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8 Best Soft Rifle Cases Reviewed in 2024, Plus Buyer’s Guide

In reality, there are nearly hundreds of soft rifle case options that are available today. That’s why it makes sense that you will feel daunted, and picking the best soft rifle case can be too overwhelming. After all, you want to ensure that the case can suit all your needs for reliable rifle storage when transporting it outdoors, right? Well, getting your money’s worth is also a top priority.

Lucky for you, the list below is a great starter. You can discover some of the best and high-value soft rifle cases in which you will surely love investing your money. Definitely, good deals. One thing you will notice about the best cases below is that they are somewhat identical yet unique. You’ll know it once you explore the list.

Amazingly, you can get away with rifle transport by just using the best soft rifle cases. They are the go-to solutions to safely get your firearm into a shooting range or hunting place. What’s more, you can transport your firearm less intimidating to other people, keeping everything mostly discreet. That’s why you won’t experience trouble in terms of protection and transportation of your rifle. Hence, it is indeed a must-have rifle gear to own. 

Your rifle can be a little heavy, right? If that’s what you think, then the soft type of rifle case is more suited for your needs, given that you won’t travel far. Most soft rifle cases are generally designed to be easier to handle and more lightweight than hard types. For that reason, you will appreciate the whole concept of these cases for rifles. That means you don’t have to feel bothered choosing soft rifle cases over hard ones. 

Besides that, soft rifle cases also have a great edge when it comes to price and storage space. Most of these cases have extra pockets and spaces that will let you carry more shooting accessories with your rifle. Plus, they have good protection against bumps and scratches. One thing is for certain, you’ll appreciate the function of a soft rifle case, making it a good companion when just going anywhere near for a shooting adventure.

best soft rifle case

8 Best Soft Rifle Cases

In reality, there are nearly hundreds of soft rifle case options that are available today. That’s why it makes sense that you will feel daunted, and picking the best soft rifle case can be too overwhelming. After all, you want to ensure that the case can suit all your needs for reliable rifle storage when transporting it outdoors, right? Well, getting your money’s worth is also a top priority. 

Lucky for you, the list below is a great starter. You can discover some of the best and high-value soft rifle cases in which you will surely love investing your money. Definitely, good deals. One thing you will notice about the best cases below is that they are somewhat identical yet unique. You’ll know it once you explore the list. 

The best soft rifle cases are all reviewed in detail so take a closer look at each below. Here you go. 

1. Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Tactical Double Carbine Long Rifle Bag

Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Tactical Double Carbine Long Rifle Bag

Available in different colors and lengths, the Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Tactical Double Carbine Long Rifle Bag can cover your specific needs for a soft rifle case. More than the different choices it can offer, there’s more to like in this bag, including its capacity, construction, and overall quality. With that said, this one really starts off the list strong. 

Ultra reliable and solid, this soft rifle case is purposely designed from the heavy-duty industrial 600D PVC nylon fabric material. It is far better than ordinary bags because its material provides extra strength that can fit the harsh condition of any shooting range. The high-quality material is also complemented by double-stitching seams everywhere, enhancing the bag’s durability. 

In regard to its capacity, it is already obvious that this bag is meant to accommodate numerous firearms. Up to two rifles and two pistols, to be specific. This proves that it surely comes with a large capacity that fits if you like to haul firearms and shooting accessories. With the combined additional mesh pocket compartments, you won’t have to leave any shooting essentials since you can carry them all at once. 

Moreover, this Tactical Double Carbine Long Rifle Bag is also equipped with a removable interior divider that enables you to have your personal compartment for your rifles. At the same time, the divider adds nice protection quality to safeguard your firearms during transport. Interestingly, you can convert the bag to an extra mat whenever needed—all you must do is remove the divider. 

Since this bag is convertible to lay flat, it is so effortless to get your firearms from it. Greatly, it is also equipped with adequate interior foaming padding combined with removable and adjustable lockdown straps that can ensure enough protection when transporting firearms. More than that, it is also jam-packed with drag handles, d-rings, and paracord zippers, making it more functional to take advantage of.

With the overall construction of this soft rifle case, this can be an ideal bag to secure your shooting essentials. Basically, it comes with the right amount of pockets, not too many, so it won’t be cumbersome to transport your things. An advantage that is too tempting to miss out on. 

2. Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Rifle Case

Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Rifle Case

A pretty simple option. That’s what the Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Rifle Case is all about. In fact, it has nothing fancy and flashy to boast about. Well, that seems right because it is one of the most affordable options you can choose from. Available in different sizes, it can definitely go according to your needs and preferences. With 1.05 pounds weight, it is surely lightweight and easy to transport without any trouble. 

Despite being affordable, this soft rifle case doesn’t seem cheap since it is still made from quality material. To be specific, it is constructed from a durable nylon water-resistant outer shell. Because of that, you can still trust that it is a fully protective soft case. Don’t be mistaken that it is a flaw that buying it will not need you an arm and a leg because its goal is to provide every rifle owner a protective can that they can trust. 

Moreover, this rifle case is also designed with a unique brushed tricot, a soft scratch-resistant inner lining that can effectively protect your rifle from shocks and bumps, preserving the finish. Also, it features decent stitching and a smooth zipper, making it a reliable case. Basically, this Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Rifle Case is sturdy and can get the job right without breaking the bank. 

If your purpose is to transport your rifle safely to the shooting range, this one is a quality choice you can trust. Certainly, you don’t have to go over your budget just to have a functional rifle case by choosing this one. Just set your expectations according to its price, and you’ll be all good. 

3. RangeMaxx Tactical Gun Case Combo

RangeMaxx Tactical Gun Case Combo

Large, padded, and highly functional, there is no doubt that the RangeMaxx Tactical Gun Case Combo is among the most popular choices around. Sporting a rugged and protective design, this comes with a large capacity that is meant to store up to two tactical rifles inside the soft nylon case and up to two handguns in its interior pistol case. As for security, it is equipped with adjustable security straps meant to effectively transport your firearms safely in place. Thus, they won’t be a mess inside. 

Surely, this soft rifle case combo is undeniably large. That’s why it is unsurprising that its removable double pistol case is equipped with extra accessory pouches. This proves that you can carry more than you need with this case. Besides that, it also has ample MOLLE webbing that lets you attach additional mag pouches and MOLLE gear. Leave no essentials with this soft rifle case that can let you carry all you need. 

While you can pack many things inside this RangeMaxx Tactical Gun Case Combo, carrying it won’t be any hassle, thanks to its nylon web handles together with an adjustable, padded shoulder strap. Meanwhile, if you want to just hand-carry it, no worries because the strap comes off to stay out of the way, promoting convenient and easy carry. In short, transporting it outdoors will be out of your concern. 

Constructed from 600-denier 100% polyester material, this case is soft yet has solid resistance against harsh environments. What’s more impressive, it is designed with a thick layer of protective foam padding that guarantees effective protection and security. With that said, you won’t have to feel bothered about your rifles getting damaged since they can have their own place inside. 

Have damage-free transport with the RangeMaxx Tactical Gun Case Combo because of the complete protection it can offer. Hence, you can’t get wrong picking this one. 

4. Cabela’s Xtreme Long-Range Rifle Case

Cabela's Xtreme Long-Range Rifle Case

Searching for a reliable soft rifle case to help you safely and securely transport your scoped rifle? If that’s the case, Cabela’s Xtreme Long-Range Rifle Case can be the ideal choice for you. So, what makes this soft rifle case great? Well, there are plenty of good things about it. That’s why it truly deserves to be part of the list. Let’s see them below. 

Starting is its high durability, thanks to its ultra-tough 600-denier nylon shell that is tough enough to effectively withstands the rigors of transport. Simply put, it can safely get your rifle to its destination. Meanwhile, its plush, quilted brushed-tricot lining cushions are responsible for safeguarding your firearms from shock, bumps, and scratches during transport. No damage to be worried about. 

You can no longer feel worried about the risks of going outdoors with your firearms with the help of this padded soft rifle case. Also, you will especially like that it is styled with two zip-close pockets and high-visibility linings that make it easier to easily locate even the smallest stowed items in the range. Complimenting that is the zippered-accessory pouch featuring a padded divider that you can take advantage of to keep your things neatly organized. 

Moreover, this Cabela’s Xtreme Long-Range Rifle Case boasts a fitted contour design equipped with a detachable shoulder strap and scope-up carry handles. Either hand or shoulder-carry, you can definitely achieve a comfortable and secure transport. If that’s an advantage important to you, this one can really meet your needs and preferences. Feel more secure about scoped rifle transport with this choice. 

5. Ruger American Rifle Case

Ruger American Rifle Case

Sporting a classic good look, the Ruger American Rifle Case has impressive detail and features you can depend on to safely and securely transport your rifle. With its 47.5″L x 10″W x 15″H dimensions, it is purposely made to accommodate and protect up to 46″ long. Besides your rifle, this case will also allow you to keep your ammunition, and other shooting accessories close at hand in the case’s accessory pocket. 

Greatly, one of the most striking parts of this rifle case is its thick foam padding and its unique and durable Endura construction. With that said, you can trust that it is tough enough to withstand the rough environment at a shooting range. That’s why you don’t have to worry deeply even if you accidentally bumped this rifle case. Accidents happen, but what’s more important is durability, and that’s what this one can offer.

Want a fatigue-free carry? No worries, this Ruger American Rifle Case got you covered. You will surely like its unique paddle handle that allows easy and low-hassle carry. Nothing fancy, but it has everything you need to complete the work. Thanks to its lockable design, it comes with a security measure guarantee that can keep your rifle out of the hands of unauthorized individuals. 

Basically, this soft rifle case has everything you need and don’t you won’t need. If what it can offer fits your standards, then nothing will go wrong if you try this one out. 

6. Beretta Transformer Light Gun Case

Beretta Transformer Light Gun Case

Despite its unique design, the Beretta Transformer Light Gun Case has all the means to guarantee you an easy and safe way to transport your rifle with no trouble. In fact, it is also identical to other high-quality soft rifle cases since it also has all the basics. Yet, it is a little different, primarily because of its overall style. It highlights that there’s no need for a minimum excess of material for the best soft rifle case.

Besides that, it is also a lightweight rifle or shotgun case that features impressive anti-shock padding that protects from bumps and damage. What’s more, it is complemented by an extra EVA protection that can specifically protect your firearm’s action and receiver. The lightweight and durable polyester is the one that protects the rest of the case for the safeguarding of your rifle. 

If security is important to you, you will like this Beretta Transformer Light Gun Case since it comes with a 2-way, main lockable zipper. As for comfortable carry, it is guaranteed by the adjustable shoulder strap and double padded handles. All in all, from its shell to padding and other features, this is a lightweight, soft case that can be part of your options. 

It is highly affordable so you won’t be disappointed with this one. 

7. Condor Double Rifle Case

Condor Double Rifle Case

Even though the Condor Double Rifle Case looks pretty long, it is still comfortable to carry even for long walks. With soft materials and padding, it is a great companion to transport your two primary rifles that measure up to 42 inches long. What makes it a nice choice is that you also get to haul other shooting essentials or a cleaning kit, thanks to its several modular pouches for easy storage. That’s why it is unsurprising that it is among the most popular top-rated padded rifle cases. 

One of the best highlights of this soft rifle case is its sternum strap, which is soft and comfortable enough to ease the burden of carrying it. Also, its backpack strap is concealed, promoting a neater look. Because of that, it really serves the best looks you can ever want for a soft rifle case. Simply put, its overall design and construction seem to be well-thought. Hence, it is far from ordinary, so it is worth buying. 

Moreover, this double rifle case is designed with a padded inner lining that appropriately divides the two firearms for extra protection. It would be the ideal case for two rifles between 36 to 42 inches long. The straps inside hold each rifle so they can stay in place during transport. In fact, it won’t be a problem if you suddenly switch from carrying it on your shoulders to hand-carrying it. There won’t be a mess since the strap can hold each rifle in an organized manner. 

Besides fantastic construction, this soft rifle case also boasts its well-stitched design for durability. Another impressive side note is that it is equipped with lockable zippers that add extra security when it comes to safeguarding your shooting valuables. With its large capacity, it has great value for its price. If you like a well-designed case that will allow you to carry extra gear, this is the right choice. 

8. HUNTSEN Soft Double Shotgun Rifle Case

HUNTSEN Soft Double Shotgun Rifle Case

The HUNTSEN Soft Double Shotgun Rifle Case has functional and well-thought designs that can effectively keep two of your rifles neatly organized and safe for transport. Also, it features different sizes of multiple pockets that can accommodate extra gear and supplies, including ammo. That’s why it is an ideal companion to transport all you need in a hunting or shooting range. You’ll be complete with everything so you can focus on your shooting time. 

What makes this soft rifle case to others is that it is constructed from water-resistant polyester exterior material. Thanks to that, it has adequate durability that can withstand the rough environment outside. Meanwhile, the interior features a thick cushion padding that protects the rifles. Also, it comes with a removable divider that enables carrying two rifles. The adjustable straps can effectively secure those firearms in place. 

Additionally, the HUNTSEN Soft Double Shotgun Rifle Case removable divider is also pretty flexible since it can lay flat to serve as an additional mat. That is quite convenient, right? Well, there’s more because it is also equipped with three magazine exterior bags and one large zipper pocket as a secondary compartment that can house the other necessary accessories and tools. 

Moreover, you will appreciate that this case comes with Molle loops that will let you attach the most necessary things to improve your shooting adventure. Meanwhile, the two-way lock zippers are highly sturdy and can be secured with a padlock for added security to keep your firearms out of unauthorized individuals. Lastly, the heavy-duty padded carry handle is highly comfortable to grip. It doesn’t strain your hands, so it is easy to carry it by hand. 

If you don’t like to hand-carry it, you can wear it on your shoulders because it has an adjustable shoulder strap for a more convenient carry. While it is not great to store a scoped rifle, it is undeniable that its water-resistance advantage is hard to resist. 

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Buyer’s Guide

From what most soft rifle cases can offer, it is believable that they are as good as hard rifle cases. While everything is clear about that, it might still confuse you to choose the best soft rifle case that suits your needs and preferences. If that’s the case, you will find this buyer’s guide helpful. 

Here are the basic things to consider when picking the best soft rifle case: 

Size and Capacity

Size and capacity are two top factors that you must not overlook to choose the best soft rifle case. Choosing the right size highly depends on the dimensions of your rifle. That’s why you must know the precise measurement of your firearm. If you choose a roomy case, everything is fine, but not if you will pick a case that is too small. 

In terms of capacity, it will most likely depend on how many firearms you will carry and if you want to bring extra shooting gear. For instance, a single-rifle case is already enough if you like to bring one firearm and keep your things light. On the other hand, a double-gun case is the better choice if you like to haul shooting accessories and two firearms at once. 


Durability mirrors the overall quality. Because of that, you must pay attention to checking the overall construction. Look for one that is constructed from rugged, strong material—either nylon or polyester material will do. It is generally better to choose a material with a higher denier count since it typically entails more durability. Also, don’t forget to check the stitching quality. 

Padding and Security

Interior padding is a highly essential component for a soft rifle case because it is dedicated to protecting the firearm from damage during transport. Part of its purpose is to help secure and safeguard the firearm inside the case so there will be no dramatic issues when you accidentally slightly bump the case while traveling. With that said, choosing a soft case with thicker padding is more practical for better shock absorption. 

Aside from interior padding, picking a soft case with something to keep the rifles neatly in place, such as straps for security, is vital. Lastly, if you don’t want unauthorized individuals to get a hold of your firearms, get one that comes with lockable zippers. All you must do is add a padlock to secure your valuables inside. Luckily, all these must-have features are available on most soft rifle cases above. So, feel free to choose from them. 

Comfort and Ease of Use

One of the most typical characteristics of soft rifle cases is the lightweight advantage. Hence, they are obviously pretty comfortable to carry around with no trouble. What’s more interesting is that they have more carrying options. Good soft rifle case models are designed with sturdy back straps, well-padded shoulder straps, and sturdy carry handles. 

A well-padded soft rifle case can provide ideal comfort. As for shoulder straps, they feel more comfortable if they are adjustable and padded with a nice cushion on the shoulder area. On the other hand, back straps are great if they have padding to deter them from digging into your shoulders. Amazingly, most cases listed above are comfortable and easy to use. So, don’t hesitate to choose from them. 

Storage Options

Apart from the large compartment, a soft rifle case is more functional if it comes with more exterior pockets since they are handy for storing other shooting valuables, like magazines, ammo, and other shooting accessories. Also, Molle webbing can allow you to attach more pouches for roomy storage options. If this factor is important to you, there are plenty of choices above as starters. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more relevant information about soft rifle cases below. These frequently asked questions might help you with your buying decision, so feel free to explore them. 

Are hard rifle cases better than soft rifle cases?

Technically speaking, both types of rifle cases have different purposes. With that said, it is quite challenging to know which is the better type of rifle case. For instance, hard rifle cases are great for their durability and superior protection, which are important for damage-free travel with your firearms. Yet, they can be cumbersome to transport. 

That’s when the soft rifle cases become in demand. In general, they have an impressively lightweight design and more storage space. Hence, they are better options if you like to haul shooting gear and don’t want to feel burdened with transporting your rifles. You can get away with a soft rifle case if you do not go far. Hence, you won’t experience risks during transport. 

Ultimately, soft rifle cases are highly functional if used for the right purposes where it is best at. 

How to secure a rifle in a soft rifle case?

There’s no need to panic when it comes to securing a rifle in a soft case. To do that, you only need to check a few things. Usually, you must ensure to utilize the straps to effectively hold down and secure the firearm inside the case. The straps inside the soft case are added with the purpose, after all. After that, it is more practical and secure to use a padlock to lock the case through the zippers to add more security measures.

Do soft rifle cases lock?

In general, most rifle cases are designed in a way that they can’t be locked on their own. In fact, it is much easier to lock the hard rifle cases compared to the soft ones because they have places where locks can be put to them. Yet, it is still possible to lock soft rifle cases through their zippers. You can just use a padlock to lock the case to increase the security measure. 

Do waterproof soft rifle cases exist?

The waterproof advantage is surely an edge for soft rifle cases, but not all have it. Plus, such a feature costs money. For that reason, you can often observe that the waterproof advantage is the most common for more pricey cases. Choosing those that cost a fortune might not be practical if you just want to get the waterproof edge. After all, most high-quality soft rifle cases are designed with water-resistant capacity that is adequately sufficient for protection against harsh weather conditions in hunting or shooting ranges. 

What makes soft rifle cases worth it?

Even though hard rifle cases have the edge over soft ones, that doesn’t mean that having a soft rifle case is not worth it. In fact, soft rifle cases are also better than hard ones when it comes to weight and storage space. Regardless of the fact that they offer less quality protection, most soft cases for rifles are still worth it since they are easier to manage and convenient to carry. Plus, they can serve as cushions or mats when not in use. 

How long should a soft rifle case be?

Commonly, most soft rifle cases measure between 36″ and 42″. Of course, some other options measure shorter or longer. To know the right size of a soft rifle case that suits you, it is important to greatly consider how long and wide your rifle is. With that said, you won’t have a cramped rifle inside a case. 

Can you safely store a rifle in a soft case? 

If it is about the long-term storage of rifles, a soft case might not be an ideal choice because of the risk of creating moisture that can cause quality issues. Simply put, a soft case is just good as a temporary storage bag when transporting a rifle outdoors safely, either to a hunting or shooting range. As for long-period storage, a rifle safe is a right choice. 

How much do the best soft rifle cases cost?

If the cost is the reason holding you back from having your own soft rifle case, there’s no need to. In fact, there are plenty of options to choose from, whether you are on a budget or want to buy an expensive case. With that said, the cost of soft rifle cases varies widely. Budget-friendly options can start from less than $20 and go over $100 and more. Ultimately, the price depends on the materials, size, and other significant factors. 

Where to buy soft rifle cases?

Online stores are the go-to option if you want to buy high-quality soft rifle cases at discounted prices or great deals. Of course, not all online stores are great because some don’t offer the best options. That’s why you need to know where you can buy without fear of getting ripped off. Remarkably, Amazon and Cabela’s are among the most trustworthy online stores that provide not only great deals but also offer solid soft rifle cases from reputable brands. 

Final Thoughts 

Definitely, it is highly beneficial to have the best soft rifle cases because they can effectively protect firearms for longevity since they can guarantee ease and safe transport. It is barely surprising that most of the best cases are identical to each other since they are intentionally designed to be the best. For instance, they all have nice padding, roomy capacity, and comfortable straps in general. Because of that, it is important to pay attention to unique details. 

Like, the Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Tactical Double Carbine Long Rifle Bag. What makes it one of the best choices is that it is complete with everything, even a nice divider that adds protection. Meanwhile, the Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Rifle Case is ideal if you are on a budget and just want a lightweight and simple case to keep your rifle secured. The Condor Double Rifle Case is the go-to option if you want a soft rifle case that can accommodate more than one rifle. 

Hopefully, you can choose from the best soft rifle cases listed above since they vary widely, so you can find what’s suited to your needs and preferences. Plus, the list is also made to help you—that you don’t need to spend time searching alone. For more guides like this, check out the Survival Gear Shack website. You can discover other best gun cases and safes, so don’t hesitate to explore. 

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