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Best Gun Vise Buying Guide & 7 Best Gun Vises Reviewed in 2021

Choosing the best gun vise might be a complex task for you to enjoy the experience since there are more options available in the market than you can imagine. In addition, each gun vise is designed with multiple unique functions, superb durability, excellent stability, and many more. With that being said, before making a final choice, you need to think again about your needs and preferences. More importantly, you will never go wrong with any recommendations here since they are constructed with the best quality. Hopefully, you can choose among them.

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Understandably, gun owners, like you, treat guns as a luxury since buying them is not cheap. Aside from considering their price in taking care of them, owning a gun is undoubtedly an immense responsibility. Things like firearms demand maintenance, so gun owners use gun cleaning kits to clean their guns precisely and correctly. Thus, no residue and components can damage their performance and deteriorate their condition. 

Moreover, the best gun vise is another reliable tool for gun owners like you. You can use it to place a gun for cleaning, repairing, maintenance, or storage to be organized. By having a tool like this, you can be able to keep your gun secured. In addition, instead of going to a gunsmith for maintenance, you can perform the gun jobs on your own, saving you time and money.

If you are still stuck and thinking twice about whether you need a gun vise or not, discover the several importance of gun vise that can benefit you. So, stop debating with yourself and read on to learn more about gun vises. 

best gun vise

Importance of Gun Vise

When seeing a gun vise, you might wonder if you truly need it or not. In addition, you might bargain to yourself that you can just set up your cleaning place on a table. However, it can’t guarantee you more manageable and convenient cleaning, unlike using the best gun vise. 

Aside from that, if you are a gun enthusiast, you’ll know that guns are pricey possessions that you need to value and maintain properly. Hence, a gun tool vise will help you prevent damage and scratches to the most sensitive areas of your gun while you are cleaning or working on basic gunsmithing. With that, you can appropriately do all the necessary cleaning and maintenance jobs with your guns without harming them during the process.

Still not convinced? Then, here is the other importance of gun vises that benefits you while owning one. 


You can’t clean your gun while holding it with one hand and only use your other hand to reach for the cleaning tools. In addition, you can’t just put it on any table since there are gun parts that are extremely sensitive and vulnerable. Hence, with a minor mishandling, your gun can quickly get damaged or scratched. Thus, you’ll have a hard time cleaning since you are not stable with your work. 

Fortunately, the best gun vise can offer what you exactly need; it is stability. In addition, with a gun vise, you can upgrade your cleaning convenience. Hence, you’ll be free from haphazard and difficulties. Aside from that, you will not worry about your gun’s position while cleaning because when you set up your gun in a gun vise, your gun will look like its stand and offer you the convenience to clean both sides of the exterior thoroughly. 

Since the best gun vise is stable, you can ensure that your gun is secured and safe from any accidental knockdown while cleaning. You’ll know how much you need stability from gun vise when you experience using one.    

gun vise

Longer Gun Lifespan

Indeed, keeping your gun clean and well-maintained can offer you a longer lifespan. However, it is only achievable if you thoroughly clean your gun spotlessly. Aside from the best gun cleaning kits, you can extend your gun’s lifetime by ensuring that you can safely clean it, and the best gun vise can provide you with a reliable stand. Thus, it allows you to take advantage of a firm grip with your gun without any shaking.

When cleaning guns to help prolong their lifespan, you don’t only need to use the proper cleaning tools, but you also need to consider how to make your work easier and efficient. Thus, to work and clean more innovatively and effectively, you can set up your gun in the gun vise before cleaning.     

Saves Money

Although you need to spend money on gun cleaning and maintenance, you can always save money by choosing the best options. For instance, you can just do the cleaning yourself instead of using professional gun cleaning services. It will undoubtedly cost you more if you ask for a professional service since it is better to frequently clean your gun to keep it safe and secure with a top shape condition and performance.

Hence, if you choose just to use the best tools, such as a gun cleaning kit and gun vise, you’ll save several bucks for sure. More importantly, cleaning and maintenance by yourself will let you focus and observe your gun’s condition. So, you can quickly notice if there’s something wrong and work to find the best solution. Best of all, if you’re hands-on with your gun, you’ll value it more. 

Saves Time and Effort

Imagine why some gun owners find gun cleaning and gunsmithing as troublesome jobs. Well, it is because they experienced severe difficulty and haphazardness while cleaning once. In addition, they must be cleaning without a gun vise. Hence, it is not a surprise that they find it complicated and undesirable to clean their guns. More importantly, they probably spent significant time while cleaning. 

See, without utilizing a gun vise, gun owners are cleaning their guns on a hassle because they need to hold their guns with one hand, and the other hand is the only one they can make use of to grab the cleaning tools and do their work. Aside from that, they need to keep their gun stable and firm. Otherwise, they might accidentally knock down their gun, damaging and scratching the sensitive and vulnerable parts. Thus, with extreme precaution, they give more time and effort than they should be.   

Luckily, you can avoid wasting so much time and effort when cleaning your guns if you take advantage of the gun vise. It is an essential key tool that allows you to work with the balance of stability and safety. Besides that, having a gun vise provides you with a reliable and durable gun stand that frees your hands. With that advantage, you can efficiently clean your gun without any hassle, reducing the effort and time that you usually take when cleaning your gun.    

Indeed, the gun vise is beneficial in offering gun owners like you the ease of cleaning, and it can also secure your gun while installing scopes. Aside from the importance of gun vise mentioned above, you’ll know the value and significance of gun vise more deeply if you experience the advantages of using one.     

Best Gun Vise Buying Guide

Now that you have discovered the top most essential importance of gun vise, you’ll probably make up your mind about getting one. With that, you need to have a buying guide since you’ll undoubtedly feel overwhelmed and confused when searching for the best gun vise. In addition, having a strict standard and factors to consider can simplify the buying process and eventually get your hands on the best gun vise suitable for you. 

Aside from that, when you know the exact characteristics of what you are looking for with the gun vise, you can quickly choose without experiencing frustration. So, here are some of the best and significant factors to consider when evaluating your gun vise options:  


There are many characteristics linked with a gun vise material, such as quality and durability. That’s why it is highly crucial to evaluate the materials of your gun to choose what’s best for you to use. Even if all the materials have disadvantages and advantages, the one that suits you the best will be beneficial and significant.

gun vises

In general, there are two primary materials used for gun vises: plastics and metals. They significantly differ from each other and offer varying advantages that you need to pay attention to. Let’s start.

First, gun vises made from plastics are undoubtedly great for their prices. At some point, they value more than the cost if trustworthy manufacturers make them. Aside from that, plastic gun vises offer more manageability and are more accessible to adjust. So, expect that several firearms can fit with these gun vises.

In addition, plastic gun vises are incredibly lightweight. Hence, there’s no problem in carrying them at any shooting range along with the gun cleaning kit. More importantly, they are efficient and versatile. That’s why many gun owners, especially those who are searching for an affordable gun vise. 

Moreover, as already mentioned above, there is no perfectly designed gun vise. Hence, plastic gun vises come with their drawbacks, such as being less stable and less durable. Nevertheless, with proper maintenance and care, plastic gun vises can last more than you expect, plus their stability is still decent to work on.   

On the other hand, gun vises constructed from metals are undeniably more expensive because they offer more incredible durability. Hence, they have more longevity. In addition, metal gun visors are excellent for their stability, yet they are heavier than plastic gun vises. 

With that, it is safe to say that there are things that are needed to compromise to achieve something, such as with gun vise weight and stability; if a gun vise is lighter, then it is less stable. For that being said, you must work to some flaws whatever your choice is. Furthermore, metal gun visors are also more ideal to utilize than plastic gun visors if you plan to use them for sighting.   


The next thing a gun owner, like you, should consider is what type of gun vise will match the gun you own. You need to check if the gun vise you intend to purchase is compatible with your gun. Fortunately, most gun vises are versatile tools. However, you can still observe because there is no harm in being extra observant. 

In addition, some gun vises can endure chemicals and solvents, and since you need to clean regularly, you need to make sure that your gun vise is compatible and can withstand damaging components. 


After evaluating the quality and durability of gun vises, the next factor to consider is the price. If you own a gun, you should be able to have a budget for tools like this. Like if you own a car, you should be capable of having a garage. 

Moreover, if you have the opportunity and budget, the best thing to do is buy a gun vise that is most convenient for you. Hence, if you’re planning to buy the cheapest option, you should think again and take your time to save some more. But if you can’t do anything and your budget is fixed, then that’s the time to go for the cheapest option available. A lot of patience and you will find the best.

7 Best Gun Vises

The best gun vise can provide you with incredible support to help you clean your gun with ease and safely. It also helps you manage effortless gun maintenance to increase your gun’s longevity and enhance the condition and top shape performance. However, not all gun vise is suitable for you. 

Nevertheless, because there are many options available that might only make you feel confused and overwhelmed, here are the best gun vises you should consider because of their excellent quality, impressive designs, and functionality. Check them out below:

1. Tipton Gun Vise

Tipton Gun Vise

If you are looking for a universal yet budget-friendly gun vise with ideal flexibility, the Tipton Gun Vise fits your standards. In addition, the gun vise is specially designed to manage cleaning various types of firearms, such as handguns, AR-15 rifles, bolt-action rifles, and break-open shotguns. That’s why you don’t need to experience the trouble of checking if this gun vise is suitable with your guns. 

Aside from that, this gun vise can accommodate versatile purposes, including cleaning, gunsmithing, and maintenance. Additionally, the gun vise is made with a central aluminum channel. It is an excellent material that allows you to adjust the gun vise in its components. With that, you can conveniently position your firearm with the gun vise. You can also expect that it is secure and will not damage or leave any scratch on your gun

On the other hand, it is designed with rear base features that ensure decent stability to ease your work. Meanwhile, the base is also equipped with two adjustable and durable offset clamps. The clamps are efficient designs that provide you with a safe and tight grip with your firearm while cleaning. Hence, you can ease your mind that your gun will not easily knock down. 

Moreover, you’ll love how durable the Tipton Gun Vise is, thanks to its non-marring contact on the surfaces. Other than that, it also features high-quality, solvent-resistant nylon that makes it incredibly stiff against any harmful cleaners and chemicals. With that, you can trust it to have a longer lifespan, further exceeding expectations, even from years of hard use. 

The Tipton Gun Vise offers convenience for accommodating some cleaning tools, such as screws, cleaning patches, and small bottles. More importantly, it is made from plastic, showing that it is available at an affordable price. However, the good thing is you can bring it to any shooting range without any hassle.     

Overall, the Tipton Gun Vise is favorable for several good reasons, including the excellent price, value, maximum versatility, and durability against any damaging components that you can work with cleaning and maintenance. Thus, if you can work with some of its flaws, you’ll have the most suitable gun vise, especially if you own several firearms. 

2. Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting Vise

Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting Vise

Hyskore is among the most trustworthy brands that offer the best gun vises. So, suppose you want to buy from a reliable manufacturer to ensure that you purchase an excellent and valuable gun vise. In that case, you can try the Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting Vise since it adjusts to accommodate any length of the gun. Hence, you don’t need to feel troubled since it is highly compatible with different guns. 

Moreover, this gun vise stands out among the other options because it is designed to offer you more than a shooting rest. After all, the Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting Vise is highly versatile. In addition, it is constructed from superior quality materials. So you can expect that it is above the quality of most gun vises made from steel and plastics. More importantly, it comes with more value and quality than the other gun vises in a similar price range. 

Aside from that, the Hyskore gun vise promotes the safe and secure positioning of your gun. Hence, when you have assembled your gun in the gun vise, you can ensure that it will stay in its place while you are doing your work in cleaning or gunsmithing. Also, the gun vise does not feature any low-quality plastic that can make your gun vise loosened and with less durability. Therefore, you can guarantee that this gun vise has the stability and strength that you need for your gun vise. 

It is necessary to mention that this gun vise is not appropriate to use a steady stand while shooting. Otherwise, your gun or the gun vise itself will inevitably suffer from damage because of the pressure and force from the shooting. Thus, you can only use the Hyskore gun vise for cleaning, gunsmithing, sighting, and installing scopes. 

Meanwhile, the gun vise is also designed with less weight and features for different ergonomics, such as built-in cleaning parts. With that, it can accommodate cleaning tools, including different brushes and cleaning solvents. In addition, there are also provided slots in the sides to hold the cleaning rods securely and a built-in level to place your mounting scopes, helping you not to create any mess or lose your tools while cleaning. 

The Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting Vise is constructed with high resistance to fog, water, and shock. So, you can trust that it has excellent longevity that can stand a rugged use for long years. At the same time, the innovative function and fresh-out-of-the-box feeling are ideal with this gun vise. 

One downside that this gun vise has is that the finish can swiftly lose its cluster. However, proper caring can prevent it from happening. Overall, the Hyskore Gun Vise is undoubtedly a keeper, especially if you consider all of its advantages and incredible designs mentioned above. Then, you don’t have to think twice about owning this gun vise.     

3. MTM GV30 Gun Vise Cleaning Maintenance Center

MTM GV30 Gun Vise Cleaning Maintenance Center

A gun vise doesn’t need to break your bank to offer incredible quality and excellent service, and the MTM GV30 Gun Vise Cleaning Maintenance Center proves that. It is constructed from excellent polypropylene plastic and has a high resistance from chemicals and any damaging chemicals. Despite its affordable price, it can offer you outstanding durability and sturdiness in various works in cleaning, gunsmithing, and maintenance. It is meant to last, even with hard use. 

In addition, the MTM GV30 Gun Vise is highly suitable to accommodate any type of pistols, rifles, and shotguns. So, it is truly made to suit the wide range of firearms, proving its flexibility. Besides that, it provides you with an excellently quick and conveniently single-fitting clampdown. It also features a non-marring, rubber padded hold. 

On the other hand, the gun vise also comes with small and handy divided tray slides to offer neat and organized compartments within the gun base area. With that, you can assure that you won’t create a mess while cleaning, and you won’t lose any small cleaning tools that you have.  

Aside from that, the gun vise’s firearm touchpoints are designed with rubber. It is a protective and securely stable design that you can expect not to harm or even scratch your gun finish when setting up your gun in the gun vise. Meanwhile, there is an included second fork positioned behind the clamp. It is a practical purpose design to allow you to conveniently adjust the gun vise to achieve your suitable and proper angle when cleaning or gunsmithing. 

Moreover, the MTM GV30 Gun Vise is also equipped with 11 compartments. With that, you can manage to efficiently separate any gun components or any working tools that you have to organize. Thus, you can store anything, such as cleaning jags, screwdriver bit holders, and cleaning brushes. So, you don’t need to worry about keeping things neat since you have several slots advantage with this gun vise. 

Furthermore, it is mounted with four skid-resistant rubber feet. With that being said, it is meant for free-standing. However, you will always have the freedom to bolt it down whenever you want to. Thus, you can operate it according to your fit preference. 

Even if the gun vise is made mainly with fantastic features, it also comes with some flaws, such as the hold doesn’t seem too tight and secure. However, it is adjustable, so you can still tighten it for proper fit and stability. Other than that, the gun vise does not also include any instruction manual. Yet, you can figure out how to operate it by watching video tutorials online or on YouTube. Nevertheless, it is better to learn from videos than reading the instruction booklet since you will see the actual guide.   

All in all, if you want a gun vise that you can get for a favorably affordable cost and is designed with incredible features, you might want to own the MTM GV30 Gun Vise. Best of all, it is lightweight and suits for accompanying you on any shooting adventure. 

4. Real Avid Master Armorer’s Gun Vise and Master Kit

Real Avid Master Armorer's Gun Vise and Master Kit

If you are searching for a reliable gun vise that comes with a gun master kit, Real Avid is a trustworthy brand that you can rely on. 

The Real Avid Master Armorer’s Gun Vise and Master Kit are for every gun enthusiast that wants to own the best quality gun vise and one master kit that rules them all. First, the gun vise is designed meant genuinely to accommodate not only guns but also can hold your gun cleaning tools. 

In addition, the gun vise is ideal for versatile purposes, such as customizing, building, repairing, maintenance, and cleaning. Besides that, you can also trust the Real Avid for a stable and secure hold of your gun while installing scope and other gun accessories. Hence, you don’t have to feel troubled about completing any work for your gun since it is safely attached to the gun vise. 

Aside from that, this gun vise allows you to reposition your gun without requiring you to remove it conveniently, so there’s no time and effort wasted. Plus, you can insert the Torq-Lok pin if ever you need to work with more pressure and force. By that, you can ensure that your gun will maintain stability and safety.  

Meanwhile, you can quickly adjust the gun vise according to your preferred gun grip, thanks to the removable and reversible Gun-Fit jaw sleeves. Other than that, the leveling knob with 6 degrees of micro-adjustment is dependable for excellent adjusting of the vise jaws to offer you impressive leveling of the gun accessories and optics. 

On the other hand, the Real Avid gun master kit is equipped with superior-grade tools that you can use for multiple applications, such as building a new gun, modifying, repairing, or customizing an existing gun. Also, the tools feature outstanding durability and capability that you can depend on. After all, it is just reasonable and expected because of its price. 

Moreover, all the tools are neatly stored in the durable professional tool case, so expect the items are organized to avoid any mess. More importantly, the master kit comes with clear, step-by-step instructions. With that being said, you can ensure that you can work smarter and with confidence, despite your experience level. 

Some of the tools that you can look up to the Real Avid gun master kit are front sight adjuster tool, Accu-grip picks, bore illuminator, pin punch set, handguard tool, torque wrench, vise blocks, and many more. All are guaranteed with superb functionality and good service and performance.  

Indeed, the Real Avid Master Armorer’s Gun Vise and Master Kit are best suited for a gun owner looking for a gun vise with a gun master kit to all the work applications that guns demand.  

5. Tipton Ultra Gun Vise

Tipton Ultra Gun Vise

The Ultra Gun Vise is another versatile gun vise offered by Tipton that offers convenience when cleaning, working for maintenance, and upgrading your guns. In addition, it is highly suitable for AR-15 rifles, revolvers, automatic pistols, break-open shotguns, bolt-action rifles, crossbows, and compound bows. 

Moreover, the gun vise is constructed with modular designs. Thanks to that, you are allowed to switch up the module assemblies. You can do that even at configuration. Hence, your firearms can virtually fit, no matter their shape, in this gun vise. Plus, the gun vise is also made with heavy-duty construction yet, it allows you to customize it for a more suitable form that matches your firearms.    

Other than that, the Tipton Ultra Gun Vise is equipped with an AR block to present you with a highly stable and durable premium base, which works explicitly as an advantage if you have AR-15 rifles. Meanwhile, the independently adjustable rear and front clamps are dependable for any firearms’ firm and secure hold. More importantly, the clamps are adjustable to both length and height. So, you don’t have to bother fretting about struggling to fit your firearms and scratching them in the process with the gun vise. It is a nonexistent problem with the Tipton Ultra Gun Vise.

At the same time, the extra-wide vise provides you with a maximum of 26.5 inches of clamping distance. So, it is not a struggle to mount bulky firearms with this best gun vise. Plus, you can guarantee a quick and secure clamping, thanks to the fast-turn knobs. 

You can ensure that your firearms will never get any damage and even scratch because of the over-molded rubber contact pads that provide a smooth and safe grip. In addition, the combined glass-filled nylon construction material and the stainless steel reinforcing plates are an ideal additional element with the gun vise that offer extra strength, durability, and rigidity.      

On the other hand, the Ultra Gun Vise leveling feet deliver a convenient and hassle-free gun scope leveling. More importantly, the removable accessory tool in the gun vise possesses excellent stiffness and incredible solvent-resistant-nylon construction. Hence, it will last for long years; even you use it for hard work. 

Overall, the Tipton Ultra Gun Vise is an impressive gun vise that is jam-packed with outstanding characteristics and designs, such as versatility, solidly sturdy construction that works pretty well with the top-notch standards.    

6. Caldwell Lead Sled DFT 2

Caldwell Lead Sled DFT 2

There’s no doubt that you will highly benefit from using the Caldwell Lead Sled DFT 2, and it is among the best gun vises because of several outstanding reasons other than its innovative design and function. 

First, the Caldwell Lead Sled DFT 2 is an excellent gun vise and an efficient precision shooting platform that fits many firearms types, such as rifles and shotguns. In addition, the gun vise is constructed with an incredibly durable dual-frame design. It is a practical and impressive design that helps in dispersing the recoil energy. Hence, it helps make firearms feel more comfortable.

Aside from that, this best gun vise features a fantastic steady and stable hold for all the firearms. So, you won’t have to fear taking down your gun while cleaning or repairing it. Meanwhile, the gun vise also has non-destructive features and non-marring materials, including a rear cradle, no-skid rubber feet, and skeletonized front rest. Thanks to those materials, your firearms will not have damage or scratch at any contact point while you are mounting your gun in this gun vise.    

Other than that, the Caldwell Lead Sled DFT 2 provides an outstanding convenience to achieve your most precise adjustments with your gun vise. Besides that precise adjustments, you can also have the flexibility to modify the elevation and windage level, depending on how high levels you need.  

The Caldwell Lead Sled DFT 2 has one downside: it is not suitable to use for AR-15 rifles. So, if you have them, you will only waste money and will have to buy another gun vises. However, if you have several shotguns and rifles, it is suitable for you. 

The gun vise might have a more pricey cost for other gun owners. However, if you consider its value because of its durability, flexibility, and innovative designs, you will realize that it is genuinely a reasonable investment as your best gun vise. 

7. HOPPE’S Gun Vise

HOPPE'S Gun Vise

The HOPPE’S Gun Vise is one of the best budget-friendly options you can buy, and you can guarantee that you will not regret purchasing this gun tool. In addition, the gun vise is constructed with innovative designs that make it truly helpful when you are cleaning or installing your gun scopes.

Moreover, the gun stand is an impressive addition to your workbench since it is equipped with safety locking supports positioned in the rear and front of the tool. With that, you can guarantee that your firearms will not have any scratch since the locking supports are made from gun-friendly materials. Hence, no need to worry about your gun’s finish while mounting the gun on the gun vise. 

Other than that, the HOPPE’S Gun Vise is highly suitable for rifles, shotguns, and other long guns. Also, thanks to the multi-position grip support, you can ensure extra stabilization with your gun. Aside from that, the gun vise is constructed from a high-quality and durable chemical-resistant polymer. So, expect that the gun vise will last longer than intended, even if you are using gun cleaning solvent frequently. 

Like the other best gun vises, the HOPPE’S Gun Vise also features several slots and compartments. Hence, you can use that as organized storage for cleaning tools, accessories, and chemicals while cleaning to keep everything in the proper order and avoid any mess. With this gun vise, you can maintain your cleaning and gunsmithing tools in neat positions so you will not be confused about all your tools. Hence, it helps you work faster as a bonus.

Besides that, the HOPPE’S Gun Vise is jam-packed with a long dry kit that includes several excellent materials, such as dual lockable sides, adjustable knobs, adjustable feet, and many more. 

Overall, the HOPPE’S Gun Vise is a top-notch quality plastic gun vise that you can genuinely rely on for easing your work when cleaning your firearms. Even though it is available at an affordable price point, you can guarantee that it will be beneficial for you, and you will know that if you will get to own it. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best gun vises might be a complex task for you to enjoy the experience since there are more options available in the market than you can imagine. In addition, each best gun vise is designed with multiple unique functions, superb durability, excellent stability, and many more. 

With that being said, before making a final choice, you need to think again about your needs and preferences. More importantly, you will never go wrong with any recommendations here since they are constructed with the best quality. Hopefully, you can choose among them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Gun vises are an interesting tool for gun owners. Hence, it is not surprising that there are many relevant questions involving them. So, to discover them, keep on reading below. 

What do you use a gun vise for?

A gun vises are designed to provide help and stable support for gun owners struggling to clean and maintain their firearms. In addition, they are also constructed to accommodate various arrays of applications, such as gunsmithing and installing gun scopes. 

Using a reliable stand lets you ensure that both your hands are free and your gun is steadily firm in a stable position. Hence, you can guarantee that your work will become efficient and faster. Ultimately, the best gun vises can help you work smarter and more precisely in any application.   

What size of gun vise is the best to use for gunsmithing?

In general, it is best to use a gun vise with four inches measurement. With that size, you can ensure a steady and safe hold with any type of firearm. Hence, you’ll be making a suitable choice. 

Do you need to use a gun vise when installing a scope?

One thing is for sure; a gun vise can help you to efficiently and correctly install your scope. Hence, it is safe to say that the tool is among the most vital aspects you need to mount your scope well. It frees your hands, so you will have the advantage of working fast without worrying that your firearms will suddenly slip on the bench.  

In addition, scopes are necessary to achieve pinpoint accuracy while shooting, so if you have them, you don’t need to hesitate about mounting them. 

How do I get rust off my gun vise?

If you have a metal gun vise, one of your top enemies is rust that can cut off the lifespan of your gun vise. Plus, it also makes it uncomfortable to use. Fortunately, you can get the rust off by using a wire brush and a sanding sponge to brush off the rust and other dirt. Other than that, you can also use a soaked cloth in alcohol to wipe everything to achieve a spotlessly cleaning.   

How can I maintain my gun vise?

You can maintain a top-shape condition of your gun vise if you regularly clean all the threaded and moving parts of the gun vise after using it. Aside from that, you also need to ensure that there is no dirt and other damaging components. With that maintenance, you can take care of your gun vise, and it will reward you with outstanding durability and longevity. 

What is the best gun vise?

Undeniably, no gun vise is perfect for all gun owners. However, you can always buy the best if you look with the most suitable gun vise option. Even with your budget, you still need to guarantee that you will look for positive features, such as flexibility, protection, and high quality.   

Which gun vise is more efficient, plastic or metal gun vise?

Undoubtedly, many gun owners argue about selecting a more efficient and ideal gun vise to own between plastic and metal gun vises. However, the answer depends on the quality of the material. Even if metal gun vise has more durability, plastic vises can offer more than if constructed from better quality materials. Ultimately, it is your task to evaluate which option is suitable for you.  

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