7mm 08 vs 270

7MM 08 VS 270 Cartridges: A Detailed Comparison

There are vital factors that determine which is a better option in 270 Winchester vs 7mm-08 Remington. With each factor, the cartridges perform at their unique level. That’s why having this detailed comparison will come in handy to you. Let’s not waste more time. So, let’s dive into their differences.

One thing is for certain; opinions about bullets are now changing. In fact, bigger bullets are now not easily determined as the best choice for bullets. Gone are those kinds of days because people are now choosing to prioritize more important factors on bullets, not just focusing on their mere sizes. 

In particular, people look more at the efficiency, power, portability, and performance of bullets. Because of that, the 7mm-08 Remington and 270 Winchester are gaining more popularity when it comes to different shooting purposes, primarily hunting adventures. Thus, the 7mm 08 vs 270 battle of cartridges is an interesting topic. 

Interested in knowing their differences? If so, stick to this detailed comparison to discover the result of 7mm 08 vs 270. Let’s get started. 

7mm 08 vs 270 Cartridges — Why Compare? 

Unbeknown to many, the comparison about 7mm 08 vs 270 is caused by their similarities. Simply put, these cartridges should not face off because of their differences in different factors but because they are greatly similar, which makes it interesting to compare them. 

The most popular similarity between the two cartridges is their projectile size. To be more specific, the 7mm-08 Remington utilizes the 30-06 as a parent case, featuring a little 270 caliber projectile. On the other hand, the .270 Winchester equals 7mm. This explains why they have the same projectile size.

Besides the similar lineage, both cartridges also shared a close level of popularity among hunters and shooters. When it comes to their performance, they are great for taking down deer, elk, mule, and even bears when hunting. They are not rough to use and have a fast and hard impact on prey. Basically, they can step up the hunting game. 

Since the 7mm-08 Remington and 270 Winchester have intriguing similarities, they spark fierce competition between the cartridges. Therefore, it explains the topics about 7mm 08 vs 270. At the same time, Remington and Winchester are initially competitors, so their battle in the firearms world is really fierce. This is when the competition is surely worth your attention. 

7mm 08 vs 270

So, let’s check out their specifications below. 


7mm-08 Remington

270 Winchester

Parent Case

.308 Winchester


Bullet Diameter



Bullet Weight

140 – 175 gr

90 – 150 gr

Case Length



Case Capacity

52.2 gr H20

67 gr H20

Max Overall Length



Max Pressure

61,000 PSI

65,000 PSI

Now that you have seen a little overview of the 7mm-08 Remington and 270 Winchester specs comparison, let’s move on to their brief history before we jump to the detailed information about 270 Winchester vs 7mm-08 Remington. Dive in below. 

Brief History of 7mm-08 Remington

Similar to the majority of cartridges, the 7mm-08 has an initial reputation of being a wildcat cartridge. As a wildcat cartridge, it has top-notch ballistic performance. Remington is the one that saw potential in 7mm-08. Thus, it was introduced way back in 1980. 

Primarily, the 7mm-08 Remington was just an effort to replicate the older 7×57 Mauser in the form of modern caliber and cartridge for better ballistic performance and lighter recoil. At the same time, the 7mm-08 cartridge is also derived from the 308 Winchester round. It is even obvious in its name. 

What’s interesting about the 7mm-08 is that it has an outstanding performance in terms of ballistic because of its impressive properties, such as slender shape, trajectory, and wind resistance. Therefore, it is no wonder that it is one of the most excellent options for hunting cartridges for medium to large games.

Not only does the 7mm-08 Remington impress with its versatile projectile, but it also has lighter recoil. Despite the lighter recoil, it can efficiently maintain heavy bullet weight and velocity to take down prey. Due to that impressive performance, it just makes sense that it is one of the toughest cartridges that are hard to beat. 

While the 7mm-08 is not the top choice for a hunting cartridge, it has loyal users due to the performance it can give, which makes hunting adventures more worth it and successful. What’s more, it can also guarantee a soft and nice shooting experience. 

Brief History of .270 Winchester

In terms of history, the .270 Winchester comes after the 7mm-08 Remington, a significant number of years apart. To be specific, the .270 Winchester cartridge was introduced way back in 1925. Thanks to the leap in bullet technology, the .270 Winchester has a powerful performance that makes it possible to use it for larger hunting games. 

Moreover, the .270 Winchester is much better than the 30-06 when it comes to shape and projectile. As a matter of fact, the cartridge has a faster projectile performance. Besides that, .270 Winchester also delivers less recoil in overall performance, especially since it is a smaller and lighter bullet. That makes sense since the shape of the bullet is also a determiner factor in overall performance.  

Even though the .270 Winchester has a similar level of ballistic performance to the 30-06 cartridge, it is undeniable that it is far better than the 30-06 cartridge. Basically, the .270 Winchester outshines it in many ways. Nonetheless, this fact doesn’t mean that it is bad to utilize the 30-06. Basically, it is just a matter of suitability for you to appreciate more of the performance of the 30-06 cartridge.

Since the .270 Winchester is way better than 30-06, it is no surprise that this cartridge can efficiently hit hard on prey when hunting. What’s more, the .270 Winchester could take shooting and hunting purposes with a wide variety of significant distances. Generally, hunters who utilize this cartridge can easily take down mule deer and elk. 

Typically, the .270 Winchester performs nice and hard with combined nice, straight, and flat when hunting. It makes sense because it is a cartridge specifically designed to suit hunting and long-range marksmanship, after all. 

7mm 08 vs 270 Cartridges — The Differences

There are vital factors that determine which is a better option in 270 Winchester vs 7mm-08 Remington. With each factor, the cartridges perform at their unique level. That’s why having this detailed comparison will come in handy to you. Let’s not waste more time. So, let’s dive into their differences. 


Ballistic Performance

Regarding the ballistic performance, the 270 Winchester and 7mm-08 Remington barely differ. Generally speaking, the cartridges’ ballistic coefficients are within .025. More often than not, the 270 Winchester has the edge in terms of ballistic performance over 7mm-08 Remington. The 270 Winchester’s projectile is quite smaller. 

When you closely compare the 270 Winchester vs 7mm 08 Remington, you will notice that these two cartridges are always in fierce competition. As a matter of fact, they are consistently neck-and-neck and are always on top of each other performance-wise speaking. In the end, the 270 Winchester wins with just a little edge in outperforming the 7mm-08 Remington. 

Interestingly, the edge of the 270 Winchester is not that big. Simply put, there is only a minimal difference in ballistic performance. As a matter of fact, there might be no difference spotted from the amateurs’ eyes. Only ballistic nerds can see the outright distinction. But, won’t see that great of comparison. The two cartridges are almost identical. Nonetheless, such information is helpful in choosing between 270 Winchester and 7mm-08 Remington.

What’s great with the ballistic performance is that it has other parameters that can help you determine what’s better between 270 Winchester vs 7mm-08 Remington. So, don’t go anywhere and discover all of them below. 


No question, velocity plays one of the most vital roles in the performance of the bullet, primarily in ballistic. At the same time, this ballistic parameter also influences the terminal performance on the impact of cartridges. With that being said, the 7mm 08 vs 270 is not complete without comparing their velocity. 

More often than not, amateurs see the importance of velocity far less than expert shooters and hunters. Well, velocity is not just about the speed of the bullet. It is far more important than that. However, it is undeniable that velocity is often popular with influencing bullet speed. After all, it is more about that speed that affects other critical components of bullets regarding their flight and reaction on impact. 

Velocity is considered crucial that there is just a thin line for its success. As a matter of fact, a little over velocity most likely causes an incorrect twist rate when shooting, leading to frustrating inaccuracy. Meanwhile, a little inadequacy in velocity can also cause inadequacy in penetration or expansion needed for shooting. That’s why there’s no doubt that velocity is truly part of the concern.  

The faster a bullet can reach the target, the more the velocity becomes important. The reason is that speed matters in a way, particularly when the quick reach of the target can minimize the amount of time outside effects that can cause issues on the path and stability of the bullet. That’s why velocity is a top concern for long-range shooters and hunters.

As for 7mm 08 vs 270 cartridges in velocity-wise, the 270 Winchester has the edge, and it is not just a small amount of advantage. For instance, from the muzzle out to 500 yards, the 270 Winchester wins against the 7mm 08 Remington cartridge by an average edge of 100 feet per second. With that number, it is already quite obvious that the 270 Winchester wins in this ballistic parameter. 

Even better, the 270 Winchester cartridge is always consistent with its edge over the 7mm 08 Remington when you compare them in various projectile weights over various distances. Basically, the 270 Winchester cartridge always boasts a general supersonic speed of about 100 yards over the 7mm 08 Remington. 


Another metric that can help you know the winner in the battle of 270 Winchester vs 7mm-08 Remington is penetration or bullet momentum, in other words. Momentum is best described as the great ability of an object in motion to simply stay in motion. When it comes to bullets, momentum is important because the more that a bullet has momentum, the more it will take to stop the bullet. 

Essentially, momentum is especially critical in large hunting games. There’s a need for better and more momentum to take down larger prey efficiently. The momentum gives additional power to the bullet to get through the prey’s thicker skin and bones. Of course, momentum greatly contributes to success, especially since the thicker skin and bones are denser and more resistant. 

Moreover, the bullet’s penetration capacity is mostly influenced by its own sectional density. The higher the sectional density is, the more that the bullet can pierce through more layers. Nonetheless, the bullet’s weight and diameter are also critical factors that affect the bullet’s penetration capacity. There are several parameters tied up with a bullet’s penetration. 

As for the measure of the momentum of the 270 Winchester vs 7mm-08 Remington, these cartridges have interesting similarities in this parameter. On average, the 270 Winchester cartridge typically has around 2 lb/f.s more momentum than the 7mm-08 cartridge. What’s more interesting is that there are 7mm-08 rounds that have similar momentum to high performing 270 rounds. 

Even more intriguing, there are 7mm-08 rounds that are far better than those 270 rounds with less momentum. On the other hand, the 270 Winchester features a slightly higher weight and diameter. Because of those measurements, the 270 Winchester comes with a higher sectional density. That’s why you can expect it to give more penetration power over the 7mm-08 Remington. 



Without a doubt, the trajectory is one of the essential ballistic properties. After all, it is an influential parameter regarding the performance between different rounds and cartridges. The trajectory also refers to how much a bullet can drop as it moves to its downrange. What makes it an important parameter is that there’s a lot that goes through a bullet’s trajectory, such as velocity. 

Moreover, the trajectory covers the maximum horizontal difference covered by a bullet. It happens when firing from a gun. As it is an influential parameter when firing a gun, the right amount of trajectory is needed to reach a target. What’s more, the trajectory is especially needed for shooting at greater distances. As for 270 Winchester and 7mm-08 Remington, they both have a great and almost flat trajectory. 

An almost flat trajectory means that both the 270 Winchester and 7mm-08 Remington have hardly any dip in the elevation level. It is consistent until the end, as the bullet traverses. Like any other parameters, the 270 Winchester wins over the 7mm-08 Remington. Nonetheless, the edge is not that big between the two cartridges. 

Wondering what little difference between the trajectory of the 270 Winchester and 7mm-08 Remington? Well, there’s no stark discrepancy when compared. You can effectively observe the visible difference between the two cartridges in the first 200 yards. As a matter of fact, the 270 Winchester surely takes the lead with a combined flatter trajectory and a lower elevation dip. 

With that said lead, the 270 Winchester can end quickly a few yards ahead of the 7mm-08 Remington. In the end, for 7mm 08 vs 270 in terms of trajectory, the 270 Winchester has the triumph over the other cartridge. 

Stopping Power and Impact

Examining the 7mm 08 vs 270 in terms of stopping power and impact is also a great way to determine which is better. When choosing the right cartridge to utilize, keep in mind that it is best to have a round that guarantees enough kinetic energy to penetrate the target efficiently. As for the two cartridges, there’s just a slight difference.  

In particular, the 270 Winchester has just a slightly higher average kinetic energy compared to the 7mm-08 Remington. Nonetheless, the edge does not have too much effect because the actual ability of a bullet to hit the target is still more dependent on its design and expansion. Simply put, how powerful a bullet’s impact is largely depends on its shape. 

With the topic of 7mm 08 vs 270, it is not enough to examine them just on the kinetic energy alone. That one factor does not cover the necessary comparison. But it is also handy to bear in mind that the 270 Winchester has the triumph over the 7mm-08 Remington. 

Meanwhile, if you consider the real stopping power and impact, the upper hand is dependent on the overall construction of the bullet. At the same time, the gunpowder used is also relevant in knowing which is better between the two cartridges. 

Recoil and Muzzle Rise

The comparison of the 270 Winchester vs 7mm-08 Remington is not complete without evaluating them in terms of recoil and muzzle rise. Thanks to the significantly lower recoil, the 7mm-08 Remington is the victor between the two cartridges. Surely, the exact difference is dependent on the shooting style and rifle

To give you an idea, the difference in the recoil is usually 5 pounds. So, the 7mm-08 Remington has 5 pounds less recoil than the 270 Winchester cartridge. While the number is not an intense difference, it is an undeniably noticeable advantage for the shooters. Thus, many choose the 7mm-08 Remington over 270 Winchester. After all, recoil, as the kickback or backward force, influences the overall experience of shooters.  

On the other hand, determining the muzzle rise is quite a difficult task, primarily because most rifles utilize both cartridges designed for single-shot bolt actions. Because of that, it is really tough to make a decision and see which cartridge jumps more than the other. However, based on calculations, the 7mm-08’s shorter action will generally be slightly faster to operate. 

Obviously, the longer the 270 Winchester rifles are, the heavier they can be, as being long also hugely contributes to the overall weight of the rifle. Yet, one good thing about heavier rifles is that weight can help to lessen the amount of recoil. Despite that advantage, it is undeniable that the 7mm-08 pulls ahead in the battle with this parameter as another edge it has. 


When discussing the accuracy, it sparks tension among shooters, which can guarantee better accuracy in 7mm 08 vs 270. That causes heated arguments; some are even fed up with the topic. In fact, it is popular advice to check the accuracy of the round by testing it. The only way is to fire the rifle. Thus, there will be a sure decision and result. 

What’s interesting about both cartridges is that there are several factors influencing the accuracy level, and that includes trajectory, recoil, and ballistic properties. Nonetheless, both the 7mm 08 and 270 are designed to be deadly accurate. Thus, you need to be more focused on your willingness and skill to efficiently get the shots you want. Best of all, you need a great rifle that can make it easier to take down your targets. 

Best Options 

When it comes to options for 7mm 08, and 270, both have overwhelming choices. If you are curious, here are some of the options you can choose for both cartridges. 

For 7mm 08 Remington:



Good for medium to large hunting games, this bullet can help you precisely and accurately take down your prey. With the Heat Shield tip advantage, you can guarantee a superior terminal performance at all practical ranges.



You can always be prepared for deer hunting with this bullet. It comes with a bigger impact diameter that guarantees success in hunting with better impact trauma and a larger wound to your target. 

For 270 Winchester:



As the name suggests, this bullet is best for long-range hunting and shooting adventures. It can keep up with the distance and deliver success like you are just shooting in short range. 



With a much wider diameter and flat trajectory, this bullet is specially designed for hunting whitetail deer. Guarantee an epic deer hunting by choosing this bullet that can create a large wound that can channel all the way through the animal so no prey can survive. 


Like in other factors, the price and availability of the 7mm 08 and 270 cartridges barely differ. In fact, they are both available in local and online stores. Yet, it is hard to deny that you will come across more options in 270 cartridges. The reason is that it has high demand since many shooters prefer it. 

As for the pricing, you won’t also notice drastic differences. After all, there are different options for each, which are also available in different stores. That’s why the price really varies. Hence, you need to be strategic in finding the best stores to buy them. 

To give you the winner in 7mm 08 and 270 cartridges in terms of pricing, the 7mm 08 generally costs a few more dollars than the 270 cartridge. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no doubt that the topic of 7mm 08 vs 270 cartridges is interesting in different ways. On top of that, the result of the detailed comparison is handy information you can take advantage of to step up your shooting and hunting adventures. Therefore, it is no surprise if you want to discover more about them. 

Discussed below are some of the questions frequently asked about 270 Winchester vs 7mm-08 Remington and other related topics. So, see them below: 

In what applications can you use the 270 Winchester and the 7mm-08 Remington cartridges? 

While the 270 Winchester and the 7mm-08 Remington cartridges share significant performance similarities, each has the best shooting applications where you can use them. For instance, the 270 Winchester cartridge is especially the best to be used as a hunting cartridge. 

With the 270 Winchester cartridge, you can take down different prey, such as hogs and mule deer. Even better, you can also utilize it for hunting bigger prey. On the flip side, the 7mm-08 Remington cartridge has lighter bullets. For that reason, it is best for flat shooting and extensive training to improve shooting performance. 

Is the 7mm-08 cartridge the same as 270?

What makes many believe that the 7mm-08 cartridge is the same as 270 is their similar base diameter size. However, that similarity doesn’t mean that the two cartridges are the same. As a matter of fact, the case of the 270 cartridge is much longer than the case of the 7mm-08 cartridge. Even with this simple information, it is already quite obvious that the two cartridges are not the same. 

7mm 08 vs 270: Which one has a lighter recoil?

Recoil is one of the most influential factors in choosing a cartridge. As for the two, the 270 cartridge has a lighter recoil, and that’s one edge you need to keep in mind about them. For instance, that 270 cartridge will generally only recoil at 15.1 fps with 24.81 f-p for a 7-pound rifle. Also, it will have a general velocity of 13.57 fps and energy of 20.04 f-p.

Is the 7mm 08 cartridge good for hunting deer and black bears?

The 7mm 08 cartridge is powerful to use when it comes to taking down hunting deer. What makes it highly impressive is that it is still pleasant to use, carry, and handle, even if it is considered a deadly round for hunting deer. On the other hand, the 7mm 08 cartridge will also work well in hunting black bears. While it won’t instantly drop them dead, the shot is typically fatal. 

7mm 08 vs 270: Which type of rifle is best to use with these cartridges?

Surely, choosing a cartridge depends on the type of rifle you have. In short, suitability is also a determining factor. For instance, the 7mm 08 Remington cartridge is better to go with compact rifles. Meanwhile, the 270 Winchester is suitable for bulky, heavy deer hunting rifles. With the right cartridge on the right rifle, you can ensure better shooting performance than ever. 

Where to buy 7mm 08 and 270 cartridges? 

Online, there are overwhelming store options where you can buy the 7mm 08 and 270 cartridges. As for the price, there’s no exact number to know because it really varies depending on the vital factors in selling. Because of that, you need to be more careful when buying, as you might get ripped off if you are not smart in choosing an online store to buy from. Cabela’s, Palmetto State Armory, and Brownells are the few online stores you can trust. 

Final Thoughts

As for the 270 Winchester vs 7mm-08 Remington, each cartridge has parameters where one has the upper hand over the other. The 270 Winchester is best when it comes to velocity, penetration, trajectory, stopping power, and impact. Basically, this cartridge wins in terms of ballistic properties. 

On the other hand, the 7mm-08 Remington has the upper hand regarding recoil and muzzle rise. As for accuracy, both can be deadly accurate. From the details, it is quite obvious that the 270 Winchester wins overall, right? Truly, it outperforms the 7mm-08 Remington.

Nonetheless, your performance and skill are more important because they hugely influence the actual shooting performance. Thus, ensure that you cover both, not only with buying the best cartridge. 

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