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8 Best AR 15 Gun Cases Reviewed In 2024 & Buyer’s Guide

The best AR 15 gun cases have it all that makes them trustworthy companions whenever you want to transport your firearm. You won’t have to fear subjecting your valuable AR 15 to any damage if you secure it in the best AR 15 gun case fitted to do the job. No need to search anywhere else because this guide will help you find the best AR 15 gun cases in the market today.

All you need is to explore the list below to save yourself from unnecessary inconvenience and trouble. Here you go, so take a look.

Gone are the days that strapping your rifle in the back and carrying it bare are allowed. Certainly, going outside with your AR-15 rifle requires proper planning about security and protection, demanding the need for the right protective travel equipment. For that reason, the only sensible choice is to secure the best AR 15 gun case that will help you transport your firearms safely. Your AR-15 is definitely not cheap, so it will never be bad for you to invest in a good quality AR 15 gun case that can provide the ultimate protection your firearm needs. 

Aside from safekeeping your firearm from unwanted attention, the best AR 15 gun case also delivers high security that prevents your AR 15 from being subjected to high damage during transport. Lucky for you, there is an overwhelming amount of options you can pick from to get your best AR 15 gun case. From hard cases to soft cases, you can find one case that will suit your desired adventure with your AR 15. Let’s discover more relevant information about AR 15 gun cases below. 

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Hard AR 15 Gun Cases vs. Soft AR 15 Gun Cases

When it comes to picking your best AR 15 gun case, you can have the option to choose from a hard AR 15 gun case or a soft AR 15 gun case. Even if both types of cases for AR 15 are great, it is undeniable that each type has a fair share of pros and cons.

Hard AR 15 gun cases are ideal if you need a sturdy and durable case you can trust when traveling far with your firearm. If you go for long excursions, a hard case is great because it can guarantee an extra layer of protection needed to keep your firearm safe and secure until it reaches your desired destination. Just one prominent complaint about hard cases being heavy and sometimes cumbersome make them not applicable for other purposes. 

Interestingly, the flaws of hard AR 15 gun cases help their soft counterparts shine more in the market. As a matter of fact, soft AR 15 cases are great if you want something lightweight that you can simply pack up and manage during travel. What’s more, soft cases are impressive for having a lot of pockets to accommodate other shooting accessories. More than that, they are also a little cheaper compared to their hard counterparts. 

All in all, if you will not go far and just want to go to the closest shooting range, you can get away with using the best soft AR 15 case since it can provide adequate protection and security. Conversely, you’ll need the best hard case if you want to go far because it has top-notch, unbeatable protection. 

soft ar 15 gun case

8 Best AR 15 Gun Cases

The best AR 15 gun cases have it all that makes them trustworthy companions whenever you want to transport your firearm. You won’t have to fear subjecting your valuable AR 15 to any damage if you secure it in the best AR 15 gun case fitted to do the job. No need to search anywhere else because this guide will help you find the best AR 15 gun cases in the market today. 

All you need is to explore the list below to save yourself from unnecessary inconvenience and trouble. Here you go, so take a look. 

1. Pelican Protector 1700 Series Rifle Case

Pelican Protector 1700 Series Rifle Case

Starting the list awesome is the Pelican Protector 1700 Series Rifle Case. What makes this case best to accommodate AR 15 for safe transport is that it is from a respectable and great company, Pelican. For some, that’s enough reason to buy the case, but it is better to dig deeper into what it can offer to know if this AR 15 gun case is suitable for you. Ultimately, this is the go-to option if you are searching for a reliable case with high strength and capacity to survive extreme conditions. 

Featuring large dimensions of 38.12 x 16 x 6.12 inches, this case surely has more than enough space to accommodate your AR 15. This premium rifle case is outstandingly built to be crushproof, dustproof, and waterproof, which proves that it can stand out from the market even with tough competition. Besides a tough exterior, this case features a protective interior with a 3-piece foam set that can give an extra level of protection inside. No need to fear encountering rough roads, bumps, and shocks. 

As for features, this hard AR 15 case features strong wheels and fold-down handles that allow convenient carry and management during transport. It is also designed to be lockable, meeting TSA requirements, so it will be an ideal companion if you wish to fly with your AR 15. Additionally, it is equipped with an automatic pressure equalization valve and an o-ring seal that works well in balancing the interior pressure during travel and keeps water and moisture out. 

Certainly, this Pelican Protector 1700 Series Rifle Case has everything needed to safeguard your AR 15 during transport. From being indestructible and watertight and being jam-packed with nice features, Pelican can give good value for your money. If you know that you can encounter the toughest and harshest situation for transport, this is the case you need. 

2. Case Club AR-15 Pre-Cut Waterproof Rifle Case

Case Club AR-15 Pre-Cut Waterproof Rifle Case

Tough, waterproof, and heavy-duty—these words precisely describe the Case Club AR-15 Pre-Cut Waterproof Rifle Case. As the name implies, this case comes with pre-cut foam that is meant to hold an AR-15 rifle with collapsible stock together with a semi-pistol case. There is also space to hold loose gear, such as a flashlight, laser, safety equipment, tools, and ammunition. Definitely, this is a hard AR 15 gun case that is ideal if you need a case that can accommodate most of your gear. This will help you stay organized while at the shooting range. 

In terms of the interior, this AR 15 gun case features closed-cell polyethylene custom foam. It is thick enough to deliver protective space that won’t get damaged even with hard shocks from bumps and drops. An included razor blade will let you achieve a unique rifle setup, allowing you to accommodate most of the gear you want to transport in the shooting range. With this case, you can keep your gear compact; no need to carry other shooting range bags with you. Thus, it means less hassle. 

Additionally, this case is built with a small waterproof accessory box that will let you store small items needed in the shooting range. Since everything you store inside is valuable, you want them to stay safe, right? No worries; the included reusable moisture-removing silica gel canister in the package will keep your valuables safe from gun rust. The stainless steel material in padlock points, on the other hand, delivers next-level security. 

Worried about handling this AR-15 Pre-Cut Waterproof Rifle Case? No need for that because it is equipped with nice, comfortable handles and edge wheels that will allow you to roll it over smooth and rough terrain. Because of that, you can feel at ease that you won’t have to feel burdened with the weight of the case and your AR 15. The orange peel texture molded into the exterior finish protects the case from scratches, and the structural ribs guarantee next-level durability. 

Like other high-quality AR 15 gun cases, this one is also constructed o-ring sealed, ensuring it is protected against water, moisture, and dust. In case you want to fly with your firearm, you can still choose this case as your companion since it has a manual pressure release valve that safeguards your firearm from atmospheric pressure changes during travel. It is practically impervious to damage during transport or long travel. 

Basically, this Case Club AR-15 Pre-Cut Waterproof Rifle Case is made ready for action. So, it can be your go-to companion if you want an AR 15 gun case that will let you carry more valuable shooting gear with you. It is built lightweight, so you can trust its outstanding mobility. 

3. Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case

Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case

Sporting a rugged, industrial-strength construction, the Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case doesn’t look anything flimsy. Despite being highly durable and tough, it has maintained lightweight, so you can’t go wrong picking this one if you are looking for an easy-to-manage AR 15 gun case. It has great construction that is meant to protect firearms from any damage. No doubt, this will serve its great purpose of safely transporting your firearms with no damage. 

Besides having rugged, industrial-strength construction, this tactical gun case is even more impressive because of its heavy-duty, dual-stage lockable latches that elevate its security and protection advantages. Such issues, like the case opening accidentally, don’t exist in this case—this won’t be any of your concerns. Meanwhile, the easy-glide wheels included are great perks since they will allow you to enjoy easy transportation without weighing you down. In short, no burden to worry about its weight, even if it is fully loaded. 

Moreover, this AR 15 gun case highlights easy customization. This means that it also features pre-perforated pluck-to-fit foam. You have the freedom to create your own interior setup that will snugly fit your AR 15. That’s why you can keep your firearm protected in one place, and it will not be messy inside. Meanwhile, the pressure release valve feature makes it an airline-approved gun case safe for air travel

What’s interesting about this Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case is that it is the result of an old upgraded favorite gun case. Definitely, this looks identical to other best AR 15 gun cases—from tough construction, customizable interior, and jam-packed features—this is worth your money. 

4. NANUK 985 AR-15 Case

NANUK 985 AR-15 Case

With the NANUK 985 AR-15 Case, you can fly with your firearm with confidence. What makes this an impressive AR 15 gun case is that it can guarantee stress-free, hassle-free, and fatigue-free travel with your AR 15. Of course, it owes that advantage to its overall construction, so it is worth your time to know how it is built and what it can offer. 

In terms of build, this AR 15 gun case boasts a lightweight NK-7 resin material. Thanks to that, the case keeps a light and impressive weight that boosts mobility. It will never be a burden, even if it is fully loaded. Meanwhile, you have two options to manage the case: you can either comfortably carry it using the two spring-loaded, ergonomic handles or fold the handles and use the polyurethane wheels to enjoy smooth, reliable, and fatigue-free transport.

Moreover, this NANUK 985 AR-15 Case is equipped with closed-cell PEF foam that can guarantee a gentle cradle for your firearm and gear. This provides a safe space in the interior for a snug fit, ensuring that there won’t be a mess inside, no matter how mistreated your gun case is. The two included TSA-approved PowerClaw latches, on the other hand, is a valuable addition to it since it delivers superior locking security. 

Being equipped with a locking security perk means that your AR 15 won’t end up in the wrong hands. You will be the only one that can access your precious firearm. Interestingly, the lid-stay feature delivers safety when opening the lid. It will stay open while in use. That’s why there won’t be any accidental closing of the lid. So you can keep your hands safe when using the case. That sounds like a fantastic safety feature, right? 

Definitely, this AR 15 gun case meets airline and TSA requirements since it is tough and lockable. Thanks to its reinforced stainless steel padlock eyelets, you can utilize a lock to add another level of security. So, there’s no wonder this makes a trustworthy companion that won’t give you a headache when flying with your AR 15. 

5. Flambeau Outdoors 6489NZ

Flambeau Outdoors 6489NZ

The Flambeau Outdoors 6489NZ is built with an oversized footprint meant to accommodate most scoped rifles or shotguns. Basically, it is designed to keep your AR 15 gun protected throughout the transport process. It will reach your destination in the same condition you put it into the case. You can expect that it can help you preserve the best quality of your firearm since it will never be subjected to damage. 

Additionally, this oversized gun case features a combination of piano-style and brass hinges for storage safety when locked. This means that it can get the job done without any issues. The four locking points for security can ensure that your AR 15 won’t end up in the wrong hands. It will never let your firearm be a weapon in causing danger. The combination built ultimately delivers perks in durability, safety, and protection. 

As for the interior, this Flambeau Outdoors 6489NZ features highly durable eggshell foam. That said, your AR 15 can be protected from shocks, bumps, and drops during transport. Certainly, it duplicates other high-quality AR 15 gun cases with what it can offer. One significant characteristic that makes it a little different is that it is lightweight at 2.9 pounds and has rust protection—these traits make good reasons why it is worth buying. 

6. Cabela’s Armor Xtreme Lite Double Long-Gun Case

Cabela's Armor Xtreme Lite Double Long-Gun Case

Engineered to meet or exceed law enforcement and military standards, the Cabela’s Armor Xtreme Lite Double Long-Gun Case has amazing space to offer that will let you transport your AR 15 and other shooting gear needed. Plus, it is designed to be padlock compatible, so you can have this gun case to fly with your firearm. The pressure-release valve features guarantee a hassle-free flying experience since it can keep the firearm safe from pressure changes during air travel. 

Moreover, this long-gun case is constructed from injection-molded, high-impact, custom-formulated resin—a build that is practically impervious to the harshest handling, mistreatment, and extreme weather during air travel. On the other hand, the egg-crate foam brings maximum cushioning and gun protection perks to the interior. It doesn’t matter if the case encounters abuse during the travel because the foam has an adequate defense to shield your AR 15 from damaging shocks. 

Another highlight of this long gun case is having water-resistant, dustproof, and O-ring sealed perks that add high value. So it makes sense that it is a little pricey compared to other AR 15 gun cases in the market. Well, quality costs, and you can actually have more if you pay more. Part of that is the four powder-coated steel draw latches that securely snap the case for safe transport. More than that, it also comes with a collapsible comfort grip handle, promoting a seamless transport experience. 

Overall, this Cabela’s Armor Xtreme Lite Double Long-Gun Case has the space and impressive features that make everything easy regarding transportation. 

7. NcSTAR VISM Deluxe Padded Rifle Case

NcSTAR VISM Deluxe Padded Rifle Case

Not going far with your AR 15? If that’s the case, you can choose a soft AR 15 gun case for that adventure. With NcSTAR VISM Deluxe Padded Rifle Case, you can keep your gear lightweight and more manageable. As long as you will not encounter rough roads and harsh weather, a soft gun case can do the job. After all, it has a close level of protection like its hard counterpart. 

As for construction, this soft case is made from tough PVC material that has enough strength to survive transport. It is well complemented by the high-density foam inner padding that makes sure superior protection. Basically, it can tolerate some shocks and bumps during transport. This means you don’t need to fear that this case will experience harsh use. 

Moreover, this NcSTAR VISM Deluxe Padded Rifle Case comes with heavy-duty double zippers that ensure your AR 15 inside will stay in place. This rifle case is available in different sizes, so you need to check your AR 15’s dimensions to choose the right size for the proper fit. The several exterior pockets, on the other hand, will let you carry more shooting accessories with you. 

Trusted by many, this soft case suits you if you want a reliable AR 15 gun case that won’t cost you arms and legs. It is available in a budget-friendly range, so it is awesome to try. 

8. Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Tactical Double Carbine Long Rifle Bag Gun Case

Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Tactical Double Carbine Long Rifle Bag Gun Case

Delivering ultra-reliable protection, the Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Tactical Double Carbine Long Rifle Bag Gun Case is a soft case that you can confidently use to transport your AR 15. There won’t be any scratches or damage to worry about. Well, it is just made with fabric material, but it doesn’t mean that it is inferior to its hard counterparts. In fact, it has detailed construction and is heavily padded, fitted for tough use. 

Additionally, this gun case is made from heavy-duty industrial 600D PVC nylon fabric complemented by double-stitching seams everywhere, which makes it ultra-durable and impervious to harsh conditions and situations. When it comes to space, it is fit to hold two rifles along with two pistols. The additional compartments give you extra space to carry more shooting gear to the range. 

Inside, there are added handles that are meant to hold your firearms, keeping them in place. So there won’t be any mess with your firearms, ensuring they are organized properly. Meanwhile, the adjustable and removable back straps allow comfortable carry on your shoulders. This means you won’t have a problem getting your AR 15 in the shooting or hunting range. 

Buyer’s Guide 

Before making your final buying decision, there are a few critical factors you need to take into account. Think of them as your buyer’s guide. These factors include: 

Material Quality

Materials quality mirrors durability in an AR 15 gun case. Along with that, it also hints about the value for money of it. When it comes to hard cases, they are typically constructed from polyurethane, aluminum, or a mixture of different materials. Both are great since polyurethane is durable and lightweight and can withstand a lot of wear and tear, while aluminum is tough but can be uncomfortable to carry. 

As for soft cases, high-quality nylon is a go-to material that you must pick. Lucky for you, the best AR 15 gun cases reviewed above are constructed from excellent materials that make them worth buying. 

Size and Weight

Among the basic factors you need to consider is the size of your AR 15 and the weight of the case you prefer. For a better travel experience with your AR 15 outside, you must know the exact length of your firearm to find the case that fits it properly. While your firearm doesn’t have the voice to complain, you will see the damage as a sign. So, always get the right size. 

Moreover, it is better to pick a lighter AR 15 gun case if you know that you will carry it a lot of times, one with wheels if you want convenience, and a larger case if the size is more important to you. 

Your Purpose

When choosing between hard or soft gun cases, you must first answer what your purpose is for getting one in the first place. Traveling over long distances will leave you no choice but to get a durable, hard gun case to protect your firearm from constant bumps and knocks during travel. 

Thankfully, this guide included both hard and soft gun cases, so feel free to pick from them. 


You can’t go wrong setting a budget for your AR 15 gun case since it can help you make a good buying decision. Generally, the price range is around $50 to $200. Always go to one you can afford, but don’t be too cheap so you won’t end up in a low-quality case. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Compiled below are some of the questions frequently asked about AR 15 gun cases and other relevant topics. Have a look below. 

What size gun case for AR 15?

The most popular lengths for AR 15 gun cases range from 36″ and 42″. Cases that have sizes in this range can fit most barrel length configurations of AR 15. You need to get an AR 15 gun case that is not too loose or tight, so it will benefit you if you determine your AR 15 size and choose the size that allows proper fit. 

Do you need a case for an AR-15?

Certainly, you need a case for your AR-15 to protect it during transport. Otherwise, you will have to say goodbye to your firearm earlier than expected, which will cost you more money. That’s why you really need to use a high-quality AR 15 gun case whenever you go with your firearm outside your home. More importantly, a case makes it a lot easier to transport your firearm and protects it at the same time. 

Is a soft or hard gun case better?

As for the AR 15 gun case, you can choose between a soft or hard case. Both types have their fair share of pros and cons that make it quite difficult to say which is better. They have their own purpose and strengths, after all. 

Generally, hard AR 15 gun cases are the go-to option for tough, highly durable cases with outstanding protection guarantees. That’s why they effortlessly meet airline and TSA requirements. On the flip side, soft ones attract gun owners since they are a much more affordable option with adequate protection for short transport. Also, they are more lightweight and have extra space.  

Ultimately, your needs and preferences can determine which one is the better type of AR 15 gun case. 

Will guns rust in a safe?

Guns can be well-protected in a safe since it is engineered to keep guns secure and unharmed from gun rust. Just make sure that your gun safe has the proper build to protect your guns from rust and other damaging components. 

Why should you not store ammo with your guns?

Part of the strict rules with owning guns is that you should never store them with ammunition. Guns and ammunition should be separated in your home to prevent any chance of accidents. You will never know what will happen if your guns and ammunition share a storage place. 

The good thing when going outside is that you can use just one gun case to store your gun and ammunition. Thus, you can keep your gear compact. 

What makes it great to use soft AR 15 gun cases? 

Contrary to what others know, soft AR 15 gun cases are great to use, the same as their hard counterparts. What makes them impressive is that they are cheaper compared to hard cases and have adequate protection. Besides that, they are lightweight and feature a lot of pockets for additional storage space.  

Where to use hard AR 15 gun cases? 

Hard AR 15 gun cases are best to use for long excursions and air travel since they are purposely built to withstand the harshest handling and situations as well as the worst weather conditions. Basically, hard cases are go-to options if you want to go long travel with your AR 15 and want it to stay in good, functional condition, despite any possible trouble and risk during the travel process. 

Where to get the best AR 15 gun cases online?

Online, you can find the best AR 15 gun cases on reliable sites, including Amazon and Cabela’s, to name a few. Besides being trustworthy, it is also great to buy from these sites since they offer great discounts and deals that you can rarely find in local stores. Always remember that buying online requires the need to be cautious of those suspicious sites out there to avoid getting ripped off online. 

Final Thoughts 

Every AR 15 gun case reviewed in this guide truly deserves to be on the best list. While they share some similarities, each has a specific purpose. This means that it is important to know how to choose. For instance, the Pelican Protector 1700 Series Rifle Case is a sturdy, hard gun case that will let you have easy transport and travel with your AR 15. The Case Club AR-15 Pre-Cut Waterproof Rifle Case is the case you need if you want one with a waterproof advantage. 

Meanwhile, the NcSTAR VISM Deluxe Padded Rifle Case and Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Tactical Double Carbine Long Rifle Bag Gun Case are go-to options for budget-friendly soft AR 15 gun cases for short transport to the shooting range. See? These cases are really great for their specific purposes. So, you can check them out to save time in getting your best AR 15 gun case. 

More guides and reviews like this are available on the Survival Gear Shack website so explore them to discover more about shooting, hunting, survival, and outdoors. 

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