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7 Best Inflatable Tents Reviewed In 2024, Plus Best Inflatable Tent Buying Guide

It is hard to crown just one tent as the best inflatable tent. For that reason, we compiled high-grade inflatable tents out there. If you don’t know what exactly you are looking for, you can enjoy going over with the compiled inflatable tents below. Each is best for a particular purpose, so don’t miss any of the inflatable tents to figure out the one that can meet your specific needs and preferences.

Let’s not waste any time and just go over the best inflatable tents below.

A camping tent is a crucial element in camping that can make or break your adventure. Experiencing the outdoors is always a wonderful moment in the life of a camper. However, being a camper doesn’t mean you must love pitching your camping tent, right? Luckily, you can always skip most of the setup by choosing the best inflatable tent. With its exceptional system, you can go straight with your planned activities or relax to your heart’s content. 

While camping, you don’t always need to do hard work to ensure a reliable outdoor shelter. As long as you choose the best inflatable tent, you can guarantee to have more time to spare on things you want to do. What makes inflatable tents excellent is that they swap traditional poles made from fiberglass, metal, or plastic for inflatable beams. When pumped with air, these tents sport a sturdy and stable structure. 

Interestingly, inflatable beams are excellent in handling windy weather. Even though they are not immune to intense winds, they have better strength compared with traditional camping tents. Additionally, even the large inflatable tents are easy and quick to set up with minimal effort. At the same time, they can also be lighter and convenient to carry around. 

In terms of stability, the best inflatable tents don’t disappoint. That’s why staying inside an inflatable tent can be highly comfortable, even for long hours. Greatly, there’s more to love with these tents, and you can discover them with each inflatable tent listed below. If you are fed up with snapping poles in setting up a traditional camping tent, it is a great idea to check out the high-quality inflatable tents below. 

Go, have a closer look at them. 

inflatable tent

7 Best Inflatable Tents

It is hard to crown just one tent as the best inflatable tent. For that reason, we compiled high-grade inflatable tents out there. If you don’t know what exactly you are looking for, you can enjoy going over with the compiled inflatable tents below. Each is best for a particular purpose, so don’t miss any of the inflatable tents to figure out the one that can meet your specific needs and preferences. 

Let’s not waste any time and just go over the best inflatable tents below.

1. Vango Ringstead Air Adult Mixed Inflatable Tent

Vango Ringstead Air Adult Mixed Inflatable Tent

Looking for a trustworthy inflatable tent that you can use all year round? If so, the Vango Ringstead Air Adult Mixed Inflatable Tent can be the one for you. Specifically, it is made from high-quality polyester material with special features, such as portability and high water resistance. No problem using it during nasty weather conditions. 

Moreover, this inflatable tent sports an impressive inflatable AirBeam structure that ensures easy pitch-in in just a few minutes. The quick process is attainable because of the double action pump included in the package. Basically, it is a complete deal, so you don’t have to worry about buying a separate pump. 

Featuring a unique Sentinel Active flysheet with an excellent 3000mm HH waterproof rating, you can rely upon its strong and high-quality performance when it comes to withstanding rainy camping adventures. Besides that, it is built with a fully sewn-in groundsheet that adds comfort to the tent by providing a bug and draught-free outdoor shelter environment. 

Afraid of camping in windy weather? Not anymore because the Vango Ringstead Air Adult Mixed Inflatable Tent is crafted with an amazing patented Vango Tension Band System. With that, the tent can excellently perform in adverse camping conditions, particularly in strong, changeable winds. Windy camping problem no more!

On the other hand, this inflatable tent presents darker bedrooms that allow a pleasant sleeping experience during camping. At the same time, it also comes with a fantastic mirrored bedroom layout that provides additional privacy and a spacious living area, which is ideal when camping with a large group of friends or family members. 

As for easy access, the drop-down doors make it ideal for entering and exiting the tent. In addition, it is also effortless to transport camping gear and accessories inside with the help of the collapsible wagon. Aside from that, the door also doubles as a sun canopy. Meanwhile, the climate windows allow adequate airflow and let you enjoy the outdoor view while being protected. 

Forget your worries about bad weather when camping with the help of the Vango Ringstead Air Adult Mixed Inflatable Tent. With its quality features, it is a worth considering option for many more reasons.   

2. Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent

Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent

Built with inflatable beams instead of classic poles, the Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent sports great stability and a spacious area featuring three rooms. Not only does it come with three rooms, but it also has excellent 3-season functionality. With that being said, it is suitable for most camping seasons. No need for you to buy different types of camping tents. 

Moreover, this inflatable tent presents a tunnel-type design supported by three air beams. That’s why it is effortless to get ready with only one person doing the work. Plus, the setup process can only last for a few minutes. It features a freestanding advantage. Yet, it is best to ensure that you will stake it down properly to attain great stability. 

When it comes to rooms, this inflatable tent features an inner tent within the shell tent. Initially, there were just two sleeping rooms with a room divider that worked as their separator. Meanwhile, the front room is dedicated as a living area, but you can convert it into a third room — achieving a 3-room setup

Besides the multiple rooms, the tent also has several doors and windows. Greatly, the doors are combined with mesh and zippered panels. So, there is nothing to worry about the protection they can provide. Apart from that, it also comes with four roof vents that ensure a good quality of airflow. Meanwhile, the mosquito net in the upper part blocks mosquitoes and other pests from entering. 

Since the Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent is not constructed without poles, it is basically made of all fabric. However, that’s not a reason to doubt its durability. In fact, it is made durable with the polyester diamond 70D 75 g/M2. On top of that, it is incredibly coated with the thermal-insulated aluminized polyurethane, promoting an excellent 2000 mm waterproof rating. 

Additionally, the inner tent is built from water repellent and breathable polyester material. The shell tent’s floor features a waterproof, fully welded polyethylene and boasts a high waterproof rating. For that, you can guarantee great protection against elements. Regarding the height, it boasts about 70.87 inches of peak height. So, it is basically a tall camper-friendly tent. 

In terms of full protection against outdoor elements, the Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent doesn’t disappoint — the materials prove its incredible durability. The only flaw is that it can be heavy for an average-sized inflatable tent and pricey. Nonetheless, quality costs, so it is up to you to weigh having this and if it fits your needs. 

3. Crua Outdoors Core Premium Quality 6-Person Family Camping Tent

Crua Outdoors Core Premium Quality 6-Person Family Camping Tent

Without a doubt, you will never go wrong in choosing an inflatable tent specifically made with features that can comfort campers consistently. If that impresses you, it is time to discover the Crua Outdoors Core Premium Quality 6-Person Family Camping Tent. Besides being highly spacious, it is also tall at 7.5 ft. You don’t have to crawl and bend here. So, you can find the best comfort and relaxation by having this as your outdoor shelter. 

Obviously, this tent is built with a user-friendly air-frame design that makes it easy and fast to pitch in — it already comes with a pump, so there’s no need to worry. In addition, it is also made of a breathable polyester combined with a water-resistant outer layer that gives excellent protection against rainy camping weather. As a matter of fact, it is equipped with a 5000mm hydrostatic head. Thus, you can reduce your worry about encountering nasty outdoor conditions. 

What’s more excellent with the Crua Outdoors Core Premium Quality 6-Person Family Camping Tent is that it is not only functional for camping. It means that it is flexible and adaptable to other outdoor activities, such as festival camping, hiking, glamping, beach camping, and many more. After all, it is built to last even with continuous use. Sleeping outdoors makes it easier and more comfortable with this inflatable tent. 

With a weight of 33 lbs, this tent is lightweight considering that it is an outdoor camping shelter that can house up to 6 campers together with camping gear and accessories. A more worth mentioning is that it sports a 192 sq. ft area. Basically, it can be a spacious home away from your real home. At the same time, it also comes with an attached porch that you can dedicate to storing your camping gear or letting the cool air go inside.

Admit it or not, buying anything can be frustrating because you worry that you can just waste money. Worry not; this inflatable tent from the Crua Outdoors store carries a full two-year warranty. For that reason, you don’t have to get stressed about experiencing poor craftsmanship or defects in materials. If you feel rest assured with this kind of warranty, it is ideal for you to check this one out. 

With the Crua Outdoors Core Premium Quality 6-Person Family Camping Tent, you can experience a better camping experience since it is built to comfort campers whenever they go. The same advantage can apply to you. 

4. Berghaus Air 8 Inflatable Tunnel Design 8-Person Family Tent

Berghaus Air 8 Inflatable Tunnel Design 8-Person Family Tent

The Berghaus Air 8 Inflatable Tunnel Design 8-Person Family Tent boasts high-performance inflatable beams that are superior and more durable than other standard inflatable tents. So, it can offer you a more special camping adventure than you have ever experienced before. Well, it is equipped with plenty of features and a large living area to satisfy you while camping and being away from your home. 

Super-quick pitching time your standard? You can never go wrong with selecting this inflatable tent. Also, don’t get wrong with the fact that it is easy and fast to set up because it remains strong and stable, thanks to its great craftsmanship and materials. Berghaus paid special attention to details, after all. More likely, you can ensure that you’re getting more than what you paid. 

Since this camping tent is jam-packed with outstanding features and made of the latest technology, you can surely improve the ventilation and waterproof performance you experience with this one. Meanwhile, just as quickly as you can pitch this in, it can impress you with how fast it can deflate and store. Basically, it is an easy-to-manage inflatable tent that you don’t have to worry about with your shield from outdoor elements while camping. 

When it rains outside, you want to remain dry, right? Thanks to the combined fully taped seams with a rain hood and 70 Denier flysheet with 6000mm Hydrostatic Head, you can assure that you will stay dry and comfortable. Nasty weather condition problem no more. On the flip side, the inner tent is made of breathable 185T polyester, preventing any possible condensation issues. 

In terms of rooms, this one is like a blackout tent. That said, you can look forward to its darkened rooms that can offer a cool and nice atmosphere, promoting a pleasant sleeping experience. To justify that it can truly improve your ventilation, it features combined high and low-level vents and meshed doors that efficiently enhance the airflow inside. 

Overall, the Berghaus Air 8 Inflatable Tunnel Design Family Tent is a highly spacious 8-person shelter with an incredible peak height and dark rooms that effectively cool the interior and let you sleep even after sunlight. After all, there’s no need to compromise sleep quality even with camping. 

5. HEIMPLANET Original MAVERICKS Dome Inflatable Tent

HEIMPLANET Original MAVERICKS Dome Inflatable Tent

Suppose you want a premium inflatable tent and don’t want to settle for anything less. In that case, the HEIMPLANET Original MAVERICKS Dome Inflatable Tent is the best inflatable tent you are searching for. Obviously, the premium features and functionality cost. Without a doubt, it can be pricey for this one. However, more than the price, it is better to discover what you can get in return for your investment. 

Let’s start with space. It sports a 142 square feet area. That’s why it is no surprise that it can efficiently accommodate up to 10 campers. Plus, it will not disappoint in regard to durability since it is built to withstand even near-hurricane-force winds up to a speed of 180km/h. That can build up your confidence not to fear any camping plan whenever you want. Definitely, it has the strength you can ask for in your camping shelter. 

In terms of internal height, this dome inflatable tent boasts an average height of 6 feet and 7 inches. Surely, it is ideal for tall campers. As for the doors, it is designed with three large doors that make entry and exit effortless. Need to transport your camping gear and accessories? There’s nothing to worry about with this one. If you want more convenience in moving your things, you can utilize a collapsible wagon. 

Featuring an impressive geodesic frame principle, the HEIMPLANET Original MAVERICKS Dome Inflatable Tent provides excellent stability to withstand windy camping weather. While it comes with durable guy ropes,  it is only necessary to add when the nasty weather becomes extreme. In fact, the maximum structural capability won’t break even if the wind exceeds expected. 

Thanks to the multi-chamber safety system, you can rely upon emergency stability that will save you from the trouble of defects and punctures. At the same time, the system also makes it easy to repair anything wrong. After all, it is a premium camping tent, so it will not just break easily. For stability and durability, this inflatable tent from the HEIMPLANET store is an excellent choice. 

Do you like viewing the outdoors but don’t want to leave the comfort inside the tent? Good thing that this camping tent comes with three TPU windows that offers a good all-around view of the outside. Meanwhile, the closable vents at the top and bottom promote excellent ventilation and exceptional airflow. Surely, things can keep cool even with warmer camping conditions. 

On the other hand, wet weather is not a problem anymore with the waterproof fabric, featuring a 5,000mm HH capacity covered. The fly sheet built from 50 D high tenacity polyester double mini-ripstop adds to that waterproof advantage. Besides that, the outer layer tent features an extra-stiff and resistant high tenacity polyester material. Absolutely, there is no question about its exceptional craftsmanship. 

With the expensive price tag, the HEIMPLANET Original MAVERICKS Dome Inflatable Tent is also ideal for campers with premium preferences with their camping shelter. Yet, if it is about the best of the best, you can never go wrong with having this one. 

6. Tangkula Inflatable Tent

Tangkula Inflatable Tent

Want to camp solo or camp by pair? Then you need a smaller camping tent that can meet your needs. If so, the Tangkula Inflatable Tent is ideal. It features an adequate living space to accommodate two to three campers. So, you will find it highly spacious when you are alone and have extra space for camping gear and accessories to keep your things dry and near you. 

Moreover, this inflatable tent already comes with an included hand pump. That’s why you can efficiently achieve its easy and fast setup. On top of that, the inner tent and the frame function as a solid unit, saving you plenty of time when managing the air beams. For that reason, it is ideal for car camping, expeditions, and backpacking. 

Even though it is for solo or pair camping, Tangkula still made this tent of high-quality materials. To be more specific, it adopts the 190T polyester combined with PU coating. At the same time, it features B3 fine gauze and TPU inflatable pipe, which provides a sturdy and stable structure that can efficiently withstand high winds. 

Apart from that, it is also made with a high waterproof advantage and can effectively keep the sunshine from entering the tent. Meanwhile, as for the interior, the Tangkula Inflatable Tent sports two rooms and a vestibule. The entrance provides an adequate space that will let you effortlessly transport your camping gear and accessories inside. 

Weighing about 11 lbs and comes with a carrying bag, this inflatable tent can go with you anywhere. Since it is lightweight, it will never be a burden to secure yourself a reliable tent when camping. 

7. Moose Outdoor Inflatable Tent

Moose Outdoor Inflatable Tent

The Moose Outdoor Inflatable Tent features ease and quick setup. With the great help of the included air pump, you can inflate it without going over three minutes. When it comes to deflating it, you just merely need to open one of the valves. Due to its effortless management, it is a versatile shelter for outdoor activities aside from camping, such as backyard family gatherings, picnics, backpacking, and many more. 

In terms of stability, this outdoor air tent stands out because of its superiority. What makes it excellently stable is because of its durable ripstop tenting fabric. As a matter of fact, it can withstand windy weather up to 33 mph. Also, it has a 3000 mm water resistance, thanks to the attached groundsheet. On top of that, the materials are high-quality breathability, promoting exceptional comfortability. 

Featuring 10.5 x 8.8 x 4.2 ft of area, the Moose Outdoor Inflatable Tent is ideal for housing up to 4 campers. It is such a highly comfortable living space that incorporates a built-in sunshade. Greatly, you can look forward to a covered area that will allow you to observe the outdoors without worrying about the bugs and outdoor elements. 

Thanks to the specially designed airflow technology, this instant tent produces cool air circulation all around the tent. While it can make the interior cooler during the day, it can also simultaneously make the temperature warmer at night. Besides that, it also boasts two riser vents that create fresh air inside and cover the tent to avoid water leaks. 

Overall, this inflatable tent from the Moose Outdoor store offers absolute price and best value. With its combined quality craftsmanship, innovative technology, and advanced design, you can improve your camping experience ever before by having this one. 

Best Inflatable Tent Buying Guide

When it comes to purchasing the best inflatable tents, having several options to choose from is great. However, you must know what you want exactly. If not, you can feel overwhelmed by having a lot of options. Don’t worry; we can help you with that by compiling the best factors to consider as buying guides. 

air tent

Ease of Setup

The majority of inflatable tents are easy and fast to set up. However, each one has varying times to pitch in. For ease of setup, it is better to choose the one you can arrange in just a few minutes. Luckily, the ones compiled above are almost effortless to pitch in. 


Regarding the size, you only need to choose a tent that can accommodate you and other people with you. However, since you probably have many camping gears and accessories, it is better to go over the size you need. For instance, a 3-person tent is best for solo or pair camping to save extra space for your things. 


Obviously, size is also an important matter with inflatable tents. You don’t want to feel burdened in carrying your outdoor shelter, right? Well, it surely matters when you are backpacking. However, weight is less of an issue with car camping. Nonetheless, it is great to choose from the compiled best tents above since they are all lightweight. 


The comfort of an inflatable tent is commonly determined by ventilation, size, and features. With that being said, it is helpful to pay attention to the features of the tent you like to buy to ensure that it can meet what you need for an inflatable tent. 

Weather Resistance

Outdoors have varying conditions. However, you will mostly be challenged by wind and rain. For that reason, checking the fabric and waterproof materials of the inflatable tent you like is ideal. More likely, you will gain relevant insight on what to expect from it. 

Final Thoughts

In case you feel overwhelmed with much relevant information and details compiled above, let’s try to have a little summary and recap. Thus, you can make a better buying decision. 

best inflatable tent

For solo camping, the Tangkula Inflatable Tent truly stands out with its uncompromised quality and features to offer a reliable outdoor shelter that won’t make you worry about your camping comfort. 

Meanwhile, the HEIMPLANET Original MAVERICKS Dome Inflatable Tent is the best choice if you are looking for a premium model and are ready to splurge on something pricey. Yet, you must remember that it will last better than those cheap inflatable tents. 

The Berghaus Air 8 Inflatable Tunnel Design 8-Person Family Tent if you want a large group camping outdoor shelter. With this, you don’t have to worry about any possible issues with space and comfort. 

Now, if you need other instant tents or other types, visit the Survival Gear Shack website to discover them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more about inflatable tents? Then, explore some of the frequently asked questions compiled about them below. 

Are buying inflatable tents a good idea?

Admittedly, not all campers will agree that buying inflatable tents is a good idea. Each camper has personal needs and preferences, after all. With that being said, thinking that buying an inflatable tent is good or not entirely boils down to you. Nonetheless, an inflatable tent is ideal if you want a large family camping tent with an easy and quick setup. 

If you have bad moments regarding snapping poles during a camping trip, then buying an inflatable tent is a good idea. 

How does an inflatable tent exactly work?

An inflatable tent operates by using air. An adequate amount of air can efficiently support an inflatable tent’s beams, also known as air beams. Particularly, an inflatable tent has no traditional tent poles and is usually made from fiberglass or plastic. Instead, the air beams are the one that provides support and stability to the framework of the tent. 

Generally, a thick inner tube is the core of quality inflatable tents. The majority of them feature an excellent TPU integrated into the design. That’s why most of these tents have a great reputation for handling windy weather during camping. 

Are inflatable tents stable and strong?

Since inflatable tents depend on pumped air for stability and support, you might think it is easy to deflate and puncture. That’s a misconception since these tents are specifically designed to be stable and strong. In fact, they have an outstanding reputation when it comes to handling windy weather. That is one of their key strengths, so you can expect they will not easily break and snap. 

In particular, inflatable tents don’t handle high winds heads-on. Instead, they bend when encountering strong winds. That said, they have a place for outdoor extremities even if they are different from other traditional tents with solid structures. Definitely, they have strong stability that can impress. 

What is a good price for an inflatable tent?

For first-time campers who want to try out an inflatable tent, it is ideal to buy one that only costs less than a hundred dollars. However, the good price still depends on the size that is needed. In fact, higher-end models that are more pricey can create a better experience. What’s obvious is that an inflatable tent costs more than a traditional camping tent. 

Are inflatable tents good in all weather conditions?

The majority of inflatable tents are made to withstand almost all camping weather conditions. Specifically, they feature weather resistance and high waterproof ratings to deal with rainy weather conditions efficiently. On the flip side, they also have excellent air vents that make warm camping conditions comfortable. That said, it is highly necessary to check each feature of the tent you are interested in to figure out what you can look forward to using it. 

What is the best advantage of buying an air tent?

While there are different insights about buying an air tent, many campers will agree that the best advantage of having this kind of camping tent is the ease of setup. Basically, it doesn’t matter with air or an inflatable tent if you have good or bad skills in setting up. 

Whether you are a first-time camper or a professional camper fed up with snapping tent poles, you can never go wrong with an inflatable tent. Ultimately, it is more likely that you won’t experience any major problems when managing an air tent.

Are inflatable tents any good in windy weather?

Inflatable tents remain stable and durable in windy conditions without any reliable pegs on the setup. With just the air beams for support, these camping tents are great for handling winds. Generally, most of these camping tents are excellent in bending to avoid having any punctures and holes to keep a long lifespan. 

Are inflatable tents lighter?

Compared to traditional camping tents, the inflatable ones are a lot lighter. Even the tents for large groups of campers are still lighter. However, it is vital to bear in mind that air tents are packed with slightly bigger bags to help you get them back quicker in case you accidentally drop them. 

Do inflatable tents come with a pump?

Generally, the majority of inflatable tents are packed with a hand pump and pressure gauge. However, a few tents don’t come with one. The explanation is that some brands think some campers want to buy a hand pump separately for various reasons. A top reason is some already have an existing hand pump. That said, you need to check for the features to ensure if there is an included pump in the inflatable tent you like to buy. 

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