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Best AR 15 Rifle Buying Guide & 10 Best AR 15 Rifles Reviewed in 2021

Choosing the best AR 15 is an occupying and overwhelming process when you think about the vast market. However, there's hope that you can simplify the process with all the relevant things about AR 15 that are shared here. You can always consider those features when looking for an AR 15 to reach your goal of owning the best and unbeatable model with reliable ergonomics, accuracy, ease management, and superb performance.    

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Undeniably, shooters get into the AR 15 platform knowing that they will experience exceptional shooting experience and advantage with it. You’re in luck because you don’t have to encounter overwhelming confusion if you are currently looking for the best AR 15 rifles. After all, vast models of AR 15 are exemplary. So, it will be challenging to find what you are looking for without a helpful guide.    

Luckily, several features are available that can help you decide what the best option for you is. Here, you can learn about many relevant things about AR 15 firearms and the best recommendation of the best AR 15 models that you can choose. Let’s get started. 

best ar15

Why is the Best AR 15 Popular? 

At first, AR 15, or “ArmaLite Rifle,” were not popular. It took time to earn an excellent reputation because shooters and hunters took their time evaluating them. When they got used to shooting with AR 15, that’s when the popularity of the AR 15 began. Indeed, nothing can beat experience; when shooters get into the AR 15 platform, that’s when they know that it is an extraordinary and reliable firearm. 

Moreover, several benefits of using AR 15 are supporting them why they have earned an outstanding reputation. First, AR 15 rifles are versatile and have a modular weapon system ideal for shooters. In addition, they are the best firearms that have more caliber flexibility. So, shooters can choose from dozens of calibers, even for home defense, hunting, plinking, and many more. 

Aside from that, shooters can build their AR 15 with the best parts because they have reliable availability in the market. So, there’s no need to fear upgrading the firearm. Since they are overwhelming AR 15 users, the firearms market has a seemingly never-ending supply of parts to support the demand.  

Best of all, what makes AR 15 rifles undoubtedly popular is their superb performance. With that right and vital parts, shooters can trust that they can own a durable, accurate, and reliable AR 15. Additionally, the AR 15 is amazingly ergonomic and comfortable to shoot because it produces less recoil making it more manageable. Hence, they can achieve incredible and reliable precision shooting.   

Best AR 15 Rifle Buying Guide

best ar 15 rifles

Here are the best features to consider to choose an AR 15 rifle that can beat your expectations: 

Gas System Type 

The AR 15 gas system tells exactly how the gun works. So, it is essential to focus on this. They operate using the hot gas that is directed into the gas tube and behind the bullet. The piston system directed the gas to move into the piston. Meanwhile, in the direct impingement system, the gas is sent back. 

Both gas systems operate to unlock the bolt and eject the spent casing while simultaneously forcing a new round into the chamber. The most common gas system is the direct-impingement because it is cheaper than the piston. 

In addition, the better option for beginners is the direct-improvement system because there is abundant availability with that since it is more affordable and accurate while being easy to carry. On the other hand, a piston-driven system is not a lesser choice because it provides more reliability. It operates cooler and cleaner because it vents away all the dirty gases. So, ultimately, you can decide according to your preference and need.

Barrel Type

After deciding on the gas system type, you can now choose your barrel type, wherein you can decide from the three options: the nitride barrel, stainless steel barrel, and chromed line barrels. 

The nitride barrels are more often the barrels from most budget AR 15. Also, they offer performance exceeding expectations at an affordable price. Hence, it is the better choice for shooters who want an affordable AR 15. Plus, it also works best for beginners who want to get into the AR 15 platform.  

Meanwhile, the stainless steel barrels are the most accurate option, but they have a shorter life expectancy. However, these barrels can last for ten thousand rounds. On the other hand, the chromed line barrels are constructed with rust and corrosion-resistant materials. Although they are less accurate than stainless steel barrels, they have the longest lifespan. So, then again, the decision is solely yours.  

Muzzle Devices

The muzzle devices are not extravagant or luxury upgrades. Instead, they are excellent parts of AR 15 that directly impact the overall shooting performance. They can suppress the muzzle flash intensity, decrease recoil or rifle kickback, and many more. 

The standard options for the muzzle devices are the muzzle brake, flash suppressor, and hybrid devices. The muzzle brake supports making the AR 15 rifles easier and more comfortable to shoot because it redirects the expelled gas to reduce the recoil and muzzle flip. 

In contrast, the flash suppressor works best for shooters in a less to no-light shooting environment. It is a vital device because it highly reduces the danger of harming the shooter’s eyes by the flash. 

On the other hand, the hybrid device is a combination of more than one muzzle device. The most typical hybrid device is the A2 flash hider. It acts like a combined muzzle brake and flash suppressor. Therefore, it decreases the flash while simultaneously minimizing the recoil to make the shooting more comfortable.   


Triggers are an essential feature since they can contribute to overall precision and accuracy. An excellent variety of triggers are available, yet some top options stand out, including the match and two-stage triggers. They are best because they operate under less pressure. Also, the two-stage triggers are smoother and lighter.    

Moreover, more high-grade triggers can make the gun more pleasurable to shoot. Yet, you need to pay a higher price to achieve that. Thus, it is a matter of interest when deciding. 

best ar 15 rifle


In general, there are two usual types of AR 15 stocks: fixed and adjustable stocks. There are advantages and disadvantages for both. 

The fixed stocks are best for shooters who want a more stable and accurate shooting over long ranges. Also, they are simple since they are already fixed stocks. Thus, they tend to be less breakable even at intense shooting. 

Meanwhile, the adjustable stocks are ideal for shooters with varying comfortability on the length of pull. Also, these stocks provide more comfort and speed. Since they are adjustable, they compromise the stability to give convenient and easy stock overall length adjustment. 

There is a more overwhelming availability of adjustable stock than the fixed. By that, shooters can choose adjustable stock and later install a fixed one if they prefer it.            


Overall, there are two majority types of AR 15 handguard materials: polymer and aluminum. Although both are durable, yet the polymer can stay much cooler after an intense shooting. In comparison, aluminum is more robust and tougher-built than polymer.

The handguard is crucial because it supports the shooter maneuvering the firearm and being safe from the barrel’s heat. It is vital because barrels can become hotter even at only a few rounds of shooting. 

Best of all, handguards allow the shooters to install accessories, such as sights and forward grips, to enhance that gun. The most primary accessories are the M-Lok and Picatinny rail. 

In addition, the majority of handguard designs are free float and drop-in handguards. The drop-in handguards are cheaper. So, manufacturers usually choose them for budget and entry-level AR-15. Also, they are mostly built from polymer. However, they repress accuracy. 

On the other hand, the strength of free float handguards is accuracy, and they are primarily available in aluminum. So, shooters need to know what they want when choosing handguards. 

The 10 Best AR 15 Rifles

Now that you know the essential features of rifles that can guide you in looking for the best AR 15 rifles, you can first look at the list of models that can offer exceptional performances. 

Knowing the list can save you from the trouble of overwhelming searching in vast firearm markets. So, take a look at the AR 15 firearms that are available for you to buy:  

1. Ruger AR-556 Semi-Auto Rifle

Ruger AR-556 Semi-Auto Rifle

The Ruger AR-556 is among the best AR 15 rifles designed to operate with the traditional, direct-impingement system. It means that the firearm manages and directs the gas indirectly from a fired cartridge. Hence, the operating system allows the rifle to be more precise and accurate plus permits easier carrying.

In addition, the semi-auto rifle is versatile and adaptable to the shooter’s tactical gear and shooting clothing. Also, it is suited to use whether in tight quarters or open shooting environments. It is highly achievable to adapt because of the gun’s 6-position M4-style buttstock that carries fast and effective adjustment to match any shooting wear and shooting condition.    

Moreover, the firearms standard tactical handguard gives the shooters superior control to grip the gun to the front and perform accurate firing. Also, the handguard is made from dependable heat-resistant, glass-filled nylon. So, expect that the AR 15 rifle will not quickly get hot even when shooting gets more intense. Additionally, the presence of the delta ring and barrel nut is highly dependable for convenient 1-person removal and installation of the standard tactical handguard.      

The Ruger AR-556 utilizes a medium contour cold hammer-forged barrel, known to provide smooth barrel surfaces and are also tough against high volume heat. So, the barrel is meant to have a longer service life. Additionally, the barrel features a 1:8″ twist rate that reliably steadies bullets from 35 to 77 grains.   

At the same time, there is a quality Ruger flash suppressor connected to the hammer-forged barrel with 1/2 “-28 thread that ensures solid attachment. The flash suppressor is a valuable feature that effectively protects the shooter’s vision in a low to no light shooting environment. Thus, shooters will not be at a disadvantage even at night. 

On the other hand, the Ruger’s anodized flattop upper receiver is constructed from durable aerospace-grade 7075-T6 aluminum that highlights a forward assist, which is a button. When shooters push the button, it guarantees that the bolt is locked. Besides that, a dust cover protects the AR 15 rifle from getting dirty from debris, dirt, and dust. Plus, the presence of a brass deflector is essential to deflect brass away to left-handed shooters, who are more vulnerable to encountering it.    

The Ruger AR-556 also comes with a Rapid Deploy folding rear sight that supports shooters to keep more consistent shooting with more focus with their sight. Also, the rear sight is designed to adjust quickly and give way to the A2-style front sight. The front sight manages the shooter’s view by supporting them to have a less blurry sight.   

Aside from that, the rifle works with a 30 or 10-round magazine. Plus, it excellently operates in either .223 Remington ammunition or 5.56 NATO ammunition. The one downside of the Ruger AR-556 has a heavy trigger pull weight. Yet, when shooters get used to it, they can enjoy a crisp and smooth trigger that gives off exceptional precision and accuracy. 

The Ruger AR-556 Semi-Auto Rifle is best for shooters who want to purchase a great AR 15 rifle on a budget but are still jam-packed with excellent features to attain impressively outstanding shooting performance.   

2. Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II AR-Style Semi-Auto Rifle

Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II AR-Style Semi-Auto Rifle

If you want an affordable yet excellent rifle – you can’t go wrong with the Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II. It is an excellent quality AR-style rifle that offers an affordable price, which allows the shooters to get started with an AR 15 rifle without going over the budget.  

Moreover, the Sport II is a semi-auto rifle that operates with a dust cover and forward assists to keep the gun safe from dirt and dust. Hence, it consistently performs excellently in any rugged tactical environment.   

Meanwhile, the firearm’s lower and upper receivers are made durable from 7075 T6 aluminum and designed with a hard coat black anodized finish that gives it an elegant look. Additionally, the lower receivers utilize an integral trigger guard, an essential safety feature that solidly protects the trigger. It also enhances gun manipulation for shooters who either have large hands or like to wear shooting gloves. On the other hand, the upper receivers feature a full Picatinny rail, which are trendy accessory solutions to shooters who want to attach a scope to receivers solidly.

In addition, the rifle’s barrel is constructed from a quality and durable, corrosion-resistant Armornite finish that makes the firearm ideal for intense shooting. Plus, the barrel also features a 1 in 9 inches twist. Aside from that, the bolt carrier, firing pin, and gas key presence are essential to obtain easier maintenance of the gun and reliable performance.  

The AR 15 rifle also highlights a 6-position telescoping buttstock that allows the firearm to effectively adjust to any shooter’s clothing or environment to achieve a perfect fit performance. Besides that, the Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II features an adjustable A2 post front sight and the Magpul Folding MBUS rear sight. Both optics are valuable in improving the shooter’s precision and accuracy to obtain more successful firing hits.  

The firearm operates with one 30-round detachable magazine. Best of all, the rifle is versatile and adaptable. It is not sensitive because it can highly accommodate the most standard AR 15 accessories and components. Thus, it makes an excellent rifle for shooters who want to enhance the weapon using accessories. 

Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II is an outstanding budget AR 15 rifle that makes the value worth it. Additionally, it is an impressive starter AR 15 rifle, yet it can also be an excellent weapon for medium hunting.     

3. Black Rain Ordnance Scout Series Fallout-15 Rifle

Black Rain Ordnance Scout Series Fallout-15 Rifle

The Black Rain Ordnance Scout Series Fallout is a semi-auto rifle that comes with an elite and elegant appearance in black color and gray finish. 

Aside from that, the firearm comes with a nickel-boron-coated bolt carrier group. The bolt is an essential part of the rifle, responsible for rifle operations such as guiding the firing pin to the primer. With that, the bolt must be strong. Since it is constructed from nickel boron, it is guaranteed to have high corrosion resistance and produce less friction.   

Moreover, the weapon also features a 16 inches lightweight stainless steel barrel. It is an indispensable feature for rust resistance that reduces corrosion when shooting in nasty, humid environments. Also, the barrel is responsible for delivering consistent round after round performance. Best of all, it is lightweight, so even petite users can manage it easily. 

The semi-auto rifle operates using the direct-impingement gas system. So, it functions with more accuracy and allows ease of carrying. Additionally, the non-adjustable gas block is necessary for overall rifle improvement in recoil, reliability, and accuracy. With the improvement, the shooter will have minimal shoulder soreness from intense shooting. 

Meanwhile, the upper and lower receivers highlight a billet 7075 T6 aluminum. The aluminum material has a high strength against corrosion and stress. Hence, shooters can expect that the weapon is durable and has a longer-lasting life. It also has a slim-milled flash suppressor needed for low to no light shooting environments.  

Further, the rifle still sports several features, such as the BRO drop-in trigger with a fixed 3.5-lb. trigger pull. It provides smooth operation for ideal shooting performance. At the same time, the gun uses a Magpul MOE grip, and it produces exceptional pleasure with anti-slip texturing and impressive storage core capability.  

In addition, the Black Rain Ordnance Scout Series Fallout comes with a Mission First Tactical Minimalist buttstock. It is a quality rubber buttstock vital in providing solid traction on the shooter’s shoulder to keep them comfortable and adjust quickly. While the 15 inches M-LOK Slim handguard permits the shooter to have a non-slipping tight grip.                 

Overall, the Back Rain Ordnance Scout Series Fallout is best for shooters who want to own a top-notch quality and best AR 15 rifle readily built from the best craftsmanship and elite tactical engineering and can pay for its price.

4. CMMG Endeavor Semi-Auto Rifle

CMMG Endeavor Semi-Auto Rifle

CMMG is one of the best firearms brands that produce outstanding and valuable AR 15 rifles, including the Endeavor Semi-Auto Rifle or the MK3 PTR2. In addition, it also suits the long-range shooting environments because of its eye-pleasing H-series Cerakote Flat Dark Earth finish and color. 

The modular semi-auto rifle is constructed with several features that make it have superior performance in long-range shooting. Also, the upper receivers are made from durable billet 7075 aluminum. They utilize a full Picatinny rail that spreads the RML15 M-Lok handguard to attain its entire length. With that, the rifle can then permit the attachment of various aftermarket tactical accessories. It allows an improvement in the rifle’s appearance and performance.   

Aside from that, the CMMG Endeavor comes with an incredibly premium heavy-taper 416 stainless steel barrel. The barrel is made outstandingly durable using the salt bath nitride finish. Therefore, the barrel is solidly shielded from wear and corrosion. 

Meanwhile, the SV muzzle brake reduces kickback from the rifle or the recoil. It dampens the recoil that is produced from rapid consecutive shots in an intense shooting. With the muzzle brake presence, the shooters can have more comfortable and relaxed firing. 

Further, the Geissele G2S 2-stage trigger gives the shooters like you the advantage to reach the firearm’s full accuracy potential. In addition, the rifle uses a Magpul PRS buttstock for firm placement in the shooter’s shoulder. So, it will not interrupt shooters while shooting or walking over rough terrain. Besides that, it manages with a MOE pistol grip for consistent gripping shot after shot. With that, the rifle can achieve stability for unchanging steady shots.  

The CMMG Endeavor is the best AR 15 rifle for shooters who want to take on the challenge of extreme ranges. It is incredibly capable of firing successful target hits even at long ranges. 

5. Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 Semi-Auto Rifle

Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 Semi-Auto Rifle

Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 Semi-Auto Rifle is constructed to operate using a mid-length, direct impingement gas system. With that, the AR 15 rifle tends to have higher accuracy while being easy to carry. 

The firearm utilizes an excellent CNC machined, 6061-T6 aluminum, type III hard coat anodized, free-floating handguard. Since the handguard is floated, it is also lighter and more manageable. In addition, the handguard is indispensable for obtaining enhanced tactical flexibility, accuracy, stability, and overall aesthetic improvement.   

Additionally, the handguard features M-LOK attachment slots that permit the rifle to have direct accessory attachment running along with seven attachment slots. Besides that, the presence of an uninterrupted 1913 Picatinny rail is essential. It runs the overall length of the handguard and the receiver. Also, it is an excellent rail to attach a scope to a receiver. 

Aside from that, the pistol grip and the 6-position buttstock are built from glass-filled polymer that contributes more strength, rigidity, and hardness. Also, the buttstock comes with a Soft Touch Overmolding that beneficially improves its performance and quality plus decreases the cycle times. 

The weapon’s Mil-Spec lower and upper receivers are durably constructed from a CNC Machined from 7075-T6 aluminum; along with that, the receivers also feature a Type III hard coat anodized. By that material, the receivers are highly shielded from strain, stress, abrasion, and corrosion.  

On the other hand, the lower receivers highlight a flared mag well, making magazine insertion smoother for quick and convenient reloading. They also have a QD swivel attachment point that is essential because it allows sling attachment that shooters can easily remove and install to several various weapons.  

Moreover, the Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 features a toughly constructed barrel; it is the cold hammer-forged, chrome-moly vanadium steel barrel that is an advantage for shooters involved in an intense shooting. Even if the rifle can produce a high volume of hotness, the barrel can withstand it. Hence, it leads to longer service life. 

In addition, the barrel is chromed in a 1:7 inches twist, which means that it can manage 70- to 77-grain projectiles and sustain up to a 90-grain bullet. Also, the 1:7″ twist is better to handle modern long-range bullets because it is a fast twist rate. More importantly, the barrel is built with a heavy phosphate exterior coating, which shields it from adhesion, rust, and corrosion. 

Further, the rifle sports a flash suppressor that decreases the amount of flash seen by the shooters when they are using the firearm. Plus, the suppressor is made durable utilizing the 17-4 PH stainless steel, with a salt-bath, nitride finish. 

Overall, the Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 is a cut above the rest with its incredible features meant for outstanding performance. It is best for shooters who want a lightweight yet robust AR 15 rifle.   

6. TNW Firearms Aero Survival Semi-Auto Tactical Rifle

TNW Firearms Aero Survival Semi-Auto Tactical Rifle

The TNW Firearms Aero Survival rifle is one of the best AR 15 designed for versatile and all-around use. Suppose that you want a reliable survival rifle for a kayaking trip, deep-woods camping, or bush flying – you don’t need to search for more because the TNW is dependable for that. 

Moreover, it is a wise choice because it is constructed with excellent features and materials. Also, it is built to accommodate standard Glock magazines. They are reliable and sports of high quality. 

Besides that, the firearm comes with a removable barrel. It is advantageous since it allows shooters to conveniently and effortlessly take down the rifle for easy cleaning and travel storage. 

The TNW Firearms is best because it is ambidextrous and is constructed with handy left-side or right-side ejection that makes it convenient to operate. Also, the weapon features a durable and impressive anodized aircraft aluminum upper receiver. 

Aside from that, the upper receiver highlights M-Lok slots that highly accommodate aftermarket accessories that improve rifle performance. Besides the M-Lok slot, the receiver also has 1913 Picatinny rails that handle more heavy-duty and heavier optics mount without compromising the overall performance. 

Also, the AR 15 rifle utilizes a collapsible buttstock, and an AR-style grip contributes to enhanced ergonomics, control, and accuracy. Meanwhile, the shooters can install additional caliber conversion kits to convert it into a compact rifle suitable for travel and carrying. The weapon uses a Glock-style magazine, an integrated child trigger lock, and a sliding safety feature that restricts the accidental discharge of the firearm.  

The TNW Firearms Aero Survival rifle can work best for tactical shooting and as a survival rifle since shooters can conveniently handle it.  

7. Christensen Arms Modern Precision Bolt-Action Rifle

Christensen Arms Modern Precision Bolt-Action Rifle

Christensen Arms Modern Precision rifle is a top-notch quality firearm available in various cartridges such as 6.5 Creedmoor, .300 Winchester Magnum, and many more. Also, the rifle is built with exceptional and remarkable features.   

Moreover, the firearm is constructed with a free-floated barrel that increases firing accuracy and maintains a cooler condition. In addition, the barrel is also button-rifle and hand-lapped made with 416R stainless steel, which is highly suitable for precision match-grade rifle barrels and corrosion resistance. 

The free-floated barrel also comes with an Aerograde carbon-fiber wrap that delivers better shot-to-shot accuracy for overall shooting performance. Aside from that, the presence of V-Block bedding is highly appreciated for producing pinpoint precision and accuracy. 

Suppose that you belong to shooters who like to improve a firearm with aftermarket suppressors and muzzle brake; this AR 15 rifle is an ideal choice. With its 5/8″-24 threaded muzzle, it can readily accommodate various aftermarket muzzle brakes or suppressors. Meanwhile, the removable side baffle brake makes the weapon more comfortable because it relieves recoil or the gun’s kickback.  

For control and better handling, the match-grade flat trigger contributes to that. The gun has adequate space to accept tactical accessories, bipods, and optics, thanks to its 20-MOA rail and M-Lok slots. On the other hand, the six quick-detach flush-cup mounts provide various attachment points for slings.  

While the rifle’s skeletonized bolt handle efficiently manages the nitride-treated twin-lug, spiral-fluted bolt with ease. Also, the fluted bolt directly mitigates the weight to make the barrel less sensitive to overheating. The dual ejector is essential and reliable for removing spent shells, even with the magnum calibers. 

In terms of durability, the black hard coat-anodized 7075 billet-aluminum chassis highly supports the rifle to remain durable even in nasty weather conditions. Besides that, the firearm sports an adjustable and folding stock utilizing the Magnelock Technology. It allows shooters to adjust the stock’s length of pull between 12.5 and 14.5 inches, according to their preference. 

Additionally, the adjustable comb produces a custom fit that gives the weapon improved ergonomics and solid control. The carbon-fiber handguard is designed to provide more reliability and non-slip gripping. Aside from that, the AICS-compatible detachable magazine produces a tactical-style release. It is ideal for effortless and quick unloading and reloading. 

Overall, the Christensen Arms Modern Precision rifle is undoubtedly built with impressive and exceptional features that make a massive contribution in producing remarkable, intense shooting performances. Plus, it comes with various and different barrel twists, colors, and cartridges. So, it is essential to learn more about it to find the best suitable model.     

8. BlackWater Ironhorse DMR Semi-Auto Rifle

BlackWater Ironhorse DMR Semi-Auto Rifle

If you need a reliable AR 15 rifle for home defense and tactical shooting purposes –  you need to check out the BlackWater Ironhorse DMR Semi-Auto Rifle. The rifle is specially built using dependable and excellent materials and features with a particular intention for tactical shooting and home defense applications. 

The semi-auto rifle is best for shooters who want to shoot confidently and achieve easier rifle management. What makes it ideal for every shooter is its ambidextrous fire controls and Thumb Fire Technology. So, shooters do not need to fear left-handed or right-handed because it is specially constructed to suit every shooter.

Moreover, the weapon uses a thumb trigger, which is connected in the skeletonized pistol grip. That’s why the thumb trigger can also serve as an oversized trigger guard. It is vital for virtually decreasing the rifle’s accidental discharge. Thus, there will be lesser risks and dangers. 

In addition, the BlackWater Ironhorse DMR has a quick and safe reloading thanks to its aluminum lower receiver that highlights a flared mag well. Aside from that, it highly accepts aftermarket accessories and sights. They are attached to the Mil-Spec aluminum upper receiver thanks to the full-length flat-top Picatinny rail.

Besides that, the rifle’s 18 inches barrel is constructed with a factory-installed flash suppressor that relieves the shooter’s eye since it decreases the amount of flash seen when using the firearm. Also, the rifle operates with a gas system. The system operation means that the gun relies on gasses produced during shooting. At the same time, the rifle highlights a heavy-duty barrel nut that guarantees that the weapon can last long, even with an intense shooting performance.  

The secured free-floated barrel maintains solid and consistent accuracy. Plus, it sustains a secure headspacing. Aside from that, the rifle takes in two 30-round magazines. 

Suppose that shooters prefer to carry their rifle with a sling; they can attach either single or 2-point QD slings in the BlackWater Ironhorse DMR’s QD sling mounts designed in the handguard and adjustable stock. Best of all, the QD slings are ideal because they are built with durable, high-strength steel materials and have a universal fit. 

The BlackWater Ironhorse DMR is a top-notch AR 15 rifle best for shooters who want powerful home defense weapons superior to tactical shooting applications.         

9. Savage MSR 10 Long Range Semi-Auto Rifle

Savage MSR 10 Long Range Semi-Auto Rifle

The Savage MSR 10 is a specially built semi-auto rifle for excellent long-range and modern shooting. It has fantastic and reliable features that support it to achieve precision shooting at extended shooting ranges. 

Moreover, the firearm utilizes a durable and impressive Magpul PRS Gen 3 buttstock. It is essential because it permits shooters to conveniently adjust the comb height and length of pull to make it a perfect fit. Also, the free-floated M-Lok handguard is a vital feature because it gives shooters limitless aftermarket tactical accessories attachment points. 

In addition, the rifle is built with a BLACKHAWK! 2-stage target trigger that unlocks the weapon’s full accuracy potential that enhances overall shooting performance. Plus, the trigger has excellent strength because it is made using a Nickel Boron treatment. The treatment is highly favorable for firearm manufacturers because it increases material hardness and protects it from wear and corrosion.     

At the same time, the Savage MSR 10 is constructed with 5R rifling that enhances accuracy by minimizing the projectile deformation. Hence, make the rifle more reliable in long-range. More often, shooting ranges have different conditions, but shooters don’t need to fear that when they use the MSR 10 because it sports a Melonite QPQ finished heavy, fluted barrel. Thus, the barrel is durable and valuable even from harsh environmental elements. 

Besides that, the upper receiver sports a full-length Picatinny rail that is securely attached to the Picatinny handguard rail. Like other AR 15 rifles, the Savage MSR 10 is also constructed with a direct-impingement system, which helps obtain more accurate hits. 

The Savage MSR 10 is best suitable for shooters who shoot in long ranges. With its modern ergonomics, the shooters can deliver more hit targets than missed.         

10. Ruger PC Carbine Semi-Auto Rifle with Magpul M-LOK

Ruger PC Carbine Semi-Auto Rifle with Magpul M-LOK

The Ruger PC Carbine is specially engineered with top-notch features to achieve an exceptional top-rated shooting performance, yet it is offered at a budget price. 

Moreover, the firearm utilizes a durable CNC-milled handguard. It is constructed from the quality type-III hard-coat anodized aluminum. So, expect that it is dependable for rugged, intense shooting. Besides that, the Magpul M-LOK slots accommodate the compatible accessories and rails on the four side mounts. The Picatinny rail accepts an adjustable ghost ring rear aperture sight for rapid and accurate shots. At the same time, shooters can effortlessly take down the PC Carbine for convenient carrying. 

In addition, the weapon is versatile because it interchangeably accepts standard GLOCK and Ruger magazines. Also, it highlights a vital feature that is decreasing muzzle rise and recoil. The custom tungsten dead blow weight directly impacts the muzzle and recoil when it shortens the bolt travel.      

The weapon is durable, with strengthened structural integrity thanks to its heat-treated, chrome-moly steel bolt. The presence of the cold hammer-forged, chrome-moly steel barrel is vital to ensure the rugged longevity and consistent accuracy that contribute to a superb performance. Meanwhile, the barrel is also constructed with ultra-precise rifling. It is significant for enhancing projectile stability. 

Aside from that, the heavy-contour barrel’s fluting is an essential feature since it drops the gun’s unnecessary weight. Hence, it provides the shooter a superior and comfortable handling. Also, the threaded barrel features a thread protector that accommodates standard muzzle accessories that highly lessens recoil. 

The Ruger PC Carbine uses a 10/22 trigger so that shooters can produce crisp and light trigger pull with minimum overtravel. Besides that, shooters can customize the rifle to suitably fit with their defense gear and shooting gloves and clothing using the soft rubber butt pad. At the same time, the glass-filled nylon synthetic buttstock is durably constructed to give a non-slip, solid hold for no hindrance and uninterrupted shooting.   

Suppose that shooters want to carry their rifles using a sling; they are free to attach a sling in PC Carbine because it has an integral sling mount. The gun is perfect for left-handed or right-handed shooters because of its reversible magazine release and charging handle. 

The Ruger PC Carbine Semi-Auto Rifle is best for shooters who want a budget AR 15 rifle with jam-packed superb features and designs.  

Final Thoughts

For any shooting purposes,  such as shooting competition, home defense, plinking, and hunting — there is an AR 15 available that will fit the user’s need and preference. 

In addition, choosing the best AR 15 is an occupying and overwhelming process when you think about the vast market. However, there’s hope that you can simplify the process with all the relevant things about AR 15 that are shared here. You can always consider those features when looking for an AR 15 to reach your goal of owning the best and unbeatable model with reliable ergonomics, accuracy, ease management, and superb performance.    

Frequently Asked Questions

Undoubtedly, the best AR15 rifles are interesting. So, here are the shooters frequently asked questions that can help you discover more about them:

Are AR 15 rifles hard to maintain?

Most AR 15 rifles are constructed with excellent features that make them durable and sturdy. For instance, they are built with dust cover and corrosion-resistant materials. Thus, they are protected from dust, dirt, and corrosion that breaks and harms them. With that well-built features, the rifles are not hard to maintain. 
However, if you want to guarantee that your AR 15 rifle will remain durable even if you regularly use it, you need to check it every time you use it consistently. More importantly, you must secure proper storage for your rifle to keep them safe when you are not using it.

What should I search for when buying an AR rifle?

AR rifles are excellent, and they can cover different needs and purposes in using rifles. Most of them are reliable in-home defense, shooting competition, tactical shooting, long-range shooting, and hunting applications. However, one of the standard rules when buying firearms is to check if the manufacturer has a trustworthy and reliable reputation. 
It is always best to order from a company with a respected and dependable name in the firearms market to prevent getting ripped off or buy a rifle with several issues. Best of all, the first step even before buying rifles is to check your local state laws and regulations about AR rifles.   

Why are they called AR 15 rifles?

The rifles are named after their company manufacturer, ArmaLite. However, the company sold it to Colt. Yet, since the AR 15 had already gained a positive reputation from its outstanding performance, Colt decided to maintain the trademark. With that, other manufacturers that produce AR 15 named theirs under the various model designations.   

Is an AK-47 better than an AR 15?

The AK-47 and AR-15 are both exceptional firearms. That’s why shooters often compare them. Undoubtedly, most semi-auto AK-47 rifles can perform effectively in the 300-400 shooting range. Yet, outstandingly skilled shooters can shoot with AK-47 rifles with their best and full accuracy limit. So, the shooters’ skills matter in overall performance. Meanwhile, the AR 15 firearms are better than the AR-47 because they have tighter tolerances and perform accurate hits in wider ranges.  

What calibers do AR rifles use?

The most common calibers for AR rifles are .5.56mm NATO or .223 Remington. However, since manufacturers have taken advantage of the advanced ergonomics, they constructed different caliber variants, such as .300 Winchester Magnum, 7.62×39mm, .22-LR, and many more. Also, since they utilize reliable calibers, you can expect them to perform when using them excellently.  

What is the best length of barrel for an AR-15?

The 16 inches barrel is the best length for shooters who want a good shot with effective velocity and reliable accuracy. However, the 20 inches barrels are the best option for long-range shooting. Also, the 20 inches barrels provide the wider various modern loadings and allow more balance and ease management to shooters.

How essential is a forward assist on an AR 15?

The forward assist is essential because it ensures that the bolt is securely locked and firmly seated after chambering a round. It guarantees that the firearm will effectively fire when the shooter pulls the trigger.

What causes an AR 15 rifle to jam?

The usual causes of jam might be because of the irregularity in the performance of the AR 15 rifle itself. Also, it may be due to ammunition or magazines. The common failures are: firing, feeding, ejecting, or extracting. With that, it is better to buy from a trustworthy company with a reputable reputation to prevent buying low-quality rifles that frequently jam.     

How often should you clean an AR-15?

Most AR 15 are constructed with protecting features like dust cover that shields them from shooting environment dust and debris build-up. However, it is good to check and clean an AR 15 rifle after shooting around 250 rounds. Otherwise, the rifle can have a shorter lifespan because dirt built-up makes it wear off and risks corrosion. 
In addition, if you observe that your firearm is collecting more dirt than usual, you must frequently clean it to lengthen its lifespan and maintain its durability.       

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