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16 Best Gun Cleaner Solvents, Plus Best Gun Cleaner Solvent Buying Guide

Fortunately, the best gun cleaner solvents are made to do all of that by cleaning and removing the damaging residue and fouling in the gun. With that usefulness, guns can maintain their top shape condition and best shooting performance. There's no need to experience trouble searching for gun cleaning solvents because we have put together all the best gun cleaner solvent choices here. Scroll down to check them out!

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There’s no doubt that you want to keep your gun in the best working condition and performance as a shooter. So, it will effectively fire whenever you want to use it. However, there are damaging residues and fouling build-up in the gun after each shooting session. They can affect guns to cause malfunction and decrease in quality of performance. So, the only solution to prevent that is to clean the gun regularly. 

Fortunately, the best gun cleaner solvents are made to do all of that by cleaning and removing the damaging residue and fouling in the gun. With that usefulness, guns can maintain their top shape condition and best shooting performance. Plus, regular cleaning is also the key to prolonging guns’ life, and it sounds fantastic, right? 

The only question now is how to know if a gun cleaner solvent is an excellent choice. There’s no need to experience trouble searching for gun cleaning solvents because we have put together all the best gun cleaner solvent choices here. 

But before that, discover first the different types of gun cleaner solvents. Scroll down to check them out! 

best gun cleaner solvent

Types of Gun Cleaner Solvents

There are various types of gun cleaner solvents accessible to firearm owners. Hence, they can select the solvent that they are most comfortable and safest to use. 

Listed below are the four main choices to consider. But before knowing them, it is necessary to remember that no gun cleaner solvent is perfectly made. Thus, they all come with advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, selecting is a matter of preference and need. 

  • Foaming solvents

Foaming solvents are convenient to use in removing residue build-up in firearms. In addition, they are ideal for not causing mess will cleaning since they are more manageable to apply.  

  • Liquid solvents

The liquid solvents are helpful in the thorough and ultra-effective removal of carbon, lead, and copper residue inside the gun. One drawback with these solvents is they are hard to manage and often lead to a mess and greasy residue if gun owners use them longer than they should be. 

  • Aerosol spray solvents

The aerosol sprays are reliable to do cleaning tasks in the gun. At the same time, they can also get the various harmful components inside the gun, such as debris and other built-up residues. In addition, aerosol sprays are easy to use; however, they are susceptible to misuse and lead to waste.

gun cleaning solvent
  • CLP cleaners

CLP cleaners not only work as a solvent that removes built-up debris and grime, yet they are specially made to be used to lubricate and provide protection from corrosion to the guns. One thing to remember with CLP cleaners is to be careful in too much use of them since they can cause a decrease in performance in the guns. 

16 Best Gun Cleaner Solvents

Without using the best gun cleaner solvents, guns can still have unremoved debris, carbon, copper, and lead, which causes a decrease in the quality of guns’ performance. To avoid that, here is the list of the best gun cleaning solvents made to meet all the cleaning demands of every gun owner like you to achieve a safe and efficient cleaning. 

1. BREAK FREE CLP Gun Cleaner Bore Cleaning Solvent

BREAK FREE CLP Gun Cleaner Bore Cleaning Solvent

Starting the best gun cleaner solvent list is the BREAK FREE CLP Gun Cleaner Bore Cleaning Solvent, which is specially made to be a versatile cleaning formula for guns. By that, it is also efficient for lubrication and extends the lifespan of a firearm. 

In addition, the gun cleaner solvent is easy-to-use and non-toxic in various types of firearms, such as those with titanium and blued steel finish. Aside from that, BREAK FREE CLP gun solvent is also suitable for polymer composite guns. Also, it prevents drain off to holstered guns and limits galling on stainless steel designed firearms.

Moreover, the all-in-one cleaning solvent is highly reliable for cleaning the moving parts, exterior, and bore of firearms, leaving no firing residue and other contaminants that can affect the firearm’s performance and shorten the lifespan at the same time. Besides that, it is also helpful for minimizing friction and shielding the firearms from corrosion and rust.

The BREAK FREE CLP Gun Cleaner Bore Cleaning Solvent is made from various materials that support its capacity to clean and protect each firearm. It is built from anti-wear additives, superior quality polymerized synthetic oils, and special friction-reducing materials. Thus, it does not quickly deteriorate under extreme pressure, rugged environment, and high temperatures, making it highly fit for firearms used for hunting. 

On the other hand, the cleaner solvent comes in various packages, ensuring that it is highly accessible for every firearm owner, especially those who want to buy a budget-friendly yet effective gun cleaner solvent.      

Overall, the BREAK FREE CLP Gun Cleaner Bore Cleaning Solvent is best for every gun owner to ensure that their firearms will stay on top quality performance through cleaning and proper care.   

2. G96 Military-Grade Bore Solvent

G96 Military-Grade Bore Solvent

The G96 Military-Grade Bore Solvent is undoubtedly powerful in cleaning firearms. Hence, it requires extra precaution, such as gloves and masks, to ensure safety. 

Moreover, the gun cleaner solvent effectively penetrates and cleans the firearm’s firing powder residue, lead, and copper fouling. Therefore, gun owners who will use the G96 Military-Grade Bore Solvent can expect that they can highly reduce the possibility of their firearms having galvanic corrosion, oxidation, stain, and rust. 

In addition, the cleaning solvent is available in 4 oz, plus it can do its job at an affordable price. With that, gun owners will not regret buying it. Aside from that, it comes with precautions and reminders for buyers. It cannot be suitable for plastic-type, paint, and varnish gun surfaces. However, a spot test is needed to make sure. Besides that, users should also store the solvent in a safe container. Also, it should be away from the reach of children, like all the gun cleaner solvent. 

Nevertheless, the G96 Military-Grade Bore Solvent remains among the best gun cleaner solvent efficient for removing damaging elements that create malfunctions in the firearm, such as carbon, lead, and copper fouling. With this gun solvent and other cleaning materials, a thoroughly cleaned gun can have more accuracy and a longer lifespan, exceeding expectations.    

3. Breakthrough Clean Technologies – Military-Grade Solvent Gun Cleaner

Breakthrough Clean Technologies - Military-Grade Solvent Gun Cleaner

The Military-Grade Solvent Gun Cleaner by Breakthrough Clean Technologies is specially designed for a trustworthy and true cleaning in firearms. Also, it has a spray application type for effortless and efficient cleaning. 

Moreover, the cleaner solvent is exceptionally safe for guns, users, and even in environments since it is built from non-toxic and non-flammable (flashpoint of 150° F) materials. Hence, the Military-Grade Solvent Gun Cleaner is among the list of the safest gun cleaner solvent options that efficiently clean firing mechanisms and other moving parts of firearms.  

In addition, it is an odorless and harmless solvent that leaves no residue of barrel fouling, carbon, and lead deposits build-up from every shooting session. Aside from that, it is Truly pH neutral. Hence, it is also safe to use for guns with polymer components, plastic, and wood without leaving any cleaning stains. 

Besides that, the environmentally friendly gun cleaner solvent is applicable for hydro-printing and Cerakote. Additionally, it is ideal for quick and efficient cleaning, even in a shooting field. The Military-Grade Solvent Gun Cleaner is best matched with other quality cleaning tools in a gun cleaning kit.    

Indeed, the Breakthrough Clean Technologies – Military-Grade Solvent Gun Cleaner is best for penetrating and breaking down carbon deposits and other contaminants, making a gun completely clean, and also contributing to enhancing the accuracy in shooting performance.    

4. Hoppe’s Famous No. 9 Powder Solvent

Hoppe's Famous No. 9 Powder Solvent

Hoppe’s Famous No. 9 Powder Solvent is among the gun owners’ favorite cleaner solvents because of its superior cleaning ability. It shows a significant difference in cleaning results than regular cleaning brush and solvent. 

Unlike the Military-Grade Solvent Gun Cleaner, Hoppe’s Famous No. 9 Powder Solvent is offered in powder form. However, it is also easy-to-use for deep cleaning in firearms and effectively removes metal fouling, primer, build-up powder, and lead. Plus, it prevents rusting. Aside from that, it is versatile and applicable for all firearms. That’s why it is among the most widely used cleaner solvent. 

In addition, the cleaner only needs to do a few steps for cleaning. Hence, it is suitable for light and quick cleaning. That’s why it is an excellent and ultra-effective partner for top-notch essential cleaning tools to bring along in a shooting range to ensure proper cleaning at the end of every intense shooting session. Hence, shooters can store their firearms without damaging residue. 

Moreover, Hoppe’s Famous No. 9 Powder Solvent can rapidly penetrate and flow freely in cleaning. Hence, it has effortless application. Besides that, the cleaner solvent is available for various sizes and prices to meet the demands and budget of users.     

On the other hand, there are conflicting user opinions about the cleaning smell of Hoppe’s Famous No. 9 Powder Solvent; some say it has a great smell, yet some say it has a bad, stinking smell. Hence, it is a matter of personal choices and preferences.    

Still, Hoppe’s Famous No. 9 Powder Solvent offers excellent and ultra-effective satisfaction results and simply works best according to its job. 

5. Ballistol Multi-Purpose Lubricant Cleaner Protectant

Ballistol Multi-Purpose Lubricant Cleaner Protectant

The Ballistol Multi-Purpose Lubricant Cleaner Protectant boasts eco-friendly and skin safe since it is made from non-toxic materials. In addition, it is best to use for firearm owners who only love to fire guns and are lazy to clean them but required to do unless they want a malfunctioning performance. With that in mind, the Ballistol cleaner offers a quicker cleaning time and is also efficient in lubrication and protection, making it ideal for fast and practical use.  

Aside from that, it is suitable for overall cleaning, protection, and extending gun stocks, firearms, and even applicable to leather gears, boots, knives, and more. That’s why it is a highly versatile and practical option. Additionally, it is among the hard-to-beat cleaners since it dramatically reduces the need for other cleaning works, such as brushing and scraping the gun chambers and barrels.

In addition, most of the regular cleaning tools that can do versatile work are poorly made. However, that is not the same with the Ballistol Multi-Purpose Lubricant Cleaner Protectant since it is made reliable for all of its purposes. Besides that, it also provides an ideal protective film that shields the surfaces of gunmetals. Plus, it effectively penetrates the frozen bolts and nuts and helps owners loosen them until ideal measure.

There’s no need to fear wet surfaces and water, thanks to the Ballistol Multi-Purpose Cleaner that is able to emulsify with water to stay within the guns. Also, it is excellently moisturized and smoothens them. Hence, it is dependable for long protection for various guns, whether constructed with plastic, leather, wood, or metal.  

Other than that, the cleaner does not leave a sticky feel and texture; plus, it does not also contribute to increasing friction after a long time. At the same time, it also removes the acidic skin oils and human sweat that can also damage a gun. It is possible since the multi-purpose cleaner is somewhat alkaline, so it settles problems with sweat and oils. 

Overall, the Ballistol Multi-Purpose Lubricant Cleaner Protectant is the best practical and effective cleaner and mostly suited for all firearm cleaning demands. Also, it is especially ideal for owners to bring it along in hot and humid shooting environments. 

6. Butch’s Bore Shine Bore Cleaner

Butch's Bore Shine Bore Cleaner

The Butch’s Bore Shine Bore Cleaner is a to-go and budget-friendly cleaner for firearm owners who want to solve their problems with bore fouling like copper. Also, the cleaner is made non-abrasive. Hence, it is safe for various gun materials, such as polymer frames, aluminum, plastics, stainless, rubber, nickel, and polymer. 

Moreover, the cleaner is suitable with minimal, quick, and effortless cleaning with no damage, is non-flammable, and leaves no odor. In addition, it is the answer to gun owners’ demand for faster and better cleaner. 

Aside from that, it is hard to find a great contender for this gun cleaner solvent that does all the cleaning jobs, including fast and efficient to the most challenging and narrow parts of a gun like a chamber throat, where firing carbon residue fastly builds up. At the same time, it also wipes out other gun damaging components, including plastic shotgun wad, wax, and lead built-up. 

Additionally, the Butch’s Bore Shine Bore Cleaner is made biodegradable and works to protect and shield firearms from corrosion and rust. More importantly, it is highly suitable for neutralizing corrosive acids. Hence, it contributes to helping firearm owners to maintain their firearms in a top shape working condition for reliable shooting performance. 

7. Montana Extreme Blackhorn 209 Cleaning Solvent

Montana Extreme Blackhorn 209 Cleaning Solvent

Oil-based cleaner solvents are more effective and suitable for firearms than water-based muzzleloader cleaner solvents. One of the best solvents among them is the Montana Extreme Blackhorn 209 Cleaning Solvent. In addition, it is an ideal choice for a cleaner solvent since it does not create a gummy residue that is highly complex to get rid of. 

Moreover, the gun cleaning solvent specifically handles cleaning demand with Blackhorn 209 residue. Hence, it is reliable in working to achieve cleaning demands, such as thoroughly cleaning the gun bore powder fouling, plastic, and copper to ready it for the next shooting session and promoting an increased hitting power, high velocities, and accuracy. 

Aside from that, the Montana Extreme solvent is made from particularly formulated ammonia oil to manage the stubborn copper fouling. Yet, the oil is not powerful enough to create any adverse effect in a firearm’s barrel. 

On the other hand, the build-up of plastic, black powder, and copper fouling significantly messes up the functionality of the firearm and affects the performance of a consistent, precision shooting. The Montana Extreme oil-based solvent sets a high standard of fastly cleaning those fouling and residue. 

Overall, the oil-based cleaner solvent is convenient and hassle-free to apply for everyday routine cleaning to smooth and clean the bore, ready to take on any intense and action-pack shooting adventure. 

8. Slip 2000 725 Gun Cleaner

Slip 2000 725 Gun Cleaner

The Slip 2000 725 Gun Cleaner is excellently made with safe, non-toxic, and no hazardous cleaning effects. In particular, it is an aqueous-based liquid cleaner that efficiently removes the toughest shooting residue build-up, including carbon, grime, cosmoline, and grease. In addition, it is also built with no hazardous petroleum solvents, proving that it is safe for the gun, firearm owner, and environment.  

Moreover, the gun cleaner solvent has both a robust formulation and soft effect with the firearms. Hence, it is suitable for cleaning firearms’ dirtiest and narrowest spaces where stubborn dirt deposits without any cleaning damage. Aside from that, the Slip 2000 725 Gun Cleaner also has fast progress in taking away carbon stains and heavily encrusted deposits of gum, gunk, and grease.

In addition, the cleaner is appropriate to use in various equipment systems and firearms, proving that it is a trustworthy and reliable cleaner. The Slip 2000 725 Gun Cleaner has it covered with a safe and fast way of cleaning no matter the cleaning demand.

9. Barnes CR-10 Rifle and Handgun Bore Cleaning Solvent

Barnes CR-10 Rifle and Handgun Bore Cleaning Solvent

Getting tired of challenging cleaning of stubborn lead, copper, and powder in all your firearms? Then, the Barnes CR-10 Rifle and Handgun Bore Cleaning Solvent is an aggressive solution to handle all of that residue problems. 

In addition, it is highly effective in quickly loosening and lifting the jacketed bullets resulting in heavy copper in the bore. Aside from that, it also guarantees that the rifling has increased accuracy after cleaning. More importantly, the cleaning solvent is suitable for efficiently cleaning to longer the gun barrel’s lifespan. 

Moreover, the aggressive cleaner solvent is made to have left no harm in the barrels, and it is also non-corrosive. However, it is necessary to ventilate the gun properly since the solvent can cause etch with the gun’s bore. Besides that, the Barnes CR-10 Rifle and Handgun Bore Cleaning Solvent is not highly suitable to use at every end of a shooting session. Instead, it is more applicable to use the cleaning solvent after every 500-1000 rounds, depending on the bullets and calibers used. 

Further, some firearm owners are too often and consistent in cleaning their firearms. They are too eager to remove the fouling in their bore. That’s why the bore wears down quickly, and it shortens the lifespan. Hence, it is better to follow the usage of this aggressive cleaning solvent to ensure that there is no adverse effect in the bore while cleaning. 

To clean the bore, the user only needs to use two cleaning patches, and a 10-minute soak is sufficient to remove the bore’s fouling. On the other hand, it is not odorless, and users can notice ammonia, but it is nothing bad that can cause watery eyes. 

Nevertheless, the Barnes CR-10 Rifle and HandGun Bore Cleaning Solvent is among the best options for quick and efficient cleaning to reduce the cleaner’s effort and time cleaning the bore shiningly clean. 

10. CLP Gun Cleaner by Sage & Braker 

CLP Gun Cleaner by Sage & Braker

There’s no need to clean with solvents made from strong chemicals if there are highly accessible and safe options, such as the CLP Gun Cleaner by Sage & Braker. Also, the CLP is among the best unbeatable cleaner solvent that offers harmless and great smell deep cleaning without oily residue or coating. 

In addition, the CLP has an efficient penetrating capability that can effectively infiltrate on a deep micro level of every firearm surface to remove the copper, lead, and carbon fouling completely. Besides that, it has an aggressive action towards cleaning crud from firearms. 

On the other hand, the all-in-one cleaning solvent also provides extreme protection from harmful corrosion and rust. Also, the CLP is made with a unique formulation that gives effective management in contamination and carbon whenever the firearm is in use. Aside from that, the formula is also dependable for reducing statistics, which is a common cause of carbon and contamination. Thus, it allows the firearms to maintain top share performance with less chance of malfunctioning due to cleaning concerns. So, they will undoubtedly work like they should be whenever the shooters need them.

Moreover, Sage & Braker CLP can also offer a reliable and solid coating along with the moving parts on the gun and bore. At the same time, it also offers working components that can manage heat dissipation to allow cooler firearm operation temperatures. Thanks to its unique formulation, the CLP can also enhance firearm performance by producing more constant FPS for more accurate shooting results. 

Furthermore, some regular cleaning solvents can cause damage to the finish of the firearm. They compromised the finish to attain a deep cleaning. Luckily, there’s no need to experience any of that with the CLP since it is made as a non-toxic, non-hazardous, and biodegradable cleaning solvent. Hence, there is no guilt while cleaning with CLP because it is harmless to everyone, including the environment. 

Other than that, the CLP Gun Cleaner by Sage & Braker is made to satisfy the demand of shooters who want a consistent cleaner solvent that does versatile cleaning jobs. Also, it is unlike the regular cleaning oil that attracts sand and dust in a shooting range. Instead, it is reliable for vital subduing of adhesion of debris to the surface of your gun. Thus, the CLP comes with a superior standard for gun cleaner solvent. 

11. Mossy Oak Gun Cleaning Solvent 

Mossy Oak Gun Cleaning Solvent

The Mossy Oak Gun Cleaning Solvent is an all-in-one cleaning solution. In addition, it is reliable primarily for its versatile performance in cleaning, lubrication, and protection for overall contribution in extending the firearms life use. 

Other than that, the one-step cleaner can ensure the total removal of a plastic wad, debris, oils, lead, carbon, dirt, and other residues. Also, it gives a thin, non-greasy shield coating that highly limits the build-up of corrosion and rust. Users can also expect reliable lubrication within the moving parts of the firearms without leaving any gummy deposit that is hard to remove. 

Moreover, the cleaning solvent is harmless in cleaning every firearm surface, such as camo coatings Cerakote, wood stocks, gold inlays, plastics, wood stocks, polymers, synthetics, gun bluing, and other firearms materials. Aside from that, it is efficient to use in different weather conditions since it does not run or freeze. Hence, it is the best one-cleaner solution to provide the flexible demand in the bore cleaning, rust and corrosion protection, and lubricating oil in the firearm for better routine cleaning and maintenance. 

Meanwhile, the Mossy Oak Gun Cleaning Solvent has no strong odor when used. However, it is flammable and is made from highly refined petroleum components. Thus, it is necessary to always keep it out of the children’s reach to prevent danger.   

12. G96 1055P Complete Triple-Action Gun Treatment

G96 1055P Complete Triple-Action Gun Treatment

The G96 1055P Complete Triple-Action Gun Treatment has an excellent reputation for providing a comprehensive gun treatment capacity that covers cleaning, lubrication, and protection jobs.

In addition, it primarily works in removing the most challenging shooting residue, such as traces of gunpowder, lead, and carbon. Aside from that, its lubricant is dependable for long service since it does not oxidize, evaporate or freeze. Hence, it guarantees that it values more than the price because of its excellent usefulness. 

At the same time, the G96 1055P leaves an invisible magnetic film covering all the metal parts of the firearm for solid protection against corrosion and rust. Besides that, it also helps keep the firing pin and other moving parts efficiently working as they should be after they are cleaned. More importantly, it does not produce gummy residue that is difficult to remove before storing or using the guns. 

For cleaning using the G96 1055P, users must use a mask and wear gloves for their protection. However, it is harmless to any firearm metal. Plus, the cleaner is an outstanding option for one cleaning protection.   

13. Slip 2000 Carbon Killer

Slip 2000 Carbon Killer

There is no perfectly made gun cleaner solvent. Hence, the Slip 2000 Carbon Killer has its own cut of bad and good reviews. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that it still provides effective cleaning in various fouling on firearms, including carbon, lead, and copper. 

Moreover, the cleaner is specially designed and helpful in removing all the stubborn and heavy carbon fouling on contact and submerging dirty parts. It converts the major, arduous cleaning task to effortless duty since it has sufficient and reliable cleaning operation. 

In addition, the Slip 2000 Carbon Killer offers an ideal and safe orange scent, making it stand out compared to other ordinary cleaner solvents. Aside from that, the primary job of the cleaner is to use for burnt in carbon residue that highly causes discoloration on the metal surfaces on the gun. With that, the cleaner is reliable for collecting the residue and preventing stains on the firearms.    

Other than that, the carbon killer offers a fast cleaning process, and users can apply it directly to the barrels and chambers and let them soak between two to ten minutes, depending on how much carbon needs to be removed. After soaking, the carbon is significantly loosened; cleaners can simply and effortlessly use a cleaning pad or brush to remove them.     

14. Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber Cleaner

Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber Cleaner

The Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber Cleaner is an all-in-one gun cleaner solvent and degreaser suitable for every firearm, such as bolts, automatics, lever, and slide actions firearms. At the same time, it is also applicable for cleaning air rifles, shotguns, and muzzleloaders, proving that it is highly versatile. Still, it is necessary to test it in an inconspicuous area to confirm it is truly safe for your firearm.  

In addition, it has a harmless cleaning effect with every type of gun, including composites, laminates, plastics, woods, rubber grips, and other gun materials. Best of all, it is dependable for removing jams to provide enhancement for reliability and accuracy in overall shooting performance.  

Moreover, the liquid cleaner comes with a mild odor since it is made using various cleaning components. However, there’s no need to feel concerned about the composition since it is safe, plus it does not leave any unclean surfaces. 

Overall, the Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber Cleaner is the solution for more accessible and more versatile cleaning for firearm owners who own several firearms. With this flexible liquid cleaner, they don’t have to buy several cleaner solvents that match the needs of their specific firearm.   

15. Lucas Oil Extreme-Duty Bore Solvent and Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

Lucas Oil Extreme-Duty Bore Solvent and Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

The Lucas Oil Extreme-Duty Bore Solvent and Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner is mainly made using the high-quality premium blend of corrosion inhibitors and cleaning solvents. Like the other best gun cleaner solvents on the list, it is also reliable for cleaning and removing powder and carbon residue from the actions. In addition, it is also dependable for eliminating the lead and copper fouling in the barrels and cylinders. 

Moreover, the extreme-duty liquid cleaner is designed with a pleasing grape scent smell, making it ideal for shooters who don’t want a terrible cleaner odor. Aside from that, it efficiently works in deep cleaning thanks to its unique solvent-based formula. Plus, it also eliminates old grease and oil that also contribute to affecting the firearm’s function.

On the other hand, the Lucas cleaner is not only applicable for cleaning, but it also offers a shield for protection. It leaves a micro-thin layer of corrosion and rust inhibitors on the firearm’s bore and metal surfacing, helping it extend its lifespan. Besides that, it is safe to apply in factory-applied firearm finishes and polymers since it does not contain kerosene, water, and ammonia.        

Meanwhile, the Lucas Oil Extreme-Duty Bore Solvent and Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner is made to allow users to apply it straight from the bottle. Hence, there is no need to experience trouble and hassle from messy mixing. Plus, it also doesn’t require the use of a lubrication dip or rinsing agent. That’s why it is highly suitable for every firearm owner who wants to save money on their cleaning solvent with a short cleaning process. Best of all, it is fitting to use in heated tank units.

After using the Lucas cleaner, the firearm attained a thoroughly clean condition and inside-out protection from corrosion. Thus, it is ready for storage or another shooting session in rugged shooting environments.       

16. Shooter’s Choice MC #7 Bore Cleaner, Conditioner Solvent

Shooter’s Choice MC #7 Bore Cleaner, Conditioner Solvent

The Shooter’s Choice MC #7 Bore Cleaner, Conditioner Solvent is no less than the other best solvent. Hence, it boasts only one-step cleaning and efficient conditioning for shotguns, handguns, and rifles. In addition, it is made for safe and smooth use. 

Moreover, there is a significant impact on a deeply cleaned bore. With that, it attains an enhanced shooting accuracy since it is free from stubborn debris, dirt, and fouling, such as powder, copper, lead, and wad. Additionally, the cleaner gives protection to the bore to withstand any fouling build-up. Aside from that, the solvent is also made non-abrasive, so it will not cause any damage during the cleaning process.    

The Shooter’s Choice MC #7 is also valuable for restoring the accuracy of old firearms. Besides that, it also enhances the accuracy of new firearms and helps prolong the barrel’s life, guaranteeing that shooters can make the most of them. More importantly, the solvent is available at a budget-friendly price. 

Best Gun Cleaner Solvent Buying Guide

Frequent cleaning using gun cleaner solvent and cleaning essential tools and materials, such as cleaning patches and brushes. They are the solution to keep the gun functioning properly by removing and cleaning components that can affect the gun performance. So, since abundant options are available even for the best cleaning solvents, a buying guide is helpful for gun owners like you.  

First, it is essential to choose a solvent that is highly compatible with your gun. Also, it is necessary to check the solvent details to confirm if your choice is safe to use in your gun before buying it since there are solvents that are not suitable for specific firearms. 

In addition, solvent type is also another significant factor to consider. In the upper part of the blog, it is already mentioned that there are four main choices: foaming solvents, liquid solvents, aerosol sprays, and CLP cleaners. Hence, you probably made your choice for this factor. But always keep in mind to choose according to your preference and need. 

Furthermore, it is vital to pay attention to the quantity and cost of the solvents. With this, you need to ensure that you are getting the quality you are paying for and sufficient quantity for your use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The gun cleaner solvent is among the essential cleaning materials necessary for cleaning the firearms. Hence, there is much relevant information involving it. To help you understand more about it and other related concerns, listed below are the people’s frequently asked questions. Scroll more below to discover them.   

What does fouling mean on firearms?

When shooters like you use your firearm, the bullet will likely leave behind some residue. It is left inside the barrel after firing, and it is called fouling. In addition, there are many types of fouling, and it depends on the type of bullet and ammo that the shooters use. Some of the most common fouling is carbon, copper, lead, and plastics. 

Moreover, if the fouling builds up, it can highly affect the accuracy and the overall shooting performance. Aside from that, fouling can cause corrosion and rust on the firearms. Hence, they have a high possibility to lead to malfunction or failure to fire. Thus, a cleaner solvent is indispensable and helpful to prevent any fouling.  

When is the most appropriate or best time to clean a firearm?

The best time to clean a firearm is every end of the shooting session and before storing it. In addition, it doesn’t matter how much round it is used because bullets have a high tendency to cause fouling. Even though it only fired one bullet, it is necessary to apply a smooth and short cleaning to keep a prime shape condition and peak performance. Thus, it is best for shooters to make a habit of frequent cleaning and bring a lightweight and complete cleaning kit, so there’s no excuse not to clean the firearm.  

What happens if firearms are not cleaned at all? 

There are extreme consequences for not cleaning firearms at all. However, no shooters can endure them since they are not tolerable and unpleasant for their trouble and damage. First, when the fouling builds up, the shooter notices a decrease in their shooting performance despite the shooters having outstanding experience and skill. 

In addition, the fouling also causes rust and corrosion that shortens the lifespan of the firearm. Aside from that, rust also produces cracks and chips at the firearm’s edges, resulting in damage within the shooting from a decrease in accuracy and eventually leading to failure to fire.   

On the other hand, an uncleaned firearm is not appealing in the eyes. It is shameful to bring it into a shooting range and blame it for unsatisfactory performance. On top of all of that, an uncleaned firearm can cause unfortunate accidents since it can malfunction anytime. Thus, it is always a responsibility to clean the firearm to keep it clean, performing at best, and not posing a danger.     

What can I use as a gun solvent alternative? 

A hydrogen peroxide, commonly used in cleaning bathrooms, and combined with white vinegar, is a decent gun solvent alternative. Firearm owners can mix them to attain a 50-50 cleaning solution that efficiently cleans burned particles, fouling deposits, and gunpowder stains. However, it is only an alternative for those who don’t have a gun cleaner solvent they can use at the moment. Still, it is best to use the gun cleaner solvent with a safer and faster cleaning time.   

How should firearms be stored?

It is best and safest to store firearms unloaded and in a locked storage place. Also, they need to have a separate storage area from the ammunition. Aside from that, the locked storage must be dry, cool, and clean, ensuring that the firearm will be in a safe condition and prevent moisture that can accumulate dirt. Best of all, firearm owners should store firearms horizontally or store them with the muzzle pointing down.

How often should a gun be oiled?

While it is best to do a quick and light cleaning in a gun after the end of every shooting session, oiling it is another concern. The best time to oil the gun is once every 1-2 weeks, depending on how intense the shooters use it. In addition, it is necessary to oil the gun during the hotter time of the year to prevent damage from built-up moisture.

Is it harmful to store guns in a case?

After shooting, then cleaning, it is essential to know where is the best place to store the gun or if it is harmful to store them in a case. Well, gun cases made with cardboard, fabric, or leather can cause moisture that damages the guns. Hence, it is harmful to guns. That’s why it is best to store guns in a cool, clean, and dry storage place to prolong their lifespan by being safe in a storage area.   

Why do guns start rusting?

Gun cleaner solvents are efficient in protecting guns from rust and corrosion. However, it is essential to know why guns start rusting to avoid it happening. Well, a hot environment can cause the guns to built-up moisture, and that moisture produces rust in various parts of a gun, such as in the gun’s internals, bore, and chamber. Hence, shooting in a hot environment is harmful to guns.   

How long can a firearm go without cleaning?

A firearm can go about six months without cleaning. However, it is mainly if the firearm is not regularly used. Hence, the shooter can make the judgment call if cleaning is already needed. Plus, it is best to depend on the condition of the firearm. Aside from that, it is necessary to check on the potential moisture build-up before storing it again. Cleaning and maintenance are wise investments to prolong the lifespan of a firearm.  

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