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Best Gun Case For Air Travel — 7 Best Options Reviewed in 2024

The best gun case for air travel will save you from any worry and trouble of flying with your gun. Since air travel also means long journeys, gun cases that make the best cases for air travel boast impressive overall quality and functional features that help them get the job done right. You don’t have to search elsewhere because some of the best and worth-buying travel gun cases are well-reviewed below.

Let’s see them below.

Traveling with your gun on rough roads and terrains is far different from traveling through flying. If you want trouble-, stress-, and hassle-free, you need to secure the best gun case for air travel. Otherwise, you won’t be able to fly with your gun, no matter what the circumstances are. Either you secure a qualified gun case for air travel, or you will not fly at all. After all, you will come across different people, and you need to secure your gun at the airport to avoid any risk of accidents. 

Technically speaking, what you need is an airline-approved gun case that you can use for air travel without fearing any fine to pay. If you are still confused about what gun case for air travel is, these are the general characteristics that most of them have: 

  • Light in weight makes air travel a lot easier and reduces baggage fees.
  • A hard outer shell protects the gun from the outside and prevents any shock from being felt in the interior. 
  • A thick foam interior padding that effectively absorbs shock from the intense bumps and drops to safely safeguard the gun. 
  • An equal valve that regulates the air pressure for safer air travel. 
  • A waterproof seal that adequately protects against moisture and dust. 
  • A robust and comfortable handle for excellent ergonomics.
  • A locking mechanism or padlock holes add an extra level of security. 

Certainly, there are quite a few strict requirements that are needed for a gun case to be qualified for air travel. To know better, let’s dive deeper into knowing what airline-approved means for the best travel gun cases. No need to search anywhere else because you can learn all the relevant information needed in this guide. All you need to do is keep reading. 

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What Does Airline-Approved Means? 

Truth be told, there are no specific or clearly defined guidelines for all airports. Some might have unique additional requirements, so it is always better to check out the rules about flying with a gun at the airport you will go to. Of course, it is hard to guarantee that you will not be asked for an additional fee.

Interestingly, airline-approved means for gun cases is that they are qualified for air travel. This reflects that they boast great security and construction that can protect your gun well by any means. Just know that you will encounter significantly fewer issues and troubles by having the right gun case for air travel compared to just an ordinary hard gun case. 

7 Best Gun Cases For Air Travel

The best gun case for air travel will save you from any worry and trouble of flying with your gun. Since air travel also means long journeys, gun cases that make the best cases for air travel boast impressive overall quality and functional features that help them get the job done right. You don’t have to search elsewhere because some of the best and worth-buying travel gun cases are well-reviewed below. 

Let’s see them below. 

1. Eylar Tactical Hard Gun Case 

Eylar Tactical Hard Gun Case

Interestingly, the Eylar Tactical Hard Gun Case is among the most popular options not only for TSA-approved gun cases but also for airline-approved ones. That’s why you can’t go wrong with choosing this one, especially since it is in the budget-friendly price range. Despite that price, you will never think that it is flimsy and low-quality since it is purposely built for outstanding use and help for safe air travel. 

Featuring dimensions of 11.65 x 8.35 x 3.78 inches, this hard gun case is specifically engineered to fit and secure just one handgun or combine it with gear. Since it is a small gun case, it makes sense that it is not that heavy. Even with your gun inside, you won’t feel the burden of this case, so you can still efficiently manage your other things with you. With its stackable design, it will definitely blend well with your other bags. 

It is pretty understandable that you fear the safety of your gun when flying. Well, if you have this Eylar Tactical Hard Gun Case, you can be well-assured with the safety of your gun since this case is constructed to be crushproof and waterproof. In fact, the waterproof protection makes the case tough in that it will not be destroyed despite being fully submerged in one-meter-deep water. The rubber gasket lining adds to the protection, so there won’t be water seeping inside. 

Moreover, this hard gun case is equipped with a pressure equalization valve that works well in regulating air pressure for safer air travel. The foam padding, on the other hand, provides thick and solid interior protection to ensure your gun won’t ever get damaged and will remain in place. Meanwhile, the two padlock adaptable fittings will let you achieve secure storage of your gun both at home or on the go.

Basically, this Tactical Hard Gun Case from Eylar is more than just a decent option because it offers more than expected for its price. Therefore, you can buy this with great confidence, even if you are on a budget. 

2. Pelican 1170 Case

Pelican 1170 Case

Pelican lives up to its reputation of providing hard gun cases that boast rugged protection without compromise, making them indestructible. What’s more amazing is that it won’t cost you arms and legs just to get this 1170 Case model from Pelican. It will be worry-free baggage that you can trust to take good care of your gun while you fly with it. No wonder it is well-trusted even by professionals. The innovative quality sets its own standards. 

In terms of construction, this 1170 Case is highly impressive in its crushproof Copolymer-Polypropylene shell material that is well complemented by stainless steel hardware. This kind of construction makes an effective gun case, as a result—the one that you can trust to survive even the harshest use possible. Thanks to the combined watertight O-ring seal and pressure equalization valve, this hard gun case has even better value for your money. Looks fancy and still can get the job done right. 

One of the highlights of this Pelican hard case is its customizable padded foam. This will let you effectively configure the interior to fit just how you want it to be. Since the padded foam is customizable, you can trust it to keep your valuable gun safe from possible shocks and bumps for extreme protection level. One thing is for sure about this Pelican 1170 Case. It is purposely built to protect your gun without costing you that much. It sounds tempting to buy, right? 

Moreover, this small travel gun case sports dimensions of 11.64 x 8.34 x 3.78-Inch, which is adequate enough to fit your gun. It is also constructed with an open cell core with a solid wall design that makes it strong yet lightweight. Even if you carry it for a long time, you won’t need to complain about the weight because that is tolerable. Besides that, dust will also never be your problem with this 1170 Case since it is also made to be dustproof. 

Like any other best gun case for air travel, this one from Pelican also comes with an automatic pressure equalization valve. That’s why you can expect it to impress you with balancing the interior pressure while keeping the water and moisture out. Surely, you can’t expect anything less from a Pelican hard gun case for air travel. Like the other cases from the brand, this 1170 model case also screams top-notch quality that is worth every penny. 

If you want to buy from a respectable brand, this travel gun case makes the right choice to take your adventure to the next level.   

3. SKB Double Handgun Gun Case

SKB Double Handgun Gun Case

Sporting dimensions of 16″ L x 10″ W and a simple appearance, the SKB Double Handgun Gun Case. Even if it looks simple, this handgun gun case is actually built to effectively deliver tough, durable protection for your precious firearms. Two handguns, to be specific. That’s why you don’t have to buy another case since this is enough to let you carry two of your most valuable handguns. 

Of course, this one won’t make it to this list if it is not airline-approved. It is actually airline-approved and built to impress you with how it can make it easier to fly with your handguns. Combining the SKB hard plastic shell and foam Bunk Bed Storage System, this double handgun gun case can protect your firearms from bumps and drops. That way, you can guarantee that your firearms will reach their destination safely.   

In reality, this SKB Double Handgun Gun Case is constructed with just the needed requirements that make it achieved airline-approved. To be specific, it simply has weather-resistant O-ring seals and is lockable. No moisture can seep through the interior, so there will not be any cause of rust. As for being lockable, it gives you the advantage of adding another level of security to ensure that no one will ever get their hands on your valuable handguns. 

All in all, if you are looking for a simple yet tough travel gun case that can accommodate double handguns, this case is suited for you. With a little over $100, you can say that this is still in the budget-friendly price range. 

4. NANUK 930 Equipment Case

NANUK 930 Equipment Case

As the name implies, the NANUK 930 Equipment Case is not just built to keep guns safe for air travel. In fact, it is made purposely to be an ideal case for cameras, laptops, and other valuables. This means that this one is a highly versatile case that you can use for different purposes. Ultimately, that’s a fact that you can trust to make the most out of your money. 

Moreover, this case is intended to effectively protect your valuable gun while you are on the go or traveling far through flying. Interestingly, it even has TSA approval, so it is qualified for airline and train travel. More than that, it is backed up by a lifetime warranty for protection—that one you can actually depend on and know is worth your hard-earned money. That sounds like a great guarantee that can tempt you into actually buying it, right?  

Sporting high-strength NK-7 resin construction and a 1-handed handle, it is quite obvious that the NANUK 930 Equipment Case is easy to handle. It is lightweight and can be pretty convenient because of the comfortable handle. Another thing about the resin shell is that it is waterproof and durable, tough enough to survive the harshest drops, scratches, and tough handling during travel. Definitely, this is no ordinary equipment case, but interestingly not too expensive. 

Meanwhile, this case features closed-cell interior pluck foam that provides a customizable protective hold. So, even if you think that it is made versatile, you should be able to make up your mind on what you want to store there, or else you might need to purchase more foam padding. This is a noteworthy tip that will help you appreciate more the value of this 930 Equipment Case from NANUK and its help to give a stress-free air travel with your gun. 

Impressively, this case is equipped with two patented PowerClaw latches that deliver superior protection against theft. Even if it catches attention in the airport, no one will be able to get their hands on your gun. With dimensions of 18″ x 13″ x 6.9″, you know this has a great amount of space. So, if you need a universal travel case, this is a go-to choice. 

5. Cabela’s Armor Xtreme Lite Dual Pistol Case

Cabela's Armor Xtreme Lite Dual Pistol Case

What’s amazing about Cabela’s Armor Xtreme Lite Dual Pistol Case is that it is specifically built to exceed law enforcement and military standards. Hence, it is more than qualified for air travel purposes. It has all the protection and strength to safeguard your gun from elements and abuse that can happen during travel. One thing that truly makes it an airline-approved case is that it is padlock compatible. Therefore, if you need a case that can accommodate your two pistols, you need to see what more this case can offer you. 

Featuring an injection-molded, high-impact, custom-formulated resin construction, this dual pistol case is lightweight and durable. Also, it is O-ring sealed, which makes it practically impervious to extreme weather and rough handling. Even though it is lightweight and easy to handle, there’s no reason to fear it getting damaged. Meanwhile, the customizable, high-density foam interior complements that case well. It is meant to securely cradle your firearms for protection. 

Moreover, this hard dual pistol case is equipped with powder-coated steel draw latches, snapping it shut securely. So, such issues about the accidental opening of the case during rough handling and travel do not exist. The pressure-release valve, on the other hand, equalizes pressure inside and outside during air travel while also letting you seal the case with just minimal effort. Basically, it is easy to travel with, especially because of its collapsible comfort grip handle. 

If you want a convenient case that can house your two pistols, this Cabela’s Armor Xtreme Lite Dual Pistol Case is a go-to option that is easy to deal with, which makes it great to have. 

6. Cabela’s Armor Xtreme Lite Single Gun Case

Cabela's Armor Xtreme Lite Single Gun Case

Need a gun case for travel that can fit your long gun? If that’s the case, the Cabela’s Armor Xtreme Lite Single Gun Case will be a great choice. What’s interesting about it is that it is almost a duplication of other high-quality Cabela’s gun cases for air travel. This means that it is also well-constructed to be tough for air and long traveling with all the features that meet airline requirements. Remarkably, the size appears to be the only difference that this model has compared to other Cabela’s gun cases for air travel.  

Like Cabela’s Armor Xtreme Lite Dual Pistol Case, this model is also built of injection-molded, high-impact, custom-formulated resin. So, you can expect it to be practically impervious to extreme weather and harsh handling. Of course, it is also constructed to be waterproof, dustproof, and O-ring sealed. It also boasts powder-coated steel draw latches that can shut the case securely, while its pressure-release valve helps equalize the pressure in the case during air travel. 

One thing is for sure, Cabela’s made its Armor Xtreme Lite Single Gun Case amazing like others. So, this will never disappoint you. This is the right one to choose if you need a case for your long gun, single-scoped rifle, or shotgun. 

7. Flambeau Outdoors Range Locker HD Pistol Case

Flambeau Outdoors Range Locker HD Pistol Case

The Flambeau Outdoors Range Locker HD Pistol Case sports a rugged appearance from high-density polymer construction. It is a kind of construction made to meet high standards and airline requirements. As for the size, it can easily accommodate a full-size handgun with extra magazines or multiple compact pistols. You will have a compact and lightweight case, stress- and trouble-free. 

In terms of interior, this travel pistol case features layers of pluck foam padding that ensures double deep storage customization and protection. This one has great value for money since it is jam-packed with functional features, including reinforced steel lock hole bushings and stainless steel corrosion-resistant hinge pins that improve the use of this pistol case. Ultimately, it becomes hard to access and is well-secured. 

Of course, the automatic pressure release valve is a common feature of high-quality gun cases for air travel, so it is also a part of this case. It automatically adjusts internal air pressure for easy opening without having to compromise the watertight seal protection. Impressively, this case boasts anti-corrosion technology, eliminating your worries about rust problems. Another layer of protection that is worth investing in. 

All in all, this is the go-to option when you need a smaller case, just right to let you enjoy safe and secure air travel with your pistol. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Best Gun Case For Air Travel

Understandably, you might still have some questions in mind regarding gun cases for air travel and other relevant topics. No worries, this guide got you covered because frequently asked questions about the best gun case for air travel are compiled below. So, explore them to learn more. 

What makes a gun case for air travel the best?

In reality, you should be stricter with the gun case you will use for air travel compared to the case for the gun you will just use for short transport to the shooting range. You must be strict because the airport can be stricter than you think for security purposes. 

A gun case can be best qualified for air travel if it has all the necessary requirements to be airline-approved. This means that quality, construction, and features make a gun case the best. Some must-have characteristics of the best gun case for air travel include a hard outer shell, thick foam interior padding, automatic pressure equalization valve, waterproof seal, robust and comfortable handle, and locking mechanism. 

What to prepare before going to the airport with your gun for travel?

Aside from securing the right gun case for air travel, there are a few things you should know to prepare effectively before going to the airport. Here are some of the few things to remember to guide you in the right preparation: 

• Have your unloaded gun already stored inside the gun case for air travel before you go to the airport. Having your case with a padlock or a combination lock is better.

• Don’t ever bring a loaded firearm into an airport because it can make you a suspicious and dangerous person and can cause you problems. 

• Always pick the TSA-approved locks. These kinds of locks are high in terms of security and will ensure that nobody should be able to open your gun case except you.

• Your ammunition must be stored separately in checked baggage since most airports do not allow the transport of guns and ammunition that are stored in the same gun case.

What to expect when you get to the airport?

While you might be concerned about a lot of things because you are going to fly with your gun, you must also think about more than just securing the best gun case for air travel. As a matter of fact, you need to remember that being early is a must. Expect that no airport will wait for you if you ever get late. That said, you need to arrive early to give yourself extra time to check in so you can save yourself from additional struggles. 

Since you will be flying with your gun, you need to expect to fill out some additional questions and fill out a declaration form. Also, you should not be surprised if you might encounter stricter inspections that will be about checking the integrity of your gun case. The contents will also be examined to make sure that you are fully compliant with the airport policies. 

How to fly with your ammunition?

Like flying with your gun, there are also strict requirements if you wish to travel with your ammunition. Here are some of the rules you need to follow, as per the TSA: 

• You must declare your intention of traveling with your ammunition in your airline.

• Check your airline rules about the ammo quantity limits so you won’t mistakenly be carrying more than the allowed quantity.

• Store the ammunition in a safe hard case intended for it. 

• Must lock the case of the ammunition. 

• You cannot use magazines or clips for packing ammo.

• The magazines and clips must be boxed or in a hard-sided, locked case.

• Always go early to the airport to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience because there will always be inspections. 

Are TSA-approved gun cases ideal for air travel?

TSA-approved gun cases are great. So they can easily get airline approval, making them ideal gun cases to use for air travel. If you are curious about what TSA requirements are, there are only a few requirements to follow. These include the gun cases to be locked hard-sided and lockable for high security. Ultimately, TSA-approved gun cases are durable in construction and can’t be accessed by unauthorized people. 

What happens if you bring a loaded gun to the airport? 

Don’t ever bring a loaded gun to the airport. Otherwise, you will be subjected to consequences, including facing fines or spending time in jail. The punishment will depend on local laws. 

A loaded gun is viewed as highly dangerous, so it is never fitted in the airport. That’s why you should never go to the airport with a loaded gun, even if you wish to fly with your gun. Rather, you should have your firearm securely stored in the right gun case for air travel.

How much do gun cases for air travel cost? 

Interestingly, you can’t use your budget as an excuse for not getting a quality gun case for air travel. No matter what your budget is, you can have a great gun case. In fact, you can see some that only cost below $50, like the Eylar Tactical Hard Gun Case and Pelican 1170 Case

Of course, if you have money to spare and think that more pricey gun cases have better quality, you can always go for those that cost above $100. Quality has a price, so there is no need to hesitate to invest your money in those high-end gun cases for air travel. 

Where to buy a gun case for air travel?

Buying from online stores is becoming more popular nowadays. Well, the perks of high discounts and excellent deals are hard to beat. They are even rare deals in local stores. That’s why many opt to buy from online stores since there is great availability and convenience. 

Moreover, one must-thing in mind is that there are a lot of suspicious online stores, so you need to be wary. That said, you only need to buy from trustworthy online stores. As for high-quality gun cases for air travel, you can trust Amazon and Cabela’s, to name a few. 

trave long gun case

Final Thoughts 

No surprise, the gun cases for air travel that made it to the best list above appear to be surely worth your money. They can get the job done, leaving you nothing to complain about. Despite that fact, it is not practical to try all the gun cases above to find what’s best for you. More than that, buying the best gun case for air travel is a matter of suitability, so you need to have a buying guide to help you choose. 

Now, if you think that checking a lot of factors, including durability and quality in gun cases, can consume a lot of time, it might be better to see gun cases for their best purposes. For instance, the Eylar Tactical Hard Gun Case is a lightweight, compact, and high-quality option to pick if you are on a budget. The Pelican 1170 Case is an indestructible gun case for travel that is innovative to get the job done right. 

Meanwhile, Cabela’s Armor Xtreme Lite Dual Pistol Case is the one to get if you need a sturdy and spacious case that can accommodate two pistols. The Cabela’s Armor Xtreme Lite Single Gun Case, on the other hand, is the choice you can’t go wrong with if you need a tough case for your long gun, single-scoped rifle, or shotgun. See? It is great to choose from the list. After all, this guide is made to help you find the best gun case for air travel that suits your needs and preferences. Hopefully, you can find this guide helpful. 

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