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Best AR Cleaning Kit – Top 13 Reviews & Buying Guide

The best AR cleaning kits must be trustworthy both in tools and cases that you can bring along anywhere you go so you can efficiently clean your firearms quickly. Since it is difficult to search for them on your own, here is the list of the best quality cleaning kit that you can buy and have no regret: 

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Every shooter deserves a clean and superior functional AR-15 rifle and other firearms to enhance their shooting experience. With that, they need to own the best AR cleaning kit that can surely meet their cleaning demands. 

In addition, a rusted gun is entirely useless, especially if it is neglected. However, it is a loss of investment, and no one wants a useless gun only because it is dirty. So, to keep top-performing firearms, you need to clean them from time to time using the right cleaning tools. Luckily, you can find the best cleaning tools here. If you are wondering what they are, keep on reading.    

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The Benefits of Cleaning Kits 

There is much significance between a shooter who frequently cleans a gun and one who is not. The shooter with a cleaner firearm has more accurate and effective shooting results, while the shooter with a dirtier gun has more inferior shooting performance. 

In addition, skills might be another factor with different shooting results. However, it is undeniable that a firearm with much stubborn dirt and build-up carbon has a deteriorating shooting performance. Thus, it highly affects a shooting performance.    

Moreover, proper cleaning tools are needed since ordinary cleaning materials can scratch and damage the firearms that will undoubtedly negatively influence a shooting performance. Therefore, firearm owners like you need the best AR cleaning kit that will help you ensure cleaner and top-performing firearms while keeping a peak performance for a long time. With that, they will have a further exceeding lifespan and save you money since they will not require frequent parts replacements. 

best ar cleaning kit

13 Best AR Cleaning Kits

The best AR cleaning kits must be trustworthy both in tools and cases that you can bring along anywhere you go so you can efficiently clean your firearms quickly. Since it is difficult to search for them on your own, here is the list of the best quality cleaning kit that you can buy and have no regret: 

1. Otis Technology Cleaning Kit

Otis Technology Cleaning Kit

The Otis Technology Cleaning Kit is a versatile AR cleaning kit best suited for M-4, M-16, and AR-15 rifles. With that, it is among the most popular and well-reviewed firearms cleaning kits. 

In addition, the kit comes with specialized precision tools and quality cleaning materials, such as B.O.N.E. Tool. It is a helpful tool that is dependable for helping firearm owners effectively scrape the carbon deposits in the bolt carrier and firing pins quickly to avoid damage. Aside from that, it also has 100% cotton two inches patches and a small slotted cleaning tip for accurate and efficient cleaning in the firearm’s tight parts. 

Moreover, the Otis Technology Cleaning Kit features a quality bronze bore brush constructed for soft for moderate cleaning. Additionally, the brush has a combined abrasive and gentle brushing on the finish to efficiently eliminate the performance-impeding residue in the bore without doing any damage. Aside from that, there are various brush and mops sizes suitable for different cleaning works.  

On the other hand, the 8 inches and 30 inches aircraft-grade Memory-Flex cables are reliable for adequately cleaning the Breech-to-Muzzle. Besides that, it also comes with a small obstruction remover; it is a useful material for removing any stuck dirt, snow, and mud that can degrade the casing.     

One drawback with this kit is it is not best to use on a regular cleaning basis. Instead, it is best for shooters who need a fast cleaning kit in the shooting field or range. Hence, since the Otis Technology Cleaning Kit is compact and lightweight, it is suitable as an on-the-go cleaning kit. 

Best of all, it is a top contender that shooters can use as a lightweight, portable field cleaning kit to ensure that their rifles are always in good, adequate condition.  

2. Real Avid Gun Boss AR15 Gun Cleaning Tool Kit

Real Avid Gun Boss AR15 Gun Cleaning Tool Kit

If you want the best AR cleaning kit that you can trust to keep your AR-15 rifles clean and reliably functioning, the Real Avid Gun Boss AR15 Gun Cleaning Tool Kit is what you need. Also, it has highly compact tools that are ideal for bringing along to any shooting field or range since it only has  8 ounces of weight. 

Moreover, the kit is jam-packed with several functioning cleaning tools and other accessories. First, it comes with a t-handle and six coated, threaded rod sections for reliable fixing and quickly tightening loosened bolts and nuts in the rifle. On the other hand, it also features a quality phosphor bronze bore and steel and phosphor bronze chamber brushes that ensure that the bore and chamber parts are clean and functioning. In addition, they also assure that there is no fouling in the chamber and clean it with no damage.   

Aside from that, the nylon slotted cleaning tip allows attaching cleaning pads and synthetic cleaning patches to clean the tight spaces in the rifle effectively. Also, all the components feature 8-32 threads. Best of all, the cleaning tools and accessories are protected and stored in the EVA molded zippered case. With that, there’s no trouble for shooters to carry this AR cleaning kit along with their rifles. 

Overall, the Real Avid Gun Boss AR15 has every indispensable helpful cleaning tool kit secured in a case with an ideal accessory tray that has no irritating rattle. Thus, it is undoubtedly an excellent fit to carry. Most importantly, it has a friendly-budget price that leaves shooters with no regret when they buy it.     

3. BOOSTEADY Pro .223/5.56 Cleaning Kit

BOOSTEADY Pro 223 &5.56 Cleaning Kit

The BOOSTEADY Pro .223/5.56 Cleaning Kit is best for providing an affordable price for shooters who want to keep their AR-15 rifles clean and maintain excellent functional performance. However, the low price means that shooters can’t expect too much. Nevertheless, the cleaning kit is still impressive and ideal for a backup or secondary cleaning kit to carry on shooting range and field. Thus, it is best for short and quick cleaning. 

Moreover, the BOOSTEADY Pro comes with a quality, neat, compact, and simple zippered pouch case design that keeps every cleaning tool handy and organized. With that, shooters like you don’t need to dig through the case to find the cleaning tool that you need. In addition, it features several indispensable cleaning tools.    

Meanwhile, the durable brass gun cleaning rod comes with an adequate long length to effectively clean the barrel. Additionally, the t-handle is essential for effectively pulling out the rod in the barrel after cleaning it. Hence, shooters won’t have a hard time cleaning their AR-15 rifles.  

Aside from that, it comes with an impressive and quality bore and chamber brush. Also, the chamber brush features stainless steel bristles. On the other hand, brass slotted cleaning tips are included. It is a tool to be used along with the cleaning cloths to clean the tightest parts of the AR-15 rifle. 

Other than that, the BOOSTEADY Pro’s durable double-end nylon brush covers the cleaning for the rifle’s trigger mechanisms and action areas. Besides that, the included stainless steel pick is a suitable tool for removing any harmful material, such as stuck dirt and mud in the rifle. At the same time, the cleaning tool kit features 50 cleaning patches. They are handy for cleaning the gun’s tight areas aside from the barrel. Plus, they are precut, so they easily fit and reach deep without sticking. 

Although no lubricant or cleaning liquid is included in the kit, the BOOSTEADY Pro remains a great additional cleaning kit with great value at a budget-friendly price. Plus, the materials are durable and efficient despite a low price. Therefore, it is an incredible option for shooters on a budget and wants a cleaning kit that can last for a long time. 

4. Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

If you want an incredible high-quality all-in-one cleaning kit for all types of rifles, pistols, and shotguns, the Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is one of the best and fantastic options. It is pricier than other AR cleaning kits. However, it has more wealthy tools to offer, proving its value is more than the price. In addition, Gloryfire specializes in providing shooters with efficient cleaning tools of top-notch quality that are hard to beat. 

Like the other budget-friendly AR cleaning kit, the Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit comes with a neat and cleanly organized lightweight, compact case. In addition, it comes with a higher number of cleaning equipment and tools, and other gifts to help in more thorough gun cleaning. Plus, the case has extra spaces for solvent and cleaning oil. Thus, the shooter can do one carry since the case allows storing other cleaning tools. Lastly, the pre-cut handle on the case provides easy and hassle-free carry. 

Moreover, there are also included reinforced forged solid brass rods that give efficient cleaning with no harm. Also, the nylon plastic slotted patch loops feature a durable quality and help diminish the shooter’s frustrations in broken jag/tip inside the gun barrel since they only do their cleaning jobs properly without breaking the gun

Aside from that, the high-quality nylon plastic slotted tips are helpful for reaching the narrow spaces of the gun so they will not be left out in cleaning. Other than that, the kit includes nine mops, four double-ended plastic picks, three muzzle guards, three utility brushes, and many more. Thus, proving that the Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is universal and has adequate gears to manage cleaning any gun aside from  AR rifles.

Hence, the Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is best for shooters and gun enthusiasts who own multiple guns. Best of all, it is considered affordable if buyers will think about its jam-packed cleaning tools and equipment. When shooters add a cleaning mat, the shooters have all the cleaning tools they need. 

5. Otis Technology The Otis Elite

Otis Technology The Otis Elite

The Otis Technology, The Otis Elite, is one of the most versatile AR cleaning kits for shooters, whether experienced in cleaning or a beginner. In addition, the cleaning tool is suitable for everyone since it is specially designed to maintain clean and functional rifles to keep them always performing like new. 

Moreover, the cleaning kit comes with instructions and guides about proper and easy cleaning, proving that it is undoubtedly highly suitable for beginners who will have a first-time gun cleaning. Also, it features various durable chamber brushes and several components, such as pin punch, locking lug scraper, straight pick, scraper, obstruction removers, patch savers, and many more valuable tools that help efficient and thorough cleaning. 

Aside from that, the presence of 6 Memory-Flex Cables is helpful for good muzzle cleaning. Meanwhile, the bronze bore brushes are dependable for removing copper deposits and the other harmful dirt in the bore. On the other hand, the all-purpose nylon receiver brush is ideal for light and careful cleaning. 

Having the right cleaning tools in one compact and lightweight case to carry in any shooting range or field significantly keeps the gun in top-performing condition. Best of all, the Otis Technology, The Otis Elite utilizes a black nylon dual-zipper carrying case; it is convenient and compact. It allows shooters to clean their rifles to quickly set up a durable mini table as their cleaning station. With that, firearm owners can comfortably clean their firearms outside. 

Thus, it is an excellent cleaning kit option for amateurs and professionals since they can expect the tools to work according to their included guides.   

6. HOPPE’S No. 9 Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

HOPPE'S No. 9 Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

The HOPPE’S No. 9 Deluxe features a durable and classic gun-clean tool kit design case. In addition, the case is fitted for heavy-duty use and to bring along in various shooting ranges or the field. Aside from that, its main advantage is being extremely versatile ang high functional cleaning materials. 

Similar to the Otis Technology, The Otis Elite, the HOPPE’S No. 9 Deluxe gun cleaning kit also includes its own “Guide to Gun Care” booklet instruction. It is valuable and helpful for new gun owners and first-time cleaners. Hence, they can avoid damaging their guns while cleaning.   

The three-piece brass rod helps cover the cleaning in the gun bore’s rifling with less effort and hassle. Moreover, it comes with a safe and effective bore cleaner to remove metal fouling, lead, powder, and rust. On the other hand, the high-viscosity lubricating oil is helpful for refined perfection in cleaning. Meanwhile, the phosphor bronze brushes are durably constructed and are efficient for cleaning lead on the firearms. 

Aside from that, the cleaning kit features four slotted ends and a silicone cleaning cloth for thorough cleaning of the gun’s exterior parts. So, if you are an AR-15 rifle owner that already has other cleaning materials and looking for a heavy-duty and robust case, HOPPE’S No. 9 Deluxe is the best choice for you. 

7. Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Precision Cleaning Tools

Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Precision Cleaning Tools

From rifles to shotguns and handguns, the Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Precision Cleaning Tools is an excellent option because it is made to meet up the cleaning demands of quality gunsmithing cleaning. 

In addition, the AR cleaning kit only features 11 piece tools and materials, yet it is effective for flexible cleaning of various firearms. Aside from that, the quality materials are trustworthy in reaching firearm parts that regular cleaning tools failed to do. Plus, it is ideal for detailed cleaning up to the most narrow spaces in firearms parts without leaving any scratches while cleaning. 

It is essential to keep the firearms clean with no dirt that can damage their performance. Hence, shooters need a well-organized cleaning tool kit that will not make them feel lazy when cleaning, and that’s what Real Avid Boss Pro Precision Cleaning Tools exactly do. 

Moreover, the cleaning tools are valuable in covering various precision cleaning areas. Some of them are the hook and pin punches that permit disassembling a firearm. The pin punches allow easy punch out of the takedown pins, while the hook aid field strips the bolt by removing the small pins and parts. 

On the other hand, the brass scrapers efficiently clean the various gun parts, including the crevices, pockets, grooves, and other component assemblies. Most importantly, it is fitted for cleaning without scratching or even damaging the gun. At the same time, the nylon detailing brush features soft bristles that permit gun owners to clean exterior and larger action parts of the firearms, including the bolt.  

The Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Precision Cleaning Tools can achieve no scratch and damage cleaning thanks to the oil application brush. Together with an adequate amount of lubricants, cleaning will create fewer frictions. Also, the brush is effective in precisely covering a firearm with a lubricant that shields it from rust.  

Unlike conventional boxes, Real Avid patented kickstand case stores the cleaning tools organized and securely in their place to avoid losing tools and clean clutter-free. In addition, it is compact, and the detailing cleaning kits excellently fit at your fingertips.

8. Otis Technology Defender Series Gun Cleaning Kit

Otis Technology Defender Series Gun Cleaning Kit

Otis has a famous and respectable reputation for producing quality and effective gun cleaning kits. One of its most efficient and helpful cleaning toolkits is the Otis Technology Defender Series Gun Cleaning Kit. In addition, it features an impressive and compact little pouch that securely holds the cleaning materials in place. 

Moreover, the cleaning pouch has more than enough space to spare if the shooters want to store additional kits in there. Hence, it is more convenient for shooters to carry all the cleaning tools they need using only one hand. On the other hand, the main drawback with the Otis Technology Defender Series is it does not include a B.O.N.E. tool and scraper set. Yet, this AR cleaning kit is what you need if you want a fast, one-pass clean-up to a complete breakdown gun cleaning. 

The bore brushes are helpful since they offer gun owners demand for a cleaning brush. They provide top-notch quality, precision, and easy cleaning. Also, the type and the number of the brushes included in the kit vary depending on the chosen caliber. 

Meanwhile, there are various tools added in the cable and components category. They include the slotted cleaning tip for efficient and accurate cleaning within the gun’s tight and narrow space parts. Also, the Memory-Flex Cable is a beneficial tool because it allows deep and easier cleaning from the gun breech to bore.  

Aside from that, the 8-32 thread solid rod set is useful for breaking down the rifle for a thorough cleaning, including in the rifle’s chamber residue and debris. Additionally, the ripcords are one of the best-included tools in this cleaning kit. They are beneficial for providing firearm owners the quality one-pass cleaning. Best of all, they effectively clean from the Breech-to-Muzzle without requiring gravity feed. 

The presence of .5oz Shooter’s Choice FP-10 lubricant elite is beneficial since it delivers a superior shield from corrosion and rust. In addition, it is also effective for reducing wear and friction in the gun. Most importantly, it is efficient in eliminating carbon, powder fouling, and lead in the firearm.  

Additionally, the 100% cotton patches in the cleaning kit provide 360-degree cleaning coverage. Thus, they guarantee an adequate cleaning from the Breech-to-Muzzle. At the same time, the all-purpose brush features large and small ends that cover various cleaning. The large brush end permits a strict cleaning of the gun surface through scrubbing. On the other hand, the small brush end is useful for reaching the hard-to-clean narrow areas. Thus, users can precisely clean them, leaving no guns areas uncleaned.

9. Wheeler Engineering Delta Series AR Armorer’s Professional Kit

Wheeler Engineering Delta Series AR Armorer’s Professional Kit

If you want a quality cleaning kit with every tool you need and want to be stored in a handy, easy-to-carry case, you better see the Wheeler Engineering Delta Series AR Armorer’s Professional Kit. In addition, it is ideal for cleaning AR firearms to keep them maintaining their high-performance condition. Even tiny dirt won’t interrupt the gun’s performance since the Wheeler has cleaning tools that can reach stubborn dirt stocking up in narrow and deep areas. Thus, it is undoubtedly helpful in keeping firearms in top shape every cleaning. 

Moreover, there are more than cleaning tools included in the Wheeler Professional Kit. It is also jam-packed with tools and equipment for gunsmithing and armorer needs for complete repairs and build of AR-15/M16 rifles. Hence, it is an all-in-one inclusive toolset for every cleaning, repair, and maintenance demand. 

In addition, every tool included in the cleaning kit is constructed using top-notch materials. That’s why you can expect that every tool and equipment is efficient in performing best in specific applications. Also, the cleaning tools are highly suitable since they are designed with ease and precision. Thus, the Wheeler Professional Kit is among the most advanced AR cleaning kits accessible for every gun owner who needs it.

The cleaning kit comes with an AR Armorers Vise that works to break open guns, assemble guns, and securely hold the gun’s receiver for effective maintenance. Besides that, the torque wrench is used for tightening parts according to the appropriate measurement to secure a proper tension without over-tightening. All in all, it provides a stable work platform for cleaning, gunsmithing, and maintenance.

Aside from that, the maintenance mat with exploded AR-15 print efficiently helps capture the dirt and debris in the gun. Meanwhile, the AR-15 Bore Guide is useful for accurately aligning the cleaning rods within the bore. With that, it can limit scratching or damaging the rod and the firearm. Hence, it is an excellent tool for ensuring precise cleaning and adding extra protection to firearms against wear and corrosion. 

Also, the durable yet soft .22 bore, bolt carrier and chamber brushes are effective in cleaning the dirt and fouling in their particular gun areas. Plus, they are well-designed, so they don’t have any risks of damaging the firearm. Additionally, there are also designated brushes for the magazine, upper receiver with a nylon brush handle. A double-ended cleaning brush is also included for thorough cleaning since it covers the general cleaning in the firearms. 

At the same time, the cleaning pick sets are suitable for removing the dirt and mud in the gun. Besides that, there are also gunsmithing and maintenance tools available, such as the AR front sight, pivot pin, roll pin installation, delta ring, and upper vise block clamp with gas tube alignment tools. 

Overall, all the cleaning, maintenance, and gunsmithing equipment and tools above are accurately fitted and stored in the Wheeler Engineering Delta Series AR Armorer’s Professional Kit carrying case for accessible store and carry to any shooting range. 

10. SPORT RIDGE AR-15 Cleaning Kit

SPORT RIDGE AR-15 Cleaning Kit

The Sport Ridge is specially designed to meet all the cleaning demands, specifically for AR-15 and M16 rifles. In addition, it comes with a custom case design suitable for rifle owners who want to bring along an AR cleaning kit with them in the shooting field or range. Aside from that, the case is ideal for compact, organized, and lightweight design.

Moreover, the cleaning kit comes with a pull-through coated cable/rod system. It is an excellent maintenance tool that allows cleaners to clean the inside of a rifle’s barrel or the bore without leaving any scratch or damage. On the other hand, the included rifle’s cleaning brush is helpful for the cleaner to scrub away the fouling in the rifle and physically remove any obstructing dirt or tiny objects within the rifle.    

Additionally, the slotted patch cleaning tip is helpful for cleaners to apply thorough and accurate cleaning because it allows reaching the rifle’s tight areas. At the same time, the double-ended utility brush features large and small brush bristles. That’s why it is a versatile brush that delivers a breakthrough cleaning by removing the powder and carbon residue off the rifle. 

Besides that, the metal pick/scraper is suitable for smoothing and scraping defects off in the firearm. Also, the Sport Ridge AR-15 cleaning kit comes with 25 cleaning patches. It is a decent number of patches in a package to ensure thorough cleaning of oil, deposit dirt, and other tiny particles. Hence, they guarantee extensive and proper cleaning. Plus, it features a six piece utility bit set for an efficient cleaning process. 

Furthermore, the ideally convenient handle operates with a pull rod, chamber rod, and utility bit set. Best of all, there is an available rifle mop that works to apply oils and cleaners to the bore. Plus, cleaners can also use it for adding polish, so the gun is protected from harmful components. 

Overall, the Sport Ridge is an excellent AR cleaning kit option for M16/AR15 rifle owners. Since it is mainly designed for them, it is undoubtedly a well-packed cleaning kit to frequently bring to every shooting. 

11. FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit Universal Supplies

FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit Universal Supplies

The FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit Universal Supplies is another toolset that is helpful in cleaning almost every firearm. In addition, it is more than the firearm owner can expect for a cleaning kit because it is packed with a wide variety of calibers. Hence, making the FIREGEAR an ideal one-stop cleaning shop for every firearm user. 

Moreover, every cleaning tool needed for cleaning any rifles, pistols, and shotguns is well organized inside the case for accessible cleaning. Hence, there is no reason for the owners not to clean their firearms to maintain an excellent shape and condition on performance.

The cleaning kit includes several cleaning accessories, such as three CNC precision-machined brass rods, suitable for breakthrough cleaning inside a firearm’s barrel or bore. Plus, the accessory adapters are also constructed from superior quality brass. Thus, they can handle the cleaning without doing any damage just to secure a thorough cleaning result.     

Also, it features 14 brass brushes, each has a specific area to clean, and all of them are efficient in cleaning various hard and soft surfaces without producing scratches in the cleaning process. Meanwhile, the nine bore mops are ideal for applying oils and polish to the firearm’s bore. 

Aside from that, the four slotted patch loops have significant vital roles in the cleaning process since they are also helpful in protecting the firearm’s muzzle, chamber, and rifling. Other than that, the three utility brushes are useful for removing residue from the barrels and digging out dirt without scratching the firearm. Hence, they are also ideal for cleaning the breeches in the firearms. 

In addition, the three muzzle guards mainly and accurately clean the muzzle softly, so they will not strike or damage the crown during cleaning.    The FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit Universal Supplies also comes with 50 3×1 1/2″ cleaning patches for removing build-up stubborn dirt and particles in the firearm. Plus, there are also four polishing cloths included for efficient applying of polish in the gun. Besides that, there are also two added empty bottles to work as storage for oils and polishes. Thus, gun owners don’t need to bring along another extra bag for other cleaning supplies. 

More importantly, all the cleaning tools included in the FIREGEAR are designed with quality materials to last longer, far exceeding expectations. Additionally, the cleaning case has customized design with various compartments to offer neat and organized storage. Best of all, there is a unique placement for each cleaning tool for effortless storing and packing. Thus, gun owners can also quickly know if there are some missing cleaning items. 

Furthermore, the ideal carrying handle case design allows a convenient and easy packing and carrying of the cleaning tools in shooting ranges. Plus, the case comes in two different colors so that buyers can choose what they prefer. The black color is a classic, while the green color helps the user quickly see it if they have misplaced it.    

Overall, the FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit Universal Supplies is best for shooters who own multiple firearms. With it, gun owners don’t need to buy multiple types of cleaning kits. Hence, they can save money while still guaranteeing that they can maintain quality firearms top shape through efficient cleaning.  

12. Otis Tactical Cleaning System for Rifles, Pistols & Shotguns

Otis Tactical Cleaning System for Rifles, Pistols & Shotguns

The Tactical Cleaning System is one of the best cleaning kits designed to clean any rifles, shotguns, and pistols at a budget-friendly price. Also, the best advantage of this cleaning kit over the other is it comes with cleaning fluid; specifically, it is the .5oz Shooter’s Choice FP-10 Lubricant Elite. In addition, it is helpful in highly removing powder fouling, lead, and carbon in the firearms. Other than that, it is also valuable for minimizing wear and friction plus shielding the firearm against damaging corrosion and rust. 

Moreover, the cleaning package also comes with durable caliber-specific brushes.  Plus, they are specially designed with sizes in the stem. Hence, the cleaners can quickly determine which brush they are going to use. Best of all, all the cleaning brushes are made with quality materials to give firearm owners like you a top-notch precision and quality thorough cleaning. 

Aside from that, the Tactical Cleaning System features several cleaning components that contribute to proper and accurate cleaning, including various slotted tips, patch savers, and an 8/32″ connector. At the same time, the chamber flag is useful for illuminating a firearm’s barrel. Hence, it makes the bore more accessible for cleaning. 

Additionally, the obstruction removers help pull out snow, mud, stuck casing, and stubborn dirt in the firearms. On the other hand, the T-handle supports fast attachment to the aircraft-grade aluminum cable. Therefore, it is vital for delivering more comfort while cleaning. 

More importantly, the cleaning kit includes an instruction manual for beginners. Thus, they won’t do any cleaning techniques that can damage or scratch their firearms. The fantastic cleaning items are well-packed and organized inside the lightweight, compact soft case design to ensure convenient and organized transport. 

All in all, the Tactical Cleaning System is best suited for every firearm owner who frequently shoots in rugged shooting conditions and needs an effective cleaning kit for regular use but does not go over their preferred budget. 

13. Feastoria Upgraded Universal Gun Cleaning Kit 

Feastoria Upgraded Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Whether you are a beginner or professional shooter, you still need to clean your firearms to guarantee that they will last longer, further exceeding what you expect. In addition, if you own a lot of firearms, it is such a hassle and pricey to buy a specific cleaning kit for them, right? Hence, why not try a high-quality universal cleaning kit like the Feastoria Upgraded Universal Gun Cleaning Kit. Not only will it save you your money, but it also guarantees efficient cleaning with its upgraded tools. 

The cleaning kit features durably upgraded and reinforced cleaning rods made from solid brass to provide hard to bend and break strength. In contrast, they are also designed to be firmer, more rigid, durable, and thicker than similar cleaning products. 

Aside from that, no more frustrations and difficulty in cleaning the barrel of your firearm. Thanks to the quality gun jags and slotted patch loops built from durable premium brass, gun owners like you can entirely reach and clean the inside of the gun barrel without breaking any gun jags, loops, or damaging the firearm.  

On the other hand, the Feastoria cleaning package also comes with two lightweight 50 ml empty oil bottles. They work as small and compact storage for lubricating oil and cleaner. Hence, you do not commit to troubling yourself by bringing big oil bottles when you go out shooting. Plus, they are designed with tight caps to avoid frustrating leakage. 

In addition, all the cleaning materials and tools, such as mops, gun jags, and brushes, are made with labels for organized storage in the case. Aside from that, you can quickly know if there are missing tools or misplaced tools. Hence, it is ideally neat.        

Besides that, the Feastoria cleaning tools utilize a portable and lightweight case. With that, it features a design highly suitable for travel and outdoor use. Therefore, you can use it at any shooting range you want to go to.

Best AR Cleaning Kit Buying Guide

The best AR cleaning kits are significantly highly different from other kits in a positive way. However, it can be complex and challenging to find the best outstanding cleaning kits without encountering confusion with the abundant options in the market today. Thus, it makes more reasonable to have a buying guide to help you. So, here is the factor that you need to evaluate to determine which is the best cleaning kit that matches your needs and preferences: 


Undeniably, you will need multiple cleaning tools to cover cleaning for every firearm part. Hence, there are instances that you will need to search without being too organized. However, it can be a problem when you are finished cleaning and need to store all the cleaning tools again. 

With that, the best cleaning kits have the best advantage because they offer an organized and neat case with specific spaces for each piece of cleaning equipment to avoid misplacements or unawareness that there are missing tools. In addition, they also have specially marked tools for less effort in finding and storing.   


If you want a cleaning kit that can last long, you need to ensure that you buy the best with quality and not cheap materials. Also, many regular cleaning kits have plastic tools and components that waste more money in the long run. That’s why it is necessary to get durable and quality cleaning equipment. Aside from that, it is best to weigh if your choice has a reasonable price and value more than its cost.    


If you are genuinely a gun enthusiast that regularly goes to the shooting field, it is best for you to choose a cleaning kit that you can carry everywhere. Plus, it should be compact and lightweight, so you won’t be lazy to bring it along. 

Aside from that, it is a bonus that your cleaning kit choice has extra space if you need to carry some other cleaning tools. Thus, you will only take one jam-packed cleaning kit, so there is no hassle and trouble.  

Extra accessories

The essential cleaning tools include a cleaning rod, bore cleaning brush, cleaning patches, slotted patch loops, and various cleaning brushes.  

Hence, you will know that you are getting the best cleaning kit if extra accessories are included, but it stays at a reasonable price. The best extra accessories are lubricating oil and gun cleaning guides. 

Price and budget 

It is essential that you match your cleaning choice price according to your preferred budget. If you are among the firearm owners looking for a budget, you still need to choose the best choice that goes with your money. In addition, the best cleaning kits are worth it to spend over the budget since they offer superior cleaning. But at the very best, the decision is ultimately yours. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you discover more about the best AR cleaning kit and other relevant information connected to it, here are the most frequently asked questions that can also, hopefully, answer any concerns you have: 

What is the difference between a bore brush and a chamber brush?

A bore brush has a smaller size compared to the chamber brush. In addition, a chamber brush is also constructed with more stiff bristles that are helpful in quick and effective cleaning of fouling in the chambers without leaving any damage on the process. 

Should you clean your AR after every use?

It is best to clean your AR after shooting for an average of 250 rounds. However, it is necessary to pay attention to your firearm and determine if it can quickly build up dirt and debris, leading to corrosion and wear vulnerability. 

Thus, if you notice that your gun surely builds debris quickly, you need to do more regular cleaning. You don’t need to wait to reach 250 rounds since debris can negatively affect your shooting performance.  

Should you clean an AR-15 gas tube?

AR-15 gas tubes are constructed with self-cleaning ability. Hence, they don’t need to be cleaned. An important reminder is not to soil the gas tubes to remain effective and maintain the functional self-cleaning ability. 

How often should I clean a gun?

In general, it is best to clean your firearm after every shooting session. Also, you can do a deeper, thorough inspection and cleaning once a month to ensure and maintain top-quality performance.  

Should a new gun be cleaned before firing?

There is no need for a thorough and deep cleaning that uses brushes and solvents for a new gun. So, the best cleaning method you can do is run a cleaning patch through the barrel bore before taking it out in a shooting session.  

How often should I clean my gun if I don’t use it frequently?

A cleaning kit is still valuable even if you don’t frequently shoot your gun since you need to clean it every six months to ensure that there is no dirt building up, so it will still correctly function if you will finally use it. 

What happens if you don’t clean a gun?

If you don’t clean your clean, you are letting gunpowder carbon, copper, and lead residues negatively affect your gun performance. Hence, it is not surprising that you can experience the most usual consequence of cleaning negligence, which is the failure to fire issue.  

How many times can you use a bore mop?

You can use your cleaning bore mop every 6 to 12 months. Also, it is partnered with an efficient cleaning solvent for cleaning the bore. Aside from that, you can also use a bore mop to coat oil, useful for adding durability even in the rain when shooting.  

How long does an AR-15 last? 

Most AR-15 are designed with superior durability. Thus, they can last more than decades if they are well-maintained and clean. In addition, there are times that they need part replacements, but those are only minor. So, there is only a slight decrease in performance. With proper care, an AR-15 does not wear quickly.

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We have partnered with Cabela’s to offer the best deal on high-quality Shooting Supplies to our readers. If you click on the button below, we will take you to their exclusive discount page.

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