooting. 

Basically, this GARDTECH Radio Earmuff with Bluetooth offers a 5-in-1 advantage and high versatility. If the best Bluetooth hearing protection is a must-have for you, this one can surely fit your liking as it comes with every functional design—something that is worth investing your money in. 

Buyer’s Guide

Amazingly, the best Bluetooth hearing protection devices can be used for various reasons and situations. Yet, it doesn’t mean that every model is equally useful and suitable for you. Sometimes, your budget and personal preferences can get into your decision. This explains why it is important to consider critical factors in finding your best Bluetooth hearing protection gear

Here are some of the most critical buying factors that must be part of your buying guide: 

bluetooth earmuffs for shooting

Noise Reduction Rating

One of the most vital buying factors when looking for the best Bluetooth hearing protection is the noise reduction rating or NRR. This rating is the number of decibels a hearing protection gear can reduce. Generally, you can opt for a rating of about 23. Yet, the ideal options are those with an NRR 28 rating and up since they can effectively prevent hearing damage from the noisy shooting range. 

Sound Quality

The primary reason why Bluetooth hearing protection devices are worth switching to is that they can allow audio streaming and taking phone calls. Because of that, high sound quality is vital. You need to get one that will let you hear safe sounds clearly at a comfortable volume without interrupting the noise reduction performance. Luckily, the best Bluetooth hearing protection devices that have a spot on the list can ensure solid sounds you can enjoy. So, feel free to pick from them. 

Comfort and Fit

Most of the time, you will be wearing Bluetooth hearing protection for hours in the shooting range. For that reason, you need to get one that is comfortable to wear, even all day long. You can check if your potential options come with well-padded ear cushions and a soft headband. Go for one that is lightweight and will not be too tight on your ears. Of course, fit is also important in comfort, so you also need to pay extra attention to that. 


You can’t get wrong about checking the durability of your potential options since it also mirrors the overall quality and lifespan. Always go for the one that is built with solid construction from quality material. No need to search elsewhere; feel free to pick from the listed options above because they are all made great. 

Power Source

Frankly, choosing the power source is a personal preference. You can always choose either Bluetooth hearing protection that is battery-powered or rechargeable. Instead, it is more important to check the battery lifespan to ensure that your hearing can be well-protected throughout your time in the shooting range. 


Features sound like extra bonuses that make your money worth it. It is better to choose the best Bluetooth hearing protection that is jam-packed with functional designs. You won’t be disappointed buying hearing safety gear that way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Shared below are some of the questions frequently asked about Bluetooth hearing protection and other relevant topics. 

Why are hearing protection earmuffs better than earplugs?

Many think earplugs are great because they sit inside the ear and can seal the ear canal. Well, that’s technically true, but there are strict requirements for earplugs to be comfortable and fit. They must be in custom size. Because of that reason, earmuffs have the edge since they are rare to fall out on ears. They are better and more comfortable since they are meant to cover ears completely, thanks to their one-size-fits-all concept. 

Additionally, the design of earmuffs is better compared to earplugs because they can provide balanced audio while amplifying sounds and limiting noises. Even though there are some edges that earmuffs have more than earplugs, it doesn’t mean that they should be the only option for hearing protection. Ultimately, it boils down to personal preferences. 

Can you go deaf when shooting without hearing protection?

Gunshot noises are surely loud and can really hurt hearing capabilities. Even if you do not regularly go to a shooting range, there are still chances that your hearing can deteriorate. Exposure to loud, ear-damaging sounds can surely make an impact in the long run. With that said, it makes sense to think that consistent exposure to gunshot noises can cause intense hearing loss problems. It would be unsurprising to know that a shooter can go deaf when shooting without hearing protection. 

How are noise levels measured?

Generally, noise levels are measured in decibels (dB). In terms of measuring, the louder the noise is, the higher the decibel is. There’s a need to measure noise level because higher decibels can cause hearing loss. Decibels usually have a scale from 0 to 140. Typically, quiet places can only have 30 to 40 dB, but dangerous and painful sounds can record about 130 to 140 dB. Firearms’ sound can go over 140 dB, while big-bore rifles and pistols can produce noise over 175 dB. 

What noise reduction rating should you choose?

When choosing hearing protection, those devices with a noise reduction rating of 28 to 30 are already considered ideal options for shooting because the highest possible noise reduction rating is 33. If those ratings seem to be low, there are some suggestions that say that combining earmuffs and earplugs while shooting is a safe strategy to avoid loud gunshot noises. Basically, that’s good since no destruction can help improve shooting performance. 

Are electronic hearing protection earmuffs better than passive hearing protection earmuffs? 

Electronic hearing protection earmuffs looked ordinary, but they were actually upgraded by technology. This means they feature Bluetooth and other futuristic features. Usually, they are equipped with integrated speakers that enhance the sound to be heard, but that does not include the gunshot noise. The loud sound will be quieter if it reaches your ears.

Additionally, electronic earmuffs can allow the holding of conversation and hearing range commands while blocking loud sounds. No need to take them off because they allow safe sounds to be heard. Those edges that make them better than passive hearing protection earmuffs are all thanks to the touch of technology. Therefore, it is unsurprising if they are a little pricey. 

On the flip side, passive hearing protection earmuffs depend on thick ear pads to effectively quiet incoming noise. The bad side is that they can’t filter the sounds and noises. Hence, there’s not much to hear as it performs by shutting down everything. Nonetheless, passive hearing protection gear is a good choice for a shooter who simply needs adequate ear protection available, especially if working on a tight budget. 

What makes Bluetooth earmuffs worth buying?

Interestingly, what makes Bluetooth earmuffs worth buying is already obvious in the name. Specifically, they have Bluetooth that lets chosen music or sound be heard through the earmuffs. That’s a simultaneous advantage to keeping harmful noises out of your ears. Earmuffs with Bluetooth features are best for entertaining and distracting shooters from loud, harmful sounds. 

How much are Bluetooth hearing protection devices?

Since Bluetooth hearing protection devices come with a wide array of features, they are still different. While they have the same purposes, they don’t have the same price. In fact, you can come across budget-friendly options to the expensive ones. The price can start from below $50 to over $200. Yet, you will see overwhelming choices that are in the range of $100. In short, you can always have options no matter what your budget is.

Where to get the best Bluetooth hearing protection accessories? 

What’s good about getting the best Bluetooth hearing protection accessories is that you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home just to get one. You can always feel safe if you opt to buy online. After all, it is highly convenient to buy from online stores. Plus, the chances to get those best options at discounted prices are truly tempting. You just need to be wary of sketchy online stores to avoid getting ripped off. Only trust reliable online stores, such as Amazon and Cabela’s

Final Thoughts

Indeed, there is no specific Bluetooth hearing protection that fits everyone. That might be the reason why there are overwhelming options to choose from. Some shooters have sensitive ears that require a higher noise reduction rating, while there are others that have a limited budget. Luckily, there are available Bluetooth hearing protection devices that don’t cost much, despite being upgraded by technology. 

With the best Bluetooth hearing protection, you no longer have to limit yourself to going to the shooting range. Hopefully, you can choose from the above choices since they are all meant to save you from the troubles of continuous exposure to loud, painful shotgun noises. Each of the options has its best advantage, and it will help shortcut your time in making your buying decision if you focus on what each offers the best. 

For instance, the 3M WorkTunes Connect + AM/FM Hearing Protector with Bluetooth Technology is ideal for having extra features and clear sound for impressive entertainment. The DISON Bluetooth Earmuff is a go-to option if you are buying on a tight budget and still want a quality protector. Meanwhile, the Caldwell E-Max Shadows Bluetooth Rechargeable Electronic Ear Plugs are fancy, small protectors that are best for having a user-friendly operation.

Surely, there are no bad options included in the best list above. Ultimately, it is up to your liking needs which is the best since it is not practical to get all of those. Always prioritize to consider what you need, and don’t get swayed easily. Meanwhile, the Survival Gear Shack website provides more guides and reviews about various shooting gear, like eye protection. Explore the site to see them. 

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