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12 Best .308 Rifles Reviewed In 2024 – Bolt-Action, Semi-Auto to Sniper Rifle and Hunting Rifles

Admit it or not, it is overwhelming to assess multiple rifles in one go. Evaluating the weapons based on their features, materials, and designs can be quite overwhelming. With that in mind, keep yourself from hassle and read this list of the best .308 rifles worth a try. Remember that each rifle has particular pros and cons. However, they also offer incredibly unique advantages when used.  

The .308 rifles have great popularity because it is one of the most versatile firearms. So, expect that they are the best. If you’re searching for the best 308 rifles now, you’ll be ecstatic to know that there are several top-notch options available for you. The best .308 rifles come with exceptional performance, reliability, accuracy, and durability.

Also, the rifles that use .308 Winchester have a rich history but still proving that it will take a great effort to beat one of the most accomplished cartridges. The .308 Winchester can take roles for almost any purpose you want for a rifle. It is beneficial for long-range shooting, tactical training, hunting, as well as sporting use. Although the .308 Winchester itself is not absolutely perfect yet, it definitely has more to offer against others. Thus, it fulfills significantly various purposes than others. 

So, if you want to try a .308 rifle, you’re lucky because you can get to know the best options to meet your rifle needs.

best .308 rifles

Advantage of Choosing The Best 308 Rifles

There are numerous advantages of using a .308 rifle. First, you won’t need to worry about the availability of the cartridge. Since it is one of the most popular calibers in the United States, you won’t get trouble buying one. Aside from its availability, there’s a good reason why it is widespread, and it is because it has a fantastic all-around purpose with excellent power, less recoil, and decent long-range ballistics.

The .308 cartridges can work with short action rifles, and it is an excellent choice for the gun because it offers a quick cycle process aside from being lightweight. Besides that, it is also a great partner for semi-automatic rifles, even if the gun has a smaller magazine or receiver. The best .308 rifle gives any shooter, including hunters, long-range tactical shooters, and snipers, the excellent power they need for a rifle.

For instance, hunting requires lightweight and accuracy, and some of the best .308 rifles are designed to function reliably in hunting. It has features that are specifically made to give hunters a great power to take down the targets. Also, .308 rifles are dependable for tactical shooting since some of the rifles come with a heavier weight that helps to provide stability and recoil for a more satisfying tactical shooting experience.

The advanced technological development of .308 rifles also made it possible to use them for tactical and competition shooting. It can secure multiple features needed, including adaptability, accuracy, reliability, and dependability. So, there’s no wonder why the best .308 rifles are widely used since it has taken another level in improving performance.  

best .308 rifle

Top Picks for Best .308 Rifles

Admit it or not, it is overwhelming to assess multiple rifles in one go. Evaluating the weapons based on their features, materials, and designs can be quite overwhelming. With that in mind, keep yourself from hassle and read this list of the best .308 rifles worth a try. Remember that each rifle has particular pros and cons. However, they also offer incredibly unique advantages when used.  

1. Tikka T3X Compact Bolt-Action Rifle – Best .308 Lightweight Hunting Rifle

Tikka T3X Compact Bolt-Action Rifle

First up in the list has innovative designs to pass as one of the best .308 rifles. The Tikka T3X Compact Bolt-Action Rifle has dependable features that bring convenience to hunters and precision shooters. Specifically, it is built with a 20 inches barrel and a 12.5 inches length of pull. Thus, it supports an excellent weapon function for hunters who sometimes hunt in extreme cold weather and must wear thick and bulky hunting clothes for safety. It is also a wise option for shooters with a more petite physique since it is lightweight, making it easy to handle and use. 

In addition, the rifle’s stock provides a 1-inch spacer that improves the length of pull. With that, the .308 rifle has changed to be a standard 13.5 inches length of pull. The spacer is valuable as it maintains the weapon’s suitability even if the user grows and is also adaptable to different clothing preferences depending on the environment and weather.

Moreover, what makes the rifle conveniently manageable to shoot is its high-quality recoil pad. The pad supports a compact and lightweight firing and is very likable with smaller stature shooters. At the same time, there is an aiming improvement feature that supports increased successful firing results. The Tikka T3X comes with an ideal interchangeable pistol grip that permits you to adjust the angle of the grip when you are shooting. It is an essential advantageous feature because hunting sometimes requires multiple positions firing to ensure that the target will never escape.

Aside from that, there is an added rifle design that enables excellent hunting performance. There are additional screw placements designed on top of the receiver that give a secure and solid rail attachment. The rail helps provide versatility for eye relief and mounting options for enhanced shooting accuracy.

Also, the Tikka T3X utilizes a 2-lug bolt with a 75º lift that performs smoothly as silk cycles. The 75º bolt lift helps to prevent keeping the hand and gloves away from the scope. With that bolt lift aid, the cycling process speeds. The rifle also features an enlarged ejection port that facilitates feeding rounds one at a time.

The .308 bolt-action rifle comes with a dependable magazine. It has a single-column polymer magazine that is responsible for reliable and convenient feeds. Plus, it also facilitates loading and unloading for a flawless performance.

Overall, the Tikka T3X Compact Bolt-Action Rifle is worthy of being one of the best .308 rifles for lightweight hunting that features innovative designs. It is best suited for hunters and shooters who want to use a powerful and smooth .308 rifle. It is also for someone who can’t tolerate a heavy weapon for practicing and developing shooting skills.

2. Winchester Model 70 Super Grade Centerfire Rifle – Best .308 Rifle for the Money

Winchester Model 70 Super Grade Centerfire Rifle

The Winchester Model 70 is built to offer shooting supremacy. With its outstanding design, it is irresistible to get to know more about this .308 rifle.

The centerfire rifle boasts a Maple Grade AAA glossy stock elegantly decorated by a classic ebony forend tip. Plus, it comes along with a beautiful shadow line cheek piece. Luckily, the weapon has dominance in power and beauty, showing that it is the best .308 rifle for the money.

You will like various features of the Winchester Model 70, including its MOA trigger system and solid Pre-64 action that guarantees a consistent lighter and crispier trigger. So, you can experience a more comfortable shooting with no creep. Therefore, you can successfully pull off tough wild hunting with ease.

The gun is also packed with innovative security features such as a 3-point safety that facilitates a controlled-round feeding and ejection. While the receiver comes in steel, blued polish. The weapon is also equipped with a free-floating 22 inches hammer-forged steel barrel that comes with a target crown and is all polished in a blued finish.

Moreover, the .308 rifle has an engraved hinged floorplate for rapid unloading and a jeweled bolt body and knurled bolt handle for excellent rust resistance that sufficiently maintains the elegant gun beauty against harsh outdoor conditions. In addition, the Winchester Model 70 has a key feature for the shooter’s safety when firing the rifle. The Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad provides a shooter with comfortability and accuracy because it helps avoid foul on a second shot. It also protects the shooter from any pain if ever the rifle goes off and kicks back.

The .308 rifle has designs and innovations that withstand nasty field conditions, and it is made from outstanding craftsmanship that excellently makes it a great and classic hunting rifle. Furthermore, the gun allows scope accessories as it is drilled and tapped for scope mounts. Also, it is jam-packed with both performance domination and stylish design. Therefore, trying the Winchester Model 70 Super Grade Centerfire Rifle is not a loss for a superior classic feeling accuracy. It is a worthy choice for someone looking for a durable boast-worthy .308 rifle that performs to justify its value.

3. Browning AB3 Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle – Best .308 Lightweight Rifle

Browning AB3 Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle

Browning has established a high reputation for producing quality and satisfying guns. The Browning AB3 Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle is one of the best lightweight weapons to carry the thick and muddy woods with its featherweight at an average of 6 pounds.

It is a great Browning rifle model in .308 Winchester that brings power when hunting. Also, the firearm comes at an affordable price that won’t make you break your bank account. Although the model is offered in a great value, Browning doesn’t compromise its performance. Instead, it is still equipped with reliable features.

The .308 rifle is built with an impressive satin finished walnut stock with a straight comb and an Inflex Technology recoil pad. The pad represents fit support for shooting and guarantees the shooter’s safety from any firing damage. In addition, the barrel and receiver come in a matte blued finish, dependable for durability. At the same time, the receiver is designed like the other .308 rifles. It is drilled and tapped for scope mounts. Hence, the gun can accommodate attachments like telescopic sights for an improved target view to have more accurate shots even at longer ranges.

Moreover, the Browning AB3 Hunter operates with a rotating head with three locking lugs. The feature is common for all A-Bolt centerfire rifles. It is also helpful for improved scope clearance and fast cycling because it permits a short 60° bolt handle lift to do all those fantastic functions. The bolt knob is shaped as slightly tilted and flattened at an ergonomic 30° angle naturally suited to the hand.

In terms of safety design, Browning made sure that the AB3 has its ideal usage of top-tang safety that’s swift to move in the position. While the bolt unlocks gives permission for you to open the bolt for convenient loading and even inspection with the top-tang safety while positioned safely. You can depend on the detachable steel box magazine to perform an easy and quick re-loading and safe unloading.

You can also perform excellently for long shooting because of the free-floated steel barrel that provides fine precision. To top it all, the Browning AB3 Hunter is the top .308 rifle not only with its lightweight advantage but it offers high-quality power that you cannot buy in any other weapons in the same price range.

4. Savage MSR 10 Hunter Semi-Auto Rifle – Best .308 Semi-Auto Rifle

Savage MSR 10 Hunter Semi-Auto Rifle

If you are a hunting enthusiast that regularly joins big hunting games, the Savage MSR 10 Hunter is a valuable .308 rifle option. It provides incredible hard-hitting projectiles that are essential to takedown big wild animals.

The rifle itself already comes with an outstanding performance, yet it is built to provide slots to accommodate customized accessories within its attachment. Thus, you can enhance the weapon best suitable for your preferences and needs. Tactical gear and equipment offers impressive features, including weapon accommodation, comfort, and concealment. Plus, they are durable for challenging range movements. That’s why it is helpful that the Savage MSR 10 Hunter features an AXIOM carbine stock that adjusts with the shooter’s size and tactical equipment. 

Moreover, the BLACKHAWK KNOXX AR pistol grip allows you to experience a solid hold to the weapon. While you have the chance for limitless tactical accessory attachments because the free-floated M-LOK handguard gives an impressive unlimited virtual attachment point.

Aside from that, you don’t have to worry if you want to obtain the weapon’s full accuracy potential. The high-quality BLACKHAWK trigger with Nickel Boron treatment and 5R rifling supports the semi-auto rifle to have accurate target shooting.

In terms of design, the .308 rifle comes in an impressive black color and a durable Melonite QPQ finished fluted barrel that defends the gun from harsh elements. Therefore, the weapon maintains its solid beauty even after continued use.

Also, the Savage MSR 10 Hunter activates with a direct-impingement system which is a mechanism that operates with more accuracy and makes the .308 rifle easier to handle. The upper receiver highlights a full-length Picatinny rail that butts up flush to the Picatinny handguard rail. The Picatinny rail features more versatility for the shooters because it provides better eye relief. Also, it is a standard system with wider slots that permit the ability to move the scope and other accessories effortlessly.  

Like other AR-type tactical rifles, this Savage model can be field stripped for convenient cleaning, inspection, or repair. Plus, it does not require extra tools to disassemble it so you can maintain it comfortably.

The Savage MSR 10 Hunter is a reliable weapon for modern and compact shooting platforms. With its amazing features offered, it is the best .308 semi-auto rifle for someone who wants to get an advantageous weapon for wild hunting.

5. Savage 12 FV Bolt-Action Rifle – Best .308 Rifle in Long Range

Savage 12 FV Bolt-Action Rifle

The Savage 12 FV Bolt-Action Rifle in .308 Winchester has a striking black synthetic color. In contrast with other .308 rifles, this comes with heavier built at 8.75 pounds. Yet, you can’t consider the weight a disadvantage because it is reliable to lessen the felt recoil.

Specifically, the bolt-action rifle is designed with precise intention. It is built with features to be best in providing shooters the precise shot placement at long ranges. Also, it utilizes a synthetic stock that comes with dual pillars. That’s why the rifle has a solid bedding platform. Plus, the synthetic stock is an ideal feature to attain constant weapon accuracy in all kinds of conditions. It has the ideal stability in all environments, including humid, hot, and cold.

On the other hand, the free-floated heavy barrel is dependable for a fine accuracy potential. The 12 FV uses Savage’s AccuTrigger. It is an ideal trigger for users who want to make a personalized adjustment. Each shooter has different trigger pull preferences. With that, the AccuTrigger is the key to achieve the most comfortable light and no creep, crisp release.

In addition, there is a lever mount positioned with the trigger body. It prevents accidental firing by blocking the sear. Therefore, the gun will not fire unless the shooter intentionally pressed the trigger in the center. Also, the basic bolt design is responsible for locking lugs, having complete contact with the receiver, and holding the headspace to a minimum every time the bolt is locked.

Moreover, the bolt works with a push-feed design, a reliable mechanism that helps maintain a secured, safe firearm. The bolt also utilizes a spring-loaded plunger-type ejector and a sliding-plate extractor. Aside from that, there is a built 3-position receiver tang safety that the shooter can easily reach by using a thumb. The tang safety permits safe loading and unloading because you can adjust it with a safe position where a blind magazine securely accommodates the ammunition.

The 12 FV tight headspace gives off an excellent accuracy that follows the high-quality feature that all the Savage rifles are built with. Hence, it is a dependable rifle that delivers satisfactory accuracy in long and more extensive ranges effective for hunting. It also followed the modern design of rifles that were drilled and tapped for scope bases. Therefore, the Savage 12 FV Bolt-Action Rifle has all the incredible features someone needed for the best. 308 rifle in long-range.

6. Thompson/Center Performance Center LRR Bolt-Action Rifle – Best .308 Bolt-Action Rifle for Money

Thompson/Center Performance Center LRR Bolt-Action Rifle

Hitting at 600 yards is not even a challenge for the Thompson/Center Performance Center LRR Bolt-Action Rifle since it is specially designed to provide precision accuracy at extreme ranges. Let’s start assessing the weapon by its unique features.

Indeed, there is no wonder that the rifle is an excellent top performer weapon because it has incredible features to support it. It comes with an impressive composite stock that is popularly known for delivering superior accuracy and durability. It also has a strong defense against harmful elements. Also combined with the rifle’s reliability is an aluminum chassis that gives rigidity, strength, and reduced weight. Hence, you can expect a powerful bedding platform for the barreled action. 

It is a nice, solid .308 rifle that features stock forend improved with M-LOK slots that allow a shooter to use aftermarket, rail-mounted accessories. At the same time, the factory-mounted Caldwell bipod provides a steady and elevated shooting platform, comfortable for both prone and seated shooting positions.

This LRR rifle is a long-distance gun that exceeds your expectations for jam-packed designs and materials. It includes a threaded muzzle, a match-grade, a fluted barrel that features 5R rifling, and a reliable factory-installed 4-port muzzle brake. It is a well worth weapon with accuracy improving material points. That’s why the gun is easy to handle and shoot.

The two thumbwheels placed on the buttstock give the shooters the power to modify length-of-pull and comb height according to their desired preference. While it is the 20-MOA Picatinny receiver rail that gives off a solid attachment point for optic sights. Hence, if you add optic sights accessories, you will get to connect better with the surroundings. You can also extend your hunting time because the optics sights are well reliable to give you a better target view even in low or dim light.

Moreover, the LRR bolt-action rifle is operated with a 3-lug bolt with a short bolt throw. It also features an ideal adjustable trigger. Depending on the shooter’s chosen trigger pull weight, the shooter can change it from 2.5 pounds to 3.5 pounds trigger pull.

The Thompson/Center Performance Center LRR Bolt-Action Rifle weighs heavy at 11 pounds. However, its weight is actually an advantage for long-distance shooting since it helps decrease the recoil that improves the shooter spot their hits better. Plus, it is an ideal .308 rifle option with a great price to give you all the weapon features you need to start an incredible long-distance shooting.

7. Remington Model 700 SPS Tactical Bolt-Action Rifle – Best .308 Tactical Rifle

Remington Model 700 SPS Tactical Bolt-Action Rifle

You don’t have to pay a big fortune when buying your best. 308 rifles. Since Remington has proven its credibility in providing impressively great rifles, it is a wise choice to take time evaluating its Models.

The Model 700 is one of Remington’s excellent weapons right out of the box for exceptional tactical shooting and hardcore wild hunting. The SPS (Special Purpose Synthetic) rifle has a heavy contour that stabilizes bullets in an impressive 1:10 rate-of-twist rifling. Hence, you will feel decreased vibration, and you will also obtain increased accuracy. The heaviness within the barrel also helps in resisting heat when the gun is used for continuous shooting. 

Although a lighter barrel is easier to handle if you want a durable one is the heavier barrel. If you are exposed to harsh environments, owning the heavier but more durable barrel is better to guarantee more extended use of the weapon. However, the decision is solely yours since you are the one who will be using the gun. Therefore, it will be better to take your time assessing your needs and preferences.

It is nice to get to know more about the Remington Model 700, right? Indeed, it is packed with valuable high-grade materials and remarkable designs. So, it can be one of the top .308 rifles you can own.

You can have your best mounting accessories because of the weapon’s 5/8-24 threaded muzzle that comes with an installed thread protector. Also, the bolt-action rifle is versatile; it can use AAC and other compatible suppressors, flash hiders, and muzzle brakes. At the same time, the gun features a unique and rugged synthetic Hogue Overmolded stock that comes with pillar bedding. It ensures a solid attachment platform for the barreled receiver with an impressive non-reflective matte, blue finished design.

One downside with the Remington Model 700 is its trigger that has a chance of failure; some rifle owners shared this sentiment. However, you can solve it by replacing it with reliable aftermarket parts. Nonetheless, the gun has an adjustable X-Mark Pro trigger where you can change its factory set 3.5 lbs. trigger pull. You can modify the trigger in much less at 2.5 pounds to obtain your most comfortable trigger pull weight.

The rifle has 2-position safety; it is quick to operate to secure minimal to no firing accidents. At the same time, the bolt knob utilizes secured 2-panel checkering to provide an efficient nonslip hold even if the cycling is in action. 

Increasing your confidence is never a problem. With the gun scope and the help of the hinged floorplate, you can achieve a better scoreboard result. The floorplate offers secure unloading in the rifle magazine. In addition, the weapon is drilled and tapped for scope mounts to provide points for scope attachments. Hence, you will have a better target view in tactical shooting and hunting.

The Remington Model 700 SPS Tactical Bolt-Action Rifle is for shooters who want the best .308 rifle with incredible features for tactical purposes, including law enforcement roles. Yet, this Remington model is also for hunters who can successfully pull off a weight gun into a powerful weapon for hardcore wild hunting to easily takedown big wild animals.

8. Savage Axis XP Bolt-Action Rifle in TrueTimber Strata – Best in Budget

Savage Axis XP Bolt-Action Rifle in TrueTimber Strata

The Savage Axis XP Bolt-Action Rifle is a budget .308 rifle that doesn’t compromise designs and features. Although the gun is offered in the budget price range, it is still designed with quality materials excellent to be a starter gun.

You will like the Axis XP because of its durable synthetic stock that is dipped in TrueTimber Strata camo. It also comes with an elegant matte-black-finished carbon steel barrel and receiver. In terms of rifle handling, you will have a comfortable hold and aim with the rifle. It is made possible by a heavily textured grip and forend that presents a secured grip.

Moreover, hunters sometimes encounter incredibly harsh environments. So, to protect their hands, they used gloves. There is no issue with that because the bolt-action rifle is built to accommodate gloved hands. The gun’s trigger guard provides adequate space for a gloved trigger finger to maintain a comfortable trigger pull.

Even though the weapon is inexpensive at less than $400, it has plenty of fantastic hunting features that justify extreme firearm value on a budget. Well, the rifle is solidly constructed, featuring a factory-mounted and bore-sighted Weaver 3-9x40mm scope for accuracy.

The silky-smooth bolt and detachable box magazine produced uncompromised reliability. The 2-position tang safety is easy to use to block the gun’s action and maintain a safe position. Therefore, you can efficiently operate it using your thumb to assure safety for any firing accidents.

You can attach a sling to the rifle if you are comfortable with shoulder carry because it has sling swivel studs. Thus, you can have a more convenient carry to make sure that your rifle stays in place. You can also attach a bipod to the forend to reduce the unwanted motion with the gun. The rubber recoil pad also contributes to superior comfort while firing, aside from its natural use to protect shooters from any damage when shooting.

The Savage Axis XP Bolt-Action Rifle can support you in any tough hunting with its accuracy, power, and durability. While some previous buyers think the weapon’s trigger is challenging to use, it remains a wise choice for hunters who want to enjoy outstanding wild hunting on a budget. In terms of improving skills, you can modify the .308 rifle to enhance performance. So, next time you hunt, you can hit more targets to have a more satisfying rifle experience.

9. Ruger American Rifle Standard Bolt-Action Rifle – Best in Budget Lightweight .308 Rifle

Ruger American Rifle Standard Bolt-Action Rifle

At 6.1 pounds in .308 Winchester, the Ruger American Rifle is one of the ideal lightweight rifles designed exceptionally to withstand any rugged and harsh environment.

The bolt-action rifle is mainly designed with high-grade materials. Ruger did not compromise the rifle’s performance and still built the American rifle with modern and innovative designs. It is the best lightweight weapon under a $500 must-have in serious hunting. It is a practical and cost-effective weapon that exceeds expectations.

Also, the gun comes with an impressive 3-lug bolt design with a 70° bolt lift. The feature helps provide the required space to keep a safe distance between the fingers, riflescope, and bolt handle. So, you will have a clearer and non blocked view since the rifle design doesn’t permit close contact with the scope.

Moreover, the .308 bolt-action rifle is available with accessible 2-position tang safety. The safety feature is dependable to have a minimal to none unintentional firing accident wound. Fortunately, every shooter can use the feature because it works effectively, whether right or left-handed.

You can have a safe loading and unloading since the bolt has safety engagement. Plus, there is a working cocking indicator at the end of the bolt. You will be well aware of what’s happening when you are loading or unloading the gun.

The rifle utilizes a unique and comfortable trigger pull. It features an ideal Marksman Adjustable trigger. With that, you can personalize your trigger weight for a more comfortable firing. Besides that, the trigger offers a light and crisp pull without creeps. It is an easy and dependable rifle for high-precision firing.

Still, the Ruger American Rifle has more to offer, including a detachable, ultra-reliable rotary magazine. It ideally fits in the flush bottom of the stock. Also, it assists the shooter in easy gun handling. You can’t beat the rifle’s durability by just careless carry and hold. So, expect that it will ideally last for a long time.

The stock is made from high-grade, solid materials. Specifically, the stock features a rugged composite that comes with grooves. It helps in texturizing on the pistol grip and for-end for superior rifle handling. A slipping rifle can get into nerves, right? Well, the Ruger American Rifle won’t give you any experiences like that. Its design is a non-slip grip rifle better to use in rugged hunting adventures, even in nasty outdoor weather.

Aside from that, the stock also comes with bedding blocks/ Power bedding recoil. It is responsible for ensuring that the barreled action is securely attached to the stock free float the barrel. Hence, give shooters a more accessible firm brace with the weapon to hit the target quickly. The soft rubber recoil pad guarantees less felt recoil when firing.

Like the other .308 rifles, the Ruger American Rifle Standard Bolt-Action Rifle is also built with featured scopes bases plus a drilled and tapped receiver. Overall, it is jam-packed with outstanding designs that surpassed expectations with its price. Therefore, it is an excellent lightweight best budget .308 rifle choice for petite shooters looking for superb accurate gun rugged use for hunting.

10. Sig Sauer Cross Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle – Best .308 Sniper Rifle

Sig Sauer Cross Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle

When searching for a high-precision rifle, you’re on the right path. The Sig Sauer Cross Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle is meant to take you into a high-level precision shooting experience. It is one of the best .308 rifles best suited for military snipers, elite long-range shooters, and hunters.

The bolt-action rifle is designed from the excellent output of snipers and shooters. Hence, you can expect the firearm to surpass high expectations in sturdiness and precision for long-range shooting and extreme wild hunting. It is made with high-grade reliable features and materials.

First, the Sig Sauer Cross comes with a flexible folding precision-style stock. When it comes with its trigger, it boasts a top-notch 2-stage, match-grade trigger. It is ideally delivering a short, crisp trigger pull. Hunters hate it when their targets escape, right?

Luckily, if you will use the Sig Sauer Cross for hunting, it is easy to handle in rapid operation. What makes it possible is the oversized and textured bolt handle. It offers a significant smooth rifle manipulation. Also, with its weight in .308 Winchester, in 6.8 pounds, is one high-grade lightest rifle for shooters who fire in a prone position.

Moreover, the 1-piece aircraft aluminum receiver provides exceptional accuracy. At the same time, the stainless-steel barrel provides lightweight accuracy. The barrel also features a recessed crown and 5/8×24 threads for other muzzle devices and suppressors.

Besides that, the Sig Sauer Cross is exceptionally versatile to aftermarket accessories and tools. With its factory-installed M-LOK handguard, shooters are allowed to upgrade the gun. There is no hassle because it accommodates accessories and attachments. Thus, you can modify the rifle for reliable power to withstand adverse weather conditions.

The Sig Sauer Cross Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle is great for snipers, hunters, and long-range shooters who need a .308 rifle that works no matter what condition is. The rifle also is meant to adapt strongly and stand up against any condition. It is a wise option for someone looking for a top-notch high-end firearm.

11. Benelli LUPO Bolt-Action Rifle – Best .308 Hunting Rifle

Benelli LUPO Bolt-Action Rifle

Benelli is established with an excellent reputation for providing legendary firearms with top-notch performance. Like any other gun, Benelli used advanced ergonomics for its LUPO Bolt-Action Rifle, making it one of the most reliable .308 hunting rifles.

The LUPO comes with exceptionally outstanding sub-MOA accuracy and is highly customizable. Therefore, it is a complete fit firearm right out of the box. It is designed meant to give a hair-splitting accuracy. With that plan, Benelli LUPO has been built with a precision Crio-treated, free-floating barrel. Not only that but it is also combined with a hardened steel barrel extension made embedded to a steel block in the alloy receiver. Therefore, it guarantees the high-class accuracy advantage for hardcore hunting.

Give yourself a fantastic hunting experience by choosing a rifle that gives superior control and minimal recoil. With the help of a patented, built-in Progressive Comfort system and Combtech cheek pad, expect the LUPO provides reduced recoil to obtain improved control and lessened muzzle flip.

Aside from that, the bolt-action rifle features an ideal adjustable trigger the gives crisp, reliable pull for highly reduced anticipation. Also, the LUPO boasts an ambidextrous, easy-to-use top-tang safety that ensures a safety mechanism.

The Benelli LUPO will feel specially built for you since it highlights a legendary Airtouch texturing. The material is dependable to offer a firm hold, non-slip on the rifle. Hence, remarkably improving gun control. More importantly, the Airtouch has excellent coordination with the cutaway bolt. Thus, give way to make a convenient and easy insert with the detachable magazine. Plus, it ensures a great flush fit onto the receiver.

This .308 rifle makes a great hunting rifle. It has features that provide hunters an exceptional advantage against its targets. So, it is not a disadvantage to try out the LUPO.

12. Franchi Momentum Elite Bolt-Action Rifle – Best .308 Hunting Rifle #2 

Franchi Momentum Elite Bolt-Action Rifle

The last best .308 rifle in the list comes with a world-class accuracy helpful for hunting; it is the Franchi Momentum Elite rifle. The firearm is specially built with innovative ergonomics to be a valuable weapon for hunters as well as for precision shooters.

The bolt-action rifle comes with a Cerakote finish and ergonomic stock. It also features a free-floated, cold hammer-forged, and a chrome-moly steel barrel with a recessed crown. Everything is high-grade materials that allow the rifle to stay in extended use. It is one of the best .308 rifles that has both durability and excellent accuracy.

Aside from that, the gun also features a 60° throw that gives easy clearing for an attached mounted optic. Hence, keeping a great snag-free operation. While the spiral-fluted, tri-lug bolt feature provides a flawless and smooth manipulation.

Don’t worry because this world-class rifle is highly manageable when used in hunting. It is made with a TSA recoil pad, which is efficient for lessening the felt recoil to decrease fatigue and allow superior control. The Franchi Momentum Elite Bolt-Action Rifle also has a 1-piece 1913 Picatinny rail that permits flexible accommodation of various aftermarket optics.

Moreover, the firearm boasts an excellent light and smooth trigger. Along with it is 2-position safety that guarantees the gun’s safety mechanism. Overall, when you get to own this .308 rifle, expect that you will be able to keep an excellent performance in wild hunting games.

The Benefits of Selecting a Right Rifle

No matter how hard you look for a perfect .308 rifle, you won’t succeed. The reason is simple because there is no perfectly made rifle available. Each weapon always has its pros and cons that you need to deal with as a shooter. However, even if you can’t have a perfect rifle, you can always find the right rifle best suited for you.

If you are exploring for a .308 rifle, you must have come with your preferences. Each quality rifle is an excellent investment to give yourself a satisfying rifle use.

Also, since each rifle comes with unique features and specialized design, the benefit of choosing what suits you best is you will experience having well-spent money. Plus, obtaining a reliable weapon that each shot is worth it when you have your right rifle.

Besides that, the right rifle serves to surpass its required performance. It can fully function to help you achieve your needs as your reason why you bought it. Being clear on what you should expect for your weapon is a significant help to pick one right firearm faster.

Another benefit of owning a .308 rifle that best suits you is that you feel right when handling it. It is manageable despite its weight. For instance, a rifle with adjustable stocks has been designed right for smaller-built shooters. That’s why it is a great benefit for them to use it.

Moreover, the right rifle can also give you excellent shooting that matches your style. It is always hard to use stalk hunting designed rifles in competitive shooting. Indeed, it can be frustrating if you’ve chosen a weapon that doesn’t match your purpose of using it.

Furthermore, remember that you need to choose versatile models that readily accept aftermarket accessories and suppressors if you want to enhance your rifles. So, as later, you won’t regret overlooking your .308 rifle’s plans.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed are the usual and popular questions that people ask about the best .308 rifles and calibers:

What does a semi-automatic .308 rifle good for?

Semi-automatic .308 rifles are suitable for big game hunting, long-distance target shooting, and even as a home defense weapon in time of emergency. They can work excellently with most of the rifles’ purposes. With that, .308 rifles are worth trying to achieve a fantastic shooting experience.

Is the .308 the best all-around caliber?

There’s no doubt that there is tight competition among calibers. Yet, .308 made it to prove that it is one of the best all-around calibers. Indeed, it has excellent and reliable power to provide outstanding support in tactical shooting, training shooting, long-range target shooting, and big game hunting. Also, most .308 calibers are versatile in long guns.

What are .308 rifles used for?

Shooters and hunters can you the best .308 rifles in various shooting like target shooting, bench rest target shooting, police sharpshooting, and even hunting and military sniping.

Which caliber is better, .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor’s?

Both calibers have a particular purpose. For instance, the 6.5 Creedmoor calibers are best for long-range target shooting in bolt-action rifles. Meanwhile, the .308 calibers can perform great all-around shooting like tactical shooting, training shooting, and even big game hunting.

Is a .308 a good deer hunting rifle?

The .308 rifles are not just good hunting rifles for deer, but hunters can also use them for hunting elk, coyote, moose, pronghorn. In addition, some best .308 rifles can produce shots that hit successfully at 700 yards and beyond.

Is .308 ammo hard to get?

Due to its popularity, it can be challenging to buy .308 because it is among the list of in-demand ammo. Thus, it might be better to buy ammo online from reliable ammo retailers because most offer good deals that seem like a bargain price.

Is .308 good for moose?

The most popular caliber for moose hunting is the .30-06 caliber. However, .308 calibers are also an excellent choice to takedown moose in hunting. Also, they rank not far from .30-06 calibers, so hunters can still expect outstanding performance.

Is .308 good for coyotes?

The .308 calibers are undoubtedly a good caliber choice for coyote hunting. Also, it is fantastic to use in any hunting conditions at a reasonable shooting distance. With correct shot placements, .308 calibers are meant to perform outstandingly and reliably.

Are there different types of .308 ammo?

Yes, there are different types of .308 ammo; since it has existed for a long time, manufacturers have made various improvements. Some of its variations include ballistic, poly, and bonded tips.

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