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7 Best MP5 Clones Reviewed in 2023

The best MP5 clones are gaining incredible momentum and popularity because they can provide adrenaline-filled fun, making them a very much worthy addition to any armory. Compared to the original MP5, the clones are much cheaper. Yet, you must be aware that quality MP5 clones come with a cost—not cheap, but they are worth the shot.

Being one of the most iconic firearms ever built, the MP5 needs little to no introduction. Still, it doesn’t hurt to discuss the relevant information about it, right? Design-wise, the MP5 is a well-known submachine gun that has successfully dominated the firearms world. While there’s that undeniable popularity, this firearm has been extensively used by militaries and law enforcement agencies worldwide. That didn’t stop there because the MP5 has also delivered a tremendous impact and domination on pop culture—it has been featured in video games and films. 

With the prominence of the MP5 and its greatness in design, you will likely want to try it. Well, two issues will stop you from trying the MP5. First, the military-configured MP5 is beyond the reach of most ordinary civilian shooters. That’s why it is quite challenging to get your hands on it. The second thing is that the submachine gun does not come cheap. Now, there’s nothing to feel bad about because the best MP5 clones will let you experience trying a firearm, just like the original MP5.

While the term clones don’t sound too good, it actually gets better because the best MP5 clones offer a great shooting experience, not far from the original military-configured MP5. They can certainly impress you with how they fit your needs and preferences. Ultimately, they are incredible in offering a much lower price tag than the original, high-profile MP5. But before we explore the best MP5 clones, let’s first know better about the original one.

best mp5 clone

What Is MP5 And Why Is It So Popular?

The HK MP5 submachine gun has a long, interesting history. As a matter of fact, it is an amazing submachine gun developed by Heckler & Koch back in the 60s. That’s why it is surely impressive that it is still popular up to this day. Design-wise, it is patterned with the same design as the highly recognized and successful HK-G3 battle rifle. It specifically has a roller delayed block back operating system. That’s a significant difference because other submachine guns at that time were engineered with a roller-delayed block back operating system. 

With the roller-delayed block back operating system, the H&K MP5 has the means to use a lighter bolt. That’s why it becomes a smooth shooting submachine gun that is easy to control for an amazing shooting experience. Thanks to its excellent system and design, it has been a reliable firearm companion for special operations units. With a long history, you can say that it has actually cemented its spot in firearms history. 

One of the biggest highlights in the history of the MP5 is when it was used by the British SAS troops back when rescue was needed in the 1980 hostage situation in the Iranian Embassy in London. At the same time, it also has been used by special forces during raids. The practical showcases of the MP5 submachine gun were effective in boosting its popularity. Hence, it becomes an in-demand go-to weapon of militaries and law enforcement agencies. 

Soon after, the submachine gun appeared in different action movies and many video games, adding immense popularity to it. Because of that, it is not surprising that there are many H&K MP5 clones designed. 

Why Are There Many MP5 Clones? 

Frankly, the exclusivity of the H&K MP5 to militaries and law enforcement agencies is the primary reason why MP5 clones exist. Although a common submachine gun, the H&K MP5 is not suitable for civilians. Since it comes with an outstanding full-auto-capable sub-machine gun design, it pushes many to develop the best MP5 clones for civilians. 

According to the rules, civilians can’t legally own the MP5, except for some of the pre-ban MP5s. While that sounds alright, there are actually problems with the pre-ban MP5s in terms of cost and availability. In short, they are quite rare and expensive. So, it might be best to simply try one of the best MP5 clones, right? Luckily, this guide reviews some of the best picks in the market today. Let’s see them below. 

mp5 clone

7 Best MP5 Clones

The best MP5 clones are gaining incredible momentum and popularity because they can provide adrenaline-filled fun, making them a very much worthy addition to any armory. Compared to the original MP5, the clones are much cheaper. Yet, you must be aware that quality MP5 clones come with a cost—not cheap, but they are worth the shot. 

Since the best MP5 clones are patterned close to the original military-configured MP5, you can expect that their quality and function are not far from the initial firearm model. For that reason, it is very practical for your budget to see the reviewed clones here. 

Let’s take a look at each amazingly designed MP5 clone reviewed below. 

1. ATI Pistol GSG 522 Light Weight

ATI Pistol GSG 522 Light Weight

Remarkably, the ATI Pistol GSG 522 Light Weight is known as one of the earliest MP5 clones ever designed. What’s more interesting about it is that it is only a clone of the MP5 in terms of appearance, but not in firepower. That means it is not engineered with a roller-delayed system. Other than the looks, you can’t say it is the closest MP5 clone because everything about it differs. So, it is better off as a good little plinker chambered in 22LR—a reliable practice gun. 

Even though H & K wasn’t exactly pleased with the overall design of the ATI Pistol GSG 522, it is good that firearms enthusiasts don’t share the same opinion. In fact, it is quite loved by countless firearm fanatics because of the fact that it makes a great go-to practice gun. Sporting an aluminum upper and polymer lower design, it feels rock solid in your hands. That’s why many share the same opinion that it is considered a must-have firearm for all firearm enthusiasts. 

This GSG 522 is reasonably pricey. So, it is greatly impressive that it is loaded with functional and reliable features, such as a neat yet distinctive front sight, a textured grip, a Weaver rail to attach shooting accessories, and ambidextrous safety. Despite being an MP5 clone in looks, you can expect that it will not disappoint because its value-packed style is pretty unique in its class. Very affordable and fun to shoot. Sounds amazing, right? Well, see more of it. 

In terms of firepower, this ATI Pistol GSG 522 is built to shoot .22LR rounds down range. It takes some beating, but it’s still fun to shoot in the range. Even though it is not the most powerful MP5 clone, you can expect a good level of reliability and accuracy from it. It is top-notch in its class, so trying it is worth your money, especially if you will use it as a training gun. Because it shoots .22LR rounds, it won’t cost you much to train with it. 

All in all, there are a lot of good reasons to get the ATI Pistol GSG 522 Light Weight. It is extremely affordable, easily available, and fun to shoot. If it is about looks and affordability, it will never disappoint. It is great for beginners and can surely bring real fun to different kinds of shooters. You will surely be satisfied with this one if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind plinker with the design of MP5. 

2. Zenith Firearms Z-5RS 9mm AR Pistol

Zenith Firearms Z-5RS 9mm AR Pistol

Compared to the ATI Pistol GSG 522, the Zenith Firearms Z-5RS 9mm AR Pistol is the MP5 clone faithful to the original design and functionality. That’s why it makes a solid choice if you want to achieve more modern MP5 experiences. It is an authentic MP5 clone that stands proud as a semi-automatic pistol variant of one of the most preeminent submachine guns in the world, the MP5. Thus, let’s get to know more about its iconic style and function below. 

For starters, this MP5 clone 9mm AR Pistol is engineered with a roller-delayed blowback system and semi-automatic action. That’s why you can expect it to shoot comfortably and easily, pretty much like the H&K MP5. As it is truly inspired by the design and operating principles of the original submachine gun, it is fully loaded with innovative features. It shoots a versatile 9mm caliber complemented by performance-maximizing barrel length, forearm, and sight radius. Regarding the performance, it doesn’t disappoint. 

Additionally, this Zenith Firearms Z-5RS comes with well-thought details that boost its quality and functionality. These details include post front and drum rear sights, black polymer grip type, selector switch safety, cold hammer forged chrome molybdenum vanadium steel barrel, and steel frame. Even with loaded features and durable materials, this 9mm AR pistol remains lightweight at 5.5 lbs. That’s why you can find it easy and manageable to shoot. 

What’s more interesting about this MP5 clone is that it is also designed as a perfect base for full-auto conversions and short-barrelled-rifle. Besides that, it makes an effective pistol that can deliver iron-sight accuracy at great distances exceeding 100 meters. On the other hand, it is full-packaged that includes magazines, a cleaning kit, a Picatinny optics rail, a military-style sling, extra takedown pins, and a user manual. Not only do they enhance the overall quality of the firearm, but they also ensure your money’s worth.  

With all this Zenith Firearms Z-5RS 9mm AR Pistol can offer as a faithful MP5 clone, you will never go wrong trying it out. Since it is an out-of-the-box MP5 clone model, it won’t let you down if you have decided on it to be your shooting companion. Don’t miss out on this chance to try making smooth, accurate shots with it. There’s no need to feel intimidated, even if it is built with well-thought details and quality materials because it surely won’t cost you much. 

3. PTR 9CT 9mm M-Lok Pistol

PTR 9CT 9mm M-Lok Pistol

If affordability is the name of the game for MP5 clones, the PTR 9CT 9mm M-Lok Pistol can be your best bet. Besides being an MP5 clone, it has its bones designed as the HK G3 clone. That’s why you can expect that it is made outstanding with modern touches combined with the original’s designs and operating principles. Also, the overall operating system is similar to the MP5 clone—a roller-delayed blowback operation. 

It is a good thing that the 9CT 9mm M-Lok Pistol is made by PTR because it is an American-based brand that produces quality firearms, including great MP5 clones. It is a reliable brand you can trust because it produces an MP5 clone with a very modern design and operation approach. Despite that, this M-Lok pistol is still created to be affordable. Hence, many civilians will have a chance to try it out. It is sure that it is one of the most affordable MP5 clones in the market today. 

Interestingly, this PTR 9CT 9mm M-Lok Pistol is like an upgraded variant of the H & K MP5 because it has retained some of the best qualities from the original model and made some clever and creative improvements at the same time. That sounds great, given the affordability of the price, right? For that reason, it is good to know more about this most modern MP5 clone below. Let’s see what it offers that makes it very modern and innovative.  

For years, PTR has been making efforts to get on the right path to creating the most reliable and accurate roller-lock weapons. Well, it seems that PTR has achieved that goal because its 9CT 9mm M-Lok Pistol makes a perfect example of a smooth-operating and accurate firearm that PTR wants to have to effectively represent its brand. It primarily has modern touches, thanks to the welded Picatinny rail on top, plus the M-LOK it has. 

Aside from the M-LOK handguards that allow modular attachment of shooting accessories of all kinds, this 9mm pistol is also equipped with a nice push button and paddle magazine release. Meanwhile, the polymer end cap with a swivel adapter offers a nice sling attachment point. That’s why you can take it anywhere with you without feeling troubled about how you carry it to the range. Plus, it feels lightweight, so it is a great go-to weapon. 

Like the other MP5 clones, this one comes fully loaded in its package. That includes a bungee sling, a hard plastic case, a rear sight adjustment tool, and two 30-round magazines. With its modernized features combined with the original designs, this is a solid choice if you want to experience a modern MP5. 

4. Heckler & Koch SP5L 9mm Pistol

Heckler & Koch SP5L 9mm Pistol

Over the years, Heckler & Koch has been making several variants of the conic MP5, and its SP5L 9mm Pistol is one of the most successful MP5 clones it has created. The reason for choosing this one? Well, it is more than a great reason that this MP5 clone is from the exact brand that invented the original MP5. If there’s one that won’t disappoint you with the MP5 clone quality, Heckler & Koch is the one. 

The SP5L 9mm Pistol is part of the SP5 Series that was intentionally developed by Heckler & Koch to be an innovative semi-automatic, civilian sporting pistol. Hence, this explains why the “SP” prefix is in its name. What makes it obvious that the SP5L is an MP5 clone is the fact that it clearly matches the ergonomics and appearance of the well-known MP5 submachine gun. It is an outstanding MP5 clone that is ideal for civilian shooters like you, to shoot. 

Similar to all the models in the SP5 Series, this SP5L 9mm Pistol is built to meet the strict definition of a civilian pistol in the USA. That also explains why it can’t be altered and transformed to fire in the fully automatic mode. While that sounds like a flaw, Heckler & Koch makes up for that by adding an elastic “bungee” sling to the pistol, promoting a more comfortable shooting experience to achieve more accurate shots. The sling can easily be attached by snapping it on the rear of the receiver.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the sling because it makes the firing of the SP5L pistol more stable and accurate, without much fatigue to feel worried about. Thus, you can expect a smooth and fun shooting experience. Overall, this is the best pick for a great MP5 clone that has the look, feel, and enjoyment of the world-famous MP5 submachine gun. It has everything from aesthetics to reliability, special ergonomics, and enhanced accuracy. 

Due to its amazing functionality, you can count on it for different shooting applications, such as target shooting and home defense purposes.

5. Century Arms AP5 5.75″ Threaded Barrel 9mm Pistol 

Century Arms AP5 5.75" Threaded Barrel 9mm Pistol

Built with a similar roller-delayed blowback semi-automatic action and looks like the MP5 submachine gun, it is pretty obvious that the Century Arms AP5 5.75″ Threaded Barrel 9mm Pistol fits to be called one of the MP5 clones. It is one of the best lines from Century Arms, in which the name AP5 means “Apparatus Pistol.” 

Since this 9mm pistol is built with the same H & K equipment, it utilizes interchangeable H & K MP5 submachine gun parts. The only difference is that it did not retain the long trigger pull of the original MP5. But it does highlight its threaded barrel that gives greater precision and accuracy while reducing the amount of recoil. More than that, the threaded barrel allows it to have a more easily disassembled process for cleaning or maintenance. 

Moreover, this Century Arms MP5 clone features top-notch ergonomics when it comes to the textured handguard. It is designed to be comfortable and thin at the same time for a satisfying feeling when holding it. Generally, it did not change much, so it has close features to the MP5 clone. Shooting it will be pretty much like shooting an MP5 submachine gun. It really lives up to the purpose of being one of the best MP5 clones. 

This Century Arms AP5 5.75″ Threaded Barrel 9mm Pistol is also built to be customizable. It can accommodate modern-designed shooting accessories. That means you have the chance to upgrade its quality and performance. Like the other MP5 clones, it is also fully packed with a cleaning kit, a detachable muzzle device, a 30-round magazine, Picatinny Rail, a factory sling, and a gun lock. 

To complete it, it also comes with its own rugged plastic carry case. Some great inclusions, right? Whether excellent reliability, durability, or outstanding accuracy, this MP5 clone won’t fall short of your high expectations. 

6. HK MP5 9″ .22 LR Pistol

HK MP5 9" .22 LR Pistol

Arguably, the Heckler & Koch MP5 is among the most imitated firearms in the world. That’s why the MP5 is considered the most famous of all HK gun designs. So it is not surprising that it comes with many clones. But you must know that a clone is a clone, no matter how well it is built. For that reason, the HK MP5 9″ .22 LR Pistol makes the best choice. The only difference it has from the military-configured MP5 is that it shoots in .22 LR caliber and is designed in a semi-automatic action. So it is open for casual shooters. 

Since this is an H & K MP5 that only shoots in .22LR caliber, this one naturally features the sleek lines of the original MP5. That said, it has the authenticity of the original, from authentic features, looks, and feels. The resemblance to the original is uncanny. It is also worth noting that it is the only MP5 clone to bring you the only HK-authorized rimfire version of the legendary MP5 submachine gun. You don’t have to look further because it is the closest one to make you experience what it feels like to shoot an H & K MP5 clone. 

Overall, this HK MP5 9″ .22 LR Pistol is the one you should not pass if you want to try an authentic MP5 clone that makes the coolest .22 LR fun gun on the range. Not only that, but it can also impress you as an economic but serious sub-caliber trainer or a suppressor host. It can do more in shooting applications, making it worth the shot. Ultimately, it can serve you a nice, fun MP5 clone gun shooting adventure.  

7. Heckler & Koch SP5 9mm Pistol

Heckler & Koch SP5 9mm Pistol

An authentic sporting version of the MP5 that’s from the real manufacturer of the original, legendary MP5 submachine gun. That’s exactly what describes this Heckler & Koch SP5 9mm Pistol. Because of that, you can expect it to be a pretty good clone to shoot, not far from how the original MP5 performs. What’s good about it is that it makes a reliable semi-automatic, civilian sporting pistol with looks and feels that match the legendary MP5 submachine gun. 

Like the other H & K MP5 clones, this one is intentionally built to be highly similar to the legendary submachine gun it was patterned. The only difference for this clone model is that it is designed to meet the real definition of a civilian pistol and is fully loaded with outstanding features, including a paddle magazine release, a fluted chamber, and a Navy barrel with a threaded tri-lug adaptor. 

Moreover, the backbone of this SP5 9mm pistol is the roller-delayed blowback operating system. The system it has is proof that it is an MP5 clone. Similarly, the operating system is equally legendary for its reliability, accuracy, and smooth shooting dynamic. Other than the operating system, this MP5 clone also retains most of the critical elements of the original MP5, such as precision-machined components and attention to detail. In short, it boasts a high level of workmanship. 

This SP5 9mm pistol also highlights comfort in shooting, thanks to its elastic “bungee” sling. Using the sling, you can find it more stable and satisfying to shoot with reduced fatigue. On the other hand, it is designed to be highly customizable and can accommodate a wide array of shooting accessories to upgrade its functionality and reliability. High quality comes at a great price, right? Therefore, this is not for everyone. But if you have money to spare, don’t hold back because you will get an MP5 clone with the same legendary design and performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions frequently asked about the H & K MP5 that will give you more idea about what to expect with the best MP5 clones. Since the clones are patterned closely to the design and operating principles of the original MP5, you can learn more below. 

What is the primary difference between MP5 and MP5K?

Primarily, the difference between MP5 and MP5K is that the former is considered the larger variant. That means that the MP5K comes with a shorter receiver and shorter barrel. Also, the MP5K is designed to fire from the closed-bolt position, making it more accurate and controllable. It only proves that Heckler & Koch has more amazing firearms that use advanced Heckler & Koch technology and superior materials besides the MP5. 

Was the MP5 inspired by the MP40?

Since the MP5 is one of the most iconic firearms ever built, it is easy to think for many that it has an original design. The truth is, the similarly iconic MP40 also has inspired the MP5. As a matter of fact, the MP40 gun’s design also inspired generations of post-war weapons, such as the Walther MPL, the Uzi, and many more.

Does SWAT use MP5?

Aside from militaries and law enforcement agencies, the 9 mm Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun has been a popular go-to weapon for most SWAT teams back then. Over time, the SWAT has phased out the MP5 to favor 5.56 carbines, such as the Colt CAR-15 and the more modern M4.

Is MP5 stronger than UZI?

The H&K MP5 is closely compared to the UZI, in which the two are stronger. Well, the MP5 is considered stronger because of its bolt roller delayed blowback system, which also makes it better. All in all, it is known to be much more controllable, making its shooting accuracy far superior. 

Is the MP5 submachine gun accurate?

Ever since the MP5 submachine gun was introduced, it has gained much attention and popularity for several good reasons, and accuracy is among them. It is also well-praised for being reliable, powerful, and handy because of its roller-delayed blowback system. Since it has relied on countless missions against violent criminals and terrorists, it has become one of the most iconic weapons for militaries and law enforcement agencies. 

How far can an MP5 shoot?

In terms of shooting performance, the MP5 is not designed to be a long-range weapon. Also, it has never been inspired to be a sharpshooter’s gun. That’s why the MP5 can generally shoot well from 5 to 25 yards away. There’s nothing bad about that because it has been a reliable weapon for militaries and law enforcement agencies. 

Is the MP5 submachine gun loud?

Generally, the MP5 submachine gun is somewhat loud to shoot. That’s why many use a suppressor with it, reducing the peak muzzle noise to approximately 70 decibels. That sound is roughly the same intensity as a loud human voice.

Is the MP5 heavy?

The MP5 is built with a relatively lightweight, which gives it an outstanding reputation and role in law enforcement agencies and the military. Also, it has a manageable recoil, which makes it feel lighter and easier to shoot. That’s why there’s no need to doubt its great quality. 

Who makes the best MP5 clones? 

Truth be told, several firearms manufacturers make MP5 clones. The list includes ATI, PTR, Zenith Firearms, and Century Arms. Of course, the list is not complete without the original creator of the MP5, which is Heckler & Koch. Naturally, you can’t go wrong with choosing an MP5 clone from the original manufacturer that invented the MP5 machine gun. 

Where to buy the best MP5 clones?

You can buy the best MP5 clone from direct manufacturers. But if you want to see different options for MP5 clones, you can check out reliable online sites, such as Palmetto State Armory. You can see different clones to find out what’s the best match for your needs and preferences. 

Final Thoughts 

Quality is the name of the game for the MP5 clones because they are not cheap at all. That’s why you should know how to pick the right MP5 clone that matches your needs and preferences. With that buying strategy, you can also ensure quality, reliability, and a firearm that will last a very long time. So, let’s have a little recap below. 

For a reliable MP5 clone that makes a good plinker, the ATI Pistol GSG 522 Light Weight is one to trust. The Zenith Firearms Z-5RS 9mm AR Pistol can amaze you with its faithfulness to the legendary MP5 submachine gun to let you experience modern MP5 clone shooting. Meanwhile, the PTR 9CT 9mm M-Lok Pistol is a modern yet highly affordable MP5 clone that you can buy.  

Of course, this review guide is not complete without the MP5 clones from the original maker of the legendary MP5 submachine gun, Heckler & Koch. There are three MP5 clones reviewed here, and they have different selling points. The Heckler & Koch SP5L 9mm Pistol is an excellent semi-automatic, civilian sporting pistol, while the HK MP5 9″ .22 LR Pistol is a highly authentic MP5 that makes the coolest .22 LR fun gun on the range. So much closer to the legendary model. 

One thing is sure, the list above can offer you the best MP5 clones you can get in the market today. Since high-quality MP5 clones continue to grow in popularity and demand, there is no sign that its trend will diminish sooner. That’s why it is worth it to try one of the MP5 clones today. None will surely disappoint on the list above. 

Ultimately, the MP5 clones reviewed above are similar in a way but also quite different. So you can find what’s best for you. Hopefully, this review guide has helped you achieve the ultimate experience of shooting a high-quality MP5 clone. If you like this, Survival Gear Shack has more to offer. Visit the site today. 

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